Morgan’s Music & Honoring Morgan…


Morgan’s keyboard & Morgan’s sheet music – photo taken by Morgan Jennifer Ingram

Every afternoon I remember Morgan sitting down at her keyboard and playing her sheet music – it filled our house with such joy. Sometimes she would sing while playing and that was always an additional treat.  I loved hearing her music, as well as her sweet, soft voice.

When Morgan was in elementary school she learned how to read sheet music.  Then when she was in middle school she decided she wanted to teach herself how to play the piano, which she did.  We bought her a keyboard and she practiced all the time.  Eventually, when she was in high school, she asked if she could have lessons.  We were blessed to know of an amazing piano and vocal coach.  Morgan then took lessons for a few years and loved it.  After that she just enjoyed coming home from school, sitting at her keyboard, and playing whatever sheet music that interested her.

This was just one of Morgan’s passions, and I was always so grateful to be able to hear such beautiful music being played in our home.  Morgan also had many friends that were musicians, and when they came over it was so much fun to listen to them play on the keyboard, bongos and guitars…I loved it!  And I miss it.  I miss Morgan and everything that was Morgan.  It hurts so much at times that I can’t even swallow.  It’s hard to hold back the tears while my heart constricts and I try to put on a “good” face on for everyone around me.  It’s not fair that she was taken from this world – but I know life isn’t always fair.  I know bad things do happen to good people.

I have so many beautiful and happy memories of Morgan, even though she was only on this earth for such a short time.  She was our youngest child and very loved.  What I have learned from our family, as well as so many other families that have had their loved ones murdered…the horrible toll that it takes on the whole family, the parents, the siblings, the aunts and uncles, the nieces and nephews, the Godparents, the cousins, as well as close friends – the ripple effect goes on and on.

I have seen and heard the damage to the lives of everyone that loved the “victim” and when the murderer(s) are still at large, the damage continues.  😟

As per Scripps News there has been more than 211,000 homicides committed since 1980 that remain unsolved – a body count greater than the population of Des Moines, Iowa. The FBI estimates that the homicide clearance rate in 2012 was only 64 percent, down from 90 percent reported in 1965 when the government first reported statistics.

This is just not acceptable to me – and probably not to you either, so I have become extremely involved in moving towards a solution.  Something that has a chance of solving more of these cases.  I want to honor Morgan in everything I do in my life, so not only have I been working with other victims of stalking, I have been chosen to be the West Coast Director for FOHVAMP (Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons).


At this time the US does not have a national database in which law enforcement can share their cold case information.  In an effort to assist in the creation of a national database FOHVAMP will announce a national initiative to create awareness of this pressing issue and to further advance resolution in cold case homicides and missing person cases nationwide.  The database will provide information to law enforcement, as well as the public with the hope that someone/somewhere will recognize the persons described in the case descriptions and provide additional information that may help solve these cases.  We intend to bring about social change using a new perspective.

I am also involved as the Case Manager for Law Enforcement Investigations for the JS Intuitive Investigation Alliances, working on missing person cases, cold cases and unresolved deaths.  Working alongside families, law enforcement, the FBI, and the DEA helping with leads. Both of these organizations do work pro bono for the families, as well as law enforcement.  I give my time to both of these organizations because justice is a right, and I want to be a part of a solution.


I know Morgan is also helping from the other side, so even though I may no longer hear her beautiful music I can “feel” her presence in everything I do – she is still guiding me, and I am eternally grateful.



Do you have a Missing Person or Murdered Loved One? Please Read…

It is already fall and October 1st is rapidly approaching – I would like to let everyone know that the FOHVAMP (Families of Homicide and Missing Persons) Annual Meeting is being held in Colorado on that date.  If you, or anyone you know of, has had a loved one whose case has not yet been solved please read the invitation to this meeting, as attendance is available to anyone, whether or not your case is in Colorado.  This would be a good venue for you to attend – it could prove to be invaluable to your case.

The main feature this year will be a Cold Case Study in which co victims will learn more about the complicated nature of how our system of justice works, and possibly glean ideas on how to better manage their own unresolved homicide or missing person cases.

It is such a HUGE undertaking to attempt to make our system better, but I believe education and communication for both the families, as well as law enforcement, will accomplish a lot when it comes to solving these type of cases, before they become cold.  If there is no justice there can be no peace.  Families need answers.  Families need to know that everything that can possibly be done is being done, and that their loved one is not forgotten.

Personally, Steve & I have learned so much since the morning we found our youngest daughter Morgan dead.  In our case, when it happened I went into a kind of shock.  I started telling myself I was just dreaming, and that I will wake up any moment and she will still be alive.  Then I started to beg for a reset button so that I could be transported to the day before she was gone forever.  I wanted so desperately to hit that reset button and see her smiling face again, so I could take her far, far away, where evil couldn’t find her.  You beg, you plead, and eventually you slip into what I call “survival mode.”


For me survival mode occurred when I realized it wasn’t a nightmare – it was really happening, our youngest daughter was dead. I knew there was no reset button, and I could never bring Morgan back. I understood that the searing pain I had in my heart was never going to go away – how could it?  A piece of my heart had been cut out and was now missing forever. I had to evolve into some new version of myself – someone that could still move forward.  While my mind was telling me there was no way I could ever go on with my life, my heart kept urging me to hang on.  Oh, how hard moving forward is when you have lost a piece of your heart forever.  I chose to move forward, as painful as that was.  I felt it was the right choice.  I had always taught Morgan, as well as our other two children, that giving up was not an option, so how could I just give up?  No, that was not an option for me either.  It took years for me to grow out of survival mode, to actually understanding my new life, and path that I am now following.  I guess you could call this an act of surrendering to this new path instead of allowing my pain to become all consuming.  I knew in my heart (not my mind) that there were things I could do, that we can all do, to make changes, big changes, so other families in the future won’t have to suffer as we have.  FOHVAMP has always tried to facilitate these type of changes.  They want to help these families, and that is why I support FOHVAMP.

The FOHVAMP Annual Meeting is a wonderful opportunity for law enforcement to hear how the families feel, and learn how the families can actually help the case.  It is also a good time for the families to hear about some of the challenges law enforcement has and together maybe they can both find ways to “pool” their information and solve the cases much faster.

For detectives, looking to earn P.O.S.T. certification credits, you can register as well for a $40 class fee.  In my capacity as the California Representative for OCCA (Organization of Cold Case Advocates) I would like you to know that all the co victims I have worked with over the years want the same thing…ANSWERS.  The more all of us learn how to find those answers, the faster we can solve these cases.            



 FOHVAMP Annual Meeting

Saturday, October 1, 2016

 9am to 4 pm

Brittany Hill

9350 Grant St
Thornton, CO 80229


Cold Case Study Co Sponsored By;


Center for Domestic Violence



         This year’s Annual Meeting will be at the beautiful Brittany Hill Conference Center located in Thornton Colorado just off I-25 and Thornton Parkway.  Our main feature this year will be a Cold Case Study in which co victims will learn more about the complicated nature of how our system of justice works, and possibly glean ideas on how to better manage their own unresolved homicide and missing person cases.

            In the course of this Cold Case Homicide Study, we will hear from many of the actual key figures in the investigation such as District Attorney, Crime Lab Experts, Police detectives, victim advocates and co victim. 

            Through the course of this study, it is our sincere hope to bring out lessons learned from all of these individuals as to the need for good communication between Co Victims and law enforcement, between law enforcement agencies, District Attorney’s, Coroners, crime lab experts and others.  Our first presentation was one where law enforcement and authorities involved in these very complicated and difficult investigations learned a great deal and were able to take those lessons learned and apply them to their own individual cases.

            Admission will be $40.00, which includes a fabulous lunch and the conference center fee.

You can pay online ahead of time or you may pay at the door before the start of the meeting.  Follow this link if you prefer to pay online: remember to write under “purpose” Annual Meeting & your name, so you will be on the list of paid attendees.


And for all of you that have lost a child, here is a poem that explains a little about the “exclusive club” that none of us parents would have ever wanted to become a member of, and would never, ever wish upon another family.

(Author Unknown)


Team Morgan it’s time – you are all needed, please lend her your help!

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” – Jane Howard

And we have one, many actually… and you are all part of it!  When our family needed that extra strength and hope, so many wonderful people offered to help us in our quest for justice for Morgan.  Some of you have called yourselves, “Team Morgan,” and in my own mind I have always thought of you as earth angels!   I have been so grateful for every single offer of help and support.  We have been so fortunate to have assistance in so many differing areas of expertise.  Exposing the truth would never have come this far without all of it.  And now as Morgan’s case takes another step forward I invite everyone to join in.

I am extremely happy to announce that Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers, along with help from Families of Homicide and Missing Persons (FOHVAMP) is now circulating a reward poster for any information leading to the arrest of the person(s) involved in the unsolved homicide of our 20 year old daughter Morgan Ingram on December 2, 2011.

If every single one of you could please share this post with anyone, and everyone you know, I would greatly appreciate it.

reward.poster copyjpegI know there are people that know what happened to Morgan, and those people also know who is responsible.  We want those people to come forward to help solve this crime.  This is their chance to do the right thing, and to no longer hide in the shadows.  Sometimes people think that what they know will not make a difference, but rest assured every single small piece of information will help to tell the whole story.  Finding the piece that will finally tip the scale for Morgan is something I will never stop fighting for.  I have heard many stories of the threats made against, “snitches,” so far, and if you feel unable or fearful to speak your truth, then please know I have been assured you can remain absolutely anonymous.  Personally I feel that if you are forced to swallow the truth and keep it inside, then it eats at you.  It’s nature’s law.  I would like people to know that when you let the truth out the feeling you get is awesome and liberating!

I myself have wanted to desperately get out all the details, facts, and evidence that we have gathered over the past years, but I have had to hold back (from this blog) on a lot of information in the hopes that it can be used in a criminal case someday.  At times I admit I have let my anger get the best of me.  I could say, “What parent wouldn’t be angry?” but instead I would like to say because of Steve I have been blessed – he has held me back and shown me that sharing all the brutal ugliness we have uncovered is just not always helpful, and not always necessary, not yet anyway.  Things happen for a reason and they happen when they are suppose to happen…not just when I want them to happen.  What I have learned over the years is that justice is not going to come through anger or ego, only through facts, so I do the best I can to keep mine in check.  Facts come out at the correct time, not when I want them to, but when they should be released.

I can never stress enough, both to myself and to everyone whom I have contact with that my efforts are not only about the loss of our precious daughter, but about all the wrongs being perpetrated on other innocent victims every day, and what needs to change to prevent this from happening again.  Unfortunately, and horribly there are so many stories of many other people who are suffering, or have suffered great personal loss themselves.  What happened to Morgan is not an isolated case, while I pray the cover-up that has followed is an isolated case.  For the good of all, this has to stop somewhere.

The simple yet overwhelming truth is that for Morgan to have justice someday, unpleasant truths will eventually have to have to come out, and visit the light of day.  It should not be much of a stretch to see that this will be unpleasant for some, and for others it is something that they will want to avoid at all costs.  To those I say that for Morgan to have been victimized, then murdered, only to be victimized again, was horrific for her, and all those who knew and loved her so much.

The knowledge that pursuing justice for Morgan will lead to a very needed change in the way victims and co-victims are treated in the future is extremely important to me, and I know it would have been so important to Morgan as well.  I know that this fight for justice is not only being waged by Morgan’s family and friends, but also by complete strangers that want to help make changes for the better in this world  – I will probably never be able to explain it except to say there are forces at work that have been making the impossible possible in this fight.

So please I am asking you all now to share this blog, and this poster in any way you can.  This is a very powerful way you can help find justice for Morgan.

You can even print the poster and hang it anywhere you think it may be seen by people that may know something.  Especially in Newcastle, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, and Aspen, CO.  Coffee shops, sports shops, churches, grocery stores, colleges, anywhere that they will allow you to post this.  Thank you all so very much – with much love from the bottom of my heart!  

 Please help – Justice for Morgan!

***Criminals do “trip up” – they can’t help themselves…just found out that on 3/16/2014 Keenan was arrested again, it was in the local newspaper listed under recent crimes, posted by the Glenwood Springs Police (not the sheriffs).  His criminal record keeps growing, but for some reason he seems to be “protected” and nothing ever really happens to him – this is a question I continually ask myself.

November 4, 2011 – Day 95 of Morgan’s stalking – You must wait for the alibi to fully develop!

Morgan wonders who is fooling who here

Morgan wakes up in the morning and we talk about her “bubble” from the night before.  The bubble means she hit the text button on her phone and her phone sent me a bubble so I would know the exact time she heard the noise for my timeline and for the sheriff’s – I always thought it looked like most of these things happened at certain times of the night – with the occassional change of showing up in the yard dressed in black, following her in a car, and showing up on our front porch to punch in our code dressed in a hoodie at 4:30 am.  A rock hit her window at 10:57 pm last night, according to the bubble.  This morning at 5:10 am the alarm goes off.  It was directly coupled with a video taken at that same time.  A figure is caught on video running across Rhonda’s driveway (our next door neighbor on Morgan’s side of the house.  The sheriffs department had the only copy because of a computer crash, and I wish I had not given up the only copy.  A computer expert could not get the copy back, but Steve assures me he will be able to go back through the computer backup files and get another copy.  I warned him you will not be understanding if he fails.

Morgan tells us that Keenan posted a 554 # and keeps sending FB messages back to her friend, and threatening him, and telling him to back off.  Keenan is very vociferous about where the blame for the stalking belongs evidently.  He is saying that the stalking was over 5 months ago.  This of course is not true, because it started three months ago, that we know of.  But then after reading stalking advice it could have started over five months ago, and he is right on the money about timing, but he is not right that it ended…it is still ongoing.  We only know when we think it started.  Only I would have loved to have been able to ask him how he knew all this.  He is also saying the “cops” excluded him because he works all night, every night, and he is in Texas right now. (What he said about the ‘cops’ excluding him is absolutely false…as you can read on every post, since the beginning in August 2011 – his work hours, taken from the police reports, show the time of the stalking incidents compared to his work hours, showing he was not at work at those times…criminals lie and that should not be a shock to anyone).

OK, fact check, yes we have heard he is gone this week, from two different sources, and the detectives are at present telling us they are 100% sure he is the stalker and Morgan knows Keenan is the stalker.  We are troubled by the sheriffs believing it is only Keenan,  because Steve strongly believes that there are at least three different stalkers/terrorizers/bullies.  He really wishes he knew who they all were, but he is only willing to say at this time that Keenan is one of them. 

According to Morgan, Keenan has also recently told her friend that at the time of the stalking he was dating Brooke Harris.  A private investigator that was volunteering his time had assured us the Keenan and Brooke had never really stopped dating in his best estimation – I guess it was just convenient for him to move out at that time since the sheriffs had been coming by her house to interview him.  He had avoided them up till then and I guess it made sense to make up an excuse, like they ‘broke up’ so when he moved out suddenly no one would be any wiser…  That very same investigator sat Steve and I in the back seat of his SUV, a while back, and said OK, I will now take you to the back door of City Market in El Jebel, where our man in question (Keenan) works – and then he did.  After arriving he picked up his cell phone and mockingly said “Hey Jeff, out back having a puff, let me back in.”  And he slapped his phone from hand to hand and winked at us.  Steve and I thought we were being walked down a possible trail, and we looked at each other.  “Simple”, Steve told me. “This makes perfect sense, now what?”  And how are we supposed to convey this to the detectives?

But back to the past, Keenan was not finished with his version of events.  He then went on to tell Morgan’s friend that if he had to guess it was Wiley, the kid that lived next door to Brooke, because the stalking started 3 days after he moved in.  How would Keenan know the date the stalking started?  We had not called the sheriffs until days later…no one, except the stalker, should have known at that time.

Another fact check is in order here, Wiley does not in the least bit match any images of the stalker, male or female, as yet caught on video or camera, and he moved into our neighborhood at least a month after the stalking started.  Oh, and Keenan pointed out that Wiley had a “criminal record.”  Not sure about that, Wiley always seemed like a nice kid, and perhaps Keenan should look in the mirror, eh? It is always interesting how guilty people are always trying to point the finger at someone else – they seem to think everyone else in the world is stupid, and can’t figure out that they are lying…I think it is sometimes called a characteristic of a psychopath.

Morgan thought this was very odd that Keenan told her friend about how he heard there was a video showing someone around the house on Tuesday night – the night he was gone.  Keenan reminded her friend that “I was on my way to Texas on Tuesday.”  I looked at Morgan and told her that this was just way too much of a coincident.  As luck would have it, Steve and I had just not had the time to review all the cameras and update the information for the detectives at that time, so really, and I mean really – nobody should know about possible videos unless perhaps they were part of creating the video.  Now the ‘march’ without noise, completely avoiding Morgan’s side of the house makes perfect sense.  In case I haven’t told you yet, Morgan’s side of the house has a few surprises around it and that were avoided completely, made perfect sense to Steve.  Someone knew what was there, and did not think they could make it down that side of the house without becoming ensnared.  Stalkers, because they are always surveilling, always know what you are doing to try to catch them, but sadly, in most cases, they are always a step ahead.

Steve looked at me and said, “So Keenan, while on his way to Texas, knew all about the Tuesday incident?  Right!”

Now I really feel strongly believe that it was nothing more than a set-up for an alibi for him, and of course he knew about it – what he doesn’t realize is that it was so obviously a set-up, as you could tell the person caught on the cameras was female, not male, and didn’t fit the description of the previous photos, and she was obviously texting back and forth behind the berm to someone before she started the last leg of the “march” around our house in order to get caught on every camera angle, as well as leaving the next mornings footprints – she was texting to ask if she should abort the mission as it had started to snow.  This was a staged alibi and she was probably told that she had to still go through with it…unfortunately her footprints in the snow were still visible the next day and guess what?  They came right out of the back door of her (Brooke’s) house and proceeded to our house and followed the path of the person caught on our video camera…so it’s not rocket science to know who is shown on that “alibi” walk.

We couldn’t wait for Detective Glassmire to get there, we knew his cameras would have had to have captured a full face shot or two of this person, and Keenan was so sure he had fooled everyone, he couldn’t wait to talk about it.  Too bad we had not had a chance to tell anyone about how it actually happened yet.  It turns out my sudden decision to not tell Elliott is going to pay big dividends.  But then, for the first time, the detective had to delay coming over  and then when he finally did come to check his cameras he said the batteries were dead – in both cameras – they didn’t capture any pictures!  How does that happen?  Lucky stalkers or ???

Email from Garfield County Sheriff Detective Glassmire on November 4, 2011 – this is in response to Morgan seeing Keenan, in broad daylight, waiting for her as she is driving down the hill from her college classes – she was so traumatized over this that one of her male classmates started to walk her to her car after class.

Subject: RE: case #11-20197

I do know that a little over a year ago Keenan’s father did have an address over in that area. I don’t know if that is where Keenan is living. We didn’t see his car there last Sunday. We should know more in the weeks following the pretext phone call. After the phone call I plan to start interviewing everybody close to Keenan, including Keenan.

Let me know if anything else comes up. Don’t hesitate to call dispatch and let them know what you are hearing outside your windows, that you are going to bed (if you are sleeping or getting ready too go to bed). And that if a deputy has time could they do some directed patrol in the area. That will probably prevent them from coming to your door or calling you, but they will hopefully patrol the area and/or walk around the house. The patrol deputies have also been asked to search local areas for suspicious vehicles too. You can always let me know of the details the next day.

Also, I am going to send the same flyer to dispatch (Carbondale Police too) that i sent to patrol so they can also be aware of the investigation and hopefully head off the idea of you having to explain to them every time what is going on.

Thank you for the updates. Rob

Today is October 21, 2012 – And as part of the ongoing investigation we ran through Morgan’s Facebook up until her death.  This was the first time in a long, long time.  Steve had to walk out of the room, it is still too fresh of a wound for him.  He said he thought she was going to call on the phone any moment now and he could not take it.  And then he apologized to those at the house, sifting through the evidence.  It’s so tough for me at times too but, you all give me such strength, and we have to be strong… for Morgan.

A phone number that had no real consequence a year ago has suddenly turned up to have real consequence.  And another amazing thing has happened – Leesa, our lovely daughter-in-law, had long ago volunteered to be the responsible person for Morgan’s new FB page, Morgan’s Stalking.  Steve thought it was too much for her, and didn’t want her to take the responsibility.  I wanted to close the page down because after a nice start, it was attracting such negativity, and I was so busy with everything else I didn’t have the time for it.  Only now, some friends of Leesa’s & Morgan’s have set up a plan with Leesa to manage the page, and continue to raise awareness, and honor the memory of Morgan.  They are all so wonderful, and I can’t thank them enough.

As Steve and I move into the end of the story of Morgan’s life on the blog, and move into what came next, I can’t imagine any more load to carry.  Thank you all so much for what you are doing, and you all know who you are…

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October 7 – 8, 2011 – Days 67 & 68 of Morgan’s Stalking – The Stakeout…

Aspen Tree

In the morning Steve and I went out to breakfast at our favorite local’s hangout in Carbondale, we texted Morgan (she was with a friend) to see if she would join us and she did.  Every time we went there Morgan would order the exact same breakfast, so it got to the point where we would just order for her, after checking of course.

After breakfast, Steve and I spent some time painting the motion detectors a brown camouflage color, so they did not stand out at night.  The motion detectors were the most consistent weapon in our arsenal.  The stalker could not cross through an area covered without setting the detector off.  The way they were deployed was giving us advance warning to a window banging event.  It had not allowed us to actually catch him, but it was certainly the most promising.  Early detection is the key, just like cancer, if you think about it.

A friend of Morgan’s texted her around 7:00 pm, “Dude. Now considering Stanford? They offer Romanian.”  Earlier that Spring when Morgan was out on location, working and helping her big sister, they stopped at Stanford on the way home. Morgan was quite smitten with the possibility of attending the law school there.  Morgan always had ultimate faith in herself, and was positive that if she knew the requirements, she could meet them.  Morgan answered her friend, “Yesss!!” And she responded, “Doing some school research. Seeing what I can find. =D.”

Detective Glassmire was coming out for a stakeout, naturally we were kept in the dark about actual arrival and departure times, but he agreed to text me on the way out.  There was no way I was waiting until the next day to find out what if anything had happened. At 2:06 am I could not contain myself any longer, and sent a text to him, “Backyard motion detector light going on and off – same time as last night.” Detective Glassmire texts back, “Okay, we did leave at 12:45 am, and we did notice that the backyard motion detector did go on and off twice while we were watching it.  Definitely was not us at that time, as we were very far from that light.  Otherwise quiet while we were there.”  I texted back, “OK better luck next time.  Morgan never alerted us to anything on her window tonight.”  Detective Glassmire texted back, “Okay, that’s where we focused on, we will be in touch soon, have a good night.”  I texted back, “You too.”

This was the night (the only night that I know of) that they did a stake out to try to catch the stalker.  Detective Glassmire the next day suggested that maybe we had a faulty motion light and that’s why it would go on and off in the middle of the night.  So Steve swapped it for another light that we could also see from our room, but hadn’t been going on and off, now that that light was put where the other light had been it still did the same thing, so it wasn’t defective – what we didn’t know at the time was that this was the area that was being triggered, because this is where the stalker was getting on to our roof!!!

Today it is October 5, 2012 – and I’m sure I’ve said this before, but it will always bear saying again.  Months after Morgan was murdered we found evidence that the stalker had been gaining access to our roof from that exact area that would set off that motion light, he would run over the berm, towards the back of our house, and climb up the Aspen tree that was leaning right up against the back of our house.  Once up on the roof he had the advantage to be able to see up and down the streets, as well as the advantage to hide where the roof comes together – it created a perfect hiding place for him.  He could also lean over the edge of the roof, body against the metal gutter over Morgan’s room, and see in to her room, or dangle something down to tap or bang on her window, ever eluding the Sheriff’s and all others.  He was “getting off” in being able to make fools out of the Sheriffs.

Except for one, Rhonda’s little dog Sammie, next door, that used to bark in the middle of the night at his window that faced Morgan’s side of the house.  But, unfortunately dogs can’t talk (or at least most of us don’t understand what they are saying), so we never knew that the stalker was on our roof.  But the little dog knew, and he tried to tell us…so many times.

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