Morgan’s Horrific Stalking Started So Innocently


August 2, 2011 –

We had just returned to our beautiful valley in Colorado from vacationing with our 19-year-old daughter Morgan.  On our drive back we had picked up her new puppy Wylah May.  Morgan had never had a puppy of her own and she was so excited about her little Australian Shepard.  She treated her as though she were her own baby, spent every dime she earned on special food, toys, everything for this little puppy.  She brought her down to the river this afternoon (one of her favorite spots to meditate), and little Wylah May seemed to love everything about the outdoors.  This evening Morgan drove into Carbondale to show her friends her new puppy –  when she arrived home later that evening she went directly into her room, started to undress in her bathroom in order to take a shower, and then heard tapping on her bathroom window.  Morgan’s bathroom window was made of obscured glass so you could not see in, but someone outside could see the light go on, and possibly some shadows.  Morgan jumped, but then thought it must be a branch or a bird tapping the glass so she disregarded the noise…this was the start of Morgan’s stalking…at least we thought this was the beginning.  Much later on we would learn, as in many other victim’s cases, that it really started before any of us ever noticed.  Morgan had become a target.

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Cowardly Teen Stalks & Shoots Ex-Girlfriend & Her Mother

This 15-year-old shot his ex-girlfriend in her own bedroom after sneaking in through her garage. It is always interesting when murderers deny they had anything to do with the crime, and then later turn themselves in…is their first thought that they can lie their way out of it, even knowing there was a witness who is still alive?

He had been expelled from school for stalking her. And just like in Morgan’s case this stalker had stalked his victim for only a short few months, before killing her. So if you think stalking can’t be lethal…think again. Stalking is a serious crime, and many times it is extremely lethal.

My heart goes out to these parents. This was a senseless crime in which they lost their beautiful 16-year-old daughter Kaylie. This should never have happened! We need tougher stalking laws and earlier intervention in order to save lives. shoots ex-girlfriend in the head before turning gun on her mom

Reward Poster…Suspicious Death – Please Share – The Wisdom Of The Crowd Can Solve This Case!

The main suspect in the police reports looks just like the person in these pictures…the suspect is left handed, wears the same t-shirt as in his social media picture and is driving a car with the exact same unique front grill as the car he owned at that time. In his interview with the sheriff detective the suspect denied it was him in the video, but the detective told him that he believed it was definitely him and that his denial didn’t even pass the laugh test. #JusticeForMorgan  We will NEVER give up!

If you have any little piece of information that could help this case please call or text Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers…you can stay anonymous if you like. The reward is not just $1,000 you could be eligible for a lot more depending on the information supplied.

For more information and to look at the video of the “suspect” up our driveway click here


Education and awareness are good tools to employ when dealing with a situation like stalking. Stalking is a serious crime and should always be taken seriously – it is a crime that deserves serious consequences, as it destroys lives.

Here is a link to a page that provides general information about laws related to stalking in the various jurisdictions of the United States

It is also noted on that page that…”The Stalking Resource Center, A Program of the National Center for Victims of Crime, makes every effort to ensure that this information is kept as up to date as possible. However, any legal information presented on our website should not be construed to be a source of legal advice. If you need legal advice on a stalking case, please consult a competent attorney in your jurisdiction.”

There are also Federal Stalking Laws that you should be aware of

When you are a target of a stalker you may begin to experience rage, terror, suspicion, depression, changes in your sleeping and/or eating patterns, exhaustion, even bouts of crying. You become hyper-vigilant and you lose trust in others. It is an extremely traumatic situation to be in – please know that you are not going crazy. Your body and mind are reacting to the extreme stress caused by the continuing victimization. Talking to someone who is trained to work with victims and survivors may help alleviate some of the symptoms that are interfering in other aspects of your life. Domestic violence and victim witness programs are listed in the phone book.

Please understand that you have done nothing to provoke or cause you to become the target of a stalker. Stalking is never the victim’s fault. Know that what is happening to you is not okay, not your fault, and not caused by anything that you have done.

Keep safe – here are some suggestions: