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On August 2nd, 2011 Morgan first became aware of her stalker, not but seeing him, but by the noises he made to terrorize her.

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He was probably following her before that day and that was when he chose to ramp up his stalking and terrorizing of Morgan.

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  1. Toni…Please know that i would love to give you and your husband a BIG hug…I just finished reading your blog from beggining to end. I cant believe after all that you guys did, this S.O.B. was still able to murder! Only GOD knows what happened that horrible night and he will be the final judge. As I was reading your blog, my brain hurt from all that your family was enduring on a daily basis. How dare he do that to your family! I swear I want to just get on a plane and fly there, find him and end all of this! And i know he will get in prison, what he deserves! Justice will be served for Morgan. I feel like I know know family deeply and want to be there for you. Please keep me in mind during all of this, im ready to help in any way. Is that basturd related to anyone in law enforcement? Or other Officials?

  2. First, let me just start off by saying, that you, Toni & Steve, are now forever going to be in my thoughts & prayers. I am so very, deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful, talented, gifted, artistic, intelligent Daughter! I cannot fathom the disgusting, twisted, sick & demented thoughts that were running through this, criminals head, while he was about to make every parents worst nightmare come true 🙁 i don’t mean to say that in such way to bring back the feelings of loss, pain & suffering, but to say it because that’s exactly how it was. HE WILL BE PUNISHED! One way or another. & i hope, that when this PIG is found & brought to his knees, that he suffers WORSE than you & Morgan EVER did! i wish nothing but pain & suffering on that piece of **** I know I am a complete stranger, but my heart hurts heavily for you & i just wanted you to know, that i love you guys <3 my heart, thoughts & prayers are with you.

  3. I was stalked and terrorized…I know a bit about what Morgan was going through. I was a young mom, in my early 20’s (21 to be exact) and was terrorized for over two years. There are so few minutes of pleasure, when in the back of your mind…you’re waiting for another phone call, another feeling of ‘eyes on you’. It was H O R R I B L E ! ! !

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your daughter.

  4. I am so extremely sorry for you and Steve’s loss! I can’t even imagine! All I can say is ….. do not give up! Justice is needed for Morgan! God bless u, you are one amazing mother. Do not listen to all the opinions out there u know the truth!


    love, A mother

  5. Hello Mrs Ingram I read your whole blog and I just want to send my condolences and give you one scripture to help give you comfort because as time goes on others sometimes forget how hard it still is for the families,it’s revelation 21:3,4 it’s a scripture that has yet to be fulfilled and it helps me with the loss of my brother. I do have one question was there video caught of someone outside her window the night she was killed? I know you said you still have a lot of evidence you don’t wanna release just in case the case gets reopened.

    • I am so sorry Sherry for your loss. Thank you for your kind words and yes there is a lot of evidence I will not release, and again yes to your question our cameras did catch someone on video that night.

  6. Hi Toni,

    I’m from the UK so the unfortunate news didn’t get covered in UK press.

    Really sorry for your loss and hope that the evidence you have finally leads to a conviction. May your daughter rest in eternal peace x

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