Team Morgan it’s time – you are all needed, please lend her your help!

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” – Jane Howard

And we have one, many actually… and you are all part of it!  When our family needed that extra strength and hope, so many wonderful people offered to help us in our quest for justice for Morgan.  Some of you have called yourselves, “Team Morgan,” and in my own mind I have always thought of you as earth angels!   I have been so grateful for every single offer of help and support.  We have been so fortunate to have assistance in so many differing areas of expertise.  Exposing the truth would never have come this far without all of it.  And now as Morgan’s case takes another step forward I invite everyone to join in.

I am extremely happy to announce that Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers, along with help from Families of Homicide and Missing Persons (FOHVAMP) is now circulating a reward poster for any information leading to the arrest of the person(s) involved in the unsolved homicide of our 20 year old daughter Morgan Ingram on December 2, 2011.

If every single one of you could please share this post with anyone, and everyone you know, I would greatly appreciate it.

reward.poster copyjpegI know there are people that know what happened to Morgan, and those people also know who is responsible.  We want those people to come forward to help solve this crime.  This is their chance to do the right thing, and to no longer hide in the shadows.  Sometimes people think that what they know will not make a difference, but rest assured every single small piece of information will help to tell the whole story.  Finding the piece that will finally tip the scale for Morgan is something I will never stop fighting for.  I have heard many stories of the threats made against, “snitches,” so far, and if you feel unable or fearful to speak your truth, then please know I have been assured you can remain absolutely anonymous.  Personally I feel that if you are forced to swallow the truth and keep it inside, then it eats at you.  It’s nature’s law.  I would like people to know that when you let the truth out the feeling you get is awesome and liberating!

I myself have wanted to desperately get out all the details, facts, and evidence that we have gathered over the past years, but I have had to hold back (from this blog) on a lot of information in the hopes that it can be used in a criminal case someday.  At times I admit I have let my anger get the best of me.  I could say, “What parent wouldn’t be angry?” but instead I would like to say because of Steve I have been blessed – he has held me back and shown me that sharing all the brutal ugliness we have uncovered is just not always helpful, and not always necessary, not yet anyway.  Things happen for a reason and they happen when they are suppose to happen…not just when I want them to happen.  What I have learned over the years is that justice is not going to come through anger or ego, only through facts, so I do the best I can to keep mine in check.  Facts come out at the correct time, not when I want them to, but when they should be released.

I can never stress enough, both to myself and to everyone whom I have contact with that my efforts are not only about the loss of our precious daughter, but about all the wrongs being perpetrated on other innocent victims every day, and what needs to change to prevent this from happening again.  Unfortunately, and horribly there are so many stories of many other people who are suffering, or have suffered great personal loss themselves.  What happened to Morgan is not an isolated case, while I pray the cover-up that has followed is an isolated case.  For the good of all, this has to stop somewhere.

The simple yet overwhelming truth is that for Morgan to have justice someday, unpleasant truths will eventually have to have to come out, and visit the light of day.  It should not be much of a stretch to see that this will be unpleasant for some, and for others it is something that they will want to avoid at all costs.  To those I say that for Morgan to have been victimized, then murdered, only to be victimized again, was horrific for her, and all those who knew and loved her so much.

The knowledge that pursuing justice for Morgan will lead to a very needed change in the way victims and co-victims are treated in the future is extremely important to me, and I know it would have been so important to Morgan as well.  I know that this fight for justice is not only being waged by Morgan’s family and friends, but also by complete strangers that want to help make changes for the better in this world  – I will probably never be able to explain it except to say there are forces at work that have been making the impossible possible in this fight.

So please I am asking you all now to share this blog, and this poster in any way you can.  This is a very powerful way you can help find justice for Morgan.

You can even print the poster and hang it anywhere you think it may be seen by people that may know something.  Especially in Newcastle, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, and Aspen, CO.  Coffee shops, sports shops, churches, grocery stores, colleges, anywhere that they will allow you to post this.  Thank you all so very much – with much love from the bottom of my heart!  

 Please help – Justice for Morgan!

***Criminals do “trip up” – they can’t help themselves…just found out that on 3/16/2014 Keenan was arrested again, it was in the local newspaper listed under recent crimes, posted by the Glenwood Springs Police (not the sheriffs).  His criminal record keeps growing, but for some reason he seems to be “protected” and nothing ever really happens to him – this is a question I continually ask myself.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 – the 22nd day of Morgan’s stalking

I wake up to the smell of coffee, and the glow of Steve’s computer monitor.  Our motion detector lights outside our Master Bedroom went off multiple times last night.  Steve has already made rounds of the neighborhood, and noticed the BBQ and furniture have been shuffled around on our neighbors back patio. They are still out of town, so he wants me to call the sheriffs whenever I have the time. The red fold-up chair has been moved again, and the officers want us to report anything different that we notice going on around our house – this looks suspicious. No one has been at that house for quite a while now, so why should that chair be moving from one spot to another?  I go with Steve so he can show me the chair & BBQ and how they have been moved.

I call dispatch late morning, and a sheriff’s deputy arrives just before lunch. First we walked around the house talking about the stalker. Since this is still not considered felony stalking yet, and only misdemeanor trespassing, we have to explain the situation every time an officer comes to the house, unless they have already been to our house and they know what has been going on.  I tell him that since we put up all the detectors it has been only alarms that have been triggered, and pebbles (we think that is what is making the noise, but we really have no idea) against the windows – it’s very unnerving to us knowing the stalker is right out there, but we can’t see him/her. I tell him that my husband is going crazy trying to figure out a way to trap him, and I ask the deputy if he has any ideas that might help.

The deputy goes out to the berm behind our house (this is the grass and treed berm that divides the houses from the ranch), and is wondering if anyone lives at the ranch next door. I know most everyone there, because our horse is boarded there.  I run through them all again in my mind. They are all horse people, except for the renters in one of the buildings on the ranch.  I don’t think any of them are capable of this – but you never know, I don’t know them. They are all in the least likely group on our suspect list. The deputy was walking up the berm when he stopped, and pointed out a trail well worn into the tall grass. He asked me if we had ever seen this before, and I tell him we search for footprints around the house, but not out on the berm.  We have never see anyone up on the berm – there is no reason to be there.  It’s not a short cut to anywhere, the gardeners never work on it, it’s just wild natural growth, meant to block the view of the ranch.  He sees another trail, and thinks it leads to our neighbor’s house. He walks towards the back of their house, and asks if I know who lives there.  It’s Ken’s house (the house that has the red chair that has moved recently, again).  We have a key to his house in case of emergencies, we always keep an eye on it when no one is there, as is most often the case.

The deputy is checking doors, and finds one that is not locked. I remember him asking if he has my permission to enter the house. The next thing I know his gun was drawn, the door swung open, and he was calling out “Garfield Sheriff’s Department, is there anyone here, I’m coming in!” I was frightened, I have never been in a situation like this, and in my mind I imagine a shoot out, I don’t know if I should drop to the ground or run. He keeps calling out, while inside the house for a long time, and then he comes back out, the house is clear, and he didn’t think anyone was hiding out inside. He wanted me to contact the owner, get the house locked up and keep a closer eye on the berm behind our house. Also, call if anything at all happens, even just our motion detectors going off, especially out back. He thinks the trails worn into the berm are obviously where the stalker is approaching our house from – he was right.

The sheriff’s patrol officers were all very passionate about wanting to catch this stalker, they were great people, great warriors in my opinion, but the methods they were taught to employ, the protocol they were told to use, never had a chance against this type of stalker.

Standing on our neighbor’s patio, I can see my closet window. Morgan is still sleeping in that closet, because she feels safer there, and I wondered if she really is safe in there. I called Steve and told him we need a gun.  We were joining that group of people that feel they need a loaded gun, one that is ready to go at all times.  At first Steve didn’t want a loaded gun in the house, but I was insistent, and he said we would get one. It has been 23 days now, and I feel danger all around us.

Months later, in one of our moments of desperation, when we were thinking of what to do next, Steve went on the Internet to look at Google Earth.  He saw the satellite maps for our neighborhood that had been updated at the end of summer, September 22, 2011. There, plain as day, were the trails in the berm behind our house. It was sickening to see them. You can still see them today on Google Earth.  If you don’t have Google Earth it is free from the Google site, once you have it, enter – 62 Corral Drive, Carbondale, Colorado, 81623 – and zoom in. We did not realize it at the time, but the trail was going to prove very important in connecting the dots later on.

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Morgan, before the stalking started, sitting in our backyard, with the berm in the background, reading a book. Her peace & tranquility should never have been taken from her.