November 22, 2011 – Day 113 of Morgan’s Stalking…

It was so wonderful today to wake up and know it had been quiet last night.

Today is Tuesday and Morgan leaves for 24 hours with her friend, and their family to go to Denver.  Steve and I talked about flocking windows – I thought his idea was a little crazy, but since the stores now have Christmas decorations and things on display, Steve sees the cans of white window flocking, and comes up with this idea.  He tells me if he flocks Morgan’s window on the outside, then when something hits the windows it will leave not only a mark, but if we check the mark we will be able to see where the object is coming from, and what direction it is bouncing off the window from.  I don’t know why, but I thought it was a desperate and crazy idea when he mentioned it.  He really believes it will work and tells me that he is going to buy some cans of window flocking on his way home tonight.

Our next door neighbor (they were 2nd homeowners, and usually never there) called to ask Steve if he could let some people into their house.  I guess they had friends that were just passing through and wanted to stay there overnight.  Steve had the key to their house in case they needed him to check on anything for them.  Since we had all gotten a good nights sleep last night I was able to get a lot of work done today.  I had Thursday (Thanksgiving) through Sunday off from work so I wanted to get caught up on my work and today, and tomorrow were the last days to do just that.

Tonight was quiet also, and Steve and I were able to sleep well… the fact that Morgan was out of town helped so much, It was like a weight being lifted from my shoulders feeling Morgan was safe and not being terrorized.

Steve felt the difference too, he was finding more and more positives in the idea of just moving.  And he felt it would be good for me as well.  We were going to talk to Morgan about it when she came home tomorrow from her little trip.

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November 12, 2011 – Day 103 of Morgan’s Stalking – What are the streaks?

Last night we had an event that I forgot to put on the blog.  It would normally be an upsetting, frightening ordeal.  But on day 102 of a gang stalking, it was something to sigh, and laugh at -how strange your world can become.  At 8:00 pm Morgan was getting ready to go out. The last few days have been good to her, and I don’t want to be the one to ruin it,  but I am watching the live feed from outside her window.  With the addition of the separate Morgan outside cam, Steve has been able to go to synchronized times, and detect the “movement toward her window on both cameras.  Once he showed me what to look for any streaks – like things hitting Morgan’s window, I can see it also.  I am watching the camera and it happens right now as I know she is dressing to go out.  It angers me and I head straight for her room and knock.

Morgan is just finishing up, and burst out the door (music playing in the background) just as radiant as I have ever seen her.  She is smiling and happy and I almost feel guilty about an email I sent to Detective Glassmire where I worried about how she was taking all this, and I wanted him to see if Detective Alstatt would take her on the side for a little talk so we could have her opinion.  Detective Glassmire felt Detective Alstatt was “Really good at this” and a mother can never be too safe with her kids, so I had set that wheel in motion.  As I looked at her now I knew what Detective Alstatt would say, but like I said, you can never be too safe.

Morgan wondered what was up and the first thing that came to mind was that (obviously she had not heard any banging), so I wanted to say good bye, and hoped she had a good time, so I did.  Morgan looked a little perplexed for an instant before bursting into a broader smile, and said, “Thanks mom.”  I walked her to the car, and stood there watching her drive away.  So easy to feel it is all over, your mind begs you to do it, countless times every day, and this was certainly one of those times.

Morgan waved from the street, and I watched her speed up as she drove for the end of the street.  I didn’t move, just stood there and watched, not sure what I was thinking.

And then just like that, one snap of the fingers, and all that warm fuzziness was gone, completely replaced.  A car had come from the right (on the right was the dead end of our cup-de-sac), very slowly at first.  I could not see anything of the inside (it was dark out), and now it was rapidly accelerating toward Morgan, she was just turning the corner at the end of the block.  I cried out, to anyone and turned for the house, yelling for Steve who came running from the room wondering what was wrong.  I didn’t feel like the words came out correctly at all, but Steve understood it just fine, a car was following Morgan and as I heard his words to call dispatch I heard the front door slam, then his truck screeching down the driveway.  Dispatch was speed dial #1 and I could still hear all the commotion he was causing out in the street, as I was connected to an all-too-familiar voice.

But instead of her normal concern and rapid fire questions for information, I heard her saying it is OK, everything is fine Mrs. Ingram, just fine.  I told her no it was not, Morgan was just followed out of the cul-de-sac and my husband is in hot pursuit, we need officers, now.

She was silent for a half-breath and then came back, that it is their car following Morgan, they had a tip.  You better call your husband and tell him what is up.  I slammed the phone down not sure whether to be happy or outraged.  Why could they not tell us, I told the empty house.  I was dialing Steve’s cell phone and hoping this was one of those times it went right through, because sometimes it took a few tries.

Then it was worse, I heard his phone ringing from somewhere in the house.  Of course he had not stopped to grab it, he was after whoever was after Morgan.

According to Steve the car chasing her caught up to her just as they were approaching another deputy up off the side of the road.  He wouldn’t say how fast he was going at the time, just that it was as fast as his truck would go.  The chase car pulled over alongside the deputy that was already parked and they all had begun to frantically wave him down.  He slowed and then slid as he came to a stop alongside them all.  Steve pointed at Morgan slowly driving away, apparently she had not seen anything that was going on behind her.  Then Steve pointed at the unmarked car as it pulled away and the deputy explained it was one of theirs and they were just being cautious.

Steve said he told them something like too much caution is better than not enough, but all he really remembered was he was shaking pretty badly.  He said good night and left the officers.  He told me later he realized right then that he didn’t have his phone, as he reached for it to call me – and tell me to relax, everything was fine.  He knew I was home trying to call him and there was little to do, but laugh.

I called Morgan later and told her the story, she was so happy that they had done that, said that it made her feel safe.  I was thinking how strange it had all turned out and even more strange was how Steve had found it so funny, because it wasn’t.  What did they think they were accomplishing by chasing after Morgan?  Later on if was even stranger to me when I asked the detective why his undercover officer was chasing Morgan and he insisted that he knew nothing about it and greatly doubted it was one of theirs…how in the world could he say that?  I was told by dispatch that it was one of theirs following up on a “tip” and then his own patrol officer told Steve the same thing…who was zooming who?

On November 12, Morgan lounged around the house knitting all afternoon.  Then she went babysitting until 9 pm, and came home showered, had dinner, and was in bed by 10 pm.  At 11:11 pm Sammy (our next door neighbors little dog) started to bark that bark of his that was a warning bark.  Sure enough a motion light came on.  I went to watch the feed of Morgan’s camera and Steve was quietly slipping out the back door.  I knew he had stopped right in the back corner of the house because I could hear the motion detector, then I saw he just sitting there behind a tree for the longest time.  I just hoped he was watching something.

When he finally came back in it was long after everything had stopped, and he told me he heard something, a noise like a sudden exhale.  He stood perfectly still waiting for whatever it was to move, or run, but that was it.  All he heard was the one noise.  And then just like that it was all he could think of…didn’t know where it came from, but he knew the stalker was close by and couldn’t figure out how to catch him.

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November 4, 2011 – Day 95 of Morgan’s stalking – You must wait for the alibi to fully develop!

Morgan wonders who is fooling who here

Morgan wakes up in the morning and we talk about her “bubble” from the night before.  The bubble means she hit the text button on her phone and her phone sent me a bubble so I would know the exact time she heard the noise for my timeline and for the sheriff’s – I always thought it looked like most of these things happened at certain times of the night – with the occassional change of showing up in the yard dressed in black, following her in a car, and showing up on our front porch to punch in our code dressed in a hoodie at 4:30 am.  A rock hit her window at 10:57 pm last night, according to the bubble.  This morning at 5:10 am the alarm goes off.  It was directly coupled with a video taken at that same time.  A figure is caught on video running across Rhonda’s driveway (our next door neighbor on Morgan’s side of the house.  The sheriffs department had the only copy because of a computer crash, and I wish I had not given up the only copy.  A computer expert could not get the copy back, but Steve assures me he will be able to go back through the computer backup files and get another copy.  I warned him you will not be understanding if he fails.

Morgan tells us that Keenan posted a 554 # and keeps sending FB messages back to her friend, and threatening him, and telling him to back off.  Keenan is very vociferous about where the blame for the stalking belongs evidently.  He is saying that the stalking was over 5 months ago.  This of course is not true, because it started three months ago, that we know of.  But then after reading stalking advice it could have started over five months ago, and he is right on the money about timing, but he is not right that it ended…it is still ongoing.  We only know when we think it started.  Only I would have loved to have been able to ask him how he knew all this.  He is also saying the “cops” excluded him because he works all night, every night, and he is in Texas right now. (What he said about the ‘cops’ excluding him is absolutely false…as you can read on every post, since the beginning in August 2011 – his work hours, taken from the police reports, show the time of the stalking incidents compared to his work hours, showing he was not at work at those times…criminals lie and that should not be a shock to anyone).

OK, fact check, yes we have heard he is gone this week, from two different sources, and the detectives are at present telling us they are 100% sure he is the stalker and Morgan knows Keenan is the stalker.  We are troubled by the sheriffs believing it is only Keenan,  because Steve strongly believes that there are at least three different stalkers/terrorizers/bullies.  He really wishes he knew who they all were, but he is only willing to say at this time that Keenan is one of them. 

According to Morgan, Keenan has also recently told her friend that at the time of the stalking he was dating Brooke Harris.  A private investigator that was volunteering his time had assured us the Keenan and Brooke had never really stopped dating in his best estimation – I guess it was just convenient for him to move out at that time since the sheriffs had been coming by her house to interview him.  He had avoided them up till then and I guess it made sense to make up an excuse, like they ‘broke up’ so when he moved out suddenly no one would be any wiser…  That very same investigator sat Steve and I in the back seat of his SUV, a while back, and said OK, I will now take you to the back door of City Market in El Jebel, where our man in question (Keenan) works – and then he did.  After arriving he picked up his cell phone and mockingly said “Hey Jeff, out back having a puff, let me back in.”  And he slapped his phone from hand to hand and winked at us.  Steve and I thought we were being walked down a possible trail, and we looked at each other.  “Simple”, Steve told me. “This makes perfect sense, now what?”  And how are we supposed to convey this to the detectives?

But back to the past, Keenan was not finished with his version of events.  He then went on to tell Morgan’s friend that if he had to guess it was Wiley, the kid that lived next door to Brooke, because the stalking started 3 days after he moved in.  How would Keenan know the date the stalking started?  We had not called the sheriffs until days later…no one, except the stalker, should have known at that time.

Another fact check is in order here, Wiley does not in the least bit match any images of the stalker, male or female, as yet caught on video or camera, and he moved into our neighborhood at least a month after the stalking started.  Oh, and Keenan pointed out that Wiley had a “criminal record.”  Not sure about that, Wiley always seemed like a nice kid, and perhaps Keenan should look in the mirror, eh? It is always interesting how guilty people are always trying to point the finger at someone else – they seem to think everyone else in the world is stupid, and can’t figure out that they are lying…I think it is sometimes called a characteristic of a psychopath.

Morgan thought this was very odd that Keenan told her friend about how he heard there was a video showing someone around the house on Tuesday night – the night he was gone.  Keenan reminded her friend that “I was on my way to Texas on Tuesday.”  I looked at Morgan and told her that this was just way too much of a coincident.  As luck would have it, Steve and I had just not had the time to review all the cameras and update the information for the detectives at that time, so really, and I mean really – nobody should know about possible videos unless perhaps they were part of creating the video.  Now the ‘march’ without noise, completely avoiding Morgan’s side of the house makes perfect sense.  In case I haven’t told you yet, Morgan’s side of the house has a few surprises around it and that were avoided completely, made perfect sense to Steve.  Someone knew what was there, and did not think they could make it down that side of the house without becoming ensnared.  Stalkers, because they are always surveilling, always know what you are doing to try to catch them, but sadly, in most cases, they are always a step ahead.

Steve looked at me and said, “So Keenan, while on his way to Texas, knew all about the Tuesday incident?  Right!”

Now I really feel strongly believe that it was nothing more than a set-up for an alibi for him, and of course he knew about it – what he doesn’t realize is that it was so obviously a set-up, as you could tell the person caught on the cameras was female, not male, and didn’t fit the description of the previous photos, and she was obviously texting back and forth behind the berm to someone before she started the last leg of the “march” around our house in order to get caught on every camera angle, as well as leaving the next mornings footprints – she was texting to ask if she should abort the mission as it had started to snow.  This was a staged alibi and she was probably told that she had to still go through with it…unfortunately her footprints in the snow were still visible the next day and guess what?  They came right out of the back door of her (Brooke’s) house and proceeded to our house and followed the path of the person caught on our video camera…so it’s not rocket science to know who is shown on that “alibi” walk.

We couldn’t wait for Detective Glassmire to get there, we knew his cameras would have had to have captured a full face shot or two of this person, and Keenan was so sure he had fooled everyone, he couldn’t wait to talk about it.  Too bad we had not had a chance to tell anyone about how it actually happened yet.  It turns out my sudden decision to not tell Elliott is going to pay big dividends.  But then, for the first time, the detective had to delay coming over  and then when he finally did come to check his cameras he said the batteries were dead – in both cameras – they didn’t capture any pictures!  How does that happen?  Lucky stalkers or ???

Email from Garfield County Sheriff Detective Glassmire on November 4, 2011 – this is in response to Morgan seeing Keenan, in broad daylight, waiting for her as she is driving down the hill from her college classes – she was so traumatized over this that one of her male classmates started to walk her to her car after class.

Subject: RE: case #11-20197

I do know that a little over a year ago Keenan’s father did have an address over in that area. I don’t know if that is where Keenan is living. We didn’t see his car there last Sunday. We should know more in the weeks following the pretext phone call. After the phone call I plan to start interviewing everybody close to Keenan, including Keenan.

Let me know if anything else comes up. Don’t hesitate to call dispatch and let them know what you are hearing outside your windows, that you are going to bed (if you are sleeping or getting ready too go to bed). And that if a deputy has time could they do some directed patrol in the area. That will probably prevent them from coming to your door or calling you, but they will hopefully patrol the area and/or walk around the house. The patrol deputies have also been asked to search local areas for suspicious vehicles too. You can always let me know of the details the next day.

Also, I am going to send the same flyer to dispatch (Carbondale Police too) that i sent to patrol so they can also be aware of the investigation and hopefully head off the idea of you having to explain to them every time what is going on.

Thank you for the updates. Rob

Today is October 21, 2012 – And as part of the ongoing investigation we ran through Morgan’s Facebook up until her death.  This was the first time in a long, long time.  Steve had to walk out of the room, it is still too fresh of a wound for him.  He said he thought she was going to call on the phone any moment now and he could not take it.  And then he apologized to those at the house, sifting through the evidence.  It’s so tough for me at times too but, you all give me such strength, and we have to be strong… for Morgan.

A phone number that had no real consequence a year ago has suddenly turned up to have real consequence.  And another amazing thing has happened – Leesa, our lovely daughter-in-law, had long ago volunteered to be the responsible person for Morgan’s new FB page, Morgan’s Stalking.  Steve thought it was too much for her, and didn’t want her to take the responsibility.  I wanted to close the page down because after a nice start, it was attracting such negativity, and I was so busy with everything else I didn’t have the time for it.  Only now, some friends of Leesa’s & Morgan’s have set up a plan with Leesa to manage the page, and continue to raise awareness, and honor the memory of Morgan.  They are all so wonderful, and I can’t thank them enough.

As Steve and I move into the end of the story of Morgan’s life on the blog, and move into what came next, I can’t imagine any more load to carry.  Thank you all so much for what you are doing, and you all know who you are…

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November 2, 2011 – Day 93 of Morgan’s Stalking – The Mysterious Alibi “March,” What Does It Mean?

Steve is up early, and leaves for work, while it is still dark out.  Snow has fallen during the night, and it is melting off as morning breaks.  The streets are wet, but not icy, and the roofs and lawns have been gently covered in a light layer of white.  For snow country it is a gentle reminder of winter to come, when the road will need plowing, and cars will need to be uncovered, and windshields scrapped of ice before they can be driven, that is the winter right around the corner.  This was more of a light flurry compared to that.

After Morgan left for class, I walked outside in our backyard with the dogs, and was shocked at what I saw over the fence!  The foot trails of a person that was here last night.  I stood up on a bench, and with my eyes, followed the trail crossing behind the house, then turning and coming right to the outside corner of our room, as if someone came just close enough to reach out and touch the corner of the house, and peer into our Master Bedroom window!  Then back across the yard, up and over the berm toward the ranch that was behind our house, and twenty feet down, coming back over and heading for the front, right between our next door neighbor, Ken’s house and ours.  It was only lacking a sign that said “I was here”.  But why were there was no noises last night, no rocks on windows?  Morgan had said it was a quiet night before she left.

I called Steve and told him it looked like a very deliberate trail, straight, marching from this point to this point to the next.  It was unlike anything I had ever seen out there before.  Of course the trail taken by the person was clearly recorded in the snow, and since this was the first snow of any consequence this year it was so surprising to see all of the trails.  I wondered if this was what he did every other night he came.

Steve wanted me to call the sheriff’s department to report the incident, which I did, and then I called him back.  We were talking about how weird this was, as he drove home.  He pulled in the drive, and immediately saw the trail up there, crossing the front of our house and our other next door neighbor, Rhonda’s yard before veering out to the street.  We avoided walking on the yard and went up and down the street.  Then back through the house to see where it began (behind the house and over the berm) and ended.  It was obvious; the snowfall had stopped long before it filled the footprints in.  Was this a break for us, finally?

We went back inside and Steve drew a map of our corner of the neighborhood while he was waiting for the deputy, he carefully filled in the path of the footsteps and went to compare his map to what was still outside.  He called out that the trail passed right inbetween the sheriff’s two wildlife cameras, so he wanted me to call Detective Glassmire, but I did not get him on the phone and then left him a message.  The sheriff’s camera must have caught a perfect picture!

When the sheriff deputy arrived, Steve walked him around the trail, ten feet off to the side, pointing out the starting points, and it was then that they saw another trail, with an obvious section of backtracking.  Trying to walk in the same set of footprints twice, but not quite being able to do it.  Steve told me how he had looked at the deputy and asked him if he was seeing the same thing he saw.  I watched Steve from the back patio a few houses down very slowly walking backward, while looking over his shoulder and down.  The deputy nodded to him and agreed with whatever Steve was showing him.

They came back to our house and the deputy was handing Steve back his “map” and saying it was a good idea that we had documented the path that the footprints follow, and wondered if we saw anyone last night.  Steve tells him no, but that it probably is on video, it will just take a while to locate when it happened.  The deputy wants us to definitely check the video cameras and Steve adds that he will photograph whatever we can.  It was cold out, and with that the deputy left.

Morgan has the camera with her, so Steve just uses his phone, and walks around photographing what is left of the prints in the snow.  He would really like to go over the cameras with me, but does not have the time right now.  I am really busy also, and Steve leaves to go back to work.

We talk by phone, as he is driving away, about how curiously the trail does not go by Morgan’s window, which every time before this was the center of attention.  In fact the trail never goes down her side of the house at all, avoids it completely.  And of course there was no noise last night, if I had not walked outside and seen the trail I would not have even have known that this had happened.  At the rate it was melting away it would all be gone by noon.  This could have been a non event – and gee, if our cameras hadn’t recorded something I guess the sheriff’s would say we didn’t have a stalker…right?

Look for the little white flashes of light in the upper left corner.  That is at the top of the berm – looks like someone is texting on their cell phone…maybe saying, “Now what do I do – it’s snowing out.  Should I still go through with this ‘alibi’ walk around?”  That is what I believe was happening.  Then wait till it reaches the 1:04 spot and you will see the ‘female” get caught on camera coming over the berm.

Video one at approximately 11:51 

Cam.04.walkabout starts at ~ 1:04 from Morgan’s Stalking on Vimeo.

Video two – ‘female’ seen marching ‘intentionally being caught on camera’

Cam.05.walkabout can be seen ~ 1:17 from Morgan’s Stalking on Vimeo.

Video three

Camera 6 person walks by can be seen at ~ 1:32 from Morgan’s Stalking on Vimeo.

Video four

Camera 1 car leaving after the walkaround can be seen at ~ :07 from Morgan’s Stalking on Vimeo.

Video five at approximately 11:55

Camera 2 car leaving after the walkaround can be seen at :05 from Morgan’s Stalking on Vimeo.

Today’s email from the felony stalking detective, assigned to our case, Sheriff Detective Rob Glassmire:

Hi Toni,
Attached are a few links that you might find helpful.
Taser: Stalking Resource Center:

I have only briefly looked at this website but it seems to have a lot of really good information.

I’m also reading a book on my Kindle called “How to Stop a Stalker” by Mike Proctor. It has a lot of good information. I’m not as far through as I would like to be but I try and read a little bit every night. It’s geared towards the victim and not the investigator.

We will stay in touch. If you call, try and call me on my cell phone, ———-. That way if I am at home or away from the desk I have a better chance of picking up. If I am at home and I don’t answer it is because my kids are probably around and acting up. Leave a message and I will call you back shortly after.

Stay with it. You, Steve, and Morgan are very strong. We will do the pretext phone call on Sunday and go from there.

Thank you, Rob

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September 6, 2011 – Day 36th of Morgan’s Stalking: Conducting a Stalker Test

At 10:10 am Morgan sent a text to me while I was on my way to pick up the office mail, “Will you pick me up a bagel on your way if you have time?”  Then I sent her a text back, “Call me.” When she called me back I asked Morgan to drop something off for her dad at his old shop, she was on her way to the caves in Glenwood Springs with some friends.  She said text me the location, “He is on the right, past Thunder River by Fastenal & Airgas and the Go Rentals folks.”  Morgan responded with a text back, “Thanks!!”  Then I sent her a text, “Did you find him?”  She texted back, “Yup :)”  I said, “Great thanks.”

We had so many glass windows on the back of our house and for many years it was all very sheer covering or even uncovered, lots of Colorado sunlight.  First we had added window treatments to all of the lower windows and glass doors and this afternoon, every uncovered piece of glass also had window treatments added.  I liked that now nobody could see in, but sadly it transformed what were nice bright rooms into way more darkness than I would have ever preferred.  A price we had to pay, and this made me want to catch this stalker even more – I wanted our bright, happy, safe home back.

At 4:15 pm Morgan sent a text to her dad, “Want me to pick up anything?  I’m just leaving the caves.”  Steve replies, “No, thanks, having a good time?”  “We are in Glenwood picking up metal, and driving to Ry’s house for dinner afterwards can you join us there when you’re done?”  Morgan texted back, “Just working away”  I asked her, “Where?”  She then called me back to talk for a bit.

Steve had been so completely frustrated with the disappearing act the stalker was able to pull off so easily.  It was one thing to understand the deputies not really seeing him, because they would mostly pull up in their patrol truck, meet us at the door, talk a bit, and then walk around the house and yard.  Finding evidence left behind was the best they could hope for with that protocol.  In all the times they came to our house, I don’t think they ever actually saw the stalker, or even a glimpse of his shadow disappearing in the distance.  That being the case Steve felt it was up to us to somehow catch him in the act ourselves and our present course of action was not doing it.

Then, at 6:45 pm, I said “On our way with really good dinner for you from your brother, are you home with your friend?”  Steve and I had been over to Morgan’s brother’s house for dinner tonight, we felt Morgan was safe because she was with friends.  Morgan sent her brother a text message, after we got home from dinner. She said, “Thanks for dinner !!  It was wonderful. :)”  Ryan is such an awesome cook – we all love his food!

Our grandson Jarred was coming home with us to spend the night at our house.  He was helping Steve with a simple plan.  Jarred was an excellent athlete, “World class.” Steve always reminded him, and he was going to play the part of the stalker.  Steve was going to be in the house, and turn on the light in Morgan’s room.  This would be Jarred’s cue to start running from the back berm as fast as he could, then dart in at her first window, smack it twice with a long branch, pulled out of our pile of trimmings cut the other day.  Jarred would then continue off any way he wanted.  Steve would grab his stuff and run out front, try to pick up his direction and give chase.  I was to observe this from the street and not tip off Steve as to which way Jarred had gone, but see how close we were coming to actually seeing or catching him with our current protocol.

The first run-through was very upsetting.  Jarred saw the light and took off.  He banged the window twice on his way by.  The sound was completely different, so that was not how our stalker was making the noise, and Jarred was completely out of our yard, and across the street by the time I heard the front door open.  Jarred had run between houses, across the street from us, and headed for the club house, by the time I could see Steve, we did not have a chance!!!

All these times I had watched Steve run out the front, or back door I pictured him mere feet from our stalker, just barely missing him so far.  Even Steve felt he just had to be a bit quicker, and he would at least see him, and then be able to continue the chase, to a house or a car.  Snap a picture, have something positive happen.  Now as I stood in the street and watched Steve come past the garage, and reach our grass, Jarred was long gone.  All I could do was shake my head at him.  This was never going to work, it was not even close.

Jarred and Steve repeated the experiment going toward the berm out back, coming sideways across the front, but it still didn’t matter.  It was child’s play for Jarred to get two hits on a window and have turned a corner by the time Steve was there.  The few times Steve guessed the correct direction, he was so far behind he didn’t even see Jarred as he reached the same turn Jarred had taken.

Steve was standing in the yard, badly winded and wanting to know from me how close he was getting, what we could change, improve on?  I was the bearer of bad news, I told him, no way, Jarred has to trip and go down, maybe even knock himself out for us to have a chance, and actually from what I saw, he could probably trip, fall, get up, and still run off long before Steve got to him.  I just didn’t know what to think, and suggested trip strings tied between trees as the answer.

I looked back to the house and was so relieved to not see Morgan’s face in any of the windows.  I didn’t want her to see how pathetic our chances of catching the stalker were.  Steve was finally catching his breath and had one word, cameras, video cameras all around the house.  We had already bought one set of eight and had to return them as the quality was not very good at all.  Now we would have to get a better set, a much better set, and have that on our side.  I remember wondering if they had something like radar for houses and we could have the round screen with the dot on it.  Steve hadn’t found anything like that, but was going to look again.  We would have done anything to catch this stalker.

There was this new thermal imaging scope that was ridiculously expensive and we had borrowed it, we could walk across the yard, and look back to see our footprints in the grass as blobs of white – the residual heat of feet left by walking over the grass, with shoes on.  The technology might have been impressive for some, but it had gotten us no closer to catching Morgan’s stalker.  I was deflated, and Steve could see I was.

We went inside and Morgan was watching a movie in the living room.  She slept on the couch that night – right after she turned off the lights, just after midnight, she heard the noise against the living room window that is facing Rhonda’s side of our house.  Morgan sent me a text (my phone was now always on and right beside me while I tried to sleep – I would always wake if it sounded like a text came through.)  Morgan sent me a text @ 12:48 am that said, “I think I hear rocks.”  I got up and went in the living room to speak with her for a moment and then went back to bed.  She then sent me another text that said, ” Rocks not on back sliding windows they were on the windows behind 3 dog night”  3 dog night was a sculpture we had under the windows in the living room on Rhonda’s side of the house.  At this time the breakfast room did not have complete coverage on all the clearstory windows up by the ceiling, so the stalker could obviously see when the lights went out in the living room.  How he knew she was sleeping on the couch in the living room, we did not know at the time.

Cameras, Steve said as I tried to go back to sleep at one am.  I was staring at the ceiling and this was getting to me, two days after Morgan had become determined to take her life back, all I could think of was sending her away in order to keep her safe.  I woke Steve up and we talked about it in whispers, he was going to talk to Morgan in the morning.  Perhaps she would listen to him.  If only he had made her listen.

Today in 2012, Veterinarians in the valley, after reading in this blog about large amounts of Amitriptyline in Morgan’s blood toxicology, have shared that it is plentiful, and easily obtained right here, regularly dispensed for dogs, cats, and horses.  That, a small part of one dose of a compounded liquid amitriptyline for horses would be far more than enough to have produced what happened to Morgan.  In a normal world I would have these Veterinarians call the coroner, but we have learned in a cruel hard way this is not a normal world.

Steve and I expect the completed second opinion from the Medical Examiner, Dr. Dobersen, who has been helping us with the review of Morgan’s suspicious death for months now  – we are going to hear from him any day now.  As her death has gone from “natural causes” to “suicide’ 9 months after her death. How the two are to be reconciled, I am not sure.  I can’t even remotely understand how she had a relentless stalker for 4 months, and died during an active investigation into her felony stalking case, that is now no stalker, no stalking case mentioned or investigated in her suspicious death.  Those of you who live in the Roaring Fork Valley, take note Steve and I do not think this stalker just left!  All I can say for sure is that this has been a most adversarial process up to now, and I only expect even more of the same.  I’m a dreamer when I suggest it could be a team effort, yielding the best truth.  I sat up last night, and cried for Morgan because she has had everything taken from her, and now they want her reputation torn into tatters – I guess they don’t care at all about truth. There has to be a better, more sane way, then what is unfolding.  We love you Morgan – we won’t give up until the truth is out.

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