November 4, 2011 – Day 95 of Morgan’s stalking – You must wait for the alibi to fully develop!

Morgan wonders who is fooling who here

Morgan wakes up in the morning and we talk about her “bubble” from the night before.  The bubble means she hit the text button on her phone and her phone sent me a bubble so I would know the exact time she heard the noise for my timeline and for the sheriff’s – I always thought it looked like most of these things happened at certain times of the night – with the occassional change of showing up in the yard dressed in black, following her in a car, and showing up on our front porch to punch in our code dressed in a hoodie at 4:30 am.  A rock hit her window at 10:57 pm last night, according to the bubble.  This morning at 5:10 am the alarm goes off.  It was directly coupled with a video taken at that same time.  A figure is caught on video running across Rhonda’s driveway (our next door neighbor on Morgan’s side of the house.  The sheriffs department had the only copy because of a computer crash, and I wish I had not given up the only copy.  A computer expert could not get the copy back, but Steve assures me he will be able to go back through the computer backup files and get another copy.  I warned him you will not be understanding if he fails.

Morgan tells us that Keenan posted a 554 # and keeps sending FB messages back to her friend, and threatening him, and telling him to back off.  Keenan is very vociferous about where the blame for the stalking belongs evidently.  He is saying that the stalking was over 5 months ago.  This of course is not true, because it started three months ago, that we know of.  But then after reading stalking advice it could have started over five months ago, and he is right on the money about timing, but he is not right that it ended…it is still ongoing.  We only know when we think it started.  Only I would have loved to have been able to ask him how he knew all this.  He is also saying the “cops” excluded him because he works all night, every night, and he is in Texas right now. (What he said about the ‘cops’ excluding him is absolutely false…as you can read on every post, since the beginning in August 2011 – his work hours, taken from the police reports, show the time of the stalking incidents compared to his work hours, showing he was not at work at those times…criminals lie and that should not be a shock to anyone).

OK, fact check, yes we have heard he is gone this week, from two different sources, and the detectives are at present telling us they are 100% sure he is the stalker and Morgan knows Keenan is the stalker.  We are troubled by the sheriffs believing it is only Keenan,  because Steve strongly believes that there are at least three different stalkers/terrorizers/bullies.  He really wishes he knew who they all were, but he is only willing to say at this time that Keenan is one of them. 

According to Morgan, Keenan has also recently told her friend that at the time of the stalking he was dating Brooke Harris.  A private investigator that was volunteering his time had assured us the Keenan and Brooke had never really stopped dating in his best estimation – I guess it was just convenient for him to move out at that time since the sheriffs had been coming by her house to interview him.  He had avoided them up till then and I guess it made sense to make up an excuse, like they ‘broke up’ so when he moved out suddenly no one would be any wiser…  That very same investigator sat Steve and I in the back seat of his SUV, a while back, and said OK, I will now take you to the back door of City Market in El Jebel, where our man in question (Keenan) works – and then he did.  After arriving he picked up his cell phone and mockingly said “Hey Jeff, out back having a puff, let me back in.”  And he slapped his phone from hand to hand and winked at us.  Steve and I thought we were being walked down a possible trail, and we looked at each other.  “Simple”, Steve told me. “This makes perfect sense, now what?”  And how are we supposed to convey this to the detectives?

But back to the past, Keenan was not finished with his version of events.  He then went on to tell Morgan’s friend that if he had to guess it was Wiley, the kid that lived next door to Brooke, because the stalking started 3 days after he moved in.  How would Keenan know the date the stalking started?  We had not called the sheriffs until days later…no one, except the stalker, should have known at that time.

Another fact check is in order here, Wiley does not in the least bit match any images of the stalker, male or female, as yet caught on video or camera, and he moved into our neighborhood at least a month after the stalking started.  Oh, and Keenan pointed out that Wiley had a “criminal record.”  Not sure about that, Wiley always seemed like a nice kid, and perhaps Keenan should look in the mirror, eh? It is always interesting how guilty people are always trying to point the finger at someone else – they seem to think everyone else in the world is stupid, and can’t figure out that they are lying…I think it is sometimes called a characteristic of a psychopath.

Morgan thought this was very odd that Keenan told her friend about how he heard there was a video showing someone around the house on Tuesday night – the night he was gone.  Keenan reminded her friend that “I was on my way to Texas on Tuesday.”  I looked at Morgan and told her that this was just way too much of a coincident.  As luck would have it, Steve and I had just not had the time to review all the cameras and update the information for the detectives at that time, so really, and I mean really – nobody should know about possible videos unless perhaps they were part of creating the video.  Now the ‘march’ without noise, completely avoiding Morgan’s side of the house makes perfect sense.  In case I haven’t told you yet, Morgan’s side of the house has a few surprises around it and that were avoided completely, made perfect sense to Steve.  Someone knew what was there, and did not think they could make it down that side of the house without becoming ensnared.  Stalkers, because they are always surveilling, always know what you are doing to try to catch them, but sadly, in most cases, they are always a step ahead.

Steve looked at me and said, “So Keenan, while on his way to Texas, knew all about the Tuesday incident?  Right!”

Now I really feel strongly believe that it was nothing more than a set-up for an alibi for him, and of course he knew about it – what he doesn’t realize is that it was so obviously a set-up, as you could tell the person caught on the cameras was female, not male, and didn’t fit the description of the previous photos, and she was obviously texting back and forth behind the berm to someone before she started the last leg of the “march” around our house in order to get caught on every camera angle, as well as leaving the next mornings footprints – she was texting to ask if she should abort the mission as it had started to snow.  This was a staged alibi and she was probably told that she had to still go through with it…unfortunately her footprints in the snow were still visible the next day and guess what?  They came right out of the back door of her (Brooke’s) house and proceeded to our house and followed the path of the person caught on our video camera…so it’s not rocket science to know who is shown on that “alibi” walk.

We couldn’t wait for Detective Glassmire to get there, we knew his cameras would have had to have captured a full face shot or two of this person, and Keenan was so sure he had fooled everyone, he couldn’t wait to talk about it.  Too bad we had not had a chance to tell anyone about how it actually happened yet.  It turns out my sudden decision to not tell Elliott is going to pay big dividends.  But then, for the first time, the detective had to delay coming over  and then when he finally did come to check his cameras he said the batteries were dead – in both cameras – they didn’t capture any pictures!  How does that happen?  Lucky stalkers or ???

Email from Garfield County Sheriff Detective Glassmire on November 4, 2011 – this is in response to Morgan seeing Keenan, in broad daylight, waiting for her as she is driving down the hill from her college classes – she was so traumatized over this that one of her male classmates started to walk her to her car after class.

Subject: RE: case #11-20197

I do know that a little over a year ago Keenan’s father did have an address over in that area. I don’t know if that is where Keenan is living. We didn’t see his car there last Sunday. We should know more in the weeks following the pretext phone call. After the phone call I plan to start interviewing everybody close to Keenan, including Keenan.

Let me know if anything else comes up. Don’t hesitate to call dispatch and let them know what you are hearing outside your windows, that you are going to bed (if you are sleeping or getting ready too go to bed). And that if a deputy has time could they do some directed patrol in the area. That will probably prevent them from coming to your door or calling you, but they will hopefully patrol the area and/or walk around the house. The patrol deputies have also been asked to search local areas for suspicious vehicles too. You can always let me know of the details the next day.

Also, I am going to send the same flyer to dispatch (Carbondale Police too) that i sent to patrol so they can also be aware of the investigation and hopefully head off the idea of you having to explain to them every time what is going on.

Thank you for the updates. Rob

Today is October 21, 2012 – And as part of the ongoing investigation we ran through Morgan’s Facebook up until her death.  This was the first time in a long, long time.  Steve had to walk out of the room, it is still too fresh of a wound for him.  He said he thought she was going to call on the phone any moment now and he could not take it.  And then he apologized to those at the house, sifting through the evidence.  It’s so tough for me at times too but, you all give me such strength, and we have to be strong… for Morgan.

A phone number that had no real consequence a year ago has suddenly turned up to have real consequence.  And another amazing thing has happened – Leesa, our lovely daughter-in-law, had long ago volunteered to be the responsible person for Morgan’s new FB page, Morgan’s Stalking.  Steve thought it was too much for her, and didn’t want her to take the responsibility.  I wanted to close the page down because after a nice start, it was attracting such negativity, and I was so busy with everything else I didn’t have the time for it.  Only now, some friends of Leesa’s & Morgan’s have set up a plan with Leesa to manage the page, and continue to raise awareness, and honor the memory of Morgan.  They are all so wonderful, and I can’t thank them enough.

As Steve and I move into the end of the story of Morgan’s life on the blog, and move into what came next, I can’t imagine any more load to carry.  Thank you all so much for what you are doing, and you all know who you are…

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109 thoughts on “November 4, 2011 – Day 95 of Morgan’s stalking – You must wait for the alibi to fully develop!

  1. According to Morgan, K has also recently told her friend that at the time of the stalking he was dating ?…  A private investigator that was volunteering his time had assured us the K and ?.. never really stopped dating in his best estimation.  That very same investigator sat Steve and I in the back seat of his SUV, a while back, and said OK I will now take you to the back door of City Market in El Jebel, where our man in question works, in less than five minutes – and then he did.  After arriving he picked up his cell phone and mockingly said “hey Jeff, out backing having a puff, let me back in.”  And he slapped his phone from hand to hand and winked at us.  Steve and I thought were being walked down a possible trail and we looked at each other. “Simple”, Steve told me. “Now what?”

    What does this mean? It markes no sense to me.

    • I would assume it means that it would be easy for K to “take a break” at work, make his way to Morgan’s house, do his dirty work, and make it back to work in a matter of a short time…virtually never being missed at work and maintaining his “I work at night” alibi. He could actually do that same thing several times in a shift depending how independently he was allowed to work.
      This would be my guess…and the investigator knew this too.

    • Keenan told Morgan’s friend on FB in November (the month before Morgan died) that at the time of the stalking he was dating —- (I guess he thought that made him look like he couldn’t be a stalker.

      Later on after Morgan was dead an investigator told us Keenan had not stopped seeing —–. And then this same investigator drove Steve and I from our old house to City Market in El Jebel in the back where the employees park and it only took 5 minutes. Then he pretended he was the stalker and used his cell phone to pretend like he was calling a friend inside the store to let him back in. See?

      • Toni how long were they still pursuing the felony stalking case after Morgan died? When he drove you to City Market, was that after Morgan had died?

        • Mid May they dropped the felony stalking so that was 5 1/2 months. Yes, 4 months after Morgan died is the answer to the second question,

  2. Could Morgan’s friend have said anything about Tuesday to Keenan in all their back and forth’s? That was the only thing I thought of there..

  3. I’m very confused why K would say the stalking had stopped 5 months ago. Was he admitting something?
    I guess it is difficult to understand the thought process of a sociopath.

    • Yes I am still working hard at trying to figure it out – all I know if you have no real feelings for others and you think people that do have feelings are below you then it’s easy to lie and think you are being really convincing.

  4. i still can’t understand why ? and HH are so willing to go along with terrorizing morgan. who goes out at night in the cold to make footprints and throw rocks at a window all night?

    i’m almost starting to wonder if something was being held over their heads, blackmailing them about something or threatening something against them? it is assumed that K started stalking morgan then ? and HH presumably joined in as time went on, for what, fun? out of jealousy? no one is jealous enough of another person to sit outside all night in the ice and snow making footprints and throwing rocks, are they? who does that?

    and why would HH risk even being on the videos at all? sure, its a good scenario for K because some of the heat is steered away from him, but why would HH even agree to be caught on video? if she was never caught on video her name might have never even been associated with this. how stupid do you have to be to agree to be the one caught on video if you aren’t be threatened with something?

    it seems so strange. these kids obviously aren’t very smart, but everyone has a sense of self preservation.

    i guess i’m trying to say that its getting to the point where just terrorizing morgan doesn’t seem like the only reason these people are joining in K’s fun.

    i feel like the truth is at the tip of your fingers.

    • I agree with you. I think Morgan had something on them. Maybe the group was afraid she would turn them in. HH openly writes about selling drugs on her FB page. Who does that???? Police can see that stuff.

      • I know this sounds weird because last year I never would have thought of this but now from all the little pieces that are coming together I am very worried that either Morgan just found out something or overheard something or was just being used as a pawn. The truth will come out – it’s just so hard getting there sometimes but this weekend we were able to acquire some huge news – now after we triple check it (which we always do) then we need to figure out who to give it to.

        • I honestly get the feeling that these kids (excluding K who is a socio-path) who are involved are attention seekers, they want to be seen as dangerous and so they behave in that manner (but only from a distance), I would bet that they don’t place a lot of value on their education (maybe not even finishing HS), that their parents prob have never really kept close tabs on them and therefore they managed themselves from an early age, they’re prob drug and/or alcohol abusers, and they’re followers. Insert Keenan and you have a “Master-of-Puppets”. I wish I could say that this gang hate surprises me. It just doesn’t and I do NOT put anything past them!!!! This group/gang stuff has gone on forever! It’s prehistoric!

          When I was a kid, I grew up in a TINY town (one square mile to be exact)….two girls from our cheer squad broke into another cheerleaders house whil her and her parents were gone over the weekend and DESTROYEd the house. I’m talking china cabinet – gone! Spray paint on wall…the whole shebang. Why? Because one of the girls liked a boy that didn’t like her back, but instead liked the girl who’s house was destroyed! That’s all…one little thing. What’s more….these three girls had been great friends since 2nd grade. It happens, stalking will never make sense because those in their correct minds would not bother or go to extremes to scare, hurt, or bully another human being.

      • I found it interesting looking at ?..’s FB pictures that in one photo of her and HH someone says they miss HH, and ?..’s response on was “Yeah dude she lives with me now. lol
        November 16, 2011 at 6:03pm.” That puts her right in your neighborhood for your video and later. So sad. Keep on searching for the truth. It will come out.

    • If you look at the FBs of the two in question, you can see that they think they are hard thug types, even though they are girls. I went to school with girls like this, I know this type. The theory that it may have been something small like a perceived slight by Morgan really may have been all that was needed. The mentality of these these kinds of kids – that’s all it takes. It doesn’t and hasn’t surprised me at all to think that ? and HH took part in all of this just because of a tenuous, perceived slight.

      It makes me laugh, not what happened to Morgan AT ALL but what this group of kids think of themselves… they think they are smart, slick, and tough. Once they are caught – and believe it, one way or another they will pay for what they have done – their tough facades will crumble faster than dry sand.

      • yes. i agree with you. but i feel like no matter how tough you think you are, cold is still cold. and you better have a damn good reason to be out in it all night. i just don’t see a small thing initiating that kind of response. i feel like this is fun to them some how, and sitting out in the freezing cold would definitely remove part of the fun. so if it isn’t fun anymore, then why are they out there?

        but then again, i’m not the kind of person who would do this sort of thing, so maybe i just can’t get my mind to think like them.

        • Perhaps only one of them sat out all night. What has been caught on camera lately are quick walks up the driveway and round the house by associates of K. I dont think its much of a stretch for HH to agree to go for a walk around Morgan’s house just to mess with her. If you look at the timing of those videos of the female yesterday all of them happened in the space of 5 minutes. She was living 3 doors down at the time. Quick walk around the house and back home.

          As far as K goes, perhaps he did come over to the house for a couple of minutes at a time and went back home. He could easily have accomplished this even from work. Perhaps there were stretches where he spent much more time there, on the roof, hiding out behind the berm, who knows where. It seems (and correct me if im wrong) that its only just started to get really cold at night by this point.

          • Good point. Just a thought but here is the definition of stalking and I believe these actions over four months definitely apply:
            WHAT IS STALKING?
            While legal definitions of stalking vary from one jurisdiction to another, a good working definition of stalking is a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear.

          • You know, that’s a good point. In the previous post where Toni said the noises happened all night it made me think they sat there all night. But I can see them leaving the house making a noise then going back home all through the night. Like some kind of twisted girls night sleepover activity.

          • My guess….they were three houses away from the ingram’s- they were up all night partying and would take turns running over to throw something at the windows- no one was sitting in the cold. For all we know it could have been a drinking game.

            The roaring fork valley is pretty quiet. we have many “wanna be” gang bangers. Especially these girls who have been in and out of rehab. If you are under the influence….people can do many things that the “rational” person would not.

            I keep thinking of the way the one girl marched around the house- petulant is the word I would use to describe it.

        • Hi CT –

          To be honest, especially if you’re born in this valley, the cold would have virtually no impact if you’re this convicted to torture someone.

        • You’ve talked a couple of times about someone staying out in the cold all night on the roof. The idea I get is that the stalker(s) didn’t stay all night, but came for a short time then left. Hunters, BTW, learn to enjoy being out in the cold when looking for prey. Sorry that kind of said more than I meant it to, but it’s true.

  5. I’m confused too. I thought only initials were going to be used under advice from counsel but K’s name is still allowed? I guess the police said it’s ok?

    This has to be so hard on you and Steve. I can’t imagine reliving this all and can understand Steve’s pain at going through Morgan’s Facebook. When my sister (identical twin, other half of my soul) died I couldn’t read her FB page, even with all of the beautiful messages. It’s still hard. It really shows who she was though. As always, I’ll keep you all in my prayers.

    • Kay – I am so sorry about your sister. It is hard to read their FB page because it’s really them and it feels like they are right there with you and it’s beautiful, but I do believe Morgan is still right beside us and so is your sister…sometimes the veil is very thin and sometimes it’s not. The love we have for them is never ending and they know it.

      • Thank you and it’s so true. Sometimes it feels like she’s a million miles away and sometimes she’s so close I can feel her all around me. Your Morgan is always with you and will stay even closer on the hardest of days. ((Hugs))

    • I’ve always felt like they ran home between events. Perhaps not the stalker himself, I think he is well equipped and used to the weather elements….but I think his co-conspirators do his bidding and run back home.

  6. E knew about the incident on Tuesday night.. He was out there the next morning or whenever, when he saw Steve walking the detective around the trail of footprints, and told you that you should have let him know, because you could have used his “high-powered camera” to take detailed photos of the prints. Is it possible word of the incident got around due to E gossiping?

  7. I think sometimes when a person has insecurities, like “?” may have… It makes it easy for them to be overly jealous. From the looks of her and what has been portrayed of her through her Facebook, and what I’ve read so far; she was probably intimidated by Morgan and felt threatened. Morgan had the looks, the smarts, the talent, e.t.c. Maybe through “?’s” insecurities, she felt that doing these things, or having them done would somehow make her feel better about herself. You’d be surprised at the lengths people would go to just to get a little satisfaction.

    I feel like I’m becoming a regular here as far as comments are concerned, but I can’t help it. I’ve been reading this Blog since it started and I just want to help figure it out.

      • well, you can pretty quickly get their full names by typing in their first names plus carbondale, colorado into google (mine has them come up under the suggestions before I even search)

          • So find K’s mom or ?’s mom who is? I was able to find HH by looking at people who liked pics of ?’s. You can see K’s mom by looking at his friends. confusing I know but I had to look. One thing I did notice maybe 2 things. It seemed like HH was living in CO Springs, ?’s mom said on a date in july that she didn’t get to say bye to HH. Then when looking at ?’s birthday picture it definitely was doctored. Look at Nov.1 or 2 for 2011. ? and HH with a cake. It looks like HH was photo shopped in and there are no other pics for that night. I think they are establishing alibi’s for K and ? cause I really don’t think HH was in Carb. I hope you can let me know what you think.

        • So i was able to find K and HH FB pages. I just happened to look into their 2011 timeline and I don’t know if you have heard or seen this, but on December 2, 2011 one of HH’s friends posted “what happened yo? message me” I find that VERY ironic!!!

      • Before this Blog had the audience it has now, most of the profiles were either public or had pictures that were public, so we were able to see. You’re not missing much to be honest. It’s mainly a group of kids who think it’s cute to smoke weed, get into trouble, be “tough”, and show off.

    • The Sheriff’s detectives thought it was at first – then they decided it wasn’t, but now months later there is a question about that.

  8. I have to say, I agree that after checking out HH’s photos on her fb page, the marching girl looks more tall and lean, not built the way HH is, she looks more round and full figured…just my opinion.

    • I think so too. Toni is there a reason you think it’s HH and not ?. There is a pic of HH on her FB (assuming its her because it’s taken from behind) and she is a bit rounder in the rear if you know what I mean.

      • I was wondering if she was much thinner a year ago because HH may have gained a lot of weight since moving to Colorado Springs or it was someone else.

  9. Is it possible that ? was very jealous and K was running around on her with this other girl named morgan and she got wind of it and he led her to believe that it was your Morgan and then she instigated the stalking and it went hugely out of control from there?

  10. Yup HH looks short and frumpy, but the ”animal” in the video looks more slender and taller. And that “animal” made a comment on her own FB page stating how it sucks that she got “knocked up”. WOW that poor baby has to be raised by trash like that, that only tells me that her future is dead. Toni I would like to send u a starbucks gift card for all those nights that your up going over stuff, I’m thinking u are a coffee/tea drinker? Maybe u can email me as to how i can get that to you. I’m in California.

    • That is so sweet Luc & Layla – you can always email me through the website under the tip line or contact and it will all go to me. Thanks for all you help!

    • Are you saying HH is knocked up? The fact that ? and K have a baby together (did I understand this correctly) is terrifying enough, but reading HH’s FB I am truly disgusted!

      • I don’t think K is the baby’s dad. There was some talk about this on websleuths and I think someone found out who the dad was but I don’t know details.

      • @AG no HH is not the one with the baby its B…. How can Social Services allow her to raise a baby when she’s absolute trash. Someone needs to alert Social Services in that area to get that baby out before its too late!

  11. We said a special prayer for Morgan in church this week, I will get the word out to more people in my congregation. There are thousands of members. So im sure more change will happen. I hadn’t commented in a few days and didn’t want u to think i wasn’t part of this anymore.

    • No it had to be memorialized according to FB so that it can never be taken off so that is what we did an now only the friends she had at the time can still see it and they leave beautiful private messages to her about missing her, needing her to listen to them when they are having a problem, they share music and pictures with her and much more, it’s really sweet but sometimes hard to read without crying.

  12. I’m beginning to think the key to solving this case lies within the parents’ relationships with other members of the community and, more specifically, K’s family’s relationships garnered from City Market. It’s been said that at least 4 people in his family work there (?) and I know his father is in management.
    Ponder these:
    How many times a week do you go to the grocery? Do you have a favorite store that you frequent? Are there certain staff that you say more than “hi” to? Are these friendly helpful employees that, over time, you know more personal information about from the customer-merchant interaction? I know I do.
    I think it’s probably safe to say a member/members of the investigation had a similar familiarity with the suspect and his family if they shopped at this particular store. We know they shared a common interest, that being guns (K’s family are avid hunters/LE carry them), and in my experience, if you like guns, you typically like talking about them with other enthusiasts.
    Just throwing that out there…

    • Morgan or I went to that store (no longer) at least once to twice per week. We always like the staff at that City Market that worked up front – they were very friendly. I don’t know if Morgan ever talked much to one of them but I only once spoke of personal stuff when our oldest daughter was getting married and I was talking about wedding stuff. My worry was that I would send Morgan there for groceries and if K was ever her check out person he could have looked at her license and known she lived on the same block as ? and then started to date ? and moved in with her for the sole reason of stalking Morgan.

      • I meant more along the lines of his family and their possible relationships with community leaders because of their workplace interactions/friendships. (I’m sorry if I was a little out there with my comment, late night posting strikes again!)
        These sorts of relationships could have been strengthening for years, combine that with “small town” mentality and you’ve got a reason why someone in his family could have called in a favor from one of the authorities responsible for Morgan’s case. You know, “that’s such and such’s boy and for years he’s taken care of my needs/requests at the store, I’ll see what I can do to help the kid out”. Who knows when they could have started getting inside help but it obviously snowballed and maybe the insider had to keep up their aloofness to save their own a$$? Regardless, I feel some adult figure in this case had a possible connection to those responsible for Morgan’s case and figuring out that link will cast further doubt on how properly their procedures were carried out.

  13. I apologize if this has already been asked…but did you ever find the rocks that were being thrown? On the ground or by the house?

    • No but as Detective Rob showed me by picking up a hard dirt clod (they were everywhere around the house) and throwing it – BIG noise! We live in the Rocky Mountains so there are so many rocks, dirt clods, etc. lying around you would never even notice

    • No rocks that had been thrown against the windows were ever found, on the ground, or around that house. This blog is written based on notes and beliefs that were our best information at the time it was happening. Steve cornered any Sheriff’s deputy or detective that came to the house and had a conversation about how that particular officer thought the noise on the window was being made. They never really had a theory and Steve would share his latest theory with them. Over time, while refusing to give up, and finding ample evidence to support it, Steve eventually came to the theory of someone on the roof with a specific device, who could then easily make the full spectrum of noises from light scratching to KA-BANG. This theory was shared by Steve months after Morgan’s death, and it was never looked into or really even acknowledged by the Garfield Sheriff’s Department. As we learned, once our “big time specialists” from the “big time universities on the coast” started – very nicely – pointing out how completely wrong the conclusions about Morgan’s death were. I was threatened to back off and Steve and I were ignored, then of course the case was completely dropped. If you never saw the clip – our sheriff has gone on camera and said “He will never reopen this case.” at the same time a detective was saying “not on camera” that if there was new evidence, the case is technically not closed, and it could be investigated. All of this came of course right after a meeting Steve and I affectionately refer to as “the smack down” where we presented some shocking new evidence and were then YELLED at by our detective and Morgan was completely trashed based on facts that we quickly proved were not only untrue but also quite impossible, have to point out that this all took place right in front of our “Victims Rights” coordinator who stood, folded her arms, and glared at us. The detective did get a bit sheepish and back down one little bit, admitting he might be wrong. never apologized, to us or Morgan, just admitted he might be wrong about that. We got the picture, loud and clear.

      And back to the rocks, the rock noise was not made with rocks and current LE could not tell you how it was done, but we have a pretty good theory, backed up with pictures and videos and good old fashioned evidence. I just don’t think it will ever see the light of day in a felony stalking case. And so Steve and I will just have to find another way for that to happen, because the truth – it never changes.

        • Just imagine how we feel! There are some really good Officers but just like any business/corporation or whatnot it all comes down to the person in charge making the decisions and requirements for their Department and if we do not have someone in charge that cares, has humanity, wants the best outcome – we are in bad shape…and I do mean the whole County so that is why people need to stand up, and make changes.

      • The more this story goes on, the more my heart just aches for ya’ll. I so deeply want justice to be served. It is so scary to know things like this happen all over, and nothing is done about it. This is the type of thing people need to hear and know about. It’s completely unfortunate that it takes an innocent life to create awareness. I hope you find peace, justice and harmony, soon.

  14. Toni, I am so sorry that you and Steve have to relive this day in and out. I can’t believe the ignorance of some people!!! Your strength amazes me, and I know Morgan is with you through all of this, She is proud, as she should be, you are amazing parent’s. My love to both of you!! The truth will come!! Stay positive

    • Thanks Tammy – this whole weekend seemed to be about Steve breaking down and wanting Morgan back with us – it is so extremely hard to do this but we know we have to. We will stay positive, with a few dips once in a while where we break down and cry.

  15. Hi- I’ve been reading you blog for a while and truly feel for you. Just one small thing that I wanted to bring up… I was just looking at ?’s FB profile and when I look at many of her pictures, I get a sense that she is trying to look like Morgan. I may be totally off, but in some pictures, she is smiling like her, wearing her hair like hers…I got a bit of a chill. Anyway, there is clearly more to this story than what appears, and hopefully you and your family will soon have closure of some sort. My deepest regrets.

    • Thanks kwk – I hope someone will be picking up the investigation really soon…then we can get some rest for at least a little while.

  16. OK, so I had just made a comment on the previous blog (I am catching up, haven’t read since Saturday morning) and my question was partially answered. My assumptions concerning the alibi were true, now I am left with even more questions…..

    Obviously the perps are extremely deceptive and it seems as though they outsmarted even LE (as the story goes on I tend to think a lot of people could have outsmarted them). So my question is….why would they be so stupid as to send a female out to be the “alibi”????? They didn’t even try to conceal the fact that this person wasn’t a male, therefore, K alibi useless.

    There has to be more to this…….maybe something that has to be held back for the time being?

    • I think that was the point, maybe to help prove that the Ingram’s were overreacting and to cast doubt on their claims of every little bump in the night being a stalker. By using a female that in no way could be mistaken for K, they prove that ANYBODY could just happen to be walking around their property without malicious intent and K couldn’t possibly be blamed because he was out of town and a male.

      Do I believe that it was just some coincidence? Nope! Since they didn’t commit a crime during the walk, LE probably could only take it for face value as it could have been a neighbor looking for a lost dog or something like that?

    • Not sure what to tell you – yes, it was obvious, but did he know it would be obvious if he were out of state? And that doesn’t make an alibi useless in their eyes – if anyone saw someone in the middle of the night walking around the entire house, going right up to the master bedroom window (and I do mean right up to) and then circling around don’t you think that LE might think that person is the stalker and they had the wrong one this whole time? It was probably worth a try for them.

  17. I have been faithfully reading your blog and following every post, there was something that occurred to me, which is so infuriating had the LE ever mentioned just plain harassment, criminal trespassing or tampering. We know they blew it on felony stalking but as I research some of Colorado Laws, it is amazing how many ways this case was botched. I also realize there are things behind the blog, aspects of this case that needs to be held back for future investigation, but what you have shared is down right scary, that our local LE is willing to allow these kids to walk down our streets with no accountability. I read a post the other day saying someone will crack, I think this also.
    I read online that HH’s father died a few years back, if it is the same guy. You would think she could be the weak link in this if presured up by LE. The Boarding school she went to is a high school/rehab. Doesn’t seem like she would be hard to crack, ? on the other hand has a baby to protect, so her silence may out of fear knowing what she and her “friends” caused. I also think E should be in the hot seat, not because I think he was involved but to tell what he knows, just knowing and harboring information is a crime.
    I wish for you guys this battle was over, stay strong. Hugs and prayers.

    • Thanks but I don’t know who they would talk to if they “cracked”…I don’t know if the Garfield County Sheriff’s would even listen.

  18. You have never mentioned anything about the DA. Could he be the driving force in putting the brakes on this case? Encounters I have had with the local police have always centered around what the DA needs to move on a case. And yes, our police response was just like yours (although our issue was small potatoes compared to this). Isn’t the DA up for re-election? What are your thoughts on that?

    • The DA for the 9th District (our District) is up for re-election and Sherry Caloai is running against him. Sherry is very fair, aggressive and transparent so I would be so excited if she were elected! Go Sherry!!!

      I was told ever since we were assigned to a felony stalking detective that someone from higher up was telling him what to do or not do (I assumed at first it was a supervisor but then started to feel it was the DA’s office). The reason I thought it was the DA’s office was because it was all about not thinking we had enough evidence for a case when I knew we had much more than the Scott Pederson case for heavens sake. And every certified letter we sent to the Coroner’s office was also cc’d to the Martin Beeson in the DA’s office and he never responded to us so he knew what was happening.

        • I did Jess, and she has read the blog and is aware of the case – I have a very strong “gut” feeling if Sherry is elected into office things in the county (including Morgan’s case) would change for the better. I do believe she is a good person and cares.

            • I’m praying BIG TIME – also for Sonja Linman, she is also very much for our children, and bringing back humanity into the government and is running against John Martin for County Commissioner.

  19. Hello followers of Morgan’s blog…I am sending Toni and Steve a gift card to starbucks and I think it would be great just to send them any gift card as an appreciation for the awareness that they have fought so hard to put out. Spending sleepless nights writing these blogs, Im sure are taking a toll on them. It is very important to donate money to this blog also, but i also think it would be great to send them gift cards too.

      • J, Very sweet and I do love Starbucks but one card is great for Toni. We don’t really even have a Starbucks here, but I do stop in when we travel. There is a grassroots campaign for Morgan I am leaning towards doing. So hold on and please, happy thoughts for Morgan!

        • My bad.. Im in the los Angeles area so i didnt realize that there isnt a starbucks on every corner I wonder if starbucks has online services to order coffee & teas, mugs
          What other gift cards would u like? I wouldnt wanna send one u wont be able to use.

  20. I was thinking that I’d like to send you to the Vapor Caves for some pampering. I love going there. The facials and mud wraps are awesome as well are the caves!!! How can I get it to you??

    • You are so sweet – I really do appreciate it, but that’s where Morgan always used to go in order to relax and feel better so I think I would have a hard time going now, but I greatly appreciate the offer. If you ever want to talk you can go in through the website under contact or tip at the bottom of the page and it sends me an email and I can email you back. Again, thanks of thinking of me.

  21. When is that Sheriff up for re election? I would like to think that with all of this information on this blog, there’s no way he could get re elected….but then again, politics is soooooo dirty these days, you just never know.

  22. It’s easy as an outsider to say would’ve-could’ve-should’ve but did you ever think of setting hunting traps? You know the type that would pulverize an ankle? We keep talking about how we would hide them and change their locations. My husband and I follow the blog and just feel so much anger towards this sicko for thinking he/they can do this to your daughter and family! We frequently discuss what we would like to do to this person–I.e. catch them in traps, shoot them, etc. It’s amazing what crazy protective emotions being a parent can bring out in a person! Prayers for you all. Thank you for sharing your story.

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  24. Is it possible Keenan knew these things because Elliott was getting the info and telling Brooke’s mom the gossip?

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking