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On August 2, 2011 our 19-year-old daughter’s stalker made his presence known to her. He was a stranger stalker, he did his very best to never be seen, and never tried to directly communicate with Morgan. We don’t know how long he had been surveilling her before that date, but from then on all he did was to try his best to terrorize her.

On December 2nd she was found dead. Her death was declared a “mystery” by the investigating officers. Many mistakes were made and her family has been on a path to correct these mistakes.

We can never bring Morgan back, but we can try to plug the gaping holes that allowed this tragedy to happen.  We have a mission to:

  • Raise awareness about the true dangers of stalking.
  • Empower victims to take productive steps to protect themselves.
  • Improve the protocol of responding officers.
  • Hold those who aided the stalker responsible, along with the stalker.
  • Champion Morgan’s law – In the case of an active stalking, if there is property damage or the victim is injured or killed, increase the resources to bring the stalker to trial and establish mandatory penalties.

In Morgan’s case, although 100% of the best experts who have reviewed her death believe it to be a case of homicide, she has not yet been determined officially to have been murdered and her felony stalking case has been reclassified as inactive by the Sheriff’s department. If that sounds like a win win for her stalker to you – we think the same thing, and aim to change it. Changing and improving the things that went wrong and failed Morgan will never end for her parents.

This BLOG is one of the tools of change. Read it for advice and to learn about the horror of Morgan’s death.

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44 thoughts on “About this Blog – Morgan Ingram’s Stalking and Murder

  1. This breaks my heart and angers me to no end… I too am a victim of a stalker, and there are more rights for the stalker NOT the victim which just adds fire in the eye’s of the stalker, who, in turn knows this and gets off challenging the authority while we victims have to keep looking over our shoulder’s hiding … My heart goes out to Morgan and the family, God Bless

  2. Thank you LaRee, and I am so sorry you are a victim as well. I promise you that until the day I die I will not give up the fight to have the laws changed. You should never have had to go through what you went through, as well as so many others I have spoken to. We need things to change in this country – we need to be tougher on criminals, and we need law enforcement to know how to help and protect people. We need people to be allowed to protect themselves. And we need law enforcement to share information on suspects, so these criminals can not just drive 20 minutes down the road and be in another jurisdiction which has no idea that this person has done the same type of crime before., just somewhere else. Much love to you…take care!

    • yeh. Right now 70% are drug offenders, nearly half marijuana-not criminals. Most of the criminals run the prison industrial complex. Mexican and other immigrants can be rapists, murderer, pedoss and yet they can get jobs and be treated as first time offenders – denied to a non violent pot felon. Ever think hiding in wait near a window and shooting the stalker might’ve been a better choice than trusting your govt to protect you and yopur fam?

  3. Thank you for sharing your hearfelt, tragic story, my deepest sympathies go out to you and your family.

    As a resident close to Aspen Equesterian, with children, I have been disappointed in Garfield County’s response. I understand that we live in a relatively rural area, which creates law enforcement with a lack of knowledge/experience compared to Denver per say, but own up to your mistakes and openly discuss with the community how you have improved. Promote transparency to the extent that you can, to help this community heal – discuss with us why you can’t share details about why you wouldn’t let a mother look at the jewlery, for example. From what I’ve read, I believe Garfield County Sherrif’s department was committed to finding this stalker, but failed in some of their techniques. It would help me if they could openly discuss how they’ve strengthened their systems/procedures. Also hopefully someone has fired the coroner, that is a mistake that deserves consequences.

    Garfield County Commissioners, please take this to heart and enstill a strong message in the Sherrif’s department about communication with the public to help this community heal. After reading this, at this point, I unfortunately, do not have faith in the Garfield County Sherrif’s department, even though I would like to.

  4. I am so so very sorry for your loss! I know nothing will replace the hole in your lives…..Shared on my page to help raise more awareness….God Bless you and your family and friends!!!!

  5. I love how when the girl was asked of she killed morgan she does not say no she say i do not see how. That sends red flags forme.

      • I agree completely. I recently listened to the Dr. Phil Episode again and when Dr Phil asked if she killed Morgan , her reply was “where’s the proof?”
        as soon as i heard that i had this sick feeling in my stomach. In my opinion, that was just a very strange thing to say. if someone were to ask you if you killed someone, wouldn’t your natural response be “Absolutely Not!” she just cam,e off to me extremely cold in this interview. and i understand she is being accused of being a stalker & murderer but i think anyone would have reacted differently to this question… to me it was a Red Flag…

        • She knows exactly what she did and so do a couple of others. It is just a matter of time for her, as well as her male companion. Jealousy is a very powerful motivator for some girls and it is dangerous when those girls do not know right from wrong and have no feelings for others…very dangerous narcissistic personalities for sure.

    • But if it was me and i knew i had nothing to hide i would say no i did nothing wrong and here’s is my proof i mean she never gave a straight answer and a lie detector would not work on her until she gets older because they give false positives for aomwone so young. Not that i am saying not to do it. Its just it would not hold up in court

  6. I was wondering why a lie detector test was not suggested/offered. I was wondering why Dr. Phil didn’t offer any assistance as far as maybe a team of investigators or soemthing….he helps other people. In the end he appeared to slap down Morgan’s parents and move to ? and her dad’s side. I agree ?’s response…”show me the proof”…and her cold demeanor throughout the program made me very suspicious of her and made me believe Morgan’s paren’t even more. At one point ?’s dad had a tiny little knowing smile on his face…I can’t remember exactly when that was but it seemed out of place for certain. I sincerely hope they get justice and closure. It is a tragic loss. Toni and Steve, I am sorry for your loss. Morgan was a beautiful girl, seemingly inside as well as out. So sorry and my prayers are with you.

  7. I saw your story on the Dr. Phil show and my heart goes out to you and your family. I’m sorry that no one will reopen this case. I pray for closure and healing for you. God Bless you and I hope to read that someday the case was reopened

  8. Keep searching for answers if that is what you feel you need to do!! Nobody would’ve known your daughter better than you as it is a bond we share with them as mothers- As some people shoot your notions down, there will be ten more to support you!! You will know when you have the answers you need and that will be your closure!! Our selfish sides always want them here but, I truly believe Morgan is in a better place and will never be hurt or stalked again!! If someone did this to her, they will suffer for as long as they are breathing, some way or somehow!!


    • Thanks Stephanie for your comment – we need to get this investigation open so law enforcement can look at all the evidence and have it lead them to their final conclusion. Cross your fingers!


  11. I think as her mother your gut instincts are always spot on… As a mother of a beautiful daughter myself if something were to happen (lord forbid) my soul, my motherly instinct would do just what your doing and no matter how hard you try you would be powerless to let it go, you would have no choice but to keep fighting for the truth. I hope the truth comes out, it just has to be solved. This is such a bizarre case and I just don’t see a suicide here. I pray to Jesus the truth will someday give you peace and Morgan to rest in peace.

  12. I saw the Dr. Phil show also and I agree 100% with Dr. Phil: 1) You need to have this reopened and demand an investigation and 2) It is wrong to accuse Brooke, her ex and her father or anyone for that matter without proof. But with that said, I would probably be doing the same thing you are if I were in your shoes. As a parent (and especially a mother) we have very strong instincts when it comes to our children. Stay strong and stay on top of the police for an investigation. Have you thought about hiring your own investigator??

    • Thank you Sherri for your comment. Up until the Dr. Phil show in November I was not accusing anyone on my blog (some commenters were giving me their opinion) – I was just writing exactly what really happened on a daily basis, including the people that made up that timeline and what they did or said – truthfully. Brooke and her father lied on the show – I have proof of those lies – proof in black and white so I have never been worried. Dr. Phil’s people taped Steve and I for 12 hours the Friday before the show and then the day of the show for many hours (most of which was all cut out of the show) and people really never got to hear the meat of the evidence that we did have at that time, and now it is so very much more. We are compiling it to go to law enforcement so they can open an investigation, and yes we have had our own investigator and yes we have had amazing top notch experts in their field weigh in on Morgan’s murder and we are so very blessed, because without them we would not have what we have now in order to get this investigation opened and get an arrest/arrests made.

      Since the Dr. Phil show we have been gathering evidence, and information, and we do now have more then enough evidence to do this. Thank you for your encouragement – we wish we could spend more money on this investigation so it would go faster, but unfortunately we don’t have it to spend, so it is going a lot slower than I wish it had gone.

  13. Toni, I just came across this blog today. It stole quit a few hours of my day as I couldn’t stop reading what happened to your family. Morgan is beautiful. She seems like the most amazing, beautiful and genuine individual. My heart just aches when I read everything that happened. I’m happy I found your blog and could read about Morgan. I’m here to stay & support you through this journey! I hope we find justice for Morgan.

  14. Morgan is so beautiful, an angel to your guys, she is looking down and smiling at you guys. We need find the on who did this to her peace to you guys take care. I will pry for you guys

    from steph be stonger

  15. I just saw this case discussed on the Investigation Discovery program Suspicion. My heart goes out to the Ingram family, and my deepest condolences on your loss.

    We would like to believe that every police department in the country would take murder cases seriously, but sadly I know first hand that isn’t always the case. A dear friend of mine was murdered by his spouse, but because he had a medical condition, the police were too lazy and uninterested to investigate his death.

    It certainly appears to me that this is what happened in Morgan’s case.

    • Alva thanks for writing in to me. I am so sorry about your friend’s murder and the non investigation. It is so awful when this happens and unfortunately I know first hand after speaking with so many other families that are trying to get justice for their murdered children and loved ones that Morgan and your friend are not isolated cases. We always believed it was the criminals we should fear but I have now come to believe it is also those in power that refuse to go after the criminals, allowing those criminals to murder over and over again. When there are no checks and balances the guilty go free.

  16. I also just saw the “Suspicion” episode and it absolutely astounds me that the authorities appear to have no intention of finding out how/why this young girl died, and by whose hand. Something is not right here, obviously. Someone in a high place has a serious interest in sweeping this under the rug. Really sorry that you not only lost your beautiful daughter, but you are being doubly victimized for the “crime” of wanting the perpetrator caught. Don’t give up. I’ve watched these shows long enough to know that one day, a decent person in the DA’s office may be looking through files and see that something is amiss… and reopen the case. I pray that happens for you and Steve.

    • Laurie – thank you so much for your comment. It is absolutely unthinkable what the authorities have done and how they have made sure for the last 3+ years not to allow any other law enforcement agency to be allowed in to investigate.

      Unfortunately I think what you said about someone in a high place with a serious interest in sweeping it under the rug is true and I have my suspicions about why that is. I also believe Morgan’s case is not the only one that this has happened to in Garfield County, CO.

      The bottom line is that Morgan was a 20 year old young woman, with her whole life ahead of her then she was stalked, terrorized and murdered with no investigation. She was then lied about in order to keep it all hidden…what does that say to other victims of stalking? Do lives not matter? I really appreciate your positive attitude hoping that a decent person will come forward – I am also hopeful. Thank you so much for your prayers – I believe they are being heard <3

      • From the outside looking in, it seems that they know or at least suspect who is responsible for this… and it’s someone they have a personal interest in protecting. That is one corrupt bunch, from where I stand. Usually when a beautiful young girl is stalked and murdered, no one will rest until the case is solved. What makes this case different? That is at the heart of this matter. Who are they protecting? One thing is for sure… they’re hoping you just give up, accept their version of events and let this fade away. I don’t know you, but even I can tell that is not going to happen. Amazes me that they can’t see that.

        • Oh Laurie thank you for saying that – it is so true, the energy that has been exerted to cover up Morgan’s murder just shows how deeply this goes. And you are right – I will never give up and I have a feeling they know it. But I also think they won’t give up because whatever they are covering up is big enough that they can’t give up – they are literally fighting for their lives.

    • Thank you Stephanie for your support. She is an angel and I know she is still around all of us…trying to help us all make a difference in this world. <3

  17. This is such a heartbreaking story. I cannot imagine the nightmare your family has been through. I can’t put into words the anger I feel on your behalf, and so wish I could help in some way. I pray for peace for your family and friends.

  18. Hello Mr. and Mrs. Ingram,

    Our hearts go out to you both, my husband and I are just heart broken over Morgans torment and loss of life we think of our own children and the hardship of teenage years and we are thankful they survived those tough years to be healthy young adults. My thought is- could Morgan have left her car door unlocked and someone put the medications in her water bottle or container she left inside her car (my children are forever leaving their cars unlocked and water bottle everywhere)? Perhaps she was already not feeling well when she arrived home-perhaps she went straight to bed because she felt off? Maybe she didn’t even realize she had been drugged yet? We do believe in parents intuition and I hope you don’t give up the fight, We pray you both can have happy fulfilled lives beyond Morgans passing. Your daughter would not want this to consume you and because of her love of life she would want you both to hold on to your love of life and find beauty in it. I pray the answers find their way to you and that the truth reveals all who wronged her and they are made to pay perhaps their own torment and guilt is poisoning them right now. Justice has not been served for Morgan yet but if God is a just God then he will make it right in the end no matter what. Be strong hold on to the faith and may peace find its way to your hearts and home.


    • Thank you so much K.B.J. for your kind words and ideas about what may have happened…yes, we thought of that at first, the same as you, but after we had her toxicology results reviewed by one of the top forensic toxicologists in the country we were presented with the scientific fact that because the Ami level in her blood was over 10 times the amount that would have killed her it could not have been ingested or she would have died long before it reached that level so it had to be injected into her…then when years later (long after the Dr. Phil show) we finally received the crime scene photos we clearly saw the injection point on the inside of her arm with a BITE mark over it! You are absolutely right about Morgan not wanting this to consume us – we have realized that quite a long time ago and we realize that there is so much beauty & love left in this world that if we are to go on with this, in order to get justice for Morgan, as well as other victims of stalking and homicide, then we need to allow those hours to be balanced with the enjoyment of life. I do believe in the end justice will triumph and I am very excited to be moving in that direction with the help of so many, just like you, that help us with their kind words of encouragement. Thank you!

  19. I came across this post this evening. It is really upsetting. I have been stalked when I was a teenage and early 20’s. Police did nothing about it. Immediate families members of mine were murdered. It is a sick pain to live with. Police do very little if nothing at all. The way that I feel comfort is my belief in God. He knows my pain and the loss of my loved ones. i pray – pray for answers – pray for comfort and strength. Scripture says Justice is God’s footstool. Don’t loose sight of that. I will pray for you and your family for all of these things.

    • Joy – I am so very sorry for the things you have had to endure…I hear the pain in your words. Stalking is pervasive and changes the victim forever. In your case, as in ours, when loved ones are murdered it takes that stalking to a whole other level…your heart is broken – forever.

      I promise you that I will not loose sight of what you said. My heart is breaking, especially today, as it has now been 9 years since I woke up and found Morgan’s body. There will never be a way I can explain to others how I felt…there are no words to describe the pain.

      Please take care of yourself and always remember to keep using your voice to tell your story. Life is not fair & never has been, we sometimes need to share our story and our pain in order to help others.

      Thank you!

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