Morgan’s Horrific Stalking Started So Innocently

August 2, 2011 –

We had just returned to our beautiful valley in Colorado, after vacationing with our 19-year-old daughter, Morgan.  On our drive back we had picked up her new puppy Wylah May.  Morgan had never had a puppy of her own, she was so excited about her little Australian Shepard.  She treated her puppy as though she were her own baby, spent every dime she earned on special food, toys, everything for this little puppy.  She brought her down to the river this very afternoon (it was one of her favorite spots to meditate), and her little puppy, Wylah May, seemed to love everything about the outdoors.  This evening Morgan drove into Carbondale to show her friends her new puppy –  when she arrived home later that evening she went directly into her room, days later she told her father and I that she had started to undress in her bathroom, in order to take a shower, and then heard tapping on her bathroom window.  Morgan’s bathroom window was made of obscured glass, so you could not see in, but someone outside could see the light go on, and possibly some shadows.  Morgan jumped, but then thought it must be a branch or a bird tapping the glass, so she disregarded the noise…this was the start of Morgan’s stalking…at least we thought this was the beginning.  Much later on we would learn, as in many other stalking victim’s cases, that it really started before any of us ever noticed.  Morgan had become a target of a stalker(s).

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    • Roy did you know Morgan was a CMC student and we set up a scholarship fund in her name in the theatre department?

      • No I didn’t. I’ve taught at CMC for 12 years and I missed that piece of information. I teach in the Graphic Design Department. Her story is incredibly moving.

    • I can only imagine the pain you must be going through!! I hope that you find closure soon. I will say that” If I was accused of such a horrific crime, I wouldn’t have been as calm as ? and ?’s dad were on TV .They are hiding something. KEEP DIGGING

      • Did the police ever find prescription bottles in Morgan’s bedroom of the drugs that were found inside Morgan?
        Did Morgan go out that night ? could she have taken the
        drugs while she was out of the house?

        I am really surprised that the police did not declare Morgan’s
        death suspicious considering the extensive “stalking” that
        was going on. Doesn’t stalking cause immediate cause for
        suspicion? Footprints outside Morgan’s bedroom. Stalker
        caught on camera.

        But if the stalker was in the house, the dogs didn’t hear
        anything. Nobody heard any struggling ?

        • Right – none of the prescriptions in Morgan’s body were in our house, except one that Steve brought out from a box of old prescription meds that were going to the pill disposal day at the hospital were found at the house. The one that Steve did give them was an old prescription and low mg not used as an anti depressant but for headaches, etc. Couldn’t have taken the meds before coming home because she was awake and speaking with Steve before she went to sleep and she was coherent and fine. Everyone – including other forensic pathologists, ME’s and Coroners in this state and others were extremely surprised as well that Dr. Kurtzman did not put “undetermined” and had the Sheriff’s open a case at the very least because of the felony stalking – that’s the mystery people should be trying to figure out.

          Our house was 2,500 sq. feet and long and narrow, Morgan’s room in the front of the house and our room in the very back. Tessi was locked up in our room (one of the few times) and Wylah was just a baby and didn’t bark until months after Morgan’s murder…read the older posts where others make comments and you will see all the reasons for no noise + Steve and I had taken sleeping pills that night we were so exhausted. Big, big mistake!

          • Try not to blame yourself toni,it seems to me you did EVERYTHING you could to keep your daughter safe.i cant begin to imagine your anguish,hopefully the ID show will bring some leads to her caseNEVER GIVE UP

            • Thank you Sara for your kind words. I have gotten much better at not blaming myself it was hard. I hope the ID show will bring more leads. We will never give up. Please share this link to the reward poster. It gives people with information an anonymous safe way to call in and give information about what they know.

              • I am watching the ID show now and kept thinking to myself that this story felt so familiar and then I remembered your blog.

                I am so sorry for your loss. Hopefully this show will help bring forward some information pertaining to Morgan’s case.

                • Thank you so much for remembering Morgan’s case and sending me this comment. I hope the show will help Morgan’s case but in the meantime I have been contacted by so many that have watched it and have been effected by it so I know it has at least helped to raise awareness. Take care!

              • Hello Toni..
                I just wanted to say that I saw the show about your daughters case and it is surely something strange going on..
                I cannot do anything to help BUT I’ll let you know that I saw the show, I’ll ask my friends to see it aswell and I want to send you the biggest hugs that I have to give for you. I hope that some answers will come your way.

                All the best
                Camilla ~ Sweden

  1. Keep tuned in – there is a lot more you will read about.
    Everyday now I will show people what happening on the same day last year when this started. I will tell Morgan’s story, day by day, using her own pictures as much as possible to tell the story. I believe this will raise awareness, help bring Morgan’s case to justice, and help change the laws in this country evidentially.
    We will never give up!
    Thanks so much for supporting our effort for the truth to emerge.

  2. I hope these pages give you the strength to carry on without Morgan. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your husband.

    • Thank you so much. Our strength comes from Morgan and in sharing her photos and her life (the happy times as well as the scary bad times of her stalker) we feel like the truth will come out and others can be saved. We know Morgan so we know this is what she wants.

  3. I hope these pages give you the strength to carry on without Morgan. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your husband.

  4. Thanks for participating and raising awareness with us. The issues involved in our daughter’s case are very complex and far-reaching. Gary Katzenberger runs the Theatre Department and has all the information about the scholarship that was set up He also knows the story about what really happened to Morgan.
    Morgan really enjoyed CMC. She loved the philosophy classes, ballet classes, theatre classes, and just about all the classes she took there. She was also extremely fond of Debra Burleigh and really appreciated all the guidance Debra gave her over the years.

  5. My thoughts are with you and your family. I’m a high school English teacher here in the Valley and shared your post and Morgan’s story with my literature students today. I have three daughters of my own and hundreds of students that I have taught living right here– attending CMC. I will continue to spread your message and educate myself and as many young people as I can about the complexities of stalking. Can I ask if you are or if you know of any local organizations speaking about this at schools or with youth? My students were riveted by your blog today. Thank you for having the strength to share your story with us.

  6. I have been asked to participate over at Basalt High School in October and I am trying to bring along a self defense instructor as well. I really do want to tell young people about the blog, why I am doing it and how to keep safe. I want them to know they live in a different world right now and it it not “cool” to keep things to yourself we must all watch out for each other. I would love to help with your class in any way you seem fit. Let me know – just email me at [email protected]

  7. After reading this horrible story… and there’s no way you could forsee where it was all going… but in the interest of any other parents experiencing the same thing and contacting you for advice… I am very perplexed by the lack of a trained K9.. it appears to me at some point a LEO would have suggested that you contact one of the Professional Kennels about the loan of a dog… this is what they live for… the dogs themselves and the trainers… you would only get one shot at it, the dog would have to be kept hidden in the house until the stalker arrived but once that tapping started… it’s game on and over very quick.. the trainer would have preworked the dog on the scenario to look for a scent at the window in a house simmilar to yours before handing it over to you or offering to hide himself and the dog in your house. Why the Deputies did not go in this direction after seeing the pics of the perp directly after they left sincerely puzzles me…. I’ve spent a bit of time around a kennel that trains such dogs. I am sorry for any anguish monday morning quarterbacking entails as I am certain there are many “What if’s” that you daily ask yourself but again, this is in the interest of those that may be frazzled as they go through what your family had to endure.

  8. I am sharing this with as many people as I can in the Roaring Fork Valley. My parents live in Carbondale and weren’t even aware this had happened. Thanks for sharing your story and hopefully this will raise awareness. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

    • Stephanie thank you so much for reading and sharing this blog – good things have been happening, girls and women have been getting help. We are really encouraged!

  9. Just found this page today, I will be doing my best to catch up ASAP. Just want you to know you have a new reader in TX who cares. I’m praying for you all.

  10. My name Is Larry D. Cunningham I am a new reader from Colorado I hope to follow this story of courage and hope more people get involved…..

    • Larry thank you so much – we appreciate it. We have so many people involved now and wanting to make changes so we are very encouraged and this is giving us the strength to keep going.

  11. Dearest Ingram Family – I’m so saddened by the loss of your beautiful daughter and the courage that it must be taking to write this blog. What you are doing is so important. I had no idea this was happening in our community … apparently I’m not the only one. I recall reading posts about your daughters passing on friend’s facebook pages and wondered what had happened. No disrespect intended to the Carbondale Police or Garfield County Sheriff’s office, but this is not the first time that they haven’t gotten the word out about creeps in the area. It seems that it is always via social media or word of mouth that the public are ever made aware of potential danger. I sincerely hope that justice prevails for your family and you find some peace in remembering and writing about your daughter.

    • It’s so true and that is a huge part of what I am trying to change in this county – they have got to not only inform the citizens, but include the citizens of Garfield County in catching and stopping these criminals not just hide what is going on. I had a woman email me to tell me that she lives right down the road from us and she had a similar incident happen just two weeks before Morgan’s stalking started and she did have a report written up but guess what I asked if anything similar had happened in the area and the Sheriff detective told me no. Can you believe it?

  12. Wow, I am incredibly grateful that you’ve decided to share Morgans story with us all. I can’t even imagine what your family must have gone through and I’m heartbroken for you. Reading through I don’t know if I would have done anything different but I can say now that if we are ever in this situation we WILL do things different, only because of what you’ve shared and I thank you again for that.
    I hope you find the closure and some amount of comfort you need.

    • I am so happy the story is helping people to know what to do and what not to do…we learned the hard way. Thank you for your confidence in us!

  13. So blindsided by this. We hear about violent criminals in the rest of the state or country, but not in our own back yards? This hasn’t been Mayberry for many years but unless the scary truth is made known, our complacency will beget more victims.

    • I agree and that is the reason I am doing this blog and having other have a place to speak out and tell their stories as well. Thanks so much for commenting!

  14. First I want to say Im so sorry your Family has been put through so much anguish. Thank you for sharing your story and I too help this raises much needed awarerness and can help anyone else who may be going through the same thing. People do need to stick together and help eachother out during horrific times like this. You Family is in my Thoughts and I too will be following your story as many others.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this story. Morgan is my age and I know on a small scale what she was going through with her stalker and the cops being helpless to the situation. I’ll pray for you and your family to get through all of these hard times and that the stalker will be brought to justice.

  16. Toni …. Words cannot express how I feel for you…
    You are an angel at work .. Go forth … With love .. Zia x

    • Thank you Zia – I will go forth and I will not stop and I hope to always do it with love 🙂

  17. I’m a single dad of 3 kids, my ex wife has no parental rights. She has stated she will kill me and take my children, the most I have been able to do is get an order for protection, but nothing can be done until she acts on it. This is wrong. I recently got a permit to carry and a gun because of this. So what does this all say? Shouldn’t the law take a step so on the night she does attempt something I don’t have to scare my children and use deadly force to stop her? Laws need to be changed and people need to be stopped before the crime is committed.

    • Laws need to be changed – we don’t need a sophisticated society not one that causes us to do something that we don’t feel is socially correct. This needs to be a groundswell – people need to demand that archaic laws be changed for the betterment of it’s people!

  18. Not only should laws be changed, but kids should be taught about it in school so they are aware of sociopathic behavior before adulthood. Both to identify it in themselves and to help protect others when need be.

    I applaude your massive effort to spread the awareness and I shall endeavour to do the same where I can. I am from Australia, and the problem is just as much a burden to our society as it is to yours. A good friend of mine suffered from it for a time and I never understood why she was so over the top with privacy (still) – Morgan’s (and your) story brings it all into focus and helps explain it too.

    My family and I’s thoughts are with your family. We sincerely hope you all pull through stronger than ever and can help make the world a better place. Your hard work has not gone un-noticed.

  19. Jonas – thank you so much for your support. I think bringing the awareness of this crime is crucial to making changes in this world – we can all do it together…all over the world!

    • I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter. My daughter is 9 years old and has had alot of problems with bullying ever since she was assaulted by a friends mothers boyfriend (who is now in prison thank god). I hope you get justice for her. Keep doing what your doing

    • Toni,I just watched your story on ID.I am so sorry for your loss,i too have a daughter named Morgan.I am APPALLED at the lack of attention the “officials” have given your case! It is obvious your daughter was stalked and murdered and no one will listen.You are in my prayers and like your daughter said NEVER GIVE UP

      • Thank you so much. Your words have filled my heart up with love. Kiss your beautiful Morgan for me…tell her we will never give up.

  20. I am so sorry for your loss. I am in NC and just watched the Dr. Phil show. I cant even imagine what I would do if I was in your situation. I pray that the investigation is reopened and they look at all the evidence and bring Morgan’s stalkers to justice. I dont wanna name names here, but i believe you, Toni and Steve, are on the right path to who did this to your daughter. I will continue to pray for you, and your family, as you fight this battle.

  21. I’m so sorry for your loss. Good luck on getting justice for her! She deserves it and you’re doing a wonderful job!

  22. I just watched DR. Phil and I hope that you do NOT take down this blog. Someone out there knows something. I doubt her “killer??” kept this quiet. This is the first I have heard this. I am so Sorry for your Loss!!!

  23. I just watched the Dr. Phil show with your story today and I must say….Dr. Phil is wrong on so many levels here. The sense I got from him was that your strong (mother instinct) that you know who the person(s) responsible for this tragedy are were not valid. I think you are very on the right track and I suggest you pursue this and NEVER GIVE UP bringing those responsible to justice. That young lady sitting on that stage was very scary to me. She knew how to work Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil you missed it this time. I pray for a resolution to this Toni and Steve.

  24. ………………….I too just watched your story on Dr.Phil. Even if your suspects did not stick a needle in Morgan’s beautiful skin and inject these drugs into her, their actions resulted in her death. I too want to believe that she did not take her own life, but even if she did I think this Angel had reached her limit. She wasn’t safe even in her own home, no matter what she did, she was watched, stalked, perhaps even taunted. While the true facts may never be known, and you are forced to accept the farce of an explanation that she took her own life, you know in your hearts that that is not the truth. I am not in law enforcement, but just watching the program, and seeing the facial expressions on your ‘suspects’ face, I am certain that your daughter was driven to her death…perhaps at her own hand…but not of her own wish. I pray that someday, somehow, justice will be done for her.
    My prayers are with you and your family. Know that Morgan is in a much better place, watching and waiting for you.

  25. After watching The Dr. Phil show I too believe that Morgan did not kill herself. Don’t give up. There are people who believe you and are on your side. Your daughter deserves justice and the stalkers/murderers will get what they deserve.

  26. Your daughter was beautiful. It does not sound like a suicide case to me either. Bless you all. Don’t give up!

  27. I just watched Dr.Phil and from the very beginning i was on your side. It seemed odd that although you had evidence of the stalkers on tape, the police disregarded it and ruled the whole case as a suicide. Even if Morgan took her own life, i believe the stalkers played some kind of role in it. Towards the end when you spoke of some of the accused girls facebook conversations i was convinced that she knew more than she was saying. She wrote it off that you were ‘stalking her facebook’ but i think when you are have reason to believe your daughter was murdered nothing is off limits.

  28. I saw Morgan’s story on Dr Phil. I think that there needs to be an investigation! I found it odd that the accused girl and her father kept saying “where is the proof” and didn’t profess their innocence! It is ABSURD that suicide was ruled in all of the suspicion! Get the time codes to the door lock, see if they can do face recognition on the camera film, measure the foot print for size comparison, etc. These things seem SO obvious! I hope that you find answers, justice, and closure. My prayers are with you!

    • I thought the same thing with the response of the friend.”where is the proof” Where is this k man now?

  29. Morgan’s parents I could never imagine such an unspeakable loss. But for the girl on the show ? I wonder why her first comment would be ” where’s the proof ” and not I’m sorry you think what you do but I did not harm your daughter!!!
    Mothers have an instinct when it comes to their children and I pray the truth will come out and your beautiful daughter will have her justice…

  30. Watched your story on Dr Phil today and now will be reading Morgan’s story and follow it. As a mother myself I can not imagine what you, family and friends have been through over the last year and a half. I pray Morgan’s death is solved and justice is found.

  31. I seen you on Dr.Phil show today and I am very sorry for the loss of your Daughter . I also have 2 daughters and if anyone harmed them like these people have done to Morgan I to would be after them and not rest until its over and they are behind bars .
    I wish you all the best and God Speed to you and your family .

  32. First off i am so so sorry for the loss of your daughter…Just wanted to say i hope you do not stop blogging about this…Justice must be done and i think the girl on the show knows more than she is saying…Good Luck

  33. i watch Dr.Phil everyday and i think he was wrong about the person being accused on the show..and i usually never think he is wrong..I think she knows more than she is saying and i dont think you should stop this blog.I am so sorry for the loss of your Daughter and u keep fighting for the truth..It will come out.

  34. I agree with Twinkle. They are hiding something. If I was accused of murdering someone..the first thing I would say, ‘Oh my God! I would never do such a thing.’ But instead, she said, ‘Where’s the proof?’ Plus, if it was suicide..don’t you think she would have left a note or something for her family/friends.

  35. I watch Dr. Phil everyday and I watched your daughters story. I totally agree that this case needs to be further investigated. Something just doesn’t add up. The father defiantly knows something and was totally playing the victim role here. The daughter showed no remorse and when being questioned kept looking down after each answer. That is an immediatly sign of body language. She knew something about your daughters murder and she also knows that there is no hard evidence that can prosecute her. What you need to do it find someone anyone that would run this investiation independly. Nothing should be touched in your daughters room, the more time goes by the more the evidence is disappearing. This must be so frustrating for you and your family you can tell that your daughter was not suicidal by just looking into her eyes, she looks like a beautiful and smart girl and I feel like Dr. Phil didn’t do you justice. I hope that you can find the answers you need. I do believe that if this girl gets away with it, she would strike again. Stalking is a crime that doesn’t get the exposure it should. Girls need to know that this day and age is so different, everyone knows your business now with facebook and all these social networks, it is very dangerous. The predators have a new way now to get close to people. I will continue to follow your story, you should think about writing a book about it, Instead of a blog you might get more postive exposure.

  36. I was just able to watch Dr. Phil and I agree that the girl knows something. Body language tells all maybe ? and her dad should take a lie detector test and then you could have some kind of evidence. Good luck and God Bless.

  37. Dr. Phil blew it big time!! Not to mention he was very rude to Toni and Steve. I am very sorry for your loss, please do not give up.

  38. first off, i am so sorry for your loss. i read your article and your blog before the dr. phil show and i fallow up everyday praying for Justice and peace for your family. though im only 18 and dr. phil is supposedly wise, i see he missed soo much. the pictures of OBVIOUSLY the young girl and the man thy looked highly suspicious and dr. phil didnt see that. in the photos, i see a girl with a pony tail, the girl on the show looks like she would put hr hair up that way.. im not going to rant on my conlusions, im sure your know more than i do. most of what i want to say is already posted. godbless and i do wish the best for your family

  39. Hello Mrs. Ingram and Mr. Ingram. I am so very sorry for your loss. I unlike so many others didn’t see the episode of the Dr.Phil show you guys were on as I was stuck in a combat zone in Al Iskandariyah, Iraq with limited television at the time of her devastating and untimely death. My unit and I were 2 days from leaving that God forsaken country when this happened to Morgan. I have often looked back at times I should have perished myself in that place. Sometimes I even ask muself why God brought me home and in inncidents like yours took your angel from you. Please just understand her death has not gone unnoticed and/or in vein. I will have your family added to the prayer list at my church. I understand that is no reconsiliation for your pain and troubles or Morgans pain but just remember all things are possible through God. If the clown who did this is not brought to justice on this Earth, it may ease the pain to know that God will deal with him in the utmost manner for his unhumane actions towards another human being. May God be with you through your travels and many prayers to you from North Carolina. I pray you have a blessed day and many more come and I pray that your times and travels become easier and easier to bare as you go through this life which we rememeber is only temporary as we head towards the ultimate goal in everlasting life with the LORD GOD Jesus Christ. I pray these things for you in our saviors blessed name, Amen.

    • Thank you Jeremy for your kind words and I am so happy you did survive. We pray every night and we do feel blessed that so many people are helping us at this time. Take care and again, thank you!

  40. Hi I watched Dr Phil today in Australia and was deeply saddened by your loss.

    I feel that she possible could of killed herself BECAUSE she was scared by these stalkers (idiots!) And that is MURDER!
    People don’t just stalk for fun, they make it there duty to ruin that persons life!!!
    I believe that this case should be reopened and properly investigated and I hope you find justice.
    Who was she with the night she came back to your house???
    There is something not right about this case and someone is to blame for her death. Keep fighting!!!

    These case reminds me of a simular case in Australia at the moment.

    Have a read:

    Phoebe’s story:

    What Happened to Phoebe?

    On the evening of the 2nd of December 2010, 24 year old Phoebe Handsjuk was found dead on the floor of the refuse compactor room at the bottom of ‘Balencea’, a luxury high rise apartment building, located on St Kilda Road Melbourne. It was discovered that she had fallen feet first from the 12th floor refuse room, down the waste disposal shaft to the compactor below. The Toxicology report revealed Phoebe to have a blood alcohol reading of 0.16% and high levels of prescription drugs.

    There have been no known reported incidents of a cause of death such as this, in the history of Australia.

    On the 7th of December, Homicide detectives said that no second party was involved in Phoebe’s death; she had entered the chute, feet first, voluntarily.

    The police brief was passed to Detective Senior Constable Brendan Payne of the South Melbourne Criminal Investigation Unit to be completed for the Coroner.

    Phoebe’s Grandfather, retired Detective Sergeant Lorne Campbell had suspicions regarding the circumstances surrounding her death from the outset. He began to ask questions of the police and to make his own enquiries.

    Senior Detective Brendan Payne and Lorne Campbell have worked for over two years, in an attempt to unravel the unexplained mysteries surrounding her violent and tragic death.

    We, the family, have requested that there be an open Coronial Inquest into Phoebe’s death, where witnesses can be cross examined, in the hope of finding answers to the many questions still remaining.

    The Brief is now with Coroner Peter White of the Coroners Court of Victoria. We await his decision whether to hold an Inquest.

  41. Also I was rather confused and bit dissapointed with Dr Phil by showing that Mom over Skype saying all those things. WHO THE HELL IS SHE!!! Dr Phil why did you do that?
    At the end of the day mothers intuition is so strong and Dr Phil was a bit rude to you.

  42. This is so sad and I am so sorry for the loss. With Morgans story being shared takes ALOT of strength and for that I wanna say THANK YOU!!! I was(was I use because he was in jail–now I have no clue where he is)also stalked. This is such a terrible way to live–for someone to violate our safety, violate our homes, making us feel like we r not safe ANYWHERE!!! And for them to KNOW as long as they plan it just right THEY WONT B CAUGHT!!! and then if they r caught the VICTIM IS THE ONE PUT ON TRIAL!!! Yeah its a sad sad place to live like this…..but for now at least I AM LIVIN!!! and again so sorry for the loss of Morgan!! and the horror she lived thru!! God Bless you!!!

  43. Thanks so much for writing in – you are so right…victims should never be put on trial, they are not the ones that did something wrong the criminal is and I am so happy you are living – thank God! We will all make a difference, I promise you. All the collective voices that want change will be heard!

  44. I am terribly sorry for your loss. I won’t lie and say I know what you are going through because I can’t. I can say that I am thinking of you and hope there is resolution for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please take of yourself.

  45. Hi Toni, I don’t usually watch the Dr. Phil show. I don’t think he handles his guests or subject matter with skill and thoroughness. I had the TV on mute today, waiting for the news but your daughters photo struck me. I am so sorrowful for your loss. It was difficult to watch. I personally do not feel that Dr. Phil treated your story with enough clarity and thoughtfulness. In fact, I think he was rude with you. The circumstantial evidence you talked about is very compelling and I can’t understand why there would not be an investigation? The young woman who was on the show with her father – it may just be that she is young, but when Dr. Phil asked her for a yes or no about her involvement her answers were a little too evasive and self righteous for my comfort. However, I do not know who or what is what here. Those were my impressions. I commend you for your passion and dedication. There have been instances of justice only coming at the insistence of people. For instance there was a class in a university who found several men were innocent of crimes in a state by doing their investigating in the classroom. I pray that something will happen one way or the other for you and your family.

    • Thank you so much for you honest view of the show. Since that showed was aired 8 months ago we have found out about so much more evidence and we are getting very close now to presenting the case and trying to get it opened. Recently Steve and I gave a local interview that can be heard at

      I was so excited years ago when old cases were being re-investigation using DNA and people were found to be innocent – just like dropping cases and not investigating is horrible also arresting the wrong person is horrible – we need to have all people be accountable for their actions whether it is law enforcement or the criminals – we can’t back down when we know the wrong thing is being done.

  46. I truly hope justice is found for your daughter so that she may rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  47. This nation is experiencing an unprecedented war against women, reflected in belittlement, discounting, verbal abuse, physical abuse, stalking, passing laws to restrict women’s rights, kidnapping, trafficing, killing, and lack of protection by law enforcement.

    I sincerely hope the overdue help and answers in the case of your precious daughter, who never deserved this evil, are forthcoming at long last.

    This planet needs help for the plight of women, and perhaps, one day, as part of your healing, you may consider the option of working in that need, and transforming victimhood into victory.

    • C J – You are so very correct in what you said – this is a war against women…violence against women is out of control (when I read the statistics I am shocked) and I call this “homegrown terrorists doing this”. Most law enforcement (not all) is undereducated and undertrained in this area and they need to get up to speed immediately. In most states the laws are there for law enforcement to follow but they are not doing it…is this from lack of understanding the law or lack of caring about the law? More laws are coming every day, but what good is the law if it is not upheld?

      Morgan did not deserve what happened to her, you are right – and no one does, it is pure evil, and it is still out there to do it again. We have considered working for the rest of our lives in the area of transforming victimhood into victory, and we do know that is our path…we have started already, and as soon as Morgan’s case gets open we are planning on putting in even more hours every day into helping in the fight against violence against women…in a strange twist in this whole horrible situation, our daughter Morgan had already transferred her 2 years of college credits to the University (just before the stalking started) and was planning on finishing her last 2 years to get her Bachelors degree and then take the LSAT’s to get in to Law School (she wanted to go to Stanford – she even bought me a Stanford Mom coffee cup just 4 months before her stalking started) and then she wanted to become an attorney, and work for women’s rights. So now that Morgan is no longer here on this earth to fulfill her plan, it is very clear to Steve, and I what our purpose in life is now.

  48. I recently watched the Dr. Phil show and boy was I upset. Come on, people. If I were being accused of murder that I hadn’t done, I would be screaming !! Notice how SHE constantly was looking down with a worried expression. I believe she was lying. And what about the boyfriend guy? Guilty Guilty Guilt. Also, what’s up with the police?!?! I would take care of it… anyway I am so sorry for your loss and I say keep fighting !!! You go girl !!!

    • Thanks Jess – I will keep going. I have been told by so many other law enforcement people that they see this type of mess in small towns but we are talking about a life here…Morgan’s life…and how dare they! Also, what about the fact that the person responsible and all others that helped him with alibis are just as guilty and if they get away with it you know they will do it again.

  49. I just saw the Dr. Phil episode. I am so confused its not even funny..but one thing I do know, is that girl definately had something to do with it or knew who did. Her body language..her eye contact..she looked down after he asked her if she was doing anything to your daughter to stalk or bother her. The way they were so calm was very odd as well. I hope this all gets solved for you and your familys sake. My condolenses go to you/your husband and your family.

  50. i just watched your story on Dr.Phil and i will admit i went into it with an open mind and determined not to let emotions take over as a parent myself..but the more i watched the more disturbed and uneasy i became at the lack of investigation by police ESPECIALLY considering all of ties that where there..that in no way could be coincidence in this tragic event. People are too scared to question things out of the norm and we need to change that! my grandfather was murdered and the murderer was pretty much handed over on a platter he was using my papaws car..his bank card and had his wallet hidden in his room and more than 10 witnesses saying he was with this guy last and still no arrest..not even an attempt..I am so sorry I am not trying to compare our losses no one could ever know until you live thru it i just wanted to let you know from Tennessee I’m in your corner and you truly aren’t alone. So So sorry for your loss may God bless and be with you and your family!

    • Katie I am so sorry for the loss of your grandfather – it’s so horrible when it’s obvious someone has gotten away with murder, because you know they will most likely do it again and how many lives have to be lost before that criminal is caught and put away? In Morgan’s case yes they did who it was, but it looks like when they arrived at our house that morning there was an intention to make it go away on their part…are they really that inept or was it intentional? That is what has to be proven here.

      The lessons learned (in such a horrific way) by your family, our family and many other families out there have to be shared so that the public is aware that this does happen, it is a serious problem, and it needs to change or more innocent people will continue to be murdered. Speaking about your tragedy and what did and didn’t happen in your grandfather’s case is very important for people to read about so I am grateful that you shared this with me. Hugs!

  51. Dear Toni,
    I was shocked to learn how your daughter was cheated of a proper investigation. Knowing how the lethal dose was administered (orally or intravenously) could aid the investigation greatly, and it should have been possible to find that out during autopsy. If they did not do it, it could still be possible to perform the postmortem investigation, though it would be necessary to exhume the body. There is a good article that can give a general idea of how it is possible to interpret the concentration of medicine in the dead body’s tissues and organs: Just google it, there is a free pdf version of it.
    I still cannot understand how they could rule Morgan’s death as suicide without providing you with the details of her death. I think they made that mistake and now want this case closed, so that they will not be held responsible for it. You’ve been very brave fighting this injustice. Do not give up.
    My deepest condolences go out to you and your entire family.

    • Olga thank you so very much…I thought for a while that even with all the evidence we had accumulated it would be too hard to get the real facts but we now know we have them and you are right the interpretation of the concentration of the medicine is one of the facts that we now have and does show that it was not natural causes and not suicide…justice is coming it is just a little slower than we had hoped for but I guess everything comes exactly when it needs to. Don’t give up hope – great things are about to happen. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

  52. I never heard a word about this and my daughter was attending CMC at that time. My father committed suicide in 2007 and we were told they would be doing an autopsy. I picked up his ashes at the mortuary in Grand Junction and was told no there was only a visual autopsy. And although we were 99% sure it truly was a suicide it still bothers me to this day. Now after reading this about Garfield County…which is where he died….I kinda wonder what ineptness was involved. But I am so sorry for your loss and pain you must be going through.

    • I am so sorry Judy for your loss, and the manner in which you were lied to about an autopsy. I feel that all families need closure in the death of a family member, and they deserve to know the truth – Garfield County is not doing their job, and this needs to end. If there are others out there (and I am pretty sure there are) that have been told a suicide happened when in truth it was a murder then all Garfield County is doing is allowing murderers to run free – this is NOT ACCEPTABLE by any means.

      One of the things that I am trying to work on going forward is having colleges, and other schools give out brochures to their students about the dangers of stalking, and what they should know…like the anti-bullying brochures they give out at this time. Many colleges and some schools do have brochures, but most do not at this time. Education about this subject is key – we didn’t not know anything about the dangers of stalking until it was too late for Morgan.

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment – I appreciate the information.

  53. So are you helping others in anyway in other states? I have a similar story and don’t know where to turn. I’m an adult but the similarities are unbelievable. Its all from the roof. Police are no good, they don’t believe me! 3 years of agony.

    • I am so very sorry you have been going through this for so long, I know it’s hell…the head of a division in law enforcement in Canada once wrote to me that after reading in this blog about the connection to the roof she would be notifying all her officers to ALWAYS look up on the roof in stalking cases like this. She said it had never occurred to them before. Then in speaking with other stalking victims in different states it kept coming up that they heard things on the roof, and in some cases law enforcement later checked those attics, and found evidence someone had been up there.

      There has to be a way to get proof that your stalker has been on your roof – there has to be a way to identify the stalker in black and white. Can you request that law enforcement put up cameras? One stalking victim that contacted me had her police department do just that and they caught pictures of her stalker and it was a “woman” in her neighborhood…they made an arrest, the other neighbors were shocked – no one knew what kind of person their neighbor was. Do you have any neighbors/hunters that you can borrow wildlife cameras from? I was also told another victim (actually in Colorado) was in fear for her life, and her local police force put up digital wildlife cameras and got pictures of her ex husband stalking her at her house the very first night they put them up, and they made an arrest as well…the list goes on and on. Please call and make a report EVERY single time there is an incident of stalking. Always ask for a copy of each and every report and keep the cards of all the responding deputies. It is extremely important to document every incident. I will send you an email if you would like me to try to come up with more ideas. There have been so many things that other victims have done that have had good results and whatever it takes to keep you safe is so very important. There needs to be more education in police agencies, and people need to understand the Federal and State laws that are their to protect stalking victims…we need to understand the laws in order to demand that law enforcement follow those laws.

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  55. I find it interesting that there is no real video evidence to support your claims. This is not an attack on you, or your followers here. I feel very bad for you and your family, for having to deal with such a tremendous loss. Could Morgan have panicked, and maybe accidentally taken her own life? I just can’t believe that numerous people could enter your home without any evidence. I guess that it’s theoretically possible, but not probable. I hope that you can find some peace, and maybe turn some of your anger towards healing, or helping other parents who have lost a child in a similar way(if she did accidentally overdose). Again, this is not an attack on you, but merely my opinion on the things that I’ve read(your info included). Please take care of yourself, and your family.

    • Thank you for your comment – we do have video evidence (even on the night of her murder) but this I will not release to the public as I am confident now that this will be a case in a court of justice. This is very critical evidence. No it would have been impossible for her to take her own life…her body was moved AFTER she was already dead (we have solid proof of that) and it is IMPOSSIBLE for a dead body to move on it’s own. As well as evidence that she could not herself have taken the drugs that were in her gastric contents (scientific proof) we also have proof now that there was ABSOLUTELY a robbery that occurred that same night in her bedroom + much more evidence that we have only given to criminal investigators. I hate that it is taking so long for justice for Morgan but please be patient because this case is not over and there will be more information coming out soon.

  56. Also…your daughter seemed like a wonderful girl, with a great life ahead of her….such a tragic loss. I don’t know how you deal with it. My daughter means everything to me, and I don’t think that I could live without her. I hope that you and your husband can find some comfort and eventually peace in your own lives. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • Thank you Nils – it is indescribable the pain that is felt everyday knowing what she went through, and no longer having her here with us. The pain is not only felt by her father and I, but her siblings, relatives, friends and everyone that she touched over her 20 years on earth – everyone that loved her is a co-victim in this case.

      I actually get strength in my daily pursuit of helping other victims of stalking, working on getting justice for Morgan, as well as trying to bring attention to this whole horrific case in order to change law enforcement stalking protocol and laws. It’s a big job, but so many people have been joining in with this push for change, and I feel it in my heart that someday all this work will have been successful in making those changes. Please spread the word as much as you can – it will make a difference in someones life. Take care!

  57. My heart breaks for you, Toni and Steve. I stumbled across Morgan’s blog via an app called Plague. I shared it on Facebook as well. It’s so hard to believe that we could live in a society that allows people who stalk and kill to have more rights than their victims. I hope that you and your family and friends do get answers and some semblance of closure. You are heroes, saving the lives of other victims because of the insight and information you can provide. You are all in my thoughts, always.

    • Thank you so much – you have touched my heart with your kind words. I have never heard of Plague before, but I am happy it brought you here to this site. Thank you for sharing on your Facebook – it helps to bring awareness of the seriousness about the dangers of stalkers.

  58. I see yesterday on TV the program Suspicion, and watch your story, i cry and cry for 5 minutes, i have 3 boy and my middle son was stalk at high school, he ask for my hel because one day this girls shows at my front door ask for my son and something told me, tell her his not here. And i told her his not here, he’s still at school. As soon she left he told my mom thats her, thats the girls, please help me this is drivin me crazy. My son was 16 years old when this is happen. Thats when he ask for my help. The girl every day follow him to school he ask me to pick him up so i did, but she shows at my front door. This girls dont accept that my don doesnt want to be his friend i talk to her, for almost 2 weeks and one day I decide to confront both togheter my son told her please leave me alone, dont follow me i will report you at school and he left. I told her if you dont stop i will call the police.. She came 3 more times, i didnt open the door, i call the school and talk to a social worker. Then she stop harrasing my son. It was a nightmire. But not knowing who is harrasing your daughter is worst. I pray to God, so the thruth come to the light. God bless you and Trust in God. Justice will be done

  59. I Feel horrible for the parents I know I cried like a baby I don’t think she committed suicide or accident o.d I think she was murdered but the ??? I have is did the spot of lights chair and tapping stop when Morgan passed??? I watched it just a few mins ago on I.d so that’s y I’m asking and she was a 20yr old of course she would drink and smoke pot. She was young. Any one who talks smack about a heartbroken mom n dad is sick….. Not to mention depressed kids teens adults etc they don’t want dogs and smile in fifty million pics they just don’t she was beautiful and had plans for the future suicidal ppl don’t Mae future plans period……I hope they find their daughters p.o.s stalker!!!!! Sorry Toni my hearts broken for you to

    • Thank you for your kind words. I know the show did not show everything that happened and it was a little hard to understand but if you read through the blog from the beginning hopefully it will help clear things up a bit. Morgan did not have any alcohol or illegal drugs in her toxicology screening – just a lethal and massive dose of a sexual assault drug. She was not depressed and never was diagnosed with depression. She never took drugs for depression. She took a low dose drug for chronic pain when she was younger and had not taken anything in over a year and a half. Both her toxicology results contradict what the coroner put as her manner of death both times…first he said natural causes and then after 8 months he changed it to suicide with absolutely no evidence to support suicide. She was a victim of stalking that was murdered. Her murder was covered up and a killer is still on the loose. They know exactly who her stalker was as well as his accomplice and I feel very strongly that there will eventually be justice for Morgan. Thank you so much for your support!

  60. My mother (a very devoted mother like you & a RN) really had “seen it all” & had an emotional intelligence & insight that was right all the time. I Know she would say always go with your gut! I so believe you are 100% correct that this is foul play –regardless of what experts will tell you or how they will explain adults really don’t know what teenagers are up to so on and so forth–A Mother Knowss! And you Need to keep listening to your inner voice or guardian angel. I am sorry if you have answered this already–and on the second ruling on mod I thought the show would reveal strangulation (it breaks my heart to even use words like that to you) but listing it as self inflicted isn’t simply cruel but really shuts down the entire investigation. Let’s face it with teens a toxicology for many things would’ve been run initially & yes of course I’m aware that some substances are only found if they are specifically search for–however the medication she was taking sounded like it was in a class of drugs that any toxicology would commonly run. Who informed or spoke with anyone about your daughter’s medications? I believe you and my gut tells me it’s someone you’ve probably known for sometime that you shared that medical info with–unless you disclosed that medicine to the first & second m.e. The medication sounded to irregular to be pulled out of a hat and since I do believe you then you have to think about who you revealed that information to or Who knew about it at the time. Coverups and mitigation of responsibility lawsuits etc. are not for conspiracy theorists–i’ve worked in the legal field for 20 years and it seems that the world runs on coverups and nepotism. So if you believe there’s a cover-up you’re not crazy or a conspiracy theorist you’re probably spot on. I apologize for my casual tone my heart breaks for you I do think one day you won’t have all your answers–it seems like easily she could have equally had a classmate/acquaintance as a stocker just as easily as an old family friend someone you would never suspect. So if you never disclosed her medicine from a year before And suddenly it shows up in a report–check to see ( although no one ever tells the truth) that some “helpful person didn’t call in/engage the process/people & explain to them to be “helpful” ie shut your case down, “well you know she took/takes this obscure medication ” & suddenly its in a report.YOU , the grieving mother becomes the problem–person who needs answers that people can’t or don’t want to share. I am so sorry if any of my comment are upsetting, not my intention. I just feel like this was closer to home than you think–did husbands colleagues have any male sons stepson etc –May have only seen her once and become obsessed or any older male. No one is above suspicion truly –think there have been enough datelines like the canadian Air Force guy to show men can lead double lives, sneak out & stalk/knock all hours of the night even while wives are sleeping. The red chair so creepy & the neighbor seemed like a strange thing–The extension cord when your husband went to get an extension cord. Please if you have not you should have your house swept for electronic surveillance–that seems too coincidental and you also earlier got the vibe when you saw the red laser beam which could’ve been anything from motion detector to let yhe creep know when someone was checking yard or more likely a recording device and since you already had the gut vibe of night vision–I do think other electronic surveillance and technology is involved and don’t think the extension cord was a coincidence. And perhaps went through your garbage-saw medication bottle or through garbage and/or stealing MAIL would know your insurance company and could likely Hack into any account or create an account, etc Please protect yourself and your loved ones in your search for the truth. And listen to your inner voice because it could be your guardian angel trying to whisper a path for you to follow in your search. Please check your house for electronic surveillance but hire an expert who can see if anyone tried to hack your wifi or if any remnants of surveillance of your security system etc –a neighbor can frequently hack neighbors wifi & if your homw sec system ran from that see what you saw etc . Your family was tormented & victimized & you deserve to know by whom which certainly will hold the key to what happened to Morgan. I pray for you and your beautiful Morgan and family and I pray that people with the power to help you well actually help you and you get all the answers! And yes prevent another victim–sounded too emboldened to be first timer & won’t stop . Sorry for the length. I pray for you and your daughter & that you get the truth. God bless!

    • Saudi thank you so much for your insightful comment. No apologies for asking those questions…it’s important to ask what is on your mind. We believe since Morgan had a stalker that was most likely in our home many times when none of us were home he could have rummaged through her bedroom and found old expired bottles of that drug. What he most likely didn’t realize is that it was old, expired and low dose so when he choose that prescription drug to inject into her he didn’t realize her toxicology results would show that, she had not been taking it, it was an amount she could not have produced with the old pills that she still had, it was more like the amount for a 1,200 lb horse which we believe it was, it was equine liquid amitriptyline from the horse ranch behind our house. The results of her toxicology reports actually contradict her stated manners of death and on her 2nd PER of her gastric fluid there were 5 date rape drugs found not one and she never had any of the others. She was murdered and eventually the physical evidence is going to sink everyone involved in covering this up.

      As far as technology goes the sheriffs right from the start believed she had some kind of app or gps put on her phone as her stalker would arrive within minutes of her returning home even when driving different vehicles. But they never checked for any of those apps or devices.

    • I thought they were checking for ANY evidence on the forensic evaluation so when I called the forensic pathologist I was SHOCKED when he told me he did not check for DNA under her nails or anywhere and did not even do a rape kit! He said he wasn’t allowed to test for anything unless the sheriffs told him to look for something. This was so crazy I had no words…why would you do an autopsy on a 20 year old female victim of an active stalking investigation who’s death was considered “suspicious and a mystery” by the lead detective the morning her body was found and not test for anything like DNA? It is not only shocking to a parent who trusted the authorities were doing their job but also egregious as the coroner is entrusted to do his job – which in our daughter’s case did not happen.

  61. Toni,

    I saw your family’s story yesterday on ID network. I cried and it won’t leave my thoughts. I will pray for you and your husband’s peace and joy to be restored. And, for the truth to be exposed and the predator(s) to be exposed and brought to justice.

    • ReNee I really appreciate your prayers and kind words. The pain we live with daily, knowing our daughter’s murderer still walks among others, is indescribable. I see it and hear it in the voices of other families that I work with now. My life’s goal is not only to bring justice to Morgan, but also to be the voice of so many others that have lost their voice to these predators. I do so in the hope that they can one day receive justice – and remove these predators off our streets. Take care and thank you for writing in to me.

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  63. Mr. and Mrs. Ingram

    I am so sorry for your loss of your daughter. I too recently saw Morgan’s stalked story on the ID network. I was so shocked, disturbed, and frightened ect. by the show I almost just couldn’t believe is this really true. I looked it up on the internet and found your blog. I am appalled the police refuse to open an investigation in which your daughter passed under strange circumstances! I mean this with all do respect, have you considered writing a book or movie? Please bare with me, not for entertainment for the public to watch but to get her story out to a wider majority of the public. It was just by chance that I came across her story on t.v. I encouraged people I know to read your blog and spread the word. Hopefully one day Morgan’s stalked story and murder can be read or watched by the right person with authority who would want to seek justice for your family and most of all Morgan. I don’t think anyone can read your blog without crying or feeling some sort of emotion. Prayers for your family!

    • Thank you so very much for your kind and insightful words. I greatly appreciate you joining forces and spreading awareness by sharing this blog. I am no where close to giving up – I have only just begun to fight for justice for Morgan and all other innocent victims that no longer have a voice. Much, much more to come in the future, and yes there will be a book in the hopes that that will continue to spread awareness, as well as give hope to others. I have been contacted by different law enforcement officers that appreciate what they have learned from this horrifying stalking…so the truth is an extremely painful and yet important thing to share with others. Take care!

  64. My daughter was found shot on Memorial Day, 2016. The Grand County Deputy Coroner immediately declared it a suicide, despite a lack of a note and my pleas that she would have never taken her own life. Additionally, she was shot with her boyfriend’s gun at his home outside of her truck in the middle of the night. These young men all claim to not have heard the gun shot and left her there all night long. The police and coroner do not find this suspicious and did not test any of their hands, claiming it was a suicide. They further did not test my daughter’s hands for GSR, despite the Luminol test showing absolutely no sign of blood on either hand and the gun showing no visible blood either.

    I feel your pain and frustration with the police and coroner’s office in Colorado. I do not know what is going on with these smaller town offices, but I have already felt the threat from them when I started asking questions about the investigation into her death.

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family. No family should ever have to lose a child. Furthermore, no family should have to fight the law to have justice for their loved one. May you find peace one day for your lovely daughter. She reminds me so much of my beautiful Sarah.

    • Oh Sandra I am so very sorry! It sounds like you are going through the same type of thing our family and many others are as well. People think that all law enforcement and coroners are what we see on TV, but that is so far from reality. Some are absolutely awesome leaving murderers no where to hide and others, like what you and I have experienced, are quite the opposite – not wanting to investigate or take evidence to pursue the murderers. Sadly those murderers are free to kill again, and most will kill again. No family should ever have to experience the loss of a child, no family should have to go forward knowing their child’s life was taken from them in a violent manner, and no family should ever have to fight for truth and justice because the ones that are paid to do just that refuse to do it…that is re-victimization of these families! Thank you for writing in – I will send you an email with my email address if you would like to compare notes about what we have both done in our pursuit of justice…what has worked, and what has not. Take care. Much love to you.

  65. First of all i feel for your’s a pretty frightning story – to me it seems your stalker had pretty extended skills in technology..have you checked an investigated her PC an her social media accounts / email accounts etc..?
    also the stats of this website have you checked at IP’s keeping track of this website an checking your posts since the beginning you launched this site..could be relevant..
    Wish you well

    • Thank you David, and the answer to your question is yes we have, as have the sheriffs, and again yes it is relevant and damming but when Morgan turned up dead that morning the sheriff’s detective IMMEDIATELY decided it could not and would not be a murder and it has been covered up ever since…even with physical evidence that shows she was murdered. It makes you want to scream because this is not the way our system is supposed to work. Justice is a right and Morgan has had no justice yet.

  66. another thing / it is impossible to kill yourself with anti-depressive meds alone the amount of pills you would have to take would make one puke second part is that it would lead in worst case scenerio to coma an not death unless she was allergic to one of the components but since she had been using it before this can be excluded i have done exstensive research on suicide methods.. People have to save lots of different meds over a long period of time in order to commit suicide with modern day prescription drug – its a fishy investigation i must say the more i analyze the details of your daughters case

    • David her toxicology results tell the whole truth…but the pathologist did not. The amount of the amitriptyline in her BLOODSTREAM was over 10 times the amount that would have killed her…that being said she could NOT have ingested it because she would have died before it all went into her bloodstream. Not only that but the ratio of amitriptyline to the metabolite nortriptyline found in her bloodstream PROVES she was not taking the medication prior to this one time massive amount that was put into her body. And to top that all off the 2nd set of tests run on her that the pathologist ran to try to change her from natural causes to suicide (which he fraudulently did) shows without a doubt that she was dead or almost dead when the other date rape drugs were put into her stomach (most likely through a feeding tube). She never had any of those drugs in her possession and none were ever in our home and none had spilled over into her bloodstream because her stomach had already stopped absorbing by that time…I have been told by a esteemed forensic toxicologist that cyclobezaprine and amitriptyline would absorb into the blood at the same time or cyclobezapine just slightly faster BUT the cyclobenzaprine, as well as all the other date rape drugs that were in her stomach had NOT gone into her BLOOD!

      Another thing the pathologist tried to say, and of course others on the Internet that are not experts, only laymen, have tried to say that the amount of amitriptyline in her blood was massive because of something called Postmortem Redistribution…wrong again. Her blood was taken out of her body LONG before PMR would have started so that is just a way to try to confuse non experts with a conclusion that is completely wrong. Experts we contacted within 3 months of her murder tried explaining this to the pathologist, but he refused to listen because he had an agenda…an agenda that is most likely reason behind the fact that he fled his home in Colorado at the end of last year to start working in another state. Very interesting don’t you think?

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  68. I watched the show, I was disturbed with the 2nd Autopsy report, how did they get it so wrong the first time. Also I DO NOT feel that she committed suicide, think about it. With all the love in that family, I find it hard to believe that she wouldn’t have written a suicide letter. Facts just don’t add up. Kimmy

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    • I have been thinking of changing the page layouts just as you have suggested for quite a while now. Thank you so much for letting me know what you think. I have had feedback that many people would love to just read through Morgan’s story instead of jumping back and forth between other posts. This is one of my things to change in 2017. Take care!

  70. how did Morgan die? very sorry for your loss! yes the laws need to change this offense to capitol punishment . it is the most insidious crime.

    • Hello Rebecca. Morgan was stalked for 4 months. It was a felony stalking. Two nights before her murder the felony stalking detective told us he believed her stalking was going to “escalate” and then we found her dead in her bed. We later found out that it was a “staged crime scene” and the inept forensic pathologist decided she had died from natural causes. We were shocked and wanted to know what killed her as we have grandchildren and needed to know in order to take precautions…he had no evidence, just his opinion. We then had more qualified experts; another medical examiner, forensic toxicologist medical specialist and a former federal criminal investigator look at the evidence and toxicology results and we realized the pathologist was wrong – he then threatened me that he could change her manner of death to suicide if we didn’t back off…8 months after her murder he did just that and changed her manner of death to suicide (again with no evidence). It’s horrific because all the physical evidence points to murder not suicide, and not natural causes – murder. If it was true that her death was from suicide then that should have been investigated and her stalker (the sheriff’s knew who the suspect was) should have been arrested, but instead the sheriff and coroner refused to open an investigation and tried to bury the whole thing under the rug. Everyone believes there was an investigation but in reality the sheriffs told us that since the pathologist determined her manner of death was from natural causes, and then changed it to suicide, both of those manners of death they will not investigate, even though the morning we found her they called it a suspicious death. I guess it’s easier for them to hide their heads in the sand or ???

      So my conclusion is that in Garfield County, Colorado if you stalk someone and then kill them you are allowed to remain free to reoffend…:(

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  72. I watched this on ID yesterday. I was really intrigued by it and i have been reading up. I really think someone was in the house waiting and went into her room. He waited until the place got quiet and when Morgan was asleep. I honestly think that the person has been in and out of your house before. So he knew how to get in and out and where the room and bedrooms were, I do have a question; was there any DNA found on Morgan to compare to Keenan?

    V from Trinidad and Tobago

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  74. I just watched you on dr. Phil. I’m so sorry about your daughter. I hope you get justice one day if you haven’t already.

    • Thank you very much Tara – I appreciate your kind words…Morgan has not yet received justice but we intend to continue until she does.

  75. 4.27.2018 a message from a supporter that has stuck around throughout all these years…

    “When 19 yr old Morgan Ingram’s mother, Toni, began keeping notes on the stalker incidents and calls to the Garfield County, CO Sherriff in 2011, she never dreamed it would turn into this story that would still see her adding to it 7 years later. Morgan would be 26 now, and most certainly would be a happy and successful young woman…instead, a psycho stalker took her away from her loved ones. That man is still walking free today.
    Toni and Steve, her parents, have worked tirelessly every single day since December 2, 2011 to try to change that…there is no reason in the world that the man who took their youngest daughter away from them should still be walking the streets of Colorado, or ANY street, for that matter. The only place he should be walking is in the halls of a prison, or pacing in a prison cell.”

    “I have prayed for justice for Morgan since 2012. Please read her story, and please pray for Toni and Steve Ingram…pray that light continues to shatter the darkness, and that those good people who are working hard for justice, may continue on and be successful. Morgan deserves nothing less!!!!”

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  77. I am deeply sorry for your tragic loss and pray for strength and compassion. To lose a child is is against all laws of nauture….and especially when they are taken from us at the hands of another. I will pray for peace for your family ❤️

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