Stalking victimization is underreported…

According to the report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics:

Stalking is dangerous and potentially lethal – be informed

Stalking is a serious crime. Stalking is dangerous and potentially lethal, as it was in my daughter, Morgan Ingram’s case. Education and awareness are the keys to protect future victims. It is important to know what to do and how to protect yourself, or your loved ones.


From the Office of Justice Programs


What is stalking?

Legal definitions vary from one jurisdiction to another. Still, stalking is generally defined as a pattern of behavior directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear. A crime in all 50 states and at the federal level, stalking is dangerous and potentially lethal.


Murder In Slow Motion!!!


“Stalking and domestic violence is just Murder in Slow Motion!” said Laura Richards. I have never heard it put so well…

So, if you THINK stalking is no big deal, then think again…stalking is dangerous and always needs to be taken seriously!

Chief of San Diego Police, William Lansdowne, told Panorama that their stalking unit was set up originally because of the number of tragic murders that had occurred in the city and in the state of California.  Chief Landsdowne added: “We have found now that we’re not having the homicides that we had before we aggressively went after stalking.

Know the facts…believe the victims…help raise awareness.

3 years after her death…A breath of love about Morgan


MorganscandleBurning candles all around our house today for Morgan

This post was written by Morgan’s daddy, Steve.

This morning there are so many things of Morgan’s surrounding us, her paintings, photographs, a little silver charm with her first name engraved on it, and family pictures, everywhere.  I feel her smile and her love of life in everything, and of course I feel that love always because it was so very strong in everything Morgan chose to do.

At the same time the story of her death becomes part of the legacy in a lawless county of Colorado, and what it has meant for so many others, step by plodding step.  Fresh experiences with so many new twists, new turns and new surprises fill today, three years after the day she had every last thing so viciously stripped from her.

We all lost the bright shining light that is Morgan three short years ago.  Her puppy Wylah seems to be watching her mom sometimes…and she is starting to get over the fear she has had of that certain type of young man ever since Morgan’s sudden death.  Morgan’s kitty Mo has never really repeated his very vocal, ma… ma, since Morgan’s death – he knows she is no longer right here, and our family dog Tessi still stops in her tracks and turns to look whenever she hears Morgan’s name called out.

For Toni and I learning new truths never seems to stop. The desire to fill in the blanks goes on too.  They feed each other, and both continue to be so important to us.  But then they have their own internal schedule as if not to release too much all at one time. We both think we could have handled it, only deep inside we both know that would not have been possible.  The ever unfolding truth about Morgan’s death has been precipitated by unseen events I have no control over, and they continue to happen, entirely on their own circadian rhythm.  The unchanging truth just keeps managing to bubble up with new bits and pieces of evidence, whenever and wherever it wants to.  I can sense that what at first was manifestations of lies and deceit by others sworn to protect her is now borne so much more of guilt and fear by these very same people.

We wish to never lose the tiniest slice of who Morgan was, her intense caring, nurturing and of course uncanny ability of seeing it all on a more simple straightforward prism of life.  How she could distill it all into just that one point.  Of course it might have taken her an entire poem to completely express that one point, but that was Morgan.  Her presence and abilities are always missed. There is such a growing knowledge and understanding of how the selfish uncaring and vindictive lives of others can touch us all through what happened to Morgan.  For some people Morgan is closer now than she has ever been in the three long years since her death.  To be able to feel how strong she is brings such comfort, and is such a blessing.

While the world moves on today Toni and I will take a moment to let time just stop for us this moment. We’ll allow all things Morgan to permeate as much as they wish. We’ll look at pictures, watch videos, read her pose and share our memories.  A light that bright can’t be allowed to have been extinguished from the world completely and forever.  We intend to let her memories burn brighter and touch us more deeply than ever as we go forward from today.

And to all of you who have followed and learned from the story of Morgan, you have gained a little sense of just what she meant to this world.  And there are so many who knew Morgan and could add immeasurably to that little sense which has begun with her story.  That one particular part, friends who really knew Morgan, adding to her ever growing story.  That specific part, Toni and I both want to happen more and more, and I know that it will, because an eerie frightening darkness of deceit that began with her death has managed to live on – day by day, even minute by minute – that darkness needs to be pierced through now.  Not only for the causes she started and had begun to dedicate her life to need full reign to blossom and move onward, but even more the tragic actions of stalking that stole first her freedom and then her life need to be fought on her behalf.  Toni and I together, with so many other co-victims, know in our hearts this to be true, and more importantly in our actions we wish to make a real change so that others will not be made to suffer as Morgan did on that day, and how she has ever since.

The world will always have need for the love, the ideals and the deep, deep caring of Morgan… perhaps now more than ever.

We all love you Morgan, forever and ever.  Daddy.

November 27, 2011 – Day 118 of Morgan’s stalking – Is he standing right behind Steve?

Steve was up early, and left for work.  I was in the kitchen when Morgan walked in, it was late morning by then and she still looked tired.  She wondered if we were really moving, she knew what a job it was going to be, and hated to see us go through it, because of a stalker.  We had a great talk about how strangely enough her dad, and I had talked about it this morning before he left, and he was going to call the people we were dealing with today and start the process.

I told her how her father was very confident this was all going to work out for the best.  I didn’t tell her he was also going to move his shop at the same time so he would be a block away most every day, and his only reservation was that with our new home being so difficult to approach, the stalker would be forced into something that did not involve the house at all.  We had no plan for that yet, but Steve was insistent that we did before we moved.

Morgan had lived through enough fear, and fright for a lifetime, and then some.  I could not bear to start talking about what might go wrong after we moved, when all of a sudden she seemed to be warming up to the idea.  Obviously it had been on her mind the night before.

I made her tea and encouraged her to go back to sleep.  We had a lot of stuff coming up just as soon as the details were worked out.  Morgan went back to sleep and I spent a few hours packing up those things you know you are not going to need for the next month.  It was a really good feeling to think we were about to put an end to this stalking.  I can’t remember if I was concerned or not that we had not caught him yet.  I do remember a time when it was so important for Morgan that we did.  But right at that time I’m not sure how I really felt about it.

At 12:30 pm Steve was home from work, and his shop would be humming till late as he liked to put it.  He had a project to wrap, and he could carve out the time for a double move.  Sounded quite daunting to me, and I knew he was underestimating.  He had not gotten a call back from the bank, but thought they would be OK with the move.

Morgan had planned to come with us at 1:00 pm to a belated Thanksgiving with Steve’s brother and his family, but after her cousin Camille had to leave early, she wanted to just stay home in bed.  Her friend Nathan came over to stay with her and we felt she was very safe with him, so we left for another round of Thanksgiving and family.

Another of Morgan’s friends started texting her around 7:45 pm and she was telling them about her lingering flu.  She felt it had been going on for over a week and she was all the way up to just feeling “yickish”

Steve and I were enjoying our day, which was now turning to evening, so much and at 8:30 pm I checked in with Morgan again.  I texted her, “Any rocks or noise?”, and she answered, “Nope. We’re going out though. Nate’s sleeping over. We’re taking wyla.”  Nope, how nice that word sounded, nothing happening.  How simple it would have been if it was always like that. Steve wanted we to ask Nathan a question and since he didn’t have a cell phone yet, I texted Morgan for him, “Ok Nate’a going to work with Dad in the morning? Remember to lock the front door love you.”  Morgan answered, “Love you too.”

I asked her to have Nate check the bushes by the front of the garage on their way out.  The motion detector light kept going on and off, like the one on the corner of the house by our room had done a while back.  Steve had switched it with another light just like we had with the one by our room and the new one still kept going on and off at certain times.  It was so frustrating to have something happening, and never see what it was that was causing it to happen.

Morgan answered that “He is. :)” about Nate going to work with Steve and I told her, “Ok”

We were home before 9:00 pm and Steve immediately went to the task of putting together some motion detectors that he had been “custom” painted to match where he intended to place them, so they would blend in.  There was something going on in the front corner of the house, and he was working to catch it.  At around 9:21 pm he placed the detectors, and then called me on my phone.  He wanted me to stand by the alarms in our room and see just how close he could get before the alarm went off.  After a few tries he was satisfied with his new setup and came in the house.

At 9:46 pm the newly placed detectors were very carefully taken from their perches and placed face down on the ground.  They need heat moving to detect motion and if one were to grab them from the behind and slowly move them toward cold ground there would be no alarm.  And even if there had, Morgan’s stalker had plenty of hiding spots nearby.  He would probably have sat patiently and watched Steve show up wondering how the alarm had ended up on the ground, so quickly.  But we would not know they had been moved until after a series of events the next day.

Today is November 22, 2012 – Thanksgiving is today and it has been a long and lonely day for Steve and I.  I constantly receive screen shots by email now from some of our readers.  Little clips about what is being guessed at about Morgan around the Internet.  Some people seem to be amazingly certain of what they think they know.  My decision to tell what happened that day last year perhaps plays into this and of course free speech is free speech for all, well almost all, but don’t get me started on that.

For all of you who read Morgan’s Blog about Morgan’s stalking, at the end of the day the story I tell is for all of you, and your families.  Stalking is under reported, pervasive and lethal.  So many more know these three truths than when Morgan was being stalked – and Steve and I are so grateful for the chance to be sharing this information and raising awareness.

I will also let you all in on something most of you know already.  The people who work on Morgan’s case now are quite a different group then the Garfield Sheriff’s Department, and there are things I ache to share with the world. But I am not allowed to, not because of any court in the land, but because the investigators go over it with me, apologize for the obvious pain it has caused and remind me that this is not going on Morgan’s Blog, not yet.  I believe very strongly that even Morgan agrees with the decisions being made.  It is not to appease the court of public opinion – it is important for an eventual criminal trial.  We miss you honey, and have no idea what Thanksgiving looks like up in Heaven.

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