Reward Poster…Suspicious Death – Please Share – The Wisdom Of The Crowd Can Solve This Case!

The main suspect in the police reports looks just like the person in these pictures…the suspect is left handed, wears the same t-shirt as in his social media picture and is driving a car with the exact same unique front grill as the car he owned at that time. In his interview with the sheriff detective the suspect denied it was him in the video, but the detective told him that he believed it was definitely him and that his denial didn’t even pass the laugh test. #JusticeForMorgan  We will NEVER give up!

If you have any little piece of information that could help this case please call or text Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers…you can stay anonymous if you like. The reward is not just $1,000 you could be eligible for a lot more depending on the information supplied.

For more information and to look at the video of the “suspect” up our driveway click here

2 thoughts on “Reward Poster…Suspicious Death – Please Share – The Wisdom Of The Crowd Can Solve This Case!

  1. Toni, it’s been awhile since I last wrote you. I’m the one who’s been stalked several times in my life that I shared with you. So I completely understand the fear of what stalking creates in the people who are victims of it.

    I noticed that tonight, there will be a special airing on the Oxygen Channel regarding your daughter’s case. I’ve been reading your blogs for several years, and have been hoping there would be new leads. I can hardly wait to watch this episode!

    It is so hard for me to fathom that you have received negative responses from people regarding your daughter’s stalking AND in regards to her death. It just doesn’t make any sense! This is so obvious to me the two are related! These negative responses are from people who have never lived this kind of terror before. I hope they never do!

    I’m so proud that you have continued your fight to find justice for your daughter, and hopefully with tonight’s program I will get to hear what the recent developments are!

    I hope you are taking good care of yourself while you work your way through this mess. Just know I’m with you in spirit!

    • Nanette – I really appreciate you writing in to express your feelings – thank you so much. I am so sorry you have had to live through this horrible situation multiple times – I know how hard it is to continue to fight.

      Because of the Oxygen Network program we have actually obtained even more evidence of murder, and it’s subsequence cover-up, that we did not previously had, so that is a very positive outcome. The puzzle pieces are coming together – I wish they had come together sooner, but maybe we weren’t ready to see them until now, you never know.

      It is not hard for me to fathom the negative responses I get, because I know where they originated from, and have been told that people who are involved will do and say anything in order to protect their own…that being said, from day one, they have spread horrible lies and rumors and yes, there are people out on the Internet that will believe anything negative that they hear…maybe they need to believe, because they have their own problems or beliefs that the truth contradicts. Either way I never let the negative lies bother me, because I know the truth, and if I allowed that negative energy to invade my thoughts then it would only slow me down in my quest for justice for Morgan, and all other victims I support – this I would never do.

      As far as the terror stalking victims endure – that is why I share Morgan’s story. I want everyone to understand that stalking is a crime. It is not only dangerous to the victims, but it also destroys lives. Education and awareness are good tools to employ when dealing with a situation like this. Stalking is a serious crime and should always be taken seriously- it is a crime that deserves serious consequences.

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