November 5, 2011 – Day 96 of Morgan’s stalking – whatever it takes now.

Morgan visiting when she was not being stalked.

Steve was already up and in the kitchen, I heard a noise outside my window in the room.  A loud thud, like a sack of horse grain being thrown from the back of a truck onto the ground, I lie still for a second listening, then asked Steve if coffee was ready.  I was working toward fear until he walked in holding two cups, and said this was unusual sound – what was it?  He raised his eyebrows and raised his shoulders as if to say, “I don’t know”.   I shook my head no, and pointed to the back yard.  He instantly knew something was up, was already dressed and was out our back door in a fraction of a second.

I sat up and listened as motion detectors around the house went off in sequence.  I could almost hear the grass crunching under Steve’s feet as he ran around the house.  Then he was back at the door,  and standing in the room huffing and puffing.

Nothing, he told me and then wondered what had happened.  I told him about the thud – and he walked outside, and again alarms went off for the back yard, and then he was back inside again.  Still nothing.  A thud, he wondered as he handed me my coffee.  He fixated on the noise asking me all about it.  He was thinking someone tripped out back.  We heard them thud the ground, and then he handed me my phone.  Mr. E needs a text right now, the stalker could be outside and perhaps he can check and tell us what he sees from his upstairs window.  He’s offered enough times Steve reminds me.  While I am texting Steve calls dispatch.

At 6:22 am I sent the text to Elliott, I ask him, “Elliott the stalker might still be outside could you look towards our house from your 2nd story window?  Sheriff’s are on their way.”  Elliott writes back a little while later, “Took me a sec to wake. I don’t see anyone.”  I wrote back, “Thanks so much, just thought it was worth a try.”  Elliott writes back, I just heard that Keenan was on a hunting trip Tuesday.  I wrote back, “Do you think that’s true?  What exactly was he told and who told him? Could he be back?”  Elliott said, “Can’t confirm, and I thought the same.”  How reliable is this info from Christina, Brooke’s mom to Elliott?  Supposidly he’s hunting with grandpa.”  I said, “Good to know, we must be getting close to home for him now.”

The sheriff’s were at the house a little later and Steve walked them out back to explain what had happened and how perplexed he was, unless it was just someone who tripped and hit the dirt.  He brought the officers in the house and showed them the one video we had ready to play from the walkabout.  This deputy was different. I heard him telling Steve he had a daughter and was very upset with what was going on here.

As they watched the video I walked in and said hi.  They both immediately came to the same conclusion.  “That is a girl!  Not even a guy!  No way!”  I told them we had pretty much decided the same thing and pointed out the pom pom.  They both shook their heads, this was unbelievable to them.  The deputy wondered if we can up the intensity of the lights in the front yard.  He had seen some of our videos and he thought if it was brighter that might help with the identification of the stalker.

Steve thanked him for the idea and told him to consider it done.  We would have another set of lights installed by Monday.  They assured us we would get this guy and they left.  I wished all the officers were all like those two, I knew it was too much to ask, that there is always the good, and the bad in anything.  But those two were the good and I truly appreciated them.

At 10:30 am I sent Elliott (our neighbor across the street) another text, “So sorry that I woke you both up so early.  I sure hope this is over soon.  At 11:34 am Elliott texted back, “No prob.  I think it’s time you hired surveillance.” I write back, “Good idea, I have a similar plan.”

Steve goes to the hardware store and upgrades our front yard lighting.  During the day it is hard to tell the difference, but Steve assures me that at night it will be quite a difference, he also thinks it can cut both ways, we’ll just have to see how the cameras react to this tonight.

Today Keenan sends another message back to Morgan’s friend on FB and says “I’m just gonna cal the cops when I get back and show em these messages and sue u for harassment.  U will hear from the cops in a few days.”

Morgan’s friend writes back that he isn’t worried and the cops know just who Keenan is…don’t worry.  Keenan now tells him, “I haven’t been in that neighborhood at all in 3 weeks or so.  I’ll call the cops when I get back and I want to see those bullshit tapes ur making up.  I’m done talkin to u.”  Morgan has taken to knitting Christmas presents like crazy – knitting keeps her calm – she doesn’t like all this drama, and when I look at her she reminds me of someone from a distant era.

Fact Check – The Deputies that Steve showed the video to, from only one camera, were the first to see it, and once again someone – Keenan, who shouldn’t have knowledge of the video – is talking about it – was this because he orchestrated the “alibi walk around” of Brooke?  And as for the three weeks comment he made – Keenan had followed Morgan to the corner on October 27th – many have wondered if he was questioned about this, and as far as I know he was not, but it was certainly less than three weeks ago!  And Morgan positively ID’d him as the driver.

N sends Morgan a text message,  “Hey, just found the most amazing dragonfly ever, aquamarine and bright red.  Made me think of you.  Hope you’re having a good week.”  Morgan sends a message to N in Australia,  “Ah!  That sounds so beautiful.  I’m jealous. 🙁 We should skype before you come home because that’s a long time to wait to see your face.  Haha.”

The dragonfly represents change and Morgan and her parents wish for change – for all the other victims of stalking – so their lives may return to them.

Nothing happens tonight, it’s quiet.  Steve and I just look at how bright the driveway is at night now, and we wait to see the detectives tomorrow.  We want to make this all end for Morgan, it hurts too much to see our sweet daughter the “target” of a stalker, under attack.

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  1. If you haven’t signed the petition to reopen this case please do so! The link is on the top right hand of the home page. Justice for Morgan! ♥♥♥

  2. Could it have been someone jumping from the tree to the ground, that was not familiar with getting up and down. Since K was away could it have been one of the others?

  3. If you haven’t signed the petition to reopen this case please do so! The link is on the top right hand of the home page. Justice for Morgan! ♥♥♥

      • I know of so many people that have signed it. These are people you wouldn’t expect anything from, but they did. They support you in finding answers even though they are hurting because of all this.

        • Thank you for telling me this. Please let them know Morgan is the driving force behind all of this and she is still around and is so happy when her friends help.

  4. Toni, I’ve commented a couple times, and i come back tonight to continue to encourage you.

    I can’t imagine your feelings at this point…I get so angry at the LE reading your posts. How can anyone “sweep” this under the rug and be able to sleep at night!

    On another note, on the news tonight they were speaking of stalking because there is a person being stalked here and she just found a wildlife camera on a light pole outside her house. Her stalker attached it so he could watch her and know when she is home or is leaving. This is happening in my neighborhood! So scary!

    Your blog definitely helps me remember to be aware of my surroundings! Thank you for taking the time to put the awareness out there. As a mother myself, I can only imagine the emotions you go through having to relive this!

    Prayers are continued for your family!!

  5. Toni, at what point did you start to suspect that LE was not fully investigating the stalking? Also, you have told us that you have since figured out the stalker was on the roof. But the only times I can remember you mentioning the dogs barking is when the stalker(s) were at the door. I would think that dogs would hear the movement on the roof no matter how stealth the stalker was. So I’m wondering if before the first window banging you remember any odd behavior from the dogs like barking at “nothing”, etc. My point being that perhaps the stalker(s) acclimated the dogs to his/their presence before revealing himself to Morgan so that they wouldn’t give him away later when he was ready to escalate the stalking. Just a thought that could maybe help you pinpoint when the earliest activity began. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

    • Our big dog would bark (the puppy hadn’t learned to bark yet) and we didn’t see anything so we would tell her to hush up. The little dog next door would back in the middle of the night and our neighbor would call us because it would normally coincide with Morgan’s motion lights outside her bedroom going off but we weren’t catching someone on camera at those time so those times could have been her dog barking at someone on our roof or her roof.

    • @jennifer….please refrain from such comments on this blog. If u disagree with LMD, u can state that, but telling someone (a stranger) to SHUT-UP is not appropriate.

    • It was on yesterday. Very scary!! The police are working on finding the person behind it.

  6. I’ve become so engulfed with your heartbreaking story ever since I’ve begun reading it about a week ago now. I’ve looked over quite a few of Morgan’s website’s she was a part of, trying to get a better feel for who this beautiful young woman was, that was so viciously ripped away from your family and this world. I too have lost a loved one, my sister, 3 years ago now, in 2009. I understand all too well how deep the pain of your loss most certainly reaches. Last night I came across one of Morgan’s accounts where she had made many playlists of music seemingly for herself and others. This morning I awoke thinking I wanted to continue to listen to some of the music she apparently loved considering some of what I had listened to last night was right up my alley. When I got to work this morning I found another playlist of Morgan’s and began listening to it as I started my work for the day. As I try my best to busy myself here at work and to not dwell on not only my sister whom I miss dearly, but also your daughter, a song on Morgan’s playlist comes on, and I immediately break down in tears crying, both for the loss of your obviously amazing daughter and my beautiful sister. The song that broke me is by the band Coldplay and it is named, Fix you. This is one of the songs I hand picked to play at my sister’s funeral and Morgan had liked it and included it in one of her playlists. Because of this I wanted to make sure you knew this song. I think about you and your husband and family pretty regularly now and I hope and wish for nothing but the best for you all. I hope that you find the justice for Morgan that she so greatly deserves. Also, being a mother myself, I greatly appreciate the courage and strength you have in doing what you are doing. You are raising great awareness on a subject that too many people in this world downplay. Stalking is something that needs to be taken MUCH more seriously not only by citizens of this country but also BY LAW ENFORCEMENT of this country. True sickness is out there in people whether or not we want to believe it. We have got to come together not only for our own personal safety but for the safety of our children and the future children of this world. WE CAN MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE IF WE WOULD ALL JUST STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! ENOUGH SILENCE, ENOUGH PROTECTING THOSE THAT HURT OTHERS, ENOUGH LOOKING THE OTHER WAY AS IF NOTHING IS GOING ON! Toni & Steve, you CAN do this. I send all my hopes, thoughts, and good wishes your way.

    Coldplay – Fix You

    (I have read your decorum and I know you said you would not include links in the comments anymore, which I entirely understand. I only included the link for you, Toni & Steve, so that the two of you may listen to a song that not only Morgan liked but that may touch on some of the feelings you most certainly have about losing your daughter. I know this song describes all too well my feelings for my sister which is why I picked it to be played at her funeral.)

  7. We allowed this link because it’s a youtube so it can’t be changed. Thanks so much that was really sweet. And we are so very sorry about the loss of your sister!

    • Your very incredibly welcome. I will be rooting for you and your family.

      Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
      – Buddha

      There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.
      – Buddha

      It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.
      – Aristotle Onassis

      Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
      – Confucius

        • Roar Momma lion, roar until the whole universe hears your voice!! Roar until Morgan can hear you!! 🙂 <3

          • Oh I am roaring now – wait till you see how Morgan’s army of angels will be doing in the next weeks to come 🙂

    • Yes – didn’t see anything but that’s not unusual considering my eyesight is not so wonderful anymore

    • Wow wouldn’t that be something to us to miss – it that were true then I really need glasses.

  8. Toni,

    I saw on a previous post that someone offered to send you a starbucks gift card. I thought this was such a nice gesture and I was wondering if you would like a gift card to bath & body works to pamper yourself? I’m sure this is all very stressful! Please let me know.

    • That is so sweet. I know it’s hard economic times for people right now so that is why we haven’t be actively asking people for anything financial, but in the next few days we are going to set up a place on this blog where people can “Help fund justice for Morgan”, advertise there shop and the day or week or month that they are donating funds towards the Morgan Ingram Benefit Fund, as well as Steve and I have decided to start selling off things like a large sculpture that Morgan loved + other things in order to bring in enough financially to cover the costs of retaining Morgan’s samples for another year, having all samples tested again (all at our own cost), retaining legal council for all the things we must traverse over the next 6 months all in order to get Morgan’s case opened at a higher level and to keep spreading the word and awareness about stalking – I will never give up. Thanks for your generous offer and if you need to speak with me via email just go through the website on the tip line or contact line and it will go right to me. 🙂

  9. One of my friends linked to your blog on her Facebook page. I’m heartbroken about this for you I’ve read through all of your blog posts in one day and I can’t stop clutching my two daughters close. A question for your petition do the signatures have to be from Colorado since it’s a Colorado crime?

    Also have you thought of contacting Henry C Lee formerly of the Connecticut State Police? He is a world renown investigator and may be able to help.

  10. I don’t think the signatures have to all be from Colorado so no worries and I love your idea about Henry Lee but we do have a great forensic pathologist that is helping and has given us a second opinion, Dr. Michael Dobersen who is very well respected and has done many high profile cases – besides he is a great person!

  11. @Toni… Im just so drained thinking that the LE, County officials, court officials all have a hand in this cover-up. How disappointing! Can other state officials help u? Or are they out of jurisdiction? Maybe that would be a great start.

  12. @Luc- yes, it was used in the “no way” context. I would never tell a stranger something like that. Especially on a blog I’ve been reading since the beginning and have nothing but sympathy and compassion for this family.
    @LMD- thanks, I was easily able to find it on Newschannel 5’s website. Scary! I live in the country about a 1/2 mile from the road and I get so spooked going down to make my baby a bottle in the middle of the night, I seriously run up the stairs when I’m done.
    Team Morgan!
    Jen from TN 🙂

    • @jen….I’m the same way with my baby….I finally decided just to bring everything I need upstairs so I don’t have to go downstairs at night 🙂

  13. You keep referencing that you don’t understand how Keenan knows about the video footage, but then this is said:

    “Morgan’s friend writes back that he isn’t worried and the cops know just who K is…don’t worry. K now tells him, “I haven’t been in that neighborhood at all in 3 weeks or so. I’ll call the cops when I get back and I want to see those bullshit tapes ur making up. I’m done talkin to u.”

    Keenan tells “Morgans friend,” “I want to see those bullshit tapes YOUR making up.”

    Doesn’t that answer the question as to how Keenan knows? It sounds as if Morgans friend is responsible for telling him about the video footage…

    • If you have a big timeline, as I do, that contains every statement made by every questionable person, and when that statement was made, it becomes extremely obvious that K is aware of events that took place at our house long before he ever should have known – the same is true of ?… Everyone by this time knows that we have video cameras running 24/7 around our house so to assume that there were tapes in our possession is a simple statement for anyone to make, but it has nothing to do with the fact that on this same FB conversation that you are referring to – before the one you just referenced…K said he heard something happened that Tuesday, and he wasn’t even in town – he was in Texas. So he did know something happened, he just didn’t give up the person that was caught on the camera.

  14. The gang stalkers use recording playback in-home, to fake activity supposedly heard outside.

    Since they record everything going on in the house, including actual sounds emitted outside, it is an effective way to simulate an attack.

    You catch on if you listen carefully. The gang stalkers aren’t always very careful about their recordings. For instance, when they record a noise like a box being moved across a room on a bare wood floor, and you hear it, just as you are coming out of sleep (they use microwave radar guns that can quickly heat a large skin area, like flank or back to wake you, pretty much at will, usually on a schedule).

    Quite likely you had one or more of these GSers in the house (attic) while you were home. Pretty standard activity.

    Hmmm. They must be not too happy about my posting this information (although it’s widely known within the TI community) – they have hacked my employer’s intranet system and have about 1.87 GB of computer resource tied up, via wireless connection monitoring. It’s almost 8pm at night and we know where our stalkers are!

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