An Excerpt Shared From The Book ‘Survivors’

Dennis N. Griffin, with the Transparency Project, shared the following on Facebook on Friday, August 16, 2019.

An excerpt from Chapter 7 of the SURVIVORS book, the Morgan Ingram story written by her mother, Toni Ingram: We reported incidents of stalking over 70 times in four months. We had photographic, video and eye-witness proof of the stalker. We kept a detailed timeline of the incidents. The main suspect is named over and over in the police reports, emails and text messages, with his accomplice, who was somewhat protected (and redacted from the reports), as she was still a minor. According to the deputies, they both had extensive criminal records which we would never see because their records were sealed.Then, on the morning of December 2, 2011, we found our daughter dead in her bed. This was only four days before she was scheduled to give her on-camera statement to the sheriffs for an impending arrest of the suspect in her stalking case. The detectives had told the suspects this detail only days before her murder.Her room was the scene of an obvious struggle. Her panic button, which was hidden by her bed, and would summon her father with a baseball bat if pushed, had been torn off and tossed across the room. Her cell phone, which she always kept in bed next to her as she slept, was found under her bathroom door. Her pants were unbuttoned and unzipped, her bottom bed sheet was missing, her pillow cases and the pajamas she had worn to bed, were gone as well. There was blood on her forehead, lips and teeth, her nose looked smashed, she had a fat lip, tangled hair, abrasions on the top and bottom of her right hand, three torn nails on her right hand, and amazingly, her hands were frozen in rigor, “signing” the first and last letters of the stalking suspect’s name! The sheriffs dismissed all this evidence, called her a slob, and her death was ruled to be from natural causes.

This book is #1 on Amazon under new releases in criminal evidence – with all 5-star ratings so far! Yay 😀 If you haven’t already ordered it I would highly recommend it. Hard to put down, once you start reading it. SURVIVORS is now available for order in both paperback and Kindle formats. Read about Morgan’s story.

Listen to this audio interview…

Great audio interview. Bonus Episode: Interview with ‘Survivors’ author, Dennis Griffin. Dennis (Denny), is an experienced author, victim’s advocate, and former law enforcement officer, As AlyBlue Media states, “‘Survivors’ sheds light on cases denied thorough investigations, and underscores the need for police transparency.”

Please remember, after reading the book, to rate it and leave a comment. So far it has received all 5-star ratings on Amazon, along with great feedback about the book. You can read about these shocking true stories and America’s pursuit of police transparency and justice, then share your insights about the book with others when you give your rating. Click on this link and then click on “Look Inside” to get an idea of what is in the book….I think you will really enjoy this read.

Stalking or Coercive Control Should Be Taken Seriously…

‘All cases of stalking or coercive control should be taken seriously and investigated when reported to police.’ – Suky Bhaker Acting CEO of Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

Experts warn of ‘epidemic’ of bugging devices used by stalkers – Read more:

Almost Got Away With Murder – “She” Forgot The Bite Mark She Left Behind…



This is an article about the Sherri Rae Rasmussen case.

The DNA from the bite mark on Rasmussen’s body was matched to her killer, Stephanie Lazarus. Rasmussen’s dad tried for many, many years to get justice for his daughter, saying, “I am 100 percent confident that Stephanie Lazarus killed my daughter.” Lazarus’ family argued that she couldn’t be the murderer…but in the end she was convicted of murder. Sound familiar?

Why am I posting about this case? Because I have no idea if it was a twist of fate, or just a coincidence (I don’t really believe in coincidences), but during Morgan’s stalking, just one month before her murder, I purchased the book you see above, about the Rasmussen case on my Kindle, but I never had a chance to read it until long after Morgan’s murder…the strange thing about that is the book spoke about Rasmussen’s killer being a police officer, evidence going missing, evidence destroyed, a bite mark on her body, and her father fighting for 2 1/2 decades to get justice.

At the time I read the book I had no idea that there were similarities to Morgan’s case. I still had not yet seen a picture of the bite mark on Morgan’s arm. I had not yet seen the picture of the saliva on the bite mark on Morgan’s arm, that showed up under the UV light. I did not know that the main suspect in Morgan’s stalking was being protected by the sheriffs, a warrant being suppressed, plea deals made, etc. Nope – I was completely in the dark at that time, and unaware of all the things I now know.

All that being said, it seems interesting that this book, just like everything else I have come across in the past 8 years, has helped me ask important questions. Those questions I have asked have led me to a lot of solid evidence in Morgan’s case, evidence that is shocking, because the sheriffs and pathologist knew about it at the time, and kept it from us – they covered it up! Many people believe Morgan was murdered, and many others seek to keep her case from ever being investigated, repressing the evidence, why? I believe Morgan’s case is not an isolated case in Colorado, and once Morgan’s case is actually investigated, and indictments made, it will cause many other cases to be reopened…it will be a nightmare for the state of Colorado. That alone can cause most of the push-back we have fought against all these years.

And just like Nels Rasmussen, we will never give up, and we will see justice for Morgan, eventually – please keep hope for justice alive in your thoughts and prayers…Morgan deserves it, as well as any future victims, if her murderer is not brought to justice.