November 18, 2011 – Day 109 of Morgan’s Stalking – Who Was Morgan?

Morgan gets up and makes a juice drink to bring on her way to her ballet class.  She stretches while she’s standing in the kitchen, and says good morning to us.  The bar top is treated like a ballet bar and she is concentrating on her posture and movement, as Steve and I pour coffee.

Morgan would sometimes lecture us about drinking coffee, and sometimes not say anything.  What it was this particular morning I can’t be sure.  Health was very important to her and she was always sharing something she had learned with us.  It was that time when your children are soaking up knowledge faster than you are, and you have to adjust to receiving good information with grace.

I don’t really know if it was that as parents we had already been through this twice before Morgan, with our older two children, but Morgan was not only different, she was easier.  Steve and I would always talk about her advice to us, and how we should really listen to her.

Later that day Morgan was talking to her friend between classes.  Her friend Nicole asks her, ”Is the yarn you’re using for the mitts pastel or bright colors?” Morgan tells her, “Pastel.”  Her friend Nicole answers, “Okay! Thanks!”  Morgan sends her back a heart, “<3” and Nicole asks Morgan, “Who is your favorite Disney princess?” Morgan answers, “ Ariel? Yes! Mermaid!”  Nicole ends with, “ Okay! Good to know!”

She came home from classes and rested in her room.  She did that often.  She would sit in front of her mirror and sing while she fussed with her hair.  Most days she would come out and sing while playing her keyboard.  She didn’t have a wide repertoire, just a few favorites that she worked on perfecting.

Morgan had a few favorite series she liked to watch on TV, and over the years had collected every season she could and would watch them over and over.  Buffy was a favorite, then the Gilmore Girls, and Smallville.  Between the three she was endlessly entertained.

Washing her clothes was an ongoing task.  Morgan would wash, dry and fold and then sometimes her cat would knock them over, and the task would be repeated – never seeming to bother her.

At 6:20 pm, Steve texted her, “We’re taking Joni (her little niece) to the diner, would love to have you join us.”  And a minute later she answered me that she might not make it.  That she was kinda caught up with friends.  Steve texted her again at 6:52 pm that we were finishing, and did she want anything?  Morgan said no, and we brought Joni home.

At 9:00 pm we told Morgan that we were home.  She had made arrangements to sleep at Calder’s house, which would mean the couch, and I told her OK sweet dreams.

Her life was simple and we always knew what to expect.  Steve and I could count on her to do what was needed.  Her room wasn’t the neatest, but it was never all that bad.  She was the last child living in the house with us and we enjoyed having her.

Her stalker(s) had taken so much from her.  It was not fair, and we balanced justice for Morgan with the rights of all.  We saw suspicious things and reported them as we were asked.  But I can honestly say we never faced anyone down, or accused, of blamed.  The deputies had their theories, and we would more likely ask them if they were really sure, we did not want to accuse hastily, or rush to judgment.  We wanted the truth.

I never demanded answers from anyone, but we should have.  In two weeks time Morgan will be dead.  When your daughter is twenty, and healthy it does not even enter into the realm of possibility.  Morgan was worried about taking care of Steve, and I as we grew old.  She joked about what it was going to be like for her.  What the responsibility would be for her.  Not in a pained way, but in a happy way.  The same way that Morgan took most everything that was thrown her way.  I would always tell her to knock it off – no one was going to need to take care of us…ever!  The stalker she could have done without – that, she would not be shy in professing.

Today is November 1, 2012 – it was a busy day for me.  Steve and I met with a great investigator for three hours.  Everyone brings a new perspective to this case.  New advice, a new approach, another idea we had never thought of.

Morgan has left us with so many memories that we are learning to cherish with open arms, far more than we ever thought would be possible a year ago.  Steve and I look forward to the day that the things we have learned through Morgan will be more helpful and sharing, with more solutions for others than the solving of Morgan’s case that we visit so often now.  I know that Morgan would not care so much that we work to solve this mystery any more than we have.  But for the time being Steve and I agree that it is what we must do, and so we shall.  There are those that will not welcome our attempts to solve it.  They will want to stop it, or they will not even want to hear that it is really not us forwarding the solutions, but others far better than Steve or I will ever be will solve this crime.

So it begs to be said that two weeks before the end, a day is coming when most all the evidence that these brilliant minds have put forth, as their best opinion of what really happened to Morgan, is out for all to see.  How different it is from what we thought a year ago, and more importantly why would anyone else really have an issue with the truth about what happened to Morgan being known – because I can only think of one reason – can you?

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November 16, 2011 – Day 107 of Morgan’s Stalking: Why not give It one more try?

At 4:00 am the motion alarm in the rear corner of the house goes off and two minutes later Morgan is startled by a rock on her window.  The puppy is frightened too, and has an accident in her room.

Steve was getting up already, and almost dressed when Morgan texted that she heard tapping on her window.  I ask Steve if I should call dispatch.  At first he says no.  Lately they have been showing up way after we make a call in and then we are up with them for at least an hour, so I really can’t blame him, we are exhausted.

In the beginning they had some good suggestions and good observations, but after the footprints and the few plans they executed there had not been anything in the way of a new idea to catch him.

Steve suddenly changes his mind to yes.  He grabs the thermal scope and goes out the back door.  “Just once let me see where he is going”, Steve says, “And give the Detectives something to chase, that’s what they need.  Never going to catch him on foot, me or them,”  Steve finishes as he walks out the door.

The alarm in the other corner goes off As Steve heads the opposite direction for the first alarm and crosses over the berm.  But ten minutes later Morgan texts again that the noise is now coming nonstop.  I call Steve and he says naturally I go the opposite way to circle in on him and he goes bananas.  He feels like he is just right there watching him.

He wants me to go into Morgan’s room and stay with her.  Steve says he wants him to run for the window, but he is not going to be there.  He wanted me to throw open the drapes when I was in her room.  We need a visual.

I hang up and go in with Morgan and turn off all the lights.  I tell her Steve is standing back over the berm watching her window. And we waited for just a minute and there was a big tap, loud then another.  I jumped at the first one and texted Steve with the second.  There was a pause, he did not see anything. He asked if I was sure.  Yes, I told him sure!!!  There wasn’t another noise for a while and I texted him that.  He said he wasn’t sure whether to come in or wait.

So we waited.  It was cold and quiet and dark outside now.  I cleaned Wylah’s accident on the floor.  There was no more noises and I told Steve to come back in.  He did and put his stuff away.  Then there was a knock on the front door and I had forgotten all about the Deputy coming.  Steve said he would take him on a walk.  That they had to figure something out and Steve went out to show them exactly what had happened this morning.  He walked them down to where he stood and tried to wait him out.  He told them he thought is was not projectiles before, but now he does again because he was watching the window from less than 75 yards and saw nothing as we herd the noises inside the room.

They patrolled the area together and didn’t see anything.  He didn’t talk about it when he came in, but called me later and said we are just going through the motions with the Deputies. He felt like the detectives could question, and trip him up somehow.  That was our best chance.

That evening Morgan went to the Penny Hot springs with some of her friends.  She didn’t stay long, but they had a great relaxing time talking together.  When Morgan went out she was always surrounded by friends as much as possible.

Today it is October 30, 2012 – Almost Halloween in our new neighborhood.  Steve and I have decided it will be too rough to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters by ourselves, so we have alternate plans for tomorrow.  There is so much deeply researched information that has been shared recently.  I want to thank you all again for all of your effort.  And I am not just saying this to be polite.  If we had been able to harness all of the positive thoughts and concerns I am sure there would have been a different outcome.  Not nearly as bleak as what we have ended up with.

I never thought of a “help me with my stalker” blog while it was going on, but it was just what we needed.  If you remember back to the Memorial weekend trip to Steamboat Springs to meet family we all talked about how to stop this guy.  And we ended up with the wildlife camera – which was one of the closer moments we had to catching him.  Wildlife cams have also proven successful for a few others around the country.  But what I really want to say is that the collective thoughts of concerns need to have a larger voice.  There has to be a way to tap into that better than we do now.  I know some law enforcement probably won’t greet it with open arms.  But it certainly can’t be ignored.  It was the trying to ignore similar crimes in our area that led to Morgan’s stalking.  Quite sure of that.  Also, quite sure that until we are more worried about stopping the crime than covering it up it will happen again.  Someone did stalk Morgan, and had part in her killing.  What’s to stop them next time?

Please read above, Keenan thought maybe “Brooke” (her name was again redacted) did it, but that did not make much sense to him…seriously?  She was the other “suspect” in Morgan’s case – this was a gang stalking, there were more than 2 people involved, and they were all part of a “gang” – the Appletree gang in Newcastle.  Haven’t heard me mention this before, because I thought I should leave that part out.  I have had many people email me about that connection, as well as being told directly to my face by people that know their families.  This was not a game – this was serious stalking and danger!  And why do criminals always know how to use the law to their advantage?  And why do they always get away with directing the blame to others?

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Morgan’s first ferret she named Angel – and he was, he suffered through the Carbon Monoxide right in bed with Morgan

November 13, 2011 – Day 104 of Morgan’s stalking – Why haven’t they caught the stalker?


Tessi babysitting Wylah so Morgan can get some sleep

Morgan calls me at 8:00 am and thanks me for taking Wylah, out and letting her sleep.  She wants to sleep more if that is alright and I tell her certainly – go back to sleep.  She needs the rest.

Our detectives are trying to come by earlier today so we can try to make some calls again.  They are called pretext calls, which basically means Morgan gets on a phone that has been attached to something in Detective Glassmire’s briefcase and she picks up the phone after he has dialed the number and tries to engage the people in a directed conversation.  It all sounds good and looks impressive, but unfortunately nobody on the other end has cooperated by answering yet.

Keenan had his cell phone disconnected, and they have been unable to find his new number yet, so a lot of this is shooting in the dark anyway.  The calls today are started earlier in hopes we will catch someone at a different time.  It starts out with promising signs, but is headed for discouraging results before long.

Steve tries to help and goes into my office to sign up for a service on the Internet that supposedly has all the answers for $20 and there are all kinds of special deals for increased access and information, which Steve accepts and we soon have names and addresses and all kinds of information to go with the numbers.

Again, this looks very promising at first.  Even Detective Glassmire and Detective Alstatt are surprised by all the information that can be had on anyone.  Only none of this information is working any better.  Steve signs in again and tries a search on us using a number that we have had for six years, and is supposed to be private.  The information comes spitting out and it is all wrong, we are not even anywhere on it.  And it is our number.

We conclude the attempts of the calls, and Detective Glassmire announces he is going to stop by Keenan’s house on the way back to Rifle for a conversation – I did not know he knew where Keenan now lived.  I am very hopeful of this development, and after the detectives check their cameras we say goodbye.

Morgan goes out with her puppy to take pictures, and Steve is trying unsuccessfully to get a refund from the Internet information site.

A friend calls me with information, even though we avoid talking about it now, a lot of people are trying to help us end this situation.  My friend has scouted on the Internet and has some links I have to see.  It is a picture of a young Keenan, decked out in complete camouflage with a deer he has successfully bow hunted lying dead alongside him.  I call Steve over to see and he tells me he knows a few bow hunters, it is not an easy sport at all – requires great discipline and patience.  There was also a link to a boast that he can go undetected by anyone that my friend is reading to me and I relay to Steve, he wants me to make sure that Detective Glassmire sees it.

At 5:58 pm I text Morgan, “Dad’s B-Day is tomorrow. Let’s talk when you get home.”  She calls me back, and tells me about a project she is making for him.  I am sworn to secrecy, and promise to let her make the cake as well – she loves to bake.

Detective Glassmire gives me an update later that Keenan was not at home, so he will try again soon.  I found out this past May of 2012, that Detective Glassmire never had a real address for the “suspect,” Keenan, so I don’t know why he told me he went there and Keenan was not home…what was that all about?  We have signs of momentum in positive ways and I thought after the last few embarrassing events they were trying extra hard, which was very appreciated.

After an uneventful evening the cameras in the rear yard picked something up at 4:51 am (this would now be on the 14th – the “suspect” Keenan Vanginkel was not working at all on the 14th!).  Morgan heard what she called shots or bangs on her upper window and her motion detector lights were going on and off all at about the same time. Steve was up and instead of going out sat at the monitor and switched from camera to camera seeing nothing.  He now wishes he had all motorized cameras with pan and angle instead of just a few.  He had gotten an ad about a camera that followed motion all on its own and now he was going to check into it some more.  We just kept thinking – how are we going to stop this!

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November 12, 2011 – Day 103 of Morgan’s Stalking – What are the streaks?

Last night we had an event that I forgot to put on the blog.  It would normally be an upsetting, frightening ordeal.  But on day 102 of a gang stalking, it was something to sigh, and laugh at -how strange your world can become.  At 8:00 pm Morgan was getting ready to go out. The last few days have been good to her, and I don’t want to be the one to ruin it,  but I am watching the live feed from outside her window.  With the addition of the separate Morgan outside cam, Steve has been able to go to synchronized times, and detect the “movement toward her window on both cameras.  Once he showed me what to look for any streaks – like things hitting Morgan’s window, I can see it also.  I am watching the camera and it happens right now as I know she is dressing to go out.  It angers me and I head straight for her room and knock.

Morgan is just finishing up, and burst out the door (music playing in the background) just as radiant as I have ever seen her.  She is smiling and happy and I almost feel guilty about an email I sent to Detective Glassmire where I worried about how she was taking all this, and I wanted him to see if Detective Alstatt would take her on the side for a little talk so we could have her opinion.  Detective Glassmire felt Detective Alstatt was “Really good at this” and a mother can never be too safe with her kids, so I had set that wheel in motion.  As I looked at her now I knew what Detective Alstatt would say, but like I said, you can never be too safe.

Morgan wondered what was up and the first thing that came to mind was that (obviously she had not heard any banging), so I wanted to say good bye, and hoped she had a good time, so I did.  Morgan looked a little perplexed for an instant before bursting into a broader smile, and said, “Thanks mom.”  I walked her to the car, and stood there watching her drive away.  So easy to feel it is all over, your mind begs you to do it, countless times every day, and this was certainly one of those times.

Morgan waved from the street, and I watched her speed up as she drove for the end of the street.  I didn’t move, just stood there and watched, not sure what I was thinking.

And then just like that, one snap of the fingers, and all that warm fuzziness was gone, completely replaced.  A car had come from the right (on the right was the dead end of our cup-de-sac), very slowly at first.  I could not see anything of the inside (it was dark out), and now it was rapidly accelerating toward Morgan, she was just turning the corner at the end of the block.  I cried out, to anyone and turned for the house, yelling for Steve who came running from the room wondering what was wrong.  I didn’t feel like the words came out correctly at all, but Steve understood it just fine, a car was following Morgan and as I heard his words to call dispatch I heard the front door slam, then his truck screeching down the driveway.  Dispatch was speed dial #1 and I could still hear all the commotion he was causing out in the street, as I was connected to an all-too-familiar voice.

But instead of her normal concern and rapid fire questions for information, I heard her saying it is OK, everything is fine Mrs. Ingram, just fine.  I told her no it was not, Morgan was just followed out of the cul-de-sac and my husband is in hot pursuit, we need officers, now.

She was silent for a half-breath and then came back, that it is their car following Morgan, they had a tip.  You better call your husband and tell him what is up.  I slammed the phone down not sure whether to be happy or outraged.  Why could they not tell us, I told the empty house.  I was dialing Steve’s cell phone and hoping this was one of those times it went right through, because sometimes it took a few tries.

Then it was worse, I heard his phone ringing from somewhere in the house.  Of course he had not stopped to grab it, he was after whoever was after Morgan.

According to Steve the car chasing her caught up to her just as they were approaching another deputy up off the side of the road.  He wouldn’t say how fast he was going at the time, just that it was as fast as his truck would go.  The chase car pulled over alongside the deputy that was already parked and they all had begun to frantically wave him down.  He slowed and then slid as he came to a stop alongside them all.  Steve pointed at Morgan slowly driving away, apparently she had not seen anything that was going on behind her.  Then Steve pointed at the unmarked car as it pulled away and the deputy explained it was one of theirs and they were just being cautious.

Steve said he told them something like too much caution is better than not enough, but all he really remembered was he was shaking pretty badly.  He said good night and left the officers.  He told me later he realized right then that he didn’t have his phone, as he reached for it to call me – and tell me to relax, everything was fine.  He knew I was home trying to call him and there was little to do, but laugh.

I called Morgan later and told her the story, she was so happy that they had done that, said that it made her feel safe.  I was thinking how strange it had all turned out and even more strange was how Steve had found it so funny, because it wasn’t.  What did they think they were accomplishing by chasing after Morgan?  Later on if was even stranger to me when I asked the detective why his undercover officer was chasing Morgan and he insisted that he knew nothing about it and greatly doubted it was one of theirs…how in the world could he say that?  I was told by dispatch that it was one of theirs following up on a “tip” and then his own patrol officer told Steve the same thing…who was zooming who?

On November 12, Morgan lounged around the house knitting all afternoon.  Then she went babysitting until 9 pm, and came home showered, had dinner, and was in bed by 10 pm.  At 11:11 pm Sammy (our next door neighbors little dog) started to bark that bark of his that was a warning bark.  Sure enough a motion light came on.  I went to watch the feed of Morgan’s camera and Steve was quietly slipping out the back door.  I knew he had stopped right in the back corner of the house because I could hear the motion detector, then I saw he just sitting there behind a tree for the longest time.  I just hoped he was watching something.

When he finally came back in it was long after everything had stopped, and he told me he heard something, a noise like a sudden exhale.  He stood perfectly still waiting for whatever it was to move, or run, but that was it.  All he heard was the one noise.  And then just like that it was all he could think of…didn’t know where it came from, but he knew the stalker was close by and couldn’t figure out how to catch him.

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