Ages 18 – 24 Experience The Highest Rate of Stalking #NSAM or #NSAM2017!

Morgan was 19 years old when her stalking started, and 4 months later, after she had turned just 20, she was murdered…Morgan, along with other female victims that were murdered in the last 5 years, were all between the ages of 18 – 24-years-old.  Even though in the other cases, stalking was not listed in their cases, I believe they were stalked.  This I believe after speaking with their families and/or friends.  Stalking is a very serious crime and should never be taken lightly!

Stalking can affect a victim’s emotional, physical, and economic well-being. Visit for more info.

I personally know the impact stalking has on it’s victims – the devastating toll it takes.  My husband Steve and I were also victims of the same stalking that Morgan endured.  We lived in the same house during those 4 months of stalking.  We know what it’s like to become hyper-vigilent, constantly looking over our shoulder.  We know what it’s like not to want to leave your house because you have a “feeling” that the stalker may gain entry and being lying in wait.  We know what it’s like to be wake up in the middle of the night from the noise of the stalker trying to gain entrance, and/or setting off lights and alarms to harass and scare you.  We know how your emotions go from anger to embarrassment to frustration, then minimization, and then to self-blame, and in our case fear.  Fear that harm may befall our youngest daughter…which it did.  It makes you sick to your stomach. 

Morgan eventually did identify her stalker, along with his girlfriend (our neighbor), during the stalking.  None of us understood anything about gang stalking at the time.  We knew people were involved in helping to misdirect and make up false alibis, but we did not understand the extent in which gang stalking encompassed.  We now know…

The same day we found Morgan’s body, the lead sheriff detective, Rob Glassmire (now the new coroner for Garfield County – kind of worked out for him didn’t it?), told us we could take down our cameras, because there was no more Morgan, so no more stalker…I was shocked!  He said this to us, and yet Steve and I were on listed all the sheriffs reports as victims of the same stalking, and the detective knew this, but we never thought about it at the time.  We were just worried about Morgan.  We now know we were all targets! We experienced stalking incidents when Morgan wasn’t even home at the time of those incidents, and the detective knew that.  We were victims of the stalking, and we were still alive, so why did he think the stalking would stop?  And if you are wondering – it didn’t stop…

We lived through that 4 months of hell with Morgan.  When you find your daughter dead in your own house you go into a state of shock.  You are not totally yourself.  You hear the words that are being spoken, you may feel they are wrong, you can be angry or upset about them, but you have absolutely no fight left in you at that very moment in time.  You are numb.  You feel like you are not really there…it is as though you are watching your own nightmare, and you think that any minute now you will wake up.  I don’t expect most folks to understand the feeling, and I hope they never have to.  But that was our reality on December 2, 2011.

– Stalking is pervasive and causes intense personal suffering – 

When we found our healthy 20-year-old daughter Morgan dead, during an active investigation into her felony stalking, it became devastating for us.  Then immediately we were told by the lead detective, before her body had even been taken away for an autopsy:

 *That he was certain her death had nothing to do with the stalker we “knew” it didn’t sound right.  

  • We were then told there was no sign of breaking and entering (we now know that meant nothing – no fingerprinting was even ever done, and there were multiple ways we now know someone could have gotten in without a break-in.  Just 2 days before Morgan’s murder our next door neighbor reported a theft from their home and there were NO sign of a break-in and the night Morgan was murdered multiple things were stolen out of her room)
  • Then we were told there is no sign of a sexual assault (how could he say that? They never even checked for signs of a sexual assault, even though her pants were unzipped and unbuttoned, and they noted there were minute “spots” all over her chest under the UV light – bodily fluids)
  • We were then told by the detective that there was no sign of suicide (he said there were no syringes, empty pill bottles, or vessels in her room)
  • He then went on to say there was no sign of a struggle (another HUGE lie; her body and room showed signs of a struggle, and this can be seen in the crime scene photos), and then he said there were no signs that she could have been subdued (and yet we can see an injection mark, clear as day, on the crime scene photos that we received two years after her murder).  
  • There are so many FACTS/EVIDENCE involved in Morgan’s stalking and murder that indicate she was murdered, and yet the Garfield County Sheriffs want to ignore every, and all FACTS/EVIDENCE.

The Stalking Resource Center of the National Center for Victims of Crime said, “We are pleased to continue our partnership with the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice, in observing National Stalking Awareness Month 2017. Working to raise awareness about the realities of stalking is as critical as ever, especially for the 7.5 million individuals stalked each year in the U.S.”  These images I am sharing are supplied by the National Stalking Awareness Month organization.




A Body of Clues…

I know it’s hard to understand sometimes when I try to explain things…if you haven’t been through something like this (and I hope you never will) then it would be hard to understand. Someone said to me of course Morgan’s body was moved, you and Steve moved her from her bed to the floor to continue doing CPR when the 911 operator instructed you to do so. And yes, that is true, we did move her from her bed to the floor when instructed, but that is not what I meant when I said on a previous post that Morgan’s body was moved Postmortem.

Steve & I both found her in her bed, lying on her right side at the very edge of her bed.  She was curled up with her comforter pulled up over her body, almost to the top of her shoulder. When Steve pulled off her comforter we could see her knees pulled up towards her stomach with her legs bent, arms bent at the elbows, with one arm lifted slightly above her body, her hands clenched and eyes wide open. This is exactly what we told the first responders, as well as the sheriffs. We gave them exact details about how we found her because they asked us, but on their reports they only wrote that we found her “curled up.”

When Morgan did not respond Steve pulled off the comforter and pulled her on to her back, on the bed, to perform CPR. Her knees stayed bent up towards the ceiling and her feet were on the bed, her arms stayed bent with her clenched hands pointing at the ceiling. When we put her on the floor her legs were pulled straight, but her arms stayed bent. When we received the Postmortem Report we read for the very first time all the false reporting and we were taken aback. We were still in shock, but I was able to ask the detective about all these false statements, like the sentence that said we found her face down on the bed…a complete lie. The detective said he would speak with the coroner about the corrections…he never did, and yes, I do have documentation to prove this. Years later after we sent many certified requests and letters that remained unanswered we finally saw exactly WHY they wrote in the report that she was found face down, because she did die face down – her lividity showed that she did not die on her side like we found her, and not on her back where the first responders and sheriffs saw her when they arrived. Her lividity showed (confirmed by other forensic medical examiners and investigators) that she died face down, in a contorted position, as if she was left to die bent over a chair! Then after lividity had set in her body was moved and staged in bed with her comforter pulled over her to make it look like she died in her sleep and that is how we found her…disgusting! And how in the world could they even say she died face down in her bed when they could all see at the crime scene that her arms were bent at the elbows with her clenched hands facing up to the ceiling? You can’t die face down flat on a bed with your arms and legs bent like that…and they knew it that very morning, they knew her body had been moved AFTER she was already dead and that is why, in my opinion, they never answered any of our requests for photos, notes, or anything requested. The crime scene photos we received years later showed without a doubt EXACTLY what the first responders, sheriffs and deputy coroner (who we later found out was not a deputy coroner) saw that very morning. Now people say why would so many people cover up something like this…and the answer is that all it takes is one person in a position of authority to instruct others to do what they want them to do, and sadly as happens too often they go ahead and leave things out of reports and sometimes falsify their reports, because they are instructed to do so. I am sure it eats at some of them, and for others maybe not so much. Who knows what they were told that would have convinced them to go along to get along – I do know there has been at least one officer that wasn’t happy about what was done that morning. The truth is there for anyone that wants to see it – my job is not to force people to believe the truth, my job is to just state the facts and allow people that really want to understand what happened, to read the facts, and then make up their own minds.

I wish all those things they show on the crime TV shows were really true. I so desperately wanted to believe someone was investigating our daughter’s suspicious death, but it did not happen. There was NO investigation, ever…the false determination of natural causes conveniently kept there from being an investigation for the first 8 months and the the 2nd false determination of suicide 8 months later made sure not only that there was no investigation, but was equally successful in keeping it from ever being a cold case that another agency could investigate at a later time. It even kept other non-profit, professional organizations that review cold cases, like AISOCC (The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases) and The Vidocq Society, just a couple of examples, from reviewing the evidence and giving their professional opinion at no charge. These organizations can only review and investigate cases when asked to do so by law enforcement, and only law enforcement.

In Morgan’s case the sheriffs have refused for over 4 years now to allow any other agency to review or help with an investigation into her case. One more thing for everyone out there that might believe that lack of funding is one of the problems with law enforcement not wanting to investigate…sorry, not true. These organizations do not charge. They have state-of-the-art equipment and some of the best retired criminal investigators in the nation that assist with cases when asked by LE, so lack of funds is not a reason why the sheriffs would not want them involved. Let me know if you can think of a good reason they would not want to bring them in to assist.

So to the sad misinformed protector of murderers that wrote in to tell me tonight to say, “If you and Steve moved her to do CPR – YOU moved her post mortem before crime scene photographer was even there. How stupid do you think we are? You have written about this before. YOU and STEVE moved her after death!!! Did you forget?”

All I can say to this “Anonymous” person (these people are always anonymous) is that I hope I cleared things up for you in this post…but again, I doubt it because people like you more often than not do not really want to know the truth.

being human

Breaking News Out of Carbondale, CO

moonThis is the latest out of Carbondale, CO, the place where our youngest daughter Morgan was stalked & murdered. I applaud CBS4’s Matt Kroschel for reporting about these recent attacks on the Rio Grande Trail. In the past there have been crimes that have not been reported & when the news is repressed (for whatever reason) these predators can continue hurting innocent victims and destroying lives.

At the time both Morgan’s stalking & murder were kept out of the news – Carbondale being a small town had people shocked when they found out what had really happened. Morgan was stalked & terrorized for 4 months before she was murdered during an active investigation into her felony stalking. Other women, in the subdivision right across the road from us, told us of similar stalking incidents that they had reported to the sheriffs over the 2 years before Morgan’s stalking began, separate stalking incidents that continued in the area up until 2 weeks before Morgan’s stalking started…and yes, the sheriffs knew.  Two different sheriffs patrol officers told us about some of the incidents right in the beginning of Morgan’s stalking.  Other victims told us about similar tapping on their windows and the description of the person wearing a dark colored hoodie in their yard that ran when spotted.  But was any of this in the news in order to warn other potential victims – NO!  Do crimes stop just because people are not informed about what is going on in their communities?  NO!  If anything it just gets worse because these predators are emboldened by the lack of news or a lack of any investigation into their crimes.

In this video you can see the Carbondale police speaking about the recent attacks.  Important to note the police are only allowed to respond to things within city limits, and obviously these 2 attacks that they are talking about happened within the Carbondale city limits.  Our daughter Morgan’s stalking & murder happened just outside the city limits, even though we lived in Carbondale at the time, our home was just outside city limits.  So the first time we called 911 we were told the Garfield County sheriffs were the only law enforcement that could come out to investigate…not the Carbondale police.

In this video you can see the bike path Morgan used to take to and from town when she wanted to get exercise and be in nature…after her stalking started she had to stop riding her bike to and from town because of the isolation on that path & the danger of an attack from her stalker. This was just another thing she loved that had been taken away from her once she became a target.  I really want people to understand what victims of stalking, or even young women like these recent victims of a sexual predator, get taken away from them…their freedom and their lives as they knew them.  For these victims they can never feel safe again, they become hyper-vigilant…as so they should.  They go out and buy tasers, pepper spray, anything to protect themselves.  Is this the kind of world we want our children to live in?  We can’t completely rid the world of evil and yes, we need to teach our children how to protect themselves, BUT we also need the media to report crimes so people can be aware of what is happening.  We can’t live with our heads buried in the sand…that will not make us safer.

I also want to say I applaud the Carbondale police for speaking out about these recent attacks – an officer can be seen on this video WARNING people and making suggestions to try to keep people safe…that is what law enforcement should do.  They can’t be everywhere all the time – that is why community policing is so very important. on Community Policing

In our daughter’s case her stalking was not shared with the community by the sheriffs – they even asked us not to talk to the neighbors about it.  Patrol officers that were involved in the beginning were reassigned to other areas and we had to explain to new officers about what had happened over, and over again.  Then when our daughter turned up dead the cover up started.  Why not tell people the truth?  Why not warn communities when there is danger so they can help protect their families and help law enforcement get the bad guys?  The media is a very powerful tool by which law enforcement can communicate with the community.

Let us all share information early & often in the hope of raising awareness and making this a safer place for our family, friends and communities.  Truth, transparency, ethics and humanity are the things I pray for in the people that are in positions of power. Share what you have learned with others, by doing so it raises awareness, and who knows…someday it may even save someone’s life.


Shocking But True!

shockMorgan was stalked for 4 months, it was a felony stalking case run by the Garfield County Sheriff’s office, a felony stalking detective was assigned to her case, then only 2 days before her murder we were warned by this detective that he believed her stalker was going to escalate so he would be assigning extra patrols on our home.  Morgan was killed during an active investigation into her stalking only 4 days before she was supposed to testify on camera about her stalkers.

Does anyone really believe that the disposal of a witness to save ones own skin should be allowed?  What kind of world is this?  This is just all too wrong!  Is this how our nation would like to see it’s victims of stalking treated?  Are victims just disposable?

Morgan has gone out of the darkness and into the light, but for others left behind it is still painful and very dark, knowing that her murderer(s) are still running free and they can do the same thing again – and odds are they will do the same thing again.

This was the perfect storm of life-changing proportions.  You can be as hyper-vigilant as you can but there is always that crack…the crack, the perfect storm, whatever you would like to call it when things go wrong and your guard is let down, and these stalkers creep in to your space and destroy everything…they creep, they slime, they move quickly undetected because they are sick – they are cowards – they are criminals.  As the mother of the female accomplice once complained to her friend, her daughter has no soul…I think this mother knew something was very wrong with her daughter, even back then.  It’s hard for me to think of a mom that can tell her friend that she is worried that her daughter has no soul.  Maybe she could tell her daughter did not have feelings like most humans?  I am sure this mom (and she knows exactly who she is) knows her daughter was involved in the stalking and murder of Morgan. I wonder how she sleeps at night? I wonder if she, just like her daughter, has no soul?

Not one day goes by that my husband Steve and I don’t think about Morgan.  Today was another hard one.  I miss her, I wish she were still here.  She would have graduated college, taken her LSAT’s, applied to law school, and been doing an internship by now.  She would look so grown up and would have loved to go camping on the beach with her little niece and nephew.  Today my granddaughter showed me a picture of Morgan.  It was a picture Morgan had taken for her graduation invitations.  My granddaughter asked how old Morgan was in the photo.  I told her she was 19 and it was for her graduation invitations because she had completed her first 2 years of college and received her AA degree.  My smart little granddaughter knew I had been crying on and off all day as the pain of missing Morgan was just too much and she said to me, “Nana think about what Morgan looks like right now because she’s older now, she is so beautiful.”  I think she was trying to cheer me up and direct me to remember that Morgan is still here and always will be, just not the way she was before.

I am so very grateful to have such loving and wise grandchildren.  They keep my heart from totally disappearing at times when the heaviness of this world seems to be crushing down upon it.

Going forward, if any of you have any wonderful ideas about how to raise even more awareness please write in to me and let me know…forward movement is the best medicine for my soul.  Thank you!


stand and fight

Our family is still standing & fighting for what is right – and we will never quit!  Behind the scenes we are pursuing our fight in many different directions, all at the same time.  One of those directions is a writing campaign that I am starting.  I would like the esteemed Senators and Legislators in Colorado to know what has happened to one of their own citizens, and at the same time offer them the chance to assist us in our fight for justice.

I am drafting a letter and would appreciate any feedback you would like to give to me.  It is so hard to keep a letter to officials short, considering there is so much credible information about our daughter’s stalking and murder.  Anyway, here is what I have come up with so far.  Let me know what you think.

On August 2, 2011 our 19-year-old daughter Morgan Ingram became the victim of a predatory stalker.  Seven weeks after her stalking started, and after numerous calls to the Garfield County Sheriffs, it became an active felony stalking investigation case #11-20197.

Then four months after her stalking had started, and only two days after the felony stalking detective warned us that her stalker was most likely going to escalate, we found her lifeless body in her bed.  This was the morning of December 2, 2011.

We were told it was a suspicious death, but we were also told that very same morning by the felony stalking detective that her stalker had nothing to do with her death, he said it was a mystery.  Then the coroner’s office told us her manner of death was natural causes, from a disease she never had, and had never been treated for.  Her doctors, other medical experts, as well as Dr. Michael Dobersen (Medical Examiner and now retired Coroner for Arapahoe County) tried to communicate with the Garfield County coroner’s office to let him know she did not die from natural causes, but to no avail, the Garfield County coroner Trey Holt would never speak to us or anyone else about our daughter’s case.

We continued to ask questions, then came the threats by the pathologist (Dr. Robert Kurtzman – he did Morgan’s autopsy).  He was the pathologist who had been hired by the coroner.  Eight months after Morgan’s death they changed her manner of death to suicide, exactly what the pathologist had threatened to do.  Sheriff Lou Vallario went on the news to say he stands behind the coroner’s conclusion of suicide, but what he doesn’t tell anyone is that the coroner did no investigation, the coroner received all his “facts” from the sheriffs, so of course the sheriff was satisfied.  It took us many heart-wrenching years to uncover the falsified documents and statements, illegal acts, as well as to receive the crime scene photos that show it was foul play, and that our daughter fought for her life. She had torn nails, abrasions, swollen lips, blood and matted hair.  Her pants were unzipped and unbuttoned and she had bodily fluids on her chest that showed up under the UV light, spots that were never tested. Her bottom bed sheet was missing off her bed, as were her pajamas, jewelry, and her driver’s license.  The sheriffs had excuses for everything, but the truth was that she was assaulted in her bed, and murdered. Dr. Dobersen established that her body had been moved postmortem, after she was already dead (which means someone was in her room and moved her/staged her body) – the sheriffs knew this fact that very morning, but conspired to cover it up. No parent should have to be their own investigator, and fight against police corruption at the same time – the pain is indescribable.

After all these years of doing our own due diligence we now know with complete certainty that Morgan was murdered, and both the manner of deaths that Garfield County declared (first natural causes, and then suicide) intentionally derailed any investigation into her suspicious death. Our daughter was killed during an active investigation into her stalking and died after being injected with a massive amount of a date rape drug called Amitriptyline. She also had five other date rape drugs in her stomach that had not gone into her bloodstream, as she was already dead when those drugs were put into her stomach.  This we learned from an esteemed forensic toxicologist that volunteered his time to help us with Morgan’s case. She had no alcohol or illegal drugs in her body – just date rape drugs, which the coroner never even mentioned on his reports, but they were clearly on her toxicology reports, and the lab that ran her tests confirmed that they were detected, and were in her body.

Even presented with more and more evidence over the years the sheriff of Garfield County, Lou Vallario, has refused to ever open an investigation into her murder.  He has refused attempts by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation when they asked permission to investigate, he has even become hostile with everyone involved when Crime Stoppers agreed to post a reward for any tips about our daughter’s stalking and suspicious death. To date the Garfield County sheriff’s office has gotten away with answering any questions about Morgan’s death with scripted, false, one-line answers all revolving around the justification that no investigation was needed.  They have no fear of anyone digging any deeper, and up until now their strategy has worked.

Original jurisdiction (Home Rule) in Colorado allows local authorities, like the coroner and sheriff, to keep any other law enforcement agency from investigating. It is a law that allows an agency that is corrupt to exist in Colorado. This law needs to be changed!  So here we are almost 5 years later still fighting to have an investigation opened into our daughter Morgan’s murder.  The loss of a child is devastating to any parent, and to have to fight for years for justice is almost unbearable.

After living in Colorado since the 70’s we were forced to leave in 2013 (2 years after Morgan’s murder) out of fear for our lives, after we were targeted, threatened and attacked.  Whether this was by the stalker(s), their families, or the sheriffs we don’t know, but at the advice of the Colorado Office of Victim’s Rights we entered the Victim’s Address Confidentiality Program in another state where we continue our fight for justice. We have been blessed with many good people in the state of Colorado supporting us and trying to help us get justice for Morgan, but at this time no one has been able to get her investigation opened.

And this brings me to the purpose of this email. We would like you to be an advocate for our daughter, as well as all other victims of stalking in Colorado. The Attorney General’s office said legally they can not investigate our daughter’s murder unless the Governor orders them to do so, again because of original jurisdiction. We would be so grateful if you could speak on our behalf to the Governor.  Please help us by being a voice for our daughter.  Morgan as well as other murdered victims in Colorado can not speak for themselves any longer and they need someone that cares.

Governor Hickenlooper received a petition from us with thousands of signatures and comments from supporters asking him to request the Attorney General’s office to investigate Morgan’s stalking and murder, but we were told by his office that he can not do so because of the look of impropriety…how can that be if the Attorney General’s office has told us that the Governor would be the only one in the state of Colorado that could order them to investigate?  So that is where we are stuck and that is where we are hoping that you can help us.

Thank you for taking the time to hear our plea.  We hope you will reach out to us with any questions you may have.


Steve & Toni Ingram