Morgan’s Medical Past

Morgan’s right to privacy of her medical records survives her, Steve and I intend to protect her rights – Public record shows that seven drugs were found in Morgan’s system and the completely inept Sheriffs and Coroner miss the fact that none of the seven drugs were prescribed to or taken by Morgan. The understanding of all seven and the relationships between them, their location and levels tells the story of Morgan’s death.

  • The original Toxicology report found ONE MEDICATION and its naturally occurring synthesis. No drugs of abuse, no alcohol, ZERO. Just Amitriptyline AKA Elavil and Nortriptyline .
  • When Dr. Kurtzman originally performed the autopsy he reported seeing no pills or pill fragments, he repeated this finding to us many times and how this led to his conclusion it could not have been an accidental overdose or suicide.
  • Two facts drove our research and seeking out 2ndopinions about Morgan’s death.
    • We had to know what killed Morgan as we have a responsibility to our surviving children and grandchildren and wanted to be sure they were not in any danger from an as yet unknown condition carried in our genetic makeup.
    • Kurtzman wrote that in view of the stalking at the time of her death, that should additional information be provided he was open to changing her manner of death.  So we wanted to see if such information existed.
  • The very first 2nd opinion was an opinion that this case was not natural causes, but a homicide.  We were not expecting this and were shocked.  Concurring opinions we sought after the first shocker just kept piling up and all were in agreement that her death was not natural causes.  Dr. Kurtzman was resistant to this and he has become the lone voice supporting his conclusion.
  • As we moved toward finding the real cause of death and engaged toxicologists, we were again shocked to hear the level of Amitriptyline being described as massive.  Once again Dr Kurtzman was the lone dissenter to find Morgan’s level as insignificant.  In fact, Dr. Kurtzman, based upon a completely botched investigation which we believe he takes complete responsibility for, continues to this day to believe she was prescribed and taking Amitriptyline right up to the day she died.   That this is completely erroneous is an irrefutable medical fact.  This caused an immediate issue for us.  That she had Amitriptyline levels being accepted as the certain cause of her death and she was not taking Amitriptyline.  If she ever had in that distant past that would certainly be part of her Medical History and off limits.
  • As we were being advised by other specialists that Morgan’s death was a homicide based on the super high levels of amitriptyline; Dr. Kurtzman maintained that her death was caused by Pulmonary Edema and Porphyria.
  • Based on expert medical opinions we disagreed with the conclusions being made by Dr. Kurtzman.  This disagreement led Dr. Kutzman to threaten Toni on three occasions to abandon her efforts to see the manner and cause of death corrected from Natural Causes to Homicide.
  • The second Toxicology test run in June 2012 again found an additional small amount Amitriptyline an even smaller amount of Nortriptyline and the presence of also small amounts of five other drugs commonly referred to and contained on the standard date rape panel. The levels of two were established and the sample completely exhausted before the last four could be.
  • In the second autopsy report Dr. Kurtsman admits to the two drugs with established levels, but chooses to ignore the other four, which were definitely present in Morgan, just in unknown quantities.
  • Seven drugs in all were found in Morgan’s system, none of which were prescribed to or taken by Morgan.  The understanding of all seven and the relationships between them, their location and levels tells the story of Morgan’s death.
  • Dr. Kurtzman is credited with having said that upon re-examination of the gastric contents he saw a “granular substance” which he assumed to be Amitriptyline.  This “substance” was not collected, preserved, or tested and is now lost forever.  Based upon this substance and the possibility it could be from the number of pills he calculated she took (18 – 25mg pills), and solely in his opinion, he changed her death to a suicide.
  • There was no other investigation to further verify the hypothesis of suicide.  Such as multiple assessments and interviews with, her doctors, teachers, employers, parents and friends.  To the contrary medical doctors who attended Morgan, including one who examined her less that 36 hours before her body was discovered – DO NOT BELIEVE she took her own life.  Much to the dismay of her parents and family, they are completely ignored by Dr. Kurtzman.
  • All references to recreational drug use by Morgan Ingram are second hand reports, “hearsay,” and hence are pure speculation.  It is a FACT that her toxicology report is completely negative as to any recreational drugs or the prescription medications she had access to and may have taken at her discretion.
  • Morgan’s lifelong friends agree that Morgan was just one of those people who choose not to use drugs – all the more reason that her death by a massive overdose (far, far in excess of 18 – 25mg pills, we have been assured) should have been investigated.

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  1. Hi Tony, I am sorry for your loss. I have been trying to figure out what happened and why. I see you said ” Dr. Kurtzman is credited with having said that upon re-examination of the gastric contents he saw a “granular substance” which he assumed to be Amitriptyline.” Is this in a report I can not seem to find it anywhere. Thank you.

    • No it wasn’t in his report but the Coroner Trey Holt sent us a letter stating that exact thing but we sent a certified letter asking if the supposed “granular substance” was tested to see what it was because it was not seen on autopsy and we have never received an answer to that.

  2. Seeing the word amitryptiline so much just blows my mind. I was recently diagnosed with an involuntary vomiting disorder for which I was prescribed this to take everyday for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine it being used in such a negative way when it has saved my life. I pray and pray for answers and continue to share this blog with everyone I can! How do I look at the police reports are they public? I’d like to know all I can.

  3. Why do you think this doctor is so resistant and uncaring to the importance of finding out everything he can to solve this. If he was doing a competant job he would have found the granular substance and NEVER assume it was anything..if its present then it should be tested. Every time. Was the female and male under suspicion ever asked to take a polygraph test

    • You are right Janie – he told me for the first 5 months that he found NOTHING in her stomach contents. Later when he sent her gastric fluid to be tested in secrecy and completely used up so no further testing could be done he never mentioned there were at least 5 date rape drugs detected and none had gone in to her blood which meant she was already dead or almost dead when they were put into Morgan. And we now know how they were put there. All these drugs, including the amitriptyline found in her blood are on the sexual assault panel at the lab that did her toxicology results but the forensic pathologist would not mention it. And as far as a “granular substance” found in her stomach, at first he said there was nothing, then after threatening me multiple times and then changing her manner of death from natural causes to suicide he mentions a granular substance but absolutely no testing of what that granular substance actually way – interesting.

      The female and male suspects were NEVER given a polygraph test, although his mother likes to tell people he had one and passed (not true at all), just like she likes to tell people he was out of town the night Morgan was murdered (again, not true at all), but unfortunately for her his work records show he checked in to work on the graveyard shift that same night. He worked less than a 5 minute drive from our house and had plenty of time to kill her and get to work. I believe the person we have caught on camera that night (date & time stamped) running from our house is him.

  4. What a shame you have to defend your daughter in this manner. I thought Dr. Phil’s intimation that because she had a medical marijuana card that somehow made her suspect in his opinion (along with the bottle of vodka from her boyfriends backpack). I felt that even though he gave you the opportunity to share your story which is a good thing – he totally brushed off your suspicions as being irrelevant and then tried to indicate that because your daughter tried cocaine once and was a mm card carrier that your suspicions were not valid. I disagree wholeheartedly…bottom line the autopsy was screwed up once – then again … and no one wants to take responsibility for this injustice. Have you contacted the Nancy kGrace show? I think she would be interested in this story.

      • I don’t see any evidence that Dr. Phil brushed you off, Toni. In my work I see many crimes and there just isn’t enough evidence to blame Brooke and her father. I do think that you need to find peace and opening the investigation, whatever that entails, may help you find that. Losing a child is horrible and you never get over it. I’ll keep you and your family, and that means Morgan, too, in my prayers.

        • Thank you Desha for your comment – the Dr. Phil show that you just watched was filmed last November – we had at that time so much evidence that you were never able to hear on that show, and now 8 months later we have even so much more. Dr. Phil at that time even said he thought the investigation should be opened and guess what, that is the main reason this blog was created, because our law enforcement here decided to sweep the whole thing under the rug when Morgan’s body was found. And the truth needed to be told – and it was, I have been telling it on a day-to-day basis on this blog going back to the very first day Morgan thought she heard something.

          But let me ask you a question, if you had a 20 year old daughter that was stalked (had a felony stalking case active at the time of her death and only 2 days earlier you were told by the detective that he thought it was going to escalate), and then she ended up dead, and law enforcement started to do their CYA, and no one would even answer your certified letters, or give you access to the things the DOJ in Washington requests in order to do a proper second opinion, what would you do? I’m curious because yes, Steve and I could have become ghosts ourselves, moved away, not fought back. We could have said that we knew the truth, and it really doesn’t matter what anyone else believes, but in my heart I couldn’t do that, and neither could Steve. If we did we knew that change for the better would never happen – we knew another young woman would most likely end up dead, because this person is still out there – we knew that the system here, and in many places is not working, some law enforcement agencies are amazing and true heros, and some don’t even follow the law for the State that they work in, the State that people worked so hard to pass laws to protect stalking victims.

          Change usually comes out of great sacrifice, and the pain Steve and I go through on a daily basis is the price that we have willingly decided to pay in order to, in our own small way, make the changes that need to be made. This is not a popularity contest, and we know there are people out there that don’t want to see us succeed, these people will spread lies and yes, there are some that will believe the lies, because they never knew Morgan or us or what really happened, but we will not back down from the truth, and I truly believe this investigation will be opened by a much higher law enforcement agency, so keep listening and thank you so much for your prayers.

          • Don’t read negative comments Toni! Keep fighting for Morgan because if you don’t NO ONE else will. I can’t imagine how hard this is, to have to fight and fight just for everyone to actually acknowledge the truth about your daughters death. This story is heartbreaking and a nightmare no mother should have to go through. This is definitely a homicide, no doubt in my mind. After reading further I would continue to focus investigation efforts on whoever you think did thiS. This is in no way a suicide, someone came in and gave her a date rape drug and killed her. The same person in the video is the person who did this.

  5. From the Dr. Phil show: ? and ?s dad seemed very very calm. If someone was sitting across from me- or most people- we would be screaming in Toni’s face of our innocence.
    If someone accused my child of murder, even on tv, I wouldn’t try to contain my anger.
    Dr. Phil’s show does way MORE than their homework. I think he was right in saying that ? and ?’s dad didnt hurt Morgan. (What Dr. didnt say was: but I think they know who might have.)

    I started reading your blog after the show. I sat reading it for 3 hours. I cried when I saw that male watching the sheriffs leaving. I was soooo horrified for you. Paragraph after paragraph… I see everything you did right and still…. Morgan isnt here anymore.

    Toni, Steve and family: you are so very blessed that the Dr. Phil show took on your story.
    I’m praying for answers for you. I am now watching my own home in a different way, thanks to your blog.

    btw: does anyone know where the guy is now who was in the driveway ? did ALL of the incidents TOTALLY STOP after Morgan passed away?

  6. After reading your blog it’s very clear to me that you and Steve had a wonderful relationship with your daughter. It appeared to be a very close and honest one. I have a very hard time believing that Morgan wouldn’t have left you both a suicide note/letter if she were to take her own life. That alone would make me question the matter in which she died.

    • She didn’t commit suicide, and she was really happy after she talked to Steve that night and had plans the next morning. Her only problem in her life was being exhausted and stressed due to her stalker – she just wanted him captured.

      We will never stop seeking justice for her, and we will expose all that were involved – it may take a little more time, but it will happen. Thanks so much Denise for writing in…I appreciate it.

  7. I don’t have any comments about your daughter’s stalking, having no experience with the phenomenon myself. However, I do have a teen daughter that I love very much. I could never imagine loosing her to a stalker. For this reason, I want to say how sorry I am for the loss of Morgan. She is a beautiful girl whose spirit goes on through you. God bless!

  8. I just watched the Dr. Phil show and I’m confused about whether this was a repeat of a show previously filmed or current. Either way I just wanted to say how very, very sorry I am for the loss of you precious Morgan. I know first hand the heartbreak of losing a child. My loss was not in any way similar to yours and I am sure all that you are dealing with adds so much additional stress, frustration and anguish to all that you are dealing with in the loss of Morgan. I will continue to think of you and your family and pray that there is some resolution to this whole sad story. Praying for God’s strength and comfort for you all.

    • Dear Beth – I am so very sorry for your loss as well. Losing a child is heartbreaking no matter how the loss occured. The program today was just a repeat of the airing we did with Dr. Phil at the end of last November – since then we have found so much more evidence and information about this. It is extremely stressful and heartbreaking but we have to do this…Morgan can’t do it herself. And even though we know we can’t bring Morgan back we feel like if we do what we have to do in Morgan’s case we will be able to help so many other girls and women that can’t do this and don’t have a voice. We get our strength from God, Morgan, angels, supporters here on earth and all our family and we feel so very blessed. Thanks.

  9. Hello Toni I just watched Dr. Phil and I’m really sorry for your loss of your daughter Morgan. She looked like she was a wonderful & beautiful person! I saw the show for the 2nd time and both times I thought that Brooke looked guilty. Proof or no proof. It sounds like her & her boyfriend did the stalking & the murder. Who else would’ve done it?! Both her & her Dad were just putting on a show for the cameras. She looks evil and conniving and guilty ESP after all the stuff written on Facebook. Never stop trying to get justice & I don’t see why you would need to shut this blog down. I believe what in you & your husband say! Never stop fighting!!!

  10. Hi Toni:
    First let me say that I’m truly sorry for your loss.
    I taped the Dr. Phil show and watched your story more than once.
    I have a big problem with Brooke and her father’s overall demeanor,
    and the way they answered questions. They are “Guilty” of something,
    because innocent people would never have responded the way they did.
    I applaud you for not taking down your blog as suggested. Keep the “Faith”
    and the truth will surely come out.

  11. How did they come up with the disease Porphyria? That’s a hereditary disease, does someone in your family have it? I have Porphyria and it took extensive testing to get results. I find it interesting that he believes that it was a factor in her death. You should find out what panels he took to come to that conclusion. Had she had complications with it in her past? A good source to talk to about Porphyria, is Dr. Bissell at the UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO. He’s an expert and would know what tests they would have had to take to make that conclusive for their report.

    • Morgan was very healthy and no there is no one in our family with that disease. Morgan had chronic exposure to Carbon Monoxide when she was younger over a long period of time when she was young. And because of that she became ill for a while, I happen to have excellent health insurance for my family so we took Morgan to every specialist until we found the cause of her illness. During that time we had her tested for anything the doctors thought she might have and every test ruled things out. Porphyria was one on a list of very rare possibilities and we had her tested and got back results that were inconclusive. Her doctors at UCLA told us that was absolutely not what she had, they said you can not have Porphyria and then not have Porphyria and the medications she had as a child and the ER protocol was not for Porphyria it was completely different.

      But 2 days after Morgan’s autopsy the Detective asked if Steve could send an email with anything the Pathologist should look for (now I realize that was 2 days after the autopsy was already done so this was a strange request) he said whether it is far reaching or not whatever she may have had in the past or anything you were concerned about. Now please remember at the time Steve and I were still in shock over Morgan’s death and just reacting to everything so Steve wrote an email to the Detective and the Coroner’s office that stated anything Morgan ever had and also wrote that we thought she might have had Porphyria and was tested for it but never confirmed (which is true), but she was also tested for Lupus + many other things that were found to be negative over the years, and she did not have Porphyria so when the first PER came to us and I saw Porphyria I called the Forensic Pathologist to see if there were any signs of it in her liver or anywhere and he said no (I was concerned because if she had it, like you said it is hereditary, and our grandchildren could have been in danger), then I asked if he had tested her for it in order to make that determination and he said no. He said he took that off Steve’s email to him. Then all Morgan’s doctors and specialists tried to explain to him that she didn’t have it, but he wouldn’t budge. He said the drug in her blood was insignificant – but it wasn’t. Then 8 months later we received the revised PER saying she took the drug to commit suicide, which wasn’t correct either. We do know she was murdered, we are not just guessing at it…if she had committed suicide at least I wouldn’t have to think of the horrible things she endured before her death.

      I greatly appreciate your information about Dr. Bissell and I think I will try to call him. Take care of yourself and thanks Christine for writing in.

  12. If you and your husband took a genetic test, you could rule Porphyria out completely.
    I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain that you’re in. I would fight this too. I can’t believe that they didn’t treat it as a homicide in the first place. They’re suppose to treat it as a homicide until they can absolutely rule homicide out. With her history they really should have treated it as a homicide first.
    Do you know how they got in? I guess I’ve never caught that before.
    I’ve looked at other websites involving this case. I’m so sorry that there are people out there trying to make you look bad. But I know from my own medical history, Porphyria isn’t something you get and it just goes away. I wish there was a cure, it just keeps dragging your health down and is miserable.
    You’re in my prayers.

    • You know believe it or not that has never been suggested to us. We know that she didn’t have it, and it didn’t kill her, but if it is ever an issue I am so glad you mentioned that Steve and I can both take a genetic test and show she didn’t have it – thank you so much I appreciate it!

  13. Ur dedication to keeping her memory alive with this blog is so admirable. I would like to share with you that a death by amitriptyline is a very peaceful death. I took 160 in Jan. And if not found at 40% oxygen level I would have passed. I just drifted off to sleep. I’m much better now and got the help I needed to have a desire to continue to live. However that drug got into her system she passed peacefully.

    • Sandy – thanks for writing in. I am so sorry about what happened to you, but I am very glad you were able to get help. If Morgan had taken amitriptyline to kill herself she probably would have drifted off to sleep, and died peacefully but that isn’t what happened to her. Morgan was a victim for 4 months of a predatory stalker. Morgan died a very painful, and horrifying death – you can see it in the crime scene photos. You can see it in her face and body, she fought back, she had defensive wounds, she had blood, torn nails, abrasions, (something else I would prefer not to mention), her room was in shambles (signs of a struggle), her panic button ripped off it’s stand, her phone thrown across the room, and I could go on and on there were so many signs that it was horrific, but the biggest most telling sign was that she did not die in the position she was found in…and DEAD BODIES DO NOT MOVE ON THEIR OWN.

      • Toni, I was found, whar appeared to be sleeping peacefully under my covers on my back with my hands folded across my chest. if it werent for the suicide notes i left on my nightstand my husband would have just left me sleeping and I would have died. i wanted to be comfy in my own bed to pass with my dog right beside me. I shoved a chair under the door and had my room very clean bc I knew there would be a lot of ppl in there once I was found. Because me and my husbsnd were having problems at the time they totally treated our house like a crime scence. investigators were there they tell me and they even made certain it was my handwriting. when I woke up 4 days later in ICU there were two detectives waiting outsude the room to question me. id have to say if he had of done something to me our police dept was determined to find out but also we dont live in a tourists city either. I bet alot is botched to keep the crime rate low in ur area.

        • I am so happy your husband reacted quickly, and saved you.

          You bring up a good point about living in a tourist area – before this happened no one could have convinced me that law enforcement in that area would rather conceal a murder than investigate the truth, but I should have realized it because after living in that area since the late 70’s I had heard so many stories over the years about deaths that would have been impossible to be suicides and yet that’s what was put down as the manner of death – I even heard about a suspect that one agency was looking for who was fished out of the river, autopsy done by the same pathologist that did Morgan’s autopsy, was listed as accidental drowning and later was exhumed and there was a bullet in his head…need I say more 🙁

      • Reading your comments about the wounds, torn nails, room in shambles, etc, . could it be possible for Morgan to have had a seizure? Taking an overdose of certain medications or street drugs can cause seizures to occur. Not everyone has a death where the person quietly goes to sleep. Even death from a heart attack can cause a person to leave a room in shambles and the person with bruises and cuts if death isn’t immediate. Even Amitryptiline can be fatal just by taking a few over the prescribed amount. Mix in Nortriptyline as well, and the amount could be enough to overdose on.

        I notice that you blame her death on a stalker, but with the police knowing about it, wouldn’t they have checked for broken windows, doors, other entry points and dusted for fingerprints?

        I think Morgan was depressed and decided to end her life, although I understand that you would rather think someone else is to blame instead of admitting that she was unhappy.

        • Thanks for writing in Pip. I will try to answer all your questions…which are very good ones by the way.
          1. Her room was definitely in shambles – like a scene of a struggle as well as what you would find when someone “tosses” a place when the police come in after a robbery. Jewelry that was seen that night before she came home was gone, her panic button had been ripped off her nightstand and tossed in a corner, her cell phone (that she always kept in bed next to her) was thrown across the room and found under her bathroom door, and it goes on and on, so do I think it was from a seizure…no.
          2. She did have bruises, abrasions and wounds, 3 broken nails, AND her pants were unbuttoned and unzipped. She had “spots” lit up under the UV light on her chest and arm, which were most likely semen, along with something else I would rather not discuss right here. This indicates a sexual assault – not a seizure.
          3. She had an injection mark on the inside of her arm with a “bite” mark over it, the scientific facts and medical certainty that we have been given by forensic experts is that the Toxicology Report shows that the Amitriptyline was a one-time only massive amount…i.e. she hadn’t been taking it. It also shows she could not have ingested it herself or it would not have reached that level with the metabolite, Nortriptyline, being in such a small amount. So again the scientific facts do not support her her ingesting it herself – there were no needles, or anything at the crime scene.
          4. Morgan was killed during an active investigation into her felony stalking, a stalking in which my husband and i are also listed as victims. If you read the police reports there is a “Suspect” listed. She was killed only 2 nights after the felony stalking detective told us that he believed her stalker was going to “escalate.” If you would like to read the exact day-to-day timeline that was kept during the stalking you can start right here:
          5. Oh, and by the way the sheriffs did not take any fingerprints or evidence at the crime scene – they did take video and pictures that will help in any future investigation BUT as far as working it as a crime scene…nope, sadly they did not.
          5. This post might help you understand as well
          6. As far as being unhappy goes…Morgan was stressed, upset, exhausted, bummed out, sad and many other things because of the incredibly horrific stalking events that were happening for the last 4 months of her life and that takes a major toll on victims BUT she was still going to school, hanging with friends, just found a new boyfriend and the last thing she wrote on her Facebook was that she loved life…so when looking at a crime using victimology you need to look at everything, not just speculate.

          Again, thanks for writing in…the last thing I would like you to know is that my husband and I would rather have believed Morgan took her own life instead of being tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered in our own home, at least then it would have been her choice, but instead we have to live our lives knowing, after seeing all the evidence, that she died at the hands of someone else and it was a brutal death…as parents try to understand how we feel. I would not wish this one anyone.

          • Hello Toni,

            I just watched the Oxygen special regarding your beautiful daughter, Morgan’s suspicious death. I can not imagine the hell that you and Steve are going through. I am so very sorry that you and Steve must endure this unimaginable grief. I pray that you and Steve get the answers you both need so that you may have some peace. After the Oxygen special, I read Morgan’s autopsy report. I do not remember any mention of a needle stick mark or a bite mark. I also don’t remember the investigator, Paul Holes discussing that physical finding with you, Steve or Mr. Holes partner. A needle mark and a human bite mark is a crucial piece of evidence. The bite mark should have been swabbed for DNA. Did you and Mr Holes speak about the bite mark and needle mark while taping and that conversation just not make it into the show? What was the excuse that the Medical Examiner and your local law enforcement officers gave you for not looking more into the needle mark and the bite? I know during the video taped interviews of you and Steve with the officers/sherif deputies you both said that Morgan was depressed, not cleaning her room, sleeping in her clothes and not even sleeping on sheets. Do you think that is why the investigators were so quick to call this a suicide? Finally, I want you to know that I do not think Morgan seemed unhappy, depressed or intentionally harmed herself. I am truly sorry that those you trusted to get justice for Morgan let you, Steve and Morgan down. Lifting you and Steve up in prayer everyday,


            • Thank you so much Rene for your kind words. Let me see if I can answer your questions in order. As far as Morgan’s autopsy report goes, it was basically a joke – but not a funny one. It’s so hard for me to even articulate the anger I have for the pathologist because of his disregard for the law. I honestly do not believe, after all these years, and all the evidence we have finally received, that he even did an autopsy. I do not believe he was just incompetent I believe he had criminal intent.

              There is evidence on Morgan’s body that the pathologist never disclosed on the body diagram, or in his notes. I finally have pictures of the injection mark with a bite mark over it that was taken by the Deputy Coroner, as well as pictures taken by the pathologist, and pictures taken of it by the sheriffs under the UV light, clearly illuminating body fluid over it – most likely saliva. It was never mentioned or tested for DNA by the pathologist – which is beyond me! Instead the pathologist wrote that it looked like a healing burn!

              And the sheriff, who was using the UV light, never mentioned it – he took a picture of it, but never mentioned it in his report, he only mentioned the other “spots” that showed up on Morgan’s neck and chest. Those spots had an even brighter fluorescence than the ones over the bite mark. I have been told that is because they were most likely semen. The sheriff said he thought those spots were most likely from the first responders equipment – so I went and spoke with the first responders and they said they don’t use anything that would fluoresce under the UV lights…that seems logical to me. So why everyone kept giving us the runaround and not doing an investigation was completely beyond me back then. At that time I actually believed they were doing a real investigation, because I did not know about any of these facts till over a year from then, and even just recently I have seen some of this new evidence. And yes, Kelly has seen all this evidence, but the person in charge of the show would not allow any of the evidence that pointed towards murder to be aired. She wouldn’t even air the interviews with all the other friends that saw her that night and said she was happy and in a good mood.

              In response to your question about Steve & I stating Morgan was depressed, not cleaning her room, sleeping in her clothes and not even sleeping on sheets. I only saw Morgan when she walked in the front door and went into her room and she was wearing her street clothes at that time, so when I saw her in the morning I thought she had slept in her clothes, but found out later that when Steve went in to talk to her she was wearing her PJ’s. Those PJ’s were never found. When Steve told me that, after our taped interview with the detective, I thought maybe she got dressed back in her clothes in order to leave the house, like she had 2 nights before at 12:47am because of the stalker, but that theory didn’t work because we were never able to find those PJ’s.

              Morgan always slept under her sheets & comforter, in fact she usually pulled the comforter over her head, but that morning when I found her her bottom sheet and 2 pillowcases were missing, so I just assumed she didn’t make her bed, which was not like her, but that bedding were never found either – later the next day we checked the wash, everywhere and they were never found – the sheriff knew this, but never pursued it. As far as her room being a mess – Morgan was always messy – which was fine with me, as it was her room, not mine. But she always, like clock work, spent Fridays cleaning her room and doing wash, so once a week she cleaned up. She was supposed to go away to babysit the children of the returning military on Friday and would be gone till Sunday night so that Thursday, her last day, she did her wash and started to clean her room. When I went in her room that night at 8:00 pm, an hour before Morgan came home, I walked into her room all the way around her bed to the window and there was nothing on the floor in my way. She had her clean folded clothes on the end of her bed and on her desk and the vacuum was sitting upright on the floor – yes, over by her closet was still a mess and her makeup was still on the floor by her mirror where she had used it earlier in the day, but her room did not look like it did the next morning. So when I was talking to the detective I was very shook up and thought she had slept in her clothes, never made her bed and messed up her room, which was not normal for Morgan, so I questioned if she was so upset and stressed from the stalker that she had taken her own life. The effects of stalking on the victims includes so many things (see the list below) so I was being hyper-sensitive to Morgan’s mental wellbeing at the time. I had many talks with her about how she was feeling, her doctor spoke with her less than 36 hours before her death and insisted Morgan showed no signs of suicidal ideation, the female detective spoke with Morgan less than 2 weeks before her death and told me Morgan was fine and handling the stress of the stalker, but her father and I were very concerned, so when we found her we wondered, did she die from fight? Did she take her own life, because she couldn’t take it anymore? The one thing we did not allow to enter our minds was that our daughter could have been sexually assaulted and murdered under our own roof – honestly my gut was telling me that at that time, but I did not want to believe it. If they had played a little more of the tape of my interview the viewers would have heard me tell the detective I just need to know what really happened to Morgan – I really had no idea, so when I was wondering if she could have committed suicide, I was wondering out loud at that moment. Morgan was scared, stressed, exhausted, complaining of feeling sick, had heart palpitations, she was down, depressed, but she did not have alcohol or street drugs in her system, and had just told her doctor, only 36 hours earlier, that she did not want her to prescribe her anything to help her sleep or calm down (the doctor had offered medication to her) as she did not like taking medication and felt that things would be getting better soon, because she thought her stalker was going to get arrested. The night before her murder she asked her dad to buy her a knife for protection, which he did. The night of her murder she asked her friend’s Aunt if she could sleep over her house, because she didn’t want to come home (I think Morgan had a premonition), but the Aunt said another time, then she went to pick up another friend to bring him home to sleep over, but he refused. She came home and sent a text message to another friend that she would pick him up to go to breakfast the next morning before she left for Frisco, and then she talked to her dad and was upbeat and happy (you can hear that on Steve’s interview) then she went in the kitchen and cut up a pomegranate to eat (they were her favorite) and after that we do not know what happened, but we now know (not back then, but now) that all the evidence we have seen indicates murder and a staged crime scene and not suicide or accidental overdose. So we will never give up until Morgan receives justice and the person who is responsible for her murder is locked away so he can never hurt another person.

              Here are some of the effects of stalking on the victims:

              Effects on mental health
              Denial, confusion, self-doubt, questioning if what is happening is unreasonable, wondering if they are over-reacting
              Guilt, embarrassment, self-blame
              Apprehension, fear, terror of being alone or that they, others or pets will be harmed.
              Feeling isolated and helpless to stop the harassment
              Depression (all symptoms related to depression)
              Anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia (frightened to leave the house, never feeling safe)
              Difficulty concentrating, attending and remembering things
              Inability to sleep – nightmares, ruminating
              Irritability, anger, homicidal thoughts
              Emotional numbing
              Symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress disorder e.g. hyper-vigilance (always on the lookout), flashbacks of frightening incidents, easily startled
              Insecurity and inability to trust others, problems with intimacy
              Personality changes due to becoming more suspicious, introverted or aggressive
              Self-medication alcohol/ drugs or using prescribed medications
              Suicide thoughts and/or suicide attempts
              Effects on physical health
              Fatigue from difficulty sleeping, being constantly on guard, symptoms of depression
              Effects of chronic stress including headaches, hypertension
              Gastrointestinal problems –
              Fluctuations in weight due to not eating or comfort eating
              Development or exacerbation of pre-existing conditions e.g. asthma, gastric ulcers and psoriasis.
              Shortness of breath
              Impact on health of increased use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs
              Sexual dysfunction
              Physical injury due to not concentrating or being under the influence of substances
              Heart palpitations and sweating

      • She had an old expired prescription of only 25 mg, not 160 mg and the amount that was “injected” into her bloodstream was more than anything she ever had in her old prescription bottles – it was obviously liquid ami used for a 1,200 lb horse! If she had ingested it she would have died before the level reached 1,000 in her blood but she had almost 10,000 in her blood!

  14. Hello, Toni, You and Steve have my deepest sympathy. I can’t wrap my mind around the horror of what you’ve been through with Morgan’s death and the system.

    I would like to know if the police stepped up patrols or assigned surveillance to your property at night during the hours of the clandestine harassment. The officer who took the report may have taken the situation seriously, but if there was no extended protections or meaningful investigative follow-up, I’d look at the politics of the police department, mayor, ME/coroner and city council.

    One question, if you don’t mind: Why didn’t you or your husband just buy a gun and shoot the bastard when you had the chance? I apologize if that sounds harsh, But I believe it is a legitimate question.

    • Thank you so very much for your kind words of sympathy. In answer to your questions…Morgan was killed on a Thursday night, only 2 days earlier on Tuesday her felony stalking detective was over our house and warned us that he believed her stalking was going to escalate and he would be putting on extra patrols. After Morgan’s murder when we finally reviewed our camera footage we could see that evening that there were 2 patrol cars that drove by our home. The first one slowed down and shined their searchlight on her bedroom windows and the roof above them and then drove off. The second patrol car just slowed down but kept going and never shined a light or anything. Hope that answers that question.

      As far as Garfield County goes our certified letters went to the Sheriff, Coroner, County Attorney, County Commissioners but none of our letters were ever responded to so I would say you are correct – politics played into this. Also you have to understand in Colorado in order to be a coroner you just need a high school education. No need to be a medical examiner or a doctor or anything. In Morgan’s case the coroner hires a forensic pathologist to do any autopsy that is needed…this forensic pathologist did not even follow the suggested Colorado autopsy practices in Morgan’s case…

      As far as a gun goes we had 2 guns a rifle and a hand gun but as we ran out of the house in the middle of the night in the dark we could not see the perpetrated…he ran faster than us. We could not just shoot out into the night hoping it would hit him and not an innocent neighbors house – that was not an option. It was also suggested to us to put out a bear trap…sounds good huh? What about the neighbors bloodhound that came around our house sometimes – it could have broke his leg. We really wanted to catch the stalker and protect our child but we just could not do something crazy. If the stalker had ever stayed on our front porch or came in our house at a time when we could see him and grab our gun we would have shot him. We tried to talk Morgan into gun classes and getting a concealed carry permit but she did not like guns. She wouldn’t agree to a taser either, but the night before she was murdered she asked her dad for a knife and of course he bought her one. I cried after they took her body away and I saw the knife in her bed, next to where her body was found still in the box 🙁

      • I am so sorry for your loss, sending my love from the UK. I just watched the programme suspicion and it brought me to tears. I can not begin to imagine how you feel and continue to feel whilst still fighting for answers. Have read through the blog and so many issues are clear why you are the ones who have to endure the role of detective when the authorities should be. Was there camera evidence from that terrible evening of the perpetrator on your property? Surely with all the technology now more evidence can be found its just a shame you seem to have to do it all yourselves.

        • Thank you Amiee for writing in. Yes, we do have camera evidence from that night, but just like all the rest of the camera evidence, as well as other physical evidence the sheriffs did not want to look at it…they want this case to remain closed and maybe someday soon people will know the WHY behind their complete refusal to investigate as well as their complete refusal to allow any other law enforcement agency, including the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, from investigating. The truth will come out and until that time we will continue to fight for justice for Morgan as well as all other victims like her. Take care!

  15. I am so sorry for your loss. I just watched the episode of Suspicion that told of your daughter’s story and I am heartbroken. I can not imagine what all of you endured. May you all find peace. <3

  16. I watched the discoveryID episode last night. I am at a loss for words to express my sympathy for you and your family. In the episode you stated that you think she was injected with something. Has her body ever been looked over for puncture marks? Often times when puncture marks are found-with no history of abuse the case has a better chance to become a homicide on the death certificate.

    • There was – it is on the crime scene photos and the pathologist said it was a “healing burn”…NOT! You can clearly see the injection/puncture. We were NEVER supposed to see the crime scene photos and we didn’t for years but we finally were able to get them from the coroner before he was no longer the coroner.

  17. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you get justice. I just commented to a woman’s blog whose very much against “you” and what you are doing. I have been blessed with the ability to get a feel of certain people’s spirits. The woman who has gone around bad mouthing you I believe is the same woman using different names. I told her that if what she says is true then why doesn’t she reveal her true self. I am sorry I have went off course but I had to voice my opinion on it and let you know I don’t appreciate what she has done. She has gone above and beyond trying to cast doubt in this story. She has twisted facts to do so. I believe she is someone with something to gain, or she is close with someone who has something to gain. I am so sorry that you not only had to lose your child but you have to deal with “bullying”. Thankfully God sees all and God will get vengeance for your daughter, you and your family.

    • Wow, Kila you are amazing because you are so correct in what you have observed. She does use many different names and yes, always anonymous, never with her true name. I know exactly who you are talking about and she has been involved since the very beginning – even before I started the blog about Morgan’s stalking. She does have an agenda and has never stopped. It is extremely important to her to keep Morgan’s case from ever being investigated. It’s sad because so many people do not know what she has been up to all this time and my husband, along with many supporters have asked me not to engage her because that is exactly what she wants. I pray that most people can see the truth and understand what the “others” (that is what I call the small group of people that have tried their best to derail an investigation) are trying to do. We are confident that Morgan’s case will be eventually investigated and the evidence will bring forth a conviction. Until then we will not give up and we continue on in our fight for justice. Thank you so much for being a part of TEAM MORGAN – we love all your support and I know Morgan does too as she looks down upon all of this. Hugs!

  18. Hi Toni,
    Morgan seemed like such a wonderfull girl, im so sorry for your loss. I ve red alot about this case, what a hell you al have been trough!
    To me it was clear from the beginning this is a murdercase. The intruder was right there in her room and killed her, yet the deputies didnt bother to take fiber and possibly dna samples on the scene ? They screwed up so bad… I hope, though, that they at least preserved some evidence.
    This case reminds me of the Jonbenet ramsey case, detectives had the same tunnelvision , just like in Morgans case. They didnt bother to look at other possible scenarios. Both murders, in my opinion, where commited by an intruder.

    I hope Morgans murderer will be found . Keep up the good work, never give up, the truth will then hopefully come out
    Hope my english was well, im from the Netherlands
    Best wishes, Christy

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