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  1. I should add your on my mind all the time. I can’t wait for this nightmare to end for you. I know of course, there will always be one important thing missing from your life. Morgan. My parents died when I was younger, my mom when I was 8 and my dad when I was 17. So I know about loss. My son, Hunter, whom is 8 has aspergers. Currently, I am going round and round to get him his rights and education. I know its two completely different subjects but the standing up for your child is the same. Its frustrating and exhausts your mind. My husband is in Vegas for a convention this week and left me protection in our spare closet way up high on the top shelf. I told him today its completely freaking me out having that in there loaded. Its all I can think about. I grew up around weapons so I don’t know why its bothering me so other than he is gone and I have been obsessed with the blog. lol I have to add I went back and listened to your interview with Tricia and I was so anxious to hear your voice. It was so weird. You sound like a wonderful woman. I hope that all this starts to come together and get the answers and actions your looking for.

    xoxo Ranee

  2. I sent you an email but I have watched the series “Stalked” and the host “Michelle Ward” I think could be of some help?
    Thank you and God Bless you.

    • Thanks Ann I just got done reading your email and I greatly appreciate it…I am going to take your suggestion and see if I can contact Michelle Ward. I don’t exactly know how to contact her but possibly someone reading this might know how to make contact with her and can either let us know or do it for us and refer this website to her to read about this. You are so very kind and we greatly appreciate your help! From one mother to another…hug.

  3. Think of the Jodi Arias case and what happened after she stalked for years. It has to be investigated and taken seriously.

  4. It’s inconceivable that the police and m.e. were so inept in your daughters case!! I believe your daughter was stalked and murdered! And hopefully the coverage of her case will spark a new investigation into who killed her.It will never bring Morgan back,which also happens to be my daughters name,it might help your family begin to heal. You are in my thoughts and prayers

    • Thank you so much Sara. The sheriffs and coroner knew exactly what they were doing, they knew she had been stalked and murdered. She had a felony stalking detective assigned to her case, he saw all the evidence, he spoke with Morgan and knew she had id’d the person, he had a poster distributed to all officers with the suspect’s picture as well as a picture of his car, and on and on. The coroner knew her body showed signs of a struggle, as did her room, and her toxicology results as well as physical evidence showed that there was another person in her room that night that killed her. So they know – they just decided to sweep it under the rug. They were not happy when I started to question their lies.

  5. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry about what happened to Morgan. I have just finished law school and am planning to be a prosecutor; reading about Morgan’s case has opened my eyes to how big of a problem stalking can truly be, as it was not a crime we studied much in school. I sent you an email via the main website but know that you are busy and that you might not be able to answer the questions I had, and wanted to apologize if any of them seemed callous; that was most definitely NOT my intention. Good wishes to you and yours, and rest assured that I will always advocate for stalking victims and better enforcement of laws throughout my career.

    • Alyssha, thank you so much for your email…I have read have it and I did start to reply, but never finished because so many things have come up and I really wanted to send you a more detailed response, because I feel like you are one of those amazing people that will definitely be an advocate for change in the future. I really, really appreciate you getting involved, and I promise I will email you back in the next few days. Thank you for wanting to be a catalyst in the future for much needed change. Love & light to you!

  6. I believe Morgan was murdered by her stalker! It seems plain as day, I don’t understand how they could say otherwise! Sending you good vibes and hopefully with you getting Morgans story out there, there will be some change and someone held accountable!

    • Thank you Laura. I am getting ready to start another big “push” for accountability and justice for Morgan. It is still so very painful and upsetting. We have so much more evidence now…but, nowhere to go with it, unless we can get some agency to present it to a grand jury. We will never give up. Morgan deserves justice and those involved need to be held accountable for her murder. Her story has helped many people and awareness of the dangers of stalkers has definitely increased, which was gravely needed.

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