The Crime Watch Daily 4 Part Series of Morgan’s Stalking and Murder


Morgan non a trip with Mom and Dad

Along the way on a trip to Santa fe New Mexico

Please see the 4 part Crime Watch Daily special about Morgan’s case. Kelly McLear produced it, Nerissa Knight was the investigative reporter and was really great, and all of the many others whom Steve and I never had the chance to meet all worked so hard to tell what they could about Morgan’s case. I am so grateful for all of their hard work and diligence. What a great, great job they did on her story.

To see it, first you could go to the Crime Watch Daily website. They have the story and links to all four videos here: Crime Watch website

Or Crime Watch Daily has a facebook page with all four videos posted as well, here are the links:

Pt. 1: Was Morgan Ingram’s Death a Murder or Suicide? – Crime Watch Daily

Pt. 2: Was Morgan Ingram’s Death a Murder or Suicide? – Crime Watch Daily

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Pt. 4: Was Morgan Ingram’s Death a Murder or Suicide? – Crime Watch Daily

And if you prefer youtube, the series is also listed there under the Crime Watch Daily banner;

Pt. 1: Was Morgan Ingram’s Death a Murder or Suicide? – Crime Watch Daily

Pt. 2: Was Morgan Ingram’s Death a Murder or Suicide? – Crime Watch Daily

Pt. 3: Was Morgan Ingram’s Death a Murder or Suicide? – Crime Watch Daily

Pt. 4: Was Morgan Ingram’s Death a Murder or Suicide? – Crime Watch Daily

Let me know what you think after watching all 4 parts – the feedback today has been extremely positive, and as always I encourage stalking victims to view Morgan’s story as educational, compare it to your own case, or that of a friend you know believes or is certain they are being stalked. Understanding stalkers and stalking is difficult, anything that helps a victim of stalking to better deal with their own situation is so important.

Morgan was courageous, a fighter to her bitter and very tragic end. Don’t let this happen to you!

Do parents cover for their children – even when they murder?

Are these messages below, September 1, 2012, really from Keenan’s mom & dad?  They say it’s them, but I have no way to confirm if it is true.  I do know that recently Keenan’s dad, Waide Vanginkel, has gone out publicly and stated that he wrote into my blog, but I did not allow his comment through…that is true, I do not let all the comments through, there are many reasons for me to not approve every comment.  Some are too vile to allow through, and this is my blog so I can decide.

What is stated in these messages below is absolutely not true…so is this another case of covering for the offender – covering for your child, no matter what they have done?

Keenan was considered a suspect by the GarCo sheriffs during the stalking, they knew it was him long before we even knew it was him.  It’s on his Global Jacket,

 Also, take a look at his work hours below…Keenan clocked into work at 2:00 am, with ample time to have committed the murder, and yet his parents, as well as Keenan, keep telling people he wasn’t even in the state when Morgan was murdered.  His work hours are in the police report, the sheriff detective collected them after Morgan’s murder because Keenan was the main suspect in her stalking – and again the night she was murdered he clocked into work (a 5 minute, or less drive from our house) at 2:00 am that night.

Sorry to repeat myself again but the person claiming he is Keenan’s dad is saying Keenan wasn’t even in the state at the time…seriously?  Why is he lying?  He knew where Keenan was, he worked at the same store.  If you have access to the police reports you will see Keenan’s work hours listed – he clocked into work (again, it is a 5 minute or less drive from our house) at 2:00 am on the morning of Morgan’s murder – he wasn’t out of state at the time!  

The person’s comment above states she is Keenan’s  mother.  She says that he went straight to the police and was cleared – no that is not true at all.  The sheriffs came to Brooke Harris’ house (where Keenan was living at the time, (3 houses down from us), they went there multiple times, trying to talk to him, with no success.  Keenan then suddenly moved out of the Harris’ house.  The detective said he did not know where Keenan was then living so he went to City Market looking for him, but did not find him.  This must have been worrisome for Keenan’s dad, as his dad and other relatives worked at the same City Market, so after they heard the detective had been there looking for Keenan, he and his dad showed up at sheriff’s headquarters wanting to find out if Keenan was a suspect, and they were told, yes, he was a suspect!  This is in the police reports as well. He was not cleared.  I honestly believe his mother knows what he did, and she will do anything to cover for him.  It is sick, but true.  Here are just a few examples of parents that cover up heinous crimes in order to protect their children (like Louise Bundy – Ted Bundy’s mom), they have no concern for the innocent victims of those crimes. Louise stated, “Ted Bundy does not go around killing women and little children! And I know this, too, that our never-ending faith in Ted – our faith that he is innocent – has never wavered. And it never will.”

In this blog I have stated all the “facts” that happened in our case.  After this blog first came out I received a message from Keenan’s mom stating he could not have killed Morgan as he was out of state that night…again I say, look at his work hours in the police report – he clocked into work (it is only a 5 minute or less drive from our house) at 2:00 am on the morning of Morgan’s murder…he would have had plenty of time to kill her before clocking in at work.  Keenan states that he used the biometric clock when he got to work…that is true, but after speaking with the head of security at City Market I also know that he can leave on breaks in the middle of the night without using that clock, they assume there is nowhere to go except hang outside and smoke – our house was a short distance to drive to so he could have even come back while clocked in at work and no one would know. So who is zooming who?

I asked for the City Market video camera footage that would have shown the parking lot where his car was, so we could see if he left anytime after clocking in at 2 am, the footage was saved for the detective, and the detective called me to say he would pick it up, but instead they closed the stalking case, never investigating her murder, Steve and I were threatened, and no one ever said anything else about what was on that tape!

I was there through it all, first trying to protect my daughter, then trying to get answers to facts that were being intentionally kept from me. A victim myself – Steve & I both were listed as victims of the same stalking in the police reports. But when your daughter is murdered it is hard to really think of yourself as a victim of the stalking…instead you realize you are now a co-victim, a parent of a murdered child, something no parent ever wants to be.

Other interesting things in the police report – the detective confronted Keenan and stated that he was told by Keenan that he had heard Morgan died of suicide (the detective told him no, she did not – she was listed as natural causes at that time).  Now knowing that it was “staged” to look like a suicide, Keenan’s statement is very telling.  Also, Keenan states during that interview that he is surprised to find out that the case is still active.  Why would he say that?  I’m sure most offenders feel like if they “dispose” of the victim there can never be a case – is that why he was surprised?  In the comment above from Keenan’s mother she says he hasn’t been considered a suspect since the day it was reported…then why do the police reports state that over 3 months after Morgan’s murder, in an interview with Keenan, the lead detective tells him he is still a viable suspect?  The stalking was reported the first week of August 2011 and Keenan is still listed as a viable suspect in March of 2012 – that is 8 months after the start of the stalking that she is referring to…that does not sound to me as though he was “cleared” right in the beginning.  Morgan id’d Keenan multiple times over the 4 months he stalked her and the sheriffs were 100% convinced it was him and they were building a case against him until she was killed.

These are all FACTS that can be proved easily, with black and white evidence.  Throughout this blog I have tried to share some (obviously not all) of the evidence about what happened to Morgan, while others out on the Internet try very hard to convince people that I am just accusing innocent people, with no basis in reality.  They are very, very sick people. Steve and I can barely function at times because of the gigantic hole in our hearts…our bodies vibrate from the grief we live with every day, sometimes it’s even hard to breathe.  It would be so much easier to stop our fight for justice, and not have to relive all of this, but we will never stop!  Justice for Morgan is what we want – all the lies and cover-ups that have weighed down upon us since the beginning are hard to deal with, but they are the challenges we have been given to expose.

I do not feel like it is my job to try to convince people of the truth – this blog was never meant to share all our evidence – I think that would be extremely irresponsible.  The blog was created to raise awareness of the seriousness of stalking, and to tell Morgan’s story on a day-to-day basis.  I feel like my job is to present the facts, so people can see the truth for themselves and come to their own logical conclusions.  I want people to understand what it is like to be a victim of stalking and murder, and have people try to cover it up!  It is beyond description – the only word that can come close is “devastating.”

If you can please help to be Morgan’s voice for justice alongside our family.  Thank you!  #Justice4Morgan

Desperate People Do Desperate Things….

resistance becomes a duty

I never imagined when I first published this website & blog that it would result in death threats, horrible things said about me that absolutely are not true, Facebook pages built to harass, my family contacted, etc. But through it all we never gave up and never will.

Losing a loved one is life-altering.  It changes you… forever.  In my case I woke up one morning and knew I had a mission to fullfill in this lifetime.  In the midst of unending pain, that mission became clear as day.  I will always continue to spread the truth about what happened to Morgan so others can learn from the truth.  Stalking, bullying, sexual assault, and murder do not just happen to the rich and famous. We read about in the news, it can and does happen to people from all walks of life…stalking is dangerous, stalking is a crime, and stalking is many times a precursor to other violent crimes, including kidnapping.

Having your youngest child taken from you in a violent act is hard enough, but then to have the crime covered up is entirely another thing altogether…how are grief-stricken parents supposed to deal with that?  Maybe that is what they are counting on?

Here is just one example of a person in public office that is supposed to be above reproach, a governor who lied to cover up his corruption…why people would think that this is something that never happens is beyond me.  Do people really think the “bad guy” just confesses when he or she is caught?  Read the papers – this type of thing has been going on forever, and it will probably continue to go on forever – the only difference being, if law enforcement and the judicial system go after the perpetrators of such a crime, like they did in this case, and then build a case, and follow it through, then eventually those in power may think twice before attempting to break the law.  A federal jury found former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, guilty of public corruption, once he heard that he was being investigated he threw back at his accusers, “Why would I risk everything to do something like this,” that is something that has been heard over and over again for many years by officials that think no one will find out that they broke the law.  I would like to say when there is financial gain, or if they are protecting themselves from something that they have done that is illegal, officials do lie. I think most logical people that read the news understand this.

Desperate people do desperate things…look behind all the one-liners that you hear from these people, and keep asking questions.  Don’t just believe what people say when they try to dismiss any further questions from you.  Know that you are going down the path to finally see the truth when you keep digging and you don’t stop at just scratching the surface.  This is a very valuable lesson I have learned in the past 4 years while Steve & I were doing our “digging” into Morgan’s case, and digging into everyone that was associated with the false reporting of her case. It is so amazing the things we uncovered…shocking to be sure, knowing the public has no clue as to how people in high places get away with breaking the law year after year with no fear of consequence.  There is no transparency, no accountability and no real justice when these type of things are allowed to exist.  Laws were made to be followed, but what happens when people in power break those laws and get away with it?

Arrest Made in the Ashley Olsen Case

There has been an arrest made in the Ashley Olsen case.

Her beagle was found at the same time as her body in her apartment. Beagles, as most dog people know, are big barkers – which leads me to wonder if Ashley’s murderer attacked and subdued her dog, just as happened in an attack on someone I personally know who’s husky was thrown down the stairs, and locked out of her room, when the dog lunged towards the attacker while it was trying to protect her.

It is so very sad.

True Love Knows No Goodbyes…

Morgan touched so many with her profound wisdom and loving heart, and she had so many amazing friends that still want to fight for truth and justice for their friend Morgan.

One of Morgan’s former classmates wrote to me and said, “I thank you for continuing to fight for justice for Morgan. She no longer has a voice to defend herself. We must be that voice. I will do the best I can. Truth is sometimes difficult to find but, like gold, it is worth the effort.”

We all will continue to fight for what is right, truth & justice…for Morgan, as well as all others that can no longer speak up for themselves. We won’t say goodbye, instead we will say, “Watch the changes Morgan that we are going to make in your name, and when our jobs are through we will then again be with you.”  Morgan enjoyed reading Rumi and I must admit this great poet was a deep thinker that understood the reality of true bonds of love – the kind that can never be severed, even in death..