JUSTICE FOR MORGAN – Please share and then share again <3


Please call in any information you may have heard – you can remain anonymous.  Please share with as many people as you can in the state of Colorado…those involved in Morgan’s stalking and murder still live among you.

Share, share, share in order for Morgan to finally have justice.  We can all do this together.  Thank you all very much!

Illusions Will Be Destroyed…

Friedrich nietzche

Nietzsche was one of Morgan’s favorite philosophers.

This quote is so true – for many different reasons people don’t want to hear the truth about Morgan’s case.  Some fear they will be arrested for being the perpetrator or accomplice (because they know what they did), some fear her case being opened for political reasons (and there are many), some just want it to go away, because in reality they don’t want to believe this could have happened to one of their own in the Roaring Fork Valley, they just don’t want to believe in this kind of ugliness…sad truth is that the truth is the truth, and it will always be the truth, whether you choose to believe in it or not.  So I am very confident that Morgan will receive justice one day – I just wonder what will happen to everyone’s beliefs when that day comes and they are forced to face the truth?

Comparison of the Stalker Caught in the Driveway

Submitted by an avid reader of the Morgan's Stalking Blog and supporter of the fight for justice for Morgan...Team Morgan

James compared to wildlife camera picture of stalker caught in the driveway

Watch Crime Watch Daily Tomorrow Night – Friday, Feb. 26th

Crime Watch Daily

Watch this if you can, and please share this to help keep Lea Porter’s name and story fresh in people’s minds.

Lea’s mother Rene Jackson said, “I believe it airs in the Denver and Grand Junction areas in the afternoon, but a link will be up to view it on-line.”  So wherever you are check your local listing to see when Crime Watch Daily airs tomorrow on Friday, Feb. 26th.

Let us all keep hope alive and help Lea’s family locate her body.  Don’t forget, Lea is out there somewhere and we won’t stop until every stone is unturned!

Lea’s story tomorrow on Crime Watch Daily – check local listings at http://crimewatchdaily.com/