The comment below is from a person that has written into my blog many, many times over the past 3 years, and still to this day – I guess people would call him/her a Troll ūüôĀ ¬†But when it comes to Morgan’s case there are a handful that keep up their lies and deception on the Internet, as well as on their Podcasts. It’s hard to imagine anyone would believe the lies that come out of their mouths. ¬†These are people that have no personal knowledge of what they are talking about and yet they act like experts…sick.

Over the Internet you never know if the person commenting is male, or female – you only know who they want you to believe they are, and what they want you to believe.¬† You don‚Äôt know where they are from, or who they are connected to.¬† This particular person, over the years, has changed their identity many times, as well as their email address many times, but their IP address has stayed the same. ¬†If I had to guess I would say that I believe it is one of the small “group” of people that have gone completely out of their way for over 4 years now searching any mention of Morgan’s case, or my name so they can attack and spread lies, they basically try to tarnish my credibility in order to keep Morgan’s case from ever being investigated..

This person acts as though they are an expert on whatever they decide to attack me about at the time.¬† They have made up many different ways they think Morgan died, they have accused me over and over again of lying – which makes me wonder what their ‚Äúagenda‚ÄĚ really is‚Ķthis particular time he/she said they are an ER nurse.¬† If they really are a nurse, then I feel very frightened for their patients, as they have absolutely NO idea what they are talking about.¬† After all these years of relentlessly spreading lies about Morgan‚Äôs case could this person actually be connected to Morgan‚Äôs murderers, or be the murderer?

Blog comment: Would you please explain why there are multiple antibiotics, cardiovascular and endocrine meds on what you have labeled as a ‚ÄúSexual Assault Drug Panel‚ÄĚ. I am a nurse of many years and none of these particular meds can be used to cause drowsiness or unconsciousness to lead to a sexual assault so why are they listed? This makes no sense and just adds question to your honesty, seriously.

My response: NONE of the drugs found in Morgan’s blood, or gastric fluid on the toxicology reports were antibiotics, cardiovascular or endocrine meds РNONE of them.  Do your research!  All of them ARE on the Sexual Assault Panel from the lab that did her toxicology testing (AIT Labs).  They are on Sexual Assault Panels at labs because these drugs DO cause drowsiness, and can cause a victim to become unconscious, which is the reason they have been used as date rape drugs.

People need to do their own research. ¬†Research from reliable sources. ¬†Even though most public attention over the years has focused on Rohypnol and GHB as “date-rape” drugs, Mark A. Lebeau et al (1999) Forensic Examiner/Toxicologist, Chemistry Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington DC writes his article on Toxicological Investigations of Drug-Facilitated¬†Sexual Assaults. He explains there are many other substances that have been detected in victims of alleged sexual assaults. These include ALL the drugs found in Morgan‚Äôs toxicology reports.

You may have heard the term ‚Äúdate rape drugs‚ÄĚ to refer to substances that can aid a perpetrator in committing sexual assault. Here are the actual drugs that were detected in Morgan.¬† All the drugs found in Morgan ARE listed on the Sexual Assault Panel:

Amitriptyline (in low does it has various off-label uses)

Nortriptyline (A Metabolite of Amitriptyline)

Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril)



Flurazepan (Dalmane)


Morgan’s toxicology results are an important part of the evidence that shows she was murdered.  They are evidence that she could not have taken her own life.  Why? For the following reasons:

  1. Morgan had no alcohol or illegal drugs in her body – only date rape drugs
  2. Morgan never had a prescription for any of the other 6 prescription drugs that were in her gastric fluid, and neither did Steve or I.
  3. None of the drugs, except an old expired bottle of low-dose Amitriptyline, were ever in our house, and were not in our house when we found her body – whomever brought them into our house took them with them when they left.
  4. Even though Dr. Kurtzman, the contracted forensic pathologist who performed Morgan‚Äôs autopsy, declared her death as natural causes for the first 8 months, insisting that the ‚Äúmassive‚ÄĚ amount of Amitriptyline in her blood was ‚Äúinsignificant,‚ÄĚ it was in fact the cause of her death.
  5. Dr. Kurtzman also insisted that Morgan must have been taking the Amitriptyline without telling anyone and this, coupled with Postmortem Redistribution, was his reason the number was so high.  He was so very WRONG!  The percentage of the metabolite Nortriptyline in comparison to the Amitriptyline is evidence that:
    1. She had not been taking it – it was a one-time massive dose of Amitriptyline
    2. Approximately 1,000 ng of Ami¬†would have killed Morgan, and yet she had over 10,000 ng in her blood (we have been told you need to add the Ami along with it’s metabolite to arrive at the true total).
    3. Morgan did not have enough of her expired prescription of Amitriptyline to cause this level
    4. Since 1,000 ng would have killed her the only way that massive amount could be in her blood is if it had been injected – and yes we have a photo of the injection mark
  6. No syringes or containers were ever found in, or around our house Рwhatever was used to bring them into our house was taken away by her murderer(s).  When a body is found with a knife wound or a bullet hole, or even an obvious ligature mark around their neck, and the murder weapon is missing from the crime scene, is obvious someone else committed the murder Рthe same should be considered if someone is poisoned, and that poison (i.e. drugs) are found later on the toxicology report.
  7. None of the date rape drugs found in Morgan’s gastric fluid made it into her blood – her body had stopped digesting – she was either dead or almost dead when they were put in her stomach, plausibly via a feeding tube
  8. All these facts we learned from a renowned forensic medical examiner, and multiple forensic toxicologists.

The following comment was sent to me just the other day. ¬†“It just isn’t right.. so many leads, but yet you have had so many blocks. I will never forget Morgan’s story and will always be waiting for the ending she deserves… and you the family deserve.”

I get comments from people all over the world, almost daily, that continue to follow Morgan’s case, hoping for justice. ¬†These supporters keep Steve and us strong….they keep us from ever worrying about the “Trolls” on the Internet who spew their deception and lies for their own personal reasons. ¬†Justice for Morgan!

Ages 18 – 24 Experience The Highest Rate of Stalking #NSAM or #NSAM2017!

Morgan was 19 years old when her stalking started, and 4 months later, after she had turned just 20, she was murdered…Morgan, along with other female victims that were murdered in the last 5 years, were all between the ages of 18 – 24-years-old. ¬†Even though in the other cases, stalking was not listed in their cases, I believe they were stalked. ¬†This I believe after speaking with their families and/or friends. ¬†Stalking is a very serious crime and should never be taken lightly!

Stalking can affect a victim’s emotional, physical, and economic well-being. Visit bit.ly/NSAM2017 for more info.

I personally know the impact stalking has on it’s victims – the¬†devastating¬†toll it takes. ¬†My husband Steve and I were also victims of the same stalking that Morgan endured. ¬†We lived in the same house during those 4 months of stalking. ¬†We know what it’s like to become hyper-vigilent, constantly looking over our shoulder. ¬†We know what it’s like not to want to leave your house because you have a “feeling” that the stalker may gain entry and being lying in wait. ¬†We know what it’s like to be wake up in the middle of the night from the noise of the stalker trying to gain entrance, and/or setting off lights and alarms to¬†harass and scare you. ¬†We know how your emotions go from anger to embarrassment to frustration, then¬†minimization, and then to self-blame, and in our case fear. ¬†Fear that harm may befall our youngest daughter…which it did. ¬†It makes you sick to your stomach.¬†

Morgan eventually did identify¬†her stalker, along with his girlfriend (our neighbor), during the stalking. ¬†None of us understood anything about gang stalking at the time. ¬†We knew people were involved in helping to misdirect and make up false alibis, but we did not understand the extent in which gang stalking encompassed. ¬†We now know…

The same day we found Morgan’s body, the lead sheriff detective, Rob Glassmire (now the new coroner for Garfield County – kind of worked out for him didn’t it?), told us we could take down our cameras, because there was no more Morgan, so no more stalker…I was shocked! ¬†He said this to us, and yet Steve and I were on listed all the sheriffs reports as victims of the same stalking, and the detective knew this, but we never thought about it at the time. ¬†We were just worried about Morgan. ¬†We now know we were all targets! We experienced stalking incidents when Morgan wasn’t even home at the time of those incidents, and the detective knew that. ¬†We were victims of the stalking, and we were still alive, so why did he think the stalking would stop? ¬†And if you are wondering – it didn’t stop…

We lived through that 4 months of hell with Morgan. ¬†When you find your daughter dead in your own house you go into a state of shock. ¬†You are not totally yourself. ¬†You hear the words that are being spoken, you may feel they are wrong, you can be angry or upset about them, but you have absolutely no fight left in you at that very moment in time. ¬†You are¬†numb. ¬†You feel like you are not really there…it is as though you are watching your own nightmare, and you think that any minute now you will wake up. ¬†I don’t expect most folks to understand the feeling, and I hope they never have to. ¬†But that was our reality on December 2, 2011.

– Stalking is pervasive and causes intense personal suffering –¬†

When we found our healthy 20-year-old daughter Morgan dead, during an active investigation into her felony stalking, it became devastating for us.  Then immediately we were told by the lead detective, before her body had even been taken away for an autopsy:

¬†*That he was certain her death had nothing to do with the stalker we “knew” it didn’t sound right. ¬†

  • We were then told there was no sign of breaking and entering (we now know that meant nothing¬†– no fingerprinting was even ever done, and there were multiple ways we now know someone could have gotten in without a break-in. ¬†Just 2 days before Morgan’s murder our next door neighbor reported a theft from their home and¬†there were NO sign of a break-in and the night Morgan was murdered multiple things were stolen out of her room)
  • Then we were¬†told there is no sign of a sexual assault (how could he say that? They never even checked for signs of a sexual assault, even though her pants were unzipped and unbuttoned, and they noted there were minute “spots” all over her chest under the UV light – bodily fluids)
  • We were then told by the detective that there was no sign of suicide (he said there were no syringes, empty pill bottles, or vessels in her room)
  • He then went on to say there was no sign of a struggle (another HUGE lie; her body and room showed signs of a struggle, and this can be seen in the crime scene photos), and¬†then he said there were no signs that she could have been subdued (and yet we can see an injection mark, clear as day, on the crime scene photos that we received two years after her murder). ¬†
  • There are so many FACTS/EVIDENCE involved in Morgan’s stalking and murder that¬†indicate she was murdered, and yet the Garfield County Sheriffs want to ignore every, and all FACTS/EVIDENCE.

The Stalking Resource Center of the National Center for Victims of Crime said, “We are pleased to continue our partnership with the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice, in observing National Stalking Awareness Month 2017. Working to raise awareness about the realities of stalking is as critical as ever, especially for the 7.5 million individuals stalked each year in the U.S.” ¬†These images I am sharing are supplied¬†by the National Stalking Awareness Month organization.





Stalking is a crime that is pervasive, dangerous, & potentially lethal. IT WAS IN OUR DAUGHTER MORGAN’S CASE.

Stalking: It’s not a joke. It’s not romantic. It’s not ok. It’s a crime. Visit stalkingawarenessmonth.org to learn more.


1 in 4 women and 1 in 13 men will be victims of stalking in their lifetime. 


Astoundingly, 7.5 million people were stalked in one year in the United States. Learn the realities of this crime: bit.ly/NSAM2017

JANUARY IS Stalking Awareness Month #NSAM #NSAM2017!

Wishing a safe & healthy New Year to all!
Did you know January is Stalking Awareness Month? Visit stalkingawarenessmonth.org for info.

What could you do to recognize National Stalking Awareness Month? 

How much do you know about stalking? Take a quiz here: bit.ly/NSAM2017

How young can stalking behavior start? Do you see stalking behaviors among high school students? Middle school students? Younger?

What would you say to a friend who told you they were being stalked?  Learn more about stalking at bit.ly/NSAM2017

A Memory from April 2013 –


Some exciting news‚ĶKDNK our small local radio station won an award for the series they did on ‚ÄúWhat Happened to Morgan Ingram?‚ÄĚ

Click on https://soundcloud.com/user-744545581/kdnk-series to watch the series about Morgan that KDNK produced, if you haven’t listened to it before.  It has interviews with experts in their field about Morgan’s case.

The Radio Television Digital News Association has announced the winners of the 2013 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards. The awards recognize work of the highest quality produced by radio, television and online news organizations around the world.
KDNK Community Radio in Carbondale has won the award for ‚ÄúBest News Series‚ÄĚ in Small Market Radio for Region 3 which is comprised of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.
The series, titled¬†‚ÄúWhat Happened to Morgan Ingram?‚Ä̬†was produced by Ed Williams and Eric Skalac, KDNK‚Äôs full time reporters. ¬†‚ÄúFor more than 40 years, the Edward R. Murrow Award has honored the best of electronic journalism,‚ÄĚ said Mike Cavender, Executive Director of RTDNA. ‚ÄúThis year‚Äôs winners represent the outstanding work being done in local¬† newsrooms, which we are proud to recognize.‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúI am proud of our news efforts. It‚Äôs wonderful to be recognized for the work in the news department. This is a big part of what we do,‚ÄĚ said KDNK General Manager Steve Skinner. ¬†A record number of award entries were submitted, and judges selected winners in 13 regions across the United States and from international entrants from across the globe. The regional winners are automatically entered in the national Edward R. Murrow Awards competition, which will be judged during the summer. National awards will be presented at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York City on Columbus Day.
The Radio Television Digital News Association has been honoring outstanding achievements in electronic journalism with the Edward R. Murrow Awards since 1971. Award recipients demonstrate the spirit of excellence that Murrow set as a standard for the profession of electronic journalism.
KDNK’s local and regional news stories are archived at KDNK.org.
CONGRATULATIONS KDNK! and that you for your hard work in raising awareness of stalking and the tragedy of Morgan’s Stalking.