The Holly Moore Case…

holly moore

Below is a link to the Crime Watch Daily video report on the Holly Moore case, out of Castle Rock, CO.  19 year old Holly’s manner of death, yet another young woman like Morgan, was not properly investigated, nor was the evidence properly tested so her official manner of death has been deemed a suicide instead of a homicide.  I have posted about this case before.  This case reminds me so much of Morgan’s case.  Why do some coroner’s in Colorado, like in Morgan’s case, stand by the wrong manner of death in a case that has strong evidence that it was a capital crime? It makes no sense to me.  The coroner in Holly’s case, just as in Morgan’s case, is not a doctor, he had someone else do the autopsy.  Things that should have been tested were not.  Other strong experts brought in by the family proved there was evidence this was most likely a murder and yet the coroner would not change their ruling…this is so very wrong!!!

At least in Holly’s case the pressure brought by her family has finally resulted in the police chief turning the case over to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  Please watch this updated information about the Holly Moore case.

Was it Suicide? Or Murder? The Mysterious Death of a Colorado Teen – Crime Watch Daily



Stalkers Never Stop…


I recently read this article that was emailed to me.  It caught my eye for obvious reasons…it was about a speech given by Rhonda Saunders, from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office Stalking & Threat Assessment Team & Los Angeles Stalking Task Force.

She warned the CLU audience, “One thing I know about stalkers is they never stop.”

As part of the educational process, as well as raising awareness about the seriousness and dangers of stalking, I wanted to share this article with you.  I agree with Saunders 100% – she said:

“What these stalkers do is destroy any sense of security,” she said.

“It’s a crime of mental terrorism.”

Unless you have been a victim of stalking you would have a hard time understanding the damage that occurs.  I hope you never are a victim of stalking, but I know many of you that are reading this have been, or currently are victims of stalking, and if so you know exactly what she means. You are always looking over your shoulder, you don’t know where to turn, you wonder when the moment will arrive when something terrible will happen and you may not see it coming…it is mental terrorism!

Stalking is the most under reported crime in the US at this time.

60 percent don’t report it.

“Either they feel embarrassed or they feel like, ‘I can handle this,’ ” Saunders said.

Here is the link to the article

Missing Morgan Every Minute of Every Day…

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Every Life Matters – put a stop to murder!


Every life matters.  Morgan’s life mattered.  Morgan was loved & she is missed.

No one had permission to end her life at the young age of 20. She had her whole life ahead of her and now the people that decided to do just that must be held accountable.  They must be investigated – Morgan deserves justice.  Morgan’s loved ones, friends and the community she lived in all deserve to see her receive justice.

2016 is the year for JUSTICE!

Arrest Made in the Ashley Olsen Case

There has been an arrest made in the Ashley Olsen case.

Her beagle was found at the same time as her body in her apartment. Beagles, as most dog people know, are big barkers – which leads me to wonder if Ashley’s murderer attacked and subdued her dog, just as happened in an attack on someone I personally know who’s husky was thrown down the stairs, and locked out of her room, when the dog lunged towards the attacker while it was trying to protect her.

It is so very sad.