Colorado Needs a Criminal Justice Revolution!


THIS IS WHAT COLORADO NEEDS – A criminal justice revolution!

Transparency that will lead to accountability – no more flying-blind…victims will see more justice.

The Florida Legislature has passed a bill that would bring unprecedented levels of transparency to the criminal justice system.



Chicago Cop’s Death Was A Staged Crime Scene…

FBI report: Chicago cop’s shooting death staged to appear as a suicide

The five-page report contradicts Cook County officials’ ruling that Sgt. Donald Markham had shot himself in September 2015.

Jan 12, 2018

A homicide, or “death at the hands of another,” is exactly what the evidence appears to point to, not only in the case about the Chicago cop, but also in the death of our daughter, Morgan Ingram.  The lividity on her body was “fixed” (showing she had died in a completely different position then we found her in) and it is consistent with her body having been moved after death (postmortem), and “posed” in a completely different position than the position she died in.  Only up to the first six hours of death can lividity be altered by moving the body. After the six hour mark lividity is fixed as blood vessels begin to break down within the body. Rigor mortis and lividity are some of the key factors that are used when Estimating the Time of Death. It wasn’t that we put her on the floor, as per the 911 operator, in order to perform CPR – that is the most ludicrous assumption some uninformed people over the Internet have made.  It was a staged crime scene plain and simple and just this one FACT should have been all the sheriffs needed to investigate, but they didn’t – why?

Her hands were frozen in rigor with her last message to the world –  announcing who her murderer was – what more did the sheriffs want?  Did they want her attacker’s name written in blood?

We Could Use An Amazing Private Investigator…

I received this message recently from someone who had just read this blog.

“Toni… I have a Criminal Justice Degree with a focus in Juvenile Justice, and a minor in Psychology. I worked in a locked facility for felons under the age of 16 …rape, murder, armwd robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, etc… First thing I learned…the boogie man is not some large man in the bushes…it could be the 14 year old sitting next to you on the bus. An eye opener for a girl from the country…but a necessary one. I am fascinated by human behavior and I have gotten very good at catching odd behavior. When Dr. Phil asked the girl…what do you have to say about being acused of murdering Morgan? My brain immediately went to… -“What the hell is wrong with you…I would never…” -“You are crazy!!!!!” Not once did… “Where’s the evidence?” come to mind. Ask yourself…If someone were accusing you of murder…would you ask that question? …. or would you state tour innocense and be angry that she would even think that….? Same with OJ…you find out your estranged wife has been murdered…would you… go to the police, grieving, asking…who, what, how, where why, and when…. OR -Would you jump in a white Bronco…give the slowest police chase in police history threatening to kill yourself? People say everyone responds differently…maybe so….I feel your immediate reactions….or the first thing out of your mouth can be very telling. Did you pick up on that?  If you go back…look at her facial expression…especially her eye region and eyebrows…almost like a bit of “smugness” to it. Just my opinion of course. Kids are so dumb with cell phones…did they ever pull the records from the stalker’s phone records for the week before and after Morgan’s death? If she recieved an injection, that puncture wound should be noted on the autopsy report. Have you tried any pychics? Not crazy ones!!!!! But there is a show called Psychic Detectives…and it features Psychics that police departments use. Just a thought. Did the cops go over her room with a fine tooth comb? The best way to look for things is to lay a flashlight on the floor and rotate it while closing one eye at a time…I have found pills, earrings, staples, glass, and.other things this way…even on carpet. Be your own detective…there are PI’s…now that it is public that will help for the advertising. I know there was a place to donate…do you have a GoFundMe? We used one for our daughter’s service dog…we needed $2500…we had it within the first 18 hours. Anyhoo…email me if you have any questions! Mother to Mother…my heart breaks for you….but I would be doing the same thing!❤”

I thought this was such a kind person to share her thoughts, as well as  wanting to help us…I have considered many times about doing a GoFundMe in order to pay for the Investigative services in Morgan’s case – if I had we probably wouldn’t be in year six without an investigation, but I just never did it.  So I would like to ask everyone reading this blog – what do you think I should do?  Do you think I should start a GoFundMe to hire a wonderful PI firm?

At this time the only 2 places we have that people have been donating to is the reward fund set up by Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers and the college fund set up at Colorado Mountain College under Morgan’s name.

In answer to her questions:

No, they did not pull the stalker’s phone records – we requested that they do get those records, but were told it is extremely hard for them to get those records…I do not believe the detective was being truthful about that.  A puncture wound, clearly shown on her body in the crime scene photos, was not noted on the autopsy report because that alone, and much more was covered up by the pathologist – 2 years later we were able to see the crime scene photos and an injection mark, with a BITE mark over it was seen clear as day on the photo!  And yes, to the question about psychics…I have NEVER paid a psychic, and I was always very skeptical, but I have been blessed to have had one who is extremely ethical and has worked with police, sheriffs, FBI, and the DEA on many, many cases and she, along with others on her team, all work pro bono for co-victims, and have helped immensely on Morgan’s case.  Psychics, or as I like to call them Intuitive’s, who are ethical, trained and professional can give “leads” and “tips” to law enforcement that can be followed up on in order to find hard evidence when solving a case.  Psychics can not go into court to testify – they can only be used as a “tool” in order to know where to look.  So yes, we have been blessed to have the best of the best from that world, but without a sheriff who wants to actually investigate a murder, instead of covering it up, then those “leads” won’t help get her case open.  But with a good PI working with them amazing things could happen!

Before Darkness Entered Our Neighborhood…

Here is a picture of our two beautiful babies, sitting on the lawn in front of our house.  This picture was taken a few years before the stalking started.  Back then our neighborhood was bright and peaceful – it felt safe.  We all spent as much time as we could outside.  Morgan used to walk down to the river, and ride her bike all the way into town to visit friends. Sometime she hung out by herself, under the trees, doing her oil paintings and playing with Tessi, our dog.  I was a quiet gentler time.  We all slept well, in the quiet neighborhood that we lived in.  We never had to look over our shoulder back then, and the sun always streamed in through the windows of our house…we didn’t need heavy window coverings to block out the predatory eyes of a stalker.

Then in August of 2011 all that changed…and for four months we lived in fear, first wondering who could be doing this, and then wondering how we could keep Morgan safe, until we could move, or arrests could be made.  Then Friday morning, December 2, 2011, we found Morgan, our 20-year-old daughter, dead in her bed.  We were too late, and our lives were forever changed from that moment on.

To see it the 4-part series that Crime Watch Daily filmed, first you could go to the Crime Watch Daily website. They have the story and links to all four videos here: Crime Watch website


This is exactly what I told Crime Watch Daily, “It’s not okay to blame victims, or to bully victims, they have had enough pain already.  Morgan always conducted her life here on earth with grace, compassion, understanding and love…and in honor of her, we will never allow these type of people to distract us from our goal, which is, #Justice For Morgan.”

Victim-blaming can be seen as an outright attack on the victims or co-victims of a crime, or anytime someone decides to question what a victim could have done differently to prevent that crime, even if that accuser doesn’t completely grasp what he/she is doing with their actions, that person is participating, to some degree, in the culture of victim-blaming.  This has been happening, not only to me and my family, but to Morgan’s good friends as well, for years now.  Sometimes it has been as minor as “questioning” why we did or did not do something, and sometimes it is an outright attack of everyone that is in support of getting justice for Morgan.

Please know that everyone who knew and loved Morgan, has at one time or another, blamed themselves…they have all verbalized to me that there must have been something they could have done to help stop her stalking, or save her that night, before she lost her life.  As her parents, Steve and I have agonized and asked the Universe, just like other parents who have lost their child to an unexpected violent death, why are we still alive, and she is gone?…we would rather be the ones gone, we would have given our lives in exchange for her life…but we were not given that choice.  and it hurts more than words can express.

Here is another interesting reason some people may become victim blamers:  “I think the biggest factor that promotes victim-blaming is something called the just world hypothesis,” says Sherry Hamby, a professor of psychology at the University of the South and founding editor of the APA’s Psychology of Violencejournal. “It’s this idea that people deserve what happens to them. There’s just a really strong need to believe that we all deserve our outcomes and consequences.”  These type of people want to hold the victim and/or co-victims responsible for the consequences of the crime.

There are many reasons people engage in victim-blaming…but the reason really doesn’t matter, the fact is, victim-blaming and bullying is WRONG!