Easter Memories: Morgan Coloring Eggs…Happy Colors


Wishing everyone a very happy Easter…this is a picture Morgan took of the colored eggs we all did on her last Easter on this planet.  Morgan really loved celebrating Easter – I never really wondered why it was her favorite holiday, but now I think I know.  Here is the last Easter post she posted…


It’s about truth.

It’s about being honest with the individuals that were blessed to be in your life because they deserve it. Hurt them, let them down, enlighten them, as long as you were honest you couldn’t have been more perfect because when you’re not, when you try to protect someone from the truth or try to gain something from their ignorance, you’re robbing them from their own truth, from their own chance at finding the things in this world that make them even happier than your illusion, you’re building a life of lies not just for yourself but for everyone around you.

If things don’t work out between two people, if they don’t go as you want or had planned, that is infinitely better than leading a life of senseless mental slavery.

This world is beautiful and unfolding and the only thing you control in it is how honest with yourself that you are.

Happy Easter, beautiful children.



Sara Bareilles – Her Song Brave Keeps Playing In My Head…

For 2 days straight I keep hearing the song BRAVE by Sara Bareilles play over & over again in my mind.  I wake up to the words, I hear it during the day, and I wonder, what is this supposed to mean, what is it trying to tell me?

I always feel like I am speaking out, but maybe Steve & I haven’t fought hard enough…there are so many things that we know about Morgan’s case (starting with her felony stalking) that people have lied about and we just weren’t capable in our emotional state to speak out and tell everyone all the details – it would mean reliving them over and over again.

I know I have to be Morgan’s voice now – I know I need to go back to the beginning and show all the things that happened to her and how they were all so WRONG.  Just like in so many other cases across this nation there are people that know what happened to Morgan, as well as who was involved in Morgan’s attack & murder, and unless they come forward with that information they are considered accomplices in the eyes of the law.

Morgan was a loving and giving person & she does not deserve to have people she was so kind to over the years keep critical information to themselves…they need to be brave and do the right thing.  They need to speak up.  They can stay anonymous when they call Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers:

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477); Texting Tips – Text“NOCO plus your message” to 274637 (CRIMES), or to submit a tip online go to www.nococrimestoppers.com. You may be eligible for a reward.


Someone Knows What Happened to 14 Year Old Ronda Blaylock



This is great news…we need law enforcement to continue to fight for justice in cold cases. Everyone deserves justice – the older cases have been waiting for justice a long time.

The Justice for Lisa Thomas Facebook post said, “We are coming for you,” Sheriff Atkinson warned the killer, who he believes is still alive.

Ronda’s getting a task force!  With multiple agencies involved!

“Renewed attention in the case occurred shortly after police received a call from Rhonda’s mother asking law enforcement about the status of her daughter’s murder investigation.

Within days of receiving the call, authorities said they received new developments in the case, which they cannot yet release.

That information led to the development of a task force consisting of multiple police agencies to investigate the murder, police said. ”

Apparently, people who were young at the time of Ronda’s murder have realized what is important in life now that they are adults:

“Police said witnesses in the initial investigation have been re-interviewed and subsequently provided information that was not previously shared with law enforcement. The witnesses were young when the murder occurred and feared they would get in trouble with their parents or with police, officials said. Authorities added that the witnesses did not realize the importance or relevance of pieces of information they knew. Some didn’t even know Ronda’s case was still open, police said.

“It is also understandable and difficult to believe that a friend or loved one was involved in a violent crime,” Sheriff Atkinson added. ”

We wish Ronda’s family the best in getting her case solved – like LIsa’s family they have been waiting way too long for justice for their relative.

I am so happy for Ronda’s family & I hope Morgan’s case gets opened & Rhonda & Morgan both get justice…keep up the good thoughts.


Kelsie Schelling Case…A New Revised Lawsuit

KelsieIt is so extremely sad as well as WRONG that Kelsie’s family, along with so many other families need to serve a lawsuit in order to try to get justice for their loved one.  When there is evidence of foul play there are so many organizations that the police can ask for help with the forensics, videos, all types of criminal evidence in order to have a solid case and make an arrest, and these organization help law enforcement for free…so what am I missing here?  It is beyond me that the police do not utilize these organizations when a family is grieving for answers and justice.  Leaving the only thing left in their power which is a civil lawsuit.

Kelsey’s family posted today a copy of their revised lawsuit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6slmuQoMVK3QkkzZUwxWmJERHM/view
Please click on this link to read the lawsuit. We ask for a prayer that the lawsuit leads to bringing Kelsie and Kadrie home and justice

And here is a link to the article by KOAA5 News:





Easter Wish With Much Love


Morgan painted this Easter egg the night before her last Easter day.  She LOVED coloring eggs and eating Easter brunch with everyone.  Especially because she LOVED Eggs Benedict and we always made sure we either made that for Easter brunch or her next all time favorite which was Macadamia Nut French Toast…both were always sure to bring a smile.

I wanted to post this today in order to wish you all much love & togetherness with your families, along with abundant peace in your lives.  The most important thing Morgan taught us was to always appreciate every day you have on this earth, as though it could be our last.

Morgan used to tell us, almost on a daily basis, that she loved us, and she always said I love you before she got off a phone call with us, or before she went to bed at night.  Her older brother, sister, cousin & our grandchildren are still like that – they always tell us, “I love you” every time we say goodbye.  At times it feels as though my heart is going to burst – when you have that much love around you then no matter what challenges you face in life you can make it through.

cropped-missyou.jpgWhen Morgan was on her last vacation without us in Hawaii, with her Godfather & Godmother, she sent me a text with this picture of, “I Miss You” written in the sand.  I was surprised because I knew she was having such a great time & I thought she was probably happy to be able to go on a vacation without us this time.  She was/is such a loving soul, and I am extremely proud to have been her mother – I feel very blessed.

Steve & I just ended a very wonderful week – a week spent with both of our grandchildren.  We all had so much fun just being together, then with lot’s of hugs and words of love we said goodbye.  We had spent time outdoors in nature, loved playing in the ocean, cooking together in the kitchen, going to the park, swimming in the pool, taking pictures and going on a very special Easter egg hunt…all the same things we used to enjoy with Morgan while she was growing up.  Of course it was bittersweet – Steve & I kept catching each other with tears in our eyes knowing we will never again get to do these things with Morgan, or any grandchildren Morgan would’ve given us, but we were grateful to remember all the precious moments we were able to spend with Morgan over her 20 years on this earth.  She was always an extremely bright light in our lives, and we were very blessed to have spent that time with her.

Morgan is gone from this plane, but still sends signs of love to all of us.  This morning before our grandchildren left we all spent a couple more hours out by the pool.  I was sitting on a chair when my granddaughter said, “Nana, look a dragonfly, it’s Aunt Gigi (that’s what she called Morgan).  This dragonfly was beautiful.  It had translucent yellow wings and kept circling me, then it circled both of the children in the pool, then circled Steve and then landed within a foot of where I was sitting.  It was as though Morgan was trying to say, “I am here with all of you and I love you.”  It was an amazing gift on this Easter morning.

A friend I met gave me a Trinity Cross necklace for my birthday in 2012.  You may have seen a picture of it on an older post that I wrote.  It is a beautiful silver cross that she had made using her father’s design.  She told me it meant Ask, Believe & Receive.  Well to make a long story short I just wanted to let everyone know that the meaning behind that beautiful necklace has really helped me over the last couple of years…I do ask, I do believe, and I know I will receive what I want most, which is to have Morgan’s murder investigation open and justice for Morgan.  It has taken so much longer then I ever thought it would, but then again I am always reminded things happen at the time that they need to happen and for reasons that we sometimes never know.  So I am still waiting, I do not allow myself to focus on the negative because I realize that would just be counterproductive.  I do know major things have happened, and are still happening that are keeping forward movement in the fight for justice for Morgan.  Major things that are extremely positive, and I know justice is coming – putting an exact date to that moment can not be known to anyone on this planet, but the fact that it is coming I truly do believe.

Again, I wish you all much love & peace.