Morgan’s 28th birthday is tomorrow…please light a candle & send her your love & prayers

As I sit here writing this post my heart is breaking. I wasn’t sure how to write this, emotionally it is so very painful, but I knew that I needed to write. As some of you know, Morgan’s birthday is tomorrow. She would have been 28 years old, but she will remain in our minds as a beautiful young woman, who had only just turned 20 when her life was horrifically taken from her.

To say that I think about Morgan every moment of every day, along with dreaming about her every single night, is probably an understatement. I love my sweet youngest daughter with all my heart, and I miss her so very much. The murder of a child tosses parents onto a journey they never, ever wanted, and never could have imagined they would be traveling. It is one of the loneliest roads you will ever travel and unless you have experienced it you will never know (thank God) what it feels like to travel that road. The pain of losing your child is beyond words and it never goes away.

My heart was shattered into pieces the morning I found Morgan’s body – from then on it was no longer possible for me to be the person I used to be before her death. Over the years I have had some people tell me that I should give up fighting for justice for Morgan, and just grieve. When I hear this, I’m incredulous! How can they think, for even one single moment, that I have not grieved? I grieve and hurt every single moment of every single day and night. The tears come uncontrollably out of my eyes, as the deep pain in my chest and stomach grip me so tight that I feel like I am falling down a dark tunnel and it will never end, I then stop and realize that I am holding my breath, and I need to breathe…and that doesn’t really even begin to explain the grief that I feel. Everyone experiences grief differently and the pain of losing a child is indescribable, and when you lose a child to murder there is never closure. How could there be? Our family can no longer see Morgan smile as we celebrate her birthday with her. None of us will ever get to hug her or kiss her again. We never get to experience her beautiful presence or witty words of wisdom. I would give anything to have Morgan back in our lives again, and I know I will never get that wish. As Sarah Hinton said, “As a parent I have come to realize there will never be anything that explains why my child had to die.” I agree…there will never be anything that explains why my child had to die…never 😢

So no, there will never be closure, but I am determined to get justice for Morgan and change the way stalking cases, in this country and around the world, are treated. If even just one victim is saved by my actions that to me would be worth it.

Tomorrow, Friday, August 16, 2019, I will celebrate Morgan’s 28thbirthday with her favorite foods, and her favorite Tiramisu birthday cake, complete with 28 candles. Her adorable 10-year-old niece and 8-year-old nephew will join Steve (her daddy) and I in singing happy birthday to her and then help blow out the candles. Her brother and sister-in-law, and Morgan’s brand-new sweet baby nephew will join us as well. We will all eat, sing, and talk about all the wonderful memories of Morgan, we will talk to her, because we believe she can hear us, we will cry, and we will read out loud to each other the little notes we have all written about our favorite things we love about Morgan. 

Morgan loved life, and that makes life all the more precious to all of us. Many people seek happiness when happiness is actually a choice. I choose happiness because I am grateful for every single day of the 20 years that I was blessed to have Morgan in my life. Our family is still growing, with the addition of the most recent birth of our baby grandson (he has the same color hair as Morgan’s), with another baby due in November. Morgan loved children so I know she is giggling with happiness over these new adorable additions to our family. Morgan is my rock, she always was, so through my tears she “blasts” me with heat into my back, a heat that I can’t explain, but completely relaxes me and stops my tears…I then feel unconditional love and strength, then a little voice that says, “I love you mom, I am still here, don’t give up, you can do this.” Then I move forward again, still grieving, but nonetheless moving in a positive direction with Morgan still at my side.

So tomorrow, on Morgan’s birthday, if you can, please light a candle and send her your thoughts, prayers and love…I know she will appreciate it and so will our family…thank you all for the unbelievable support and love you have given our family over these past 7 + years…the fight for justice is not over and against all odds I still BELIEVE. 

Morgan putting candles on her birthday cake on her last birthday – August 16, 2011.

Listen to this audio interview…

Great audio interview. Bonus Episode: Interview with ‘Survivors’ author, Dennis Griffin. Dennis (Denny), is an experienced author, victim’s advocate, and former law enforcement officer, As AlyBlue Media states, “‘Survivors’ sheds light on cases denied thorough investigations, and underscores the need for police transparency.”

Please remember, after reading the book, to rate it and leave a comment. So far it has received all 5-star ratings on Amazon, along with great feedback about the book. You can read about these shocking true stories and America’s pursuit of police transparency and justice, then share your insights about the book with others when you give your rating. Click on this link and then click on “Look Inside” to get an idea of what is in the book….I think you will really enjoy this read.

New Book Released, “Survivors.” Morgan’s story is one of the cases featured in this book…

Great news!!! I am so excited, “Survivors” is now available for order in both paperback and Kindle formats. It will also be available in over 40,000 retail outlets around the world.

I was honored to be one of the co-authors of this book, when I was given the opportunity to write a chapter about our daughter Morgan who was murdered and taken from our family, by a stalker. #JusticeForMorgan!

Morgan’s story is one of many cases that have been shared in Dennis Griffin’s book, “Survivors.” This book is a collection of true stories, stories that are truly shocking, all about America’s pursuit of transparency in law enforcement and the justice system. The book has been written by survivors/co-victims of these crimes in order to raise awareness. I am so proud of every single one of these families who had the courage to share their stories. I truly believe that when you #speakyourtruth you can help many other families that are dealing with the same issues. I would also like to give my heartfelt thanks to Denny, Delilah & Lynda for all of their help making this possible. #nevergiveup #raiseawareness #justiceforallvictims #betheirvoice #beapartofthesolution

Please share the link below with family, friends, and on your social media. I would also like to ask all of you who purchase the book, to please rate the book with a 5-star rating after reading it. As Lynda Cheldelin Fell explains, “Why is that important? A collective push right out of the starting gate is how a book reaches that coveted #1 position. Why is reaching #1 important? Because it reaches more readers. And even more important is the visibility and opportunity to open the dialogue about such an important subject as this. The Amazon ratings change hourly. For those of you on Amazon, would you be kind enough to write a 5-star review? The better the rating, the easier it becomes for readers to find.”

Reward Poster…Suspicious Death – Please Share – The Wisdom Of The Crowd Can Solve This Case!

The main suspect in the police reports looks just like the person in these pictures…the suspect is left handed, wears the same t-shirt as in his social media picture and is driving a car with the exact same unique front grill as the car he owned at that time. In his interview with the sheriff detective the suspect denied it was him in the video, but the detective told him that he believed it was definitely him and that his denial didn’t even pass the laugh test. #JusticeForMorgan  We will NEVER give up!

If you have any little piece of information that could help this case please call or text Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers…you can stay anonymous if you like. The reward is not just $1,000 you could be eligible for a lot more depending on the information supplied.

For more information and to look at the video of the “suspect” up our driveway click here

Can technology help stop a stalker?

We live in an age of constant change – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the changes that are constantly unfolding, at such a fast pace, before our very eyes. Now, in order to get ahead of the criminals why not use technology like Familial DNA…  bluetooth cameras, alarm systems, etc. to stop a stalker?

Question is…

With new technologies emerging in our world, there are changes that can even out the playing field, when it comes to solving crime, so why not use those technologies to stop stalkers right in the beginning, before they have a chance to become lethal? It’s all about early intervention when it comes to stalking. And as “humans,” on this planet, why can’t we all pull together, and use the resources at our disposal in our fight against crime?

Ask yourselfhow can we change the playing field when it comes to stopping stalking? Early intervention is the key, so let’s get on the technology bandwagon, and utilize what is now available to us.