Today’s Memory from August 1, 2011…

This is a picture of Morgan picking up her adorable puppy, Wylah May, on August 1, 2011. Morgan was soooo extremely happy and in love with her new fur baby. Little did we know the danger that was awaiting us, starting the very next day, on August 2, 2011…the start of 4 months of stalking horror, ending in the death of our precious daughter Morgan.

I have such mixed emotions when I look at this picture. On one hand, I remember Morgan’s excitement, love and happiness, on the other hand I wonder about fate. On that day, I asked Morgan NOT to get the puppy. I had no reason to feel that way, absolutely no reason…it was just a feeling I had. Was it a premonition? Morgan disagreed with me and took Wylah home with us.

Almost 4 months later, many people who loved Morgan tried to get her to leave Colorado to go stay with them, sensing the danger, they were trying to get her away from her stalker. Morgan had only 2 weeks left in her college classes before winter break, and she had made commitments to people to work in Aspen, CO over that break. and yet, the stalking was becoming more and more terrifying for her, so she did consider leaving. She then told me that she had decided not want to leave her puppy behind, when all the options she had did not include bringing Wylah with her. Of course I assured her that Wylah would be fine with her dad and I, but she said she wanted to wait.

2 weeks later, Morgan was dead. If she hadn’t had Wylah would she have left? Would Morgan still be alive? These are just 2 of the hundreds of questions that constantly run through my mind. I know it’s not healthy, and I know it’s not rational, but I honestly do have these thoughts when I am alone, and my mind wanders. My mind is constantly trying to make sense of this horrific tragedy that took Morgan from our lives. I don’t think it will ever make any sense to me.

Wylah May has always been a fabulous, loving and extremely intuitive dog. She is 10 years old now, and we love her with all our hearts. What happened to Morgan on December 2, 2011 was not Wylah’s fault. Wylah was a puppy, only 6 months old and no, she did not bark that night. Wylah had never barked at something, and still to this day, she does not bark. Some dogs are barkers and some are not. The only time Wylah ever barks is when she is playing with another dog, and on the few occasions (in the past 10 years) when she has encountered someone who she thought was a possible threat.

Here is a FACT. The morning we found Morgan’s body, and the EMT’s ran into her room in full gear (all strangers to her), she just sat on Morgan’s bed and never made a sound…so, why are there so many people on the Internet, acting like experts, who are obviously not knowledgable dog people, but insist on stating that since Wylah did not bark that night, no one was in Morgan’s room? This is just an ignorant statement…but then again, I have always heard, “You can’t fix stupid!”



Lady Justice…We are getting ready to begin another round of seeking justice for Morgan

I still believe in Justice – it has almost been 10 years and we are not giving up. We have the evidence, we have the truth on our side, and we will NEVER give up until Morgan’s murder is investigated, and those involved are found guilty. It won’t bring Morgan back, and it will not give us closure, BUT it will give her family, her friends, her community and the whole world hope again…hope that against all odds, and pressures from those who choose to turn a blind eye to the evidence, justice can still prevail.

Lady Justice, a blindfolded woman carrying a sword and a set of scales, is a common symbol on courthouses in America and inside some court rooms. She symbolizes fair and equal administration of the law, without corruption, favor, greed, or prejudice.

Lady Justice originates from the personification of Justice in Ancient Roman art known as Iustitia or Justitia after Latin: Iustitia, who is equivalent to the Greek goddesses Themis and Dike.” 

The blindfold represents objectivity and impartiality, that justice should be meted out without fear or favor, regardless of money, wealth, or power.

She holds scales to represent the weighing of evidence, evidence must be weighed on its own merit.

The sword represents punishment, signifying that justice can be swift and final. She holds the sword below the scales to show that evidence weighted on its merit in a court of law come before punishment.

The snake under her foot represents evil, and lies, and the book is the law, the constitution from which justice is administered. 

Father’s Day 2021

Morgan wrote this about her Daddy when she was very young – he had had a very bad fall, and fought hard to physically come back to his full potential. Morgan knew how hard it was for him, she knew many people worked against his full recovery, and she was always so proud of him because he NEVER gave up. And we will NEVER give up in our quest for justice for Morgan. #JusticeForMorgan

We love Morgan every minute of every hour of every day, and will for all of eternity.


We Are All Fighting For A Better Tomorrow…These Are Life-Changing Times

I am so moved by all the peaceful protestors in 2020 who were out and about, using their voices, in the fight for  better tomorrow. I believe we must all work together to bring about meaningful changes in this world.

At the same time, I am furious about all the self-righteous “buccaneers” were  looting, burning, and using violence for their own “personal” agendas and pocketbooks. A better tomorrow is never achieved through violence. When violence is used innocent people are hurt in the process, it is just blatantly wrong! So many people were already suffering because of the pandemic and these “criminals” helped destroy whatever they had left.

We are all heartbroken from all the pain around us, and there is a lot of it, in many different walks of life. We have a responsibility to enforce the core values that everyone should be treated equally, and I mean everyone. We know this has not been the case, and it is time for all of us to stand up and work diligently to make this change happen. This begins with each and every one of us. Instead of having conversations focused on property damage, let’s ask ourselves why we were in this situation in 2020 – being faced with inequality, racism, hatred and injustice.
As human beings, we must be committed to learning from these acts and implementing change throughout our communities. We must commit to continue to advocate the need for change, we should lead the way. Don’t underestimate yourself, as individuals, our voices are very powerful. This power gives us both the responsibility and ability to make a substantial impact on creating lasting social and societal change. We have the power and influence to truly move this world to a better place – using our voice to teach our children, speak with relatives, co-workers, friends, write articles…our influence can be endless – your voice matters.
There is always something to be learned from difficult situations, My whole life I have called them “challenges” instead of problems. If we elevate our awareness from all the chaos we have lived through in 2020, we can see a path to a solution…we need to come up with solutions that work, instead of just demanding change. We must fight for meaningful actions to be taken to correct individual “challenges” not just complain and talk about sweeping changes that won’t help the true situation. We need a lasting impact from what we have seen, felt and experienced.
That is why, in the new year 2021, I ask all of you to please use your voices…they are where your power lies. If you see an injustice, speak up. If you know there is a lie being perpetrated, speak up. If you know someone is being hurt, speak up. Throughout our lives we are given choices, make the choice to do the right thing. I am constantly told that life is not fair, so I should give up my fight for justice…that is never going to happen. Life is unfair, but that doesn’t mean we should stop fighting to make it right. Morgan, just like so many other victims of crime, has not had justice. Morgan’s case was never investigated and it was “swept under the rug.” The fight for justice will continue with every breath I take, and I hope you will all feel the same way, when and if you see injustice in your own life.
May 2021 be a year to turn around this crazy world, and we all start to love one another again. Peace be with all of you.