Chilling Memories…


Have you ever walked into a hardware store – something like a Home Depot or Lowes, and as you walk down one of their aisles a motion detector alarm sounds?  I know they use them to get people’s attention so they might become interested in purchasing them. But if you have ever survived a stalking, or if you are ever in the midst of an ongoing stalking, and you had or have motion detector alarms you understand the sudden momentary fear your body feels when you hear that sound.  It still happens…you can’t forget it.

Small things like this bring back chilling memories.  When we first installed the motion detectors and motion lights we would get a surge of adrenaline when we heard them go off.  Our protection protocol would kick in, and Steve would run out the door of the house armed with whatever we he had decided to use at the time, and I would run to the cameras to see if I could “see” the stalker(s) on the camera.  Then if these sounds came in conjunction with tapping or banging on our windows, or actually seeing someone through the window, or even images on the camera, we would call it in to the sheriffs.  Then ~ 30 to 45 minutes later patrol officers would show up to search and interview us…the lack of sleep was taking it’s toll.

After Morgan’s murder whenever I would hear the sound of those alarms I would instinctively react to them. I am flooded with all the same horrible feelings of anger, worry, fear, and foreboding…the same feelings that I felt during Morgan’s stalking – all those feelings come flooding back.  I hope someday I no longer instinctively react to this sound, but for now I try to avoid places where I may hear it.

I know this is just one small little thing…hearing a motion alarm, but all the small little things that have no meaning to others that have never been a victim of stalking are really big things to a victim of stalking.

Stalking is serious.  Stalking takes an emotional toll on it’s victims.  Still, stalking is the most under-reported crime currently, just one-third to one-half of stalking cases are reported to authorities because victims are often afraid of angering their stalkers and making the situation worse – I know this was a fear that both Morgan and I both expressed at varying times during her stalking. Victims also tend to believe that the police are unable to help, because an estimated 40 percent of all restraining orders are violated and this is something that so many victims have written in to tell me.

Stalking: A Handbook for Vicitms by Emily Spence-Diehl offers a lot of good information for victims.



“IT WILL REMAIN CLOSED” – Not in a capital murder case it won’t!



In September of 2012 Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario told CBS4 News, on camera, that his department spent a lot of time working on the case (referring to Morgan’s case), and that it will remain closed.  I asked everyone back then, and I will ask it again now – how can a sheriff say that a case will remain closed when it was a suspicious death, involving a felony stalking victim, and where there was plenty of evidence of foul play?” I also asked the question, “Even if there is incompetence in the sheriff’s department, how can a sheriff make that statement when they are supposed to always review new evidence that surfaces in a suspicious death that is a possible homicide?”  Well I guess this sheriff feels he can…

Oh, and remember when it comes to a homicide there is no statute of limitation on murder.  And yet, it is interesting that I keep getting emails from anonymous sources that keep telling me to give it up, because the statute of limitation is over…who do you think is making these kind of comments?

Maybe it’s just me, but back in September of 2012 when I heard those words coming from the sheriff I wondered what was really behind that statement.  I truly believe Colorado cares and most law enforcement officers in Colorado are honest, hardworking, and deserving of our trust, but when a few ruin it for the others, not only does the public lose out, but so do all the really good law enforcement officers, and that is just not right.  If one breaks rank and stands up for the truth, because it’s the right thing to do, he or she may lose their job, and in this economy sometimes that is just not an option, and good officers should never be placed in this situation.  BUT standing up for the truth and suffering from what comes from being a good person yourself, actually gives you more opportunities, more respect, and better futures await…it’s just hard to see it at the time, but good officers should never be placed in this situation in the first place.  And maybe it’s just the way my mind works, but I think this is one of the biggest problems that faces our country today – the public loses trust and respect for law enforcement all because of a few bad officers or an unethical person at the top of command, and then all the good officers pay the price.  This is not only wrong, but it needs to stop.  How can it stop?  When officers, elected officials, and citizens say enough is enough – there needs to be transparency, there needs to be accountability, honest officers, and officers that stand up for the truth need to be praised, not fired.

You can listen to the interview by clicking on this link:

CBS News 4 – Parents Say Daughter Was Murdered

On this interview Sheriff Vallario said, “Not enough facts”

He also said his officers were out at our house over 50 times and saw no sign of a stalker – wow, is all I can say about that.  Is he trying to convince everyone that his officers are completely incompetent?  Or does he believe the general public will believe just about anything he tries to float?   It’s true – Morgan’s stalker did not sit on the front lawn and wait for the sheriffs to get there…is that really something a stalker does?  Does law enforcement generally “see” the stalker while the incident is occurring?  I doubt it.

But as far as evidence of the stalker goes, they had a huge amount of evidence, and the sheriffs know it.  We supplied them with photos, video, personal statements of sitings, and much more.  Morgan identified her stalker.  I saw the stalker.  Other people heard the stalker bang on Morgan’s window in the middle of the night (but I am not about to give away the names of those witnesses here on this blog).  The sheriffs had a timeline of most of the incidents, they assigned a detective to Morgan’s case, and classified it as a felony stalking case.  They knew who the main suspect was, as well as his accomplice, the names were written up in the reports (stating ‘suspect’ many times), there was even a flyer produced by the detective in Morgan’s case that was distributed to all the patrol officers as well as Carbondale police.  They produced posters with the suspects picture, as well as a picture of his car, to hand out to all the officers so they could be on the lookout.  The suspect was referred to over 60 times in the sheriffs reports, and he was interviewed by them.  The suspects work hours were requested, but not picked up until months after Morgan’s murder.

The suspect and his accomplice were never “cleared” of the crime.  He never took a polygraph test.  His shoes were never turned over to the sheriff’s, in fact after an eyewitness stated he saw the suspect wearing shoes that might have matched the footprints that were found under Morgan’s windows, the detective went to the suspect’s place of business to speak with the suspect, and I was then informed that the suspect was wearing black leather shoes, not purple entries, to which I replied, “Don’t you think he might own more than one pair of shoes, and maybe, just maybe the dress code at work doesn’t allow him to wear purple tennis shoes?”  Call me crazy, but I don’t think you have to be a detective to figure that one out.

The sheriffs detected deceit in the accomplice & suspect’s answers, but never followed through on proving the deceit.  We were told by the lead detective that if someone lies to him there is nothing he can do about it…does Sheriff Lou Vallario really believe that criminals just blurt out their guilt when asked?  Call me crazy again, but I think most criminals never really admit they are guilty…most are sociopaths & psychopaths believe law enforcement, as well as everyone else on this planet, are completely clueless – sociopaths & psychopaths think they are the only ones that are smart, and they think they can fool anyone.  So as far as not enough facts – how many “facts” would have been enough?

Then Vallario went on to say there was no suspicion, and no probable cause of a suspect. That is absolutely false.  They knew who Morgan’s stalker was, as well as the identity of his accomplice.  The lead detective in Morgan’s felony stalking case, just 2 days before her murder, stated that he felt he was very close to making an arrest and that if anything he believed her stalker would escalate his behavior…if you were Morgan’s mom how would you have reacted to that statement?  I was petrified.  Morgan was frightened as well, and that same night (Tuesday night, November 29th) was one of only two nights that week that her ex-boyfriend did not sleep over on the couch.  The only other night he didn’t sleep over (Thursday night, December 1st) was the night she was murdered.  She tried to have him sleep over every night that week, but that Tuesday night (November 29th) he couldn’t come home with her to sleep over so she came home by herself, earlier than usual, spent some time with Steve and I and then tried to get some sleep.  We were all so exhausted we didn’t even realize the sheriffs were called to our next door neighbor’s house because they had been robbed.  Yes, robbed – sometime before midnight that same night.

Then around 12:40 am (it was now technically Wednesday am on the 30th) Morgan came into my bedroom.  She was dressed in regular clothes and had her puppy on the leash, keys in hand, and she woke me up.  She said the stalker has been banging on her window for 15 minutes and she couldn’t sleep, every time she went to sleep he would wake her up, she was afraid, and wanted to leave and go to her friend’s grandma’s house to feel safe and get some sleep.  She asked if I could walk her out to the car.  (I shouldn’t have to explain this, but I will – she never left the house after dark without Steve or I walking with her because she was scared for her life – she had a stalker!  Also please note…most stalking incidents do happen at your place of residence.  Sure stalkers follow you, but from all the stalking incidents around the world that I have read about, and all the victims I have interviewed I would have to say 90% of all incidents at least, evolve around their home.

So I jumped out of bed, put on a robe and walked her out to the car.  Watched her lock the doors, drive out of the driveway, and made sure another car wasn’t following her.  I then went in the house and called sheriff’s dispatch.  Morgan sent me a text when she was safely locked in her friend’s grandma’s house.

I was on the phone with a deputy explaining what had just happened.  He said they had just been at our next door neighbors house investigating a robbery and just returned to Rifle so it was going to take them a long time to get back to our house.  We were used to this – most times there was not a quick response to an incident of stalking.  About an hour later an officer walked up to Morgan’s window and shined his flashlight around on the ground.  The officer would travel on foot from the back of the house to the front of the house all on the side of Morgan’s bedroom, this was a typical response.  How this would ever have a positive outcome on “seeing” or “catching” a stalker is beyond me.  Especially since her stalker was sitting up on our roof undetected laughing at the sheriffs.

Deputy responding to stalking incident

Vallario then repeated what his officers said the morning of Morgan’s death that there were, “no signs of foul play, no trauma, no sexual assault,” but what he left out was his officers also said there was no sign of suicide.  We were blessed with many medical, criminal and forensic experts that reviewed Morgan’s case pro bono and disagreed with the sheriff & coroner.  These experts, not us, said Morgan did not die of natural causes, the evidence pointed to foul play and her case needed an investigation.  When these experts told the forensic pathologist the coroner changed her manner of death to suicide.  Trying once again to get us to “back off.”  It wasn’t obvious to us back then because of the shock and grief we were dealing with, but to other experts it was obvious that something was very wrong with how Garfield County was treating Morgan’s death.  From the very morning of her death they were trying to get us to stop asking questions.  That would have been a much easier path for us to take…we didn’t want to imagine that her stalker got into our house and murdered Morgan, but it did happen and pretending it didn’t wasn’t something we could do once the evidence started to be revealed.   What they were trying to convince us wasn’t the truth, they just wanted us to believe what they “needed” us to believe, but the things they were saying didn’t add up and when we wouldn’t stop asking questions, I was threatened, and when that didn’t stop me from asking questions they changed her manner of death to a suicide with absolutely no evidence, but this was just another way to keep her case from being investigated.

Contrary to what Vallario said, not only were there signs of foul play, trauma and a possible sexual assault…all this evidence was there the very morning of Morgan’s death.  The sheriffs and deputy coroner saw all of it – of that I am positive.  So once again, did they follow the evidence and let it lead them to a conclusion, or did they have a big giant broom to sweep it all under the first rug they could find?  And why?  We believe now we know the  why.

Have any of you been reading about the Ashley Fallis case out of Evans, CO?  Ashley was murdered exactly one day short of the one month anniversary of Morgan’s murder.  The coroner in Ashley’s case put down suicide, but it wasn’t – it was murder.  Almost 4 years later Ashley’s family has fought and been able to see Ashley’s murderer arrested and awaiting trial BUT there is more, they allege a cover-up by law enforcement and the truth is finally coming out…read about it here:

And to my utter dismay this type of cover-up in Colorado is not exclusive to Morgan or Ashley – I believe it has been going on for a long time and because of Colorado’s antiquated coroner’s system and home rule it is allowed to happen.  Here is a current case that I just read about in the news in Colorado  So what good are crime statistics when young men and women can be murdered, but then written down as suicide or accidental deaths?  The fact is that in Colorado if someone is listed as a homicide then after 2 years the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is allowed to investigate as it is considered a cold case, but if they are never listed as a homicide (as in Morgan’s case) then they are never allowed to be investigated by the CBI.  In Morgan’s case the CBI has offered to come in, multiple times, to investigate (at no cost to the county), and they have been turned away by Vallario – why?

I believe that Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario does not want ANY crimes against women investigated – not just Morgan, but all women of Garfield County are included in this group.  I have spoken with too many others in Garfield to know that this is a reality in Garfield County, and I am sure many more will continue to contact me through this website.  I don’t understand how women’s rights could have fallen so far that women have no rights when it comes to Garfield County – are women just desposable?  What does the rest of the country have to say about this?

These are the battles we as women need to fight in order to keep equality and our lives. It’s not just compensation in the workplace, it is also equality as a human being.  Everyone, no matter what your gender, color, ethnic background, or religious belief, every human life is important and deserves to be treated equally.  We can not turn a blind eye when it comes to things like this.  The sheriff is an elected official – I would think that women who care about their rights would not want to see this kind of elected official in their own county.

The hardest part of this for me has been the harsh reality that we have been deceived, and our daughter’s murder was, and is being covered up, and it is beyond devestating.  I have been proud of my family members that have had careers in law enforcement, and Steve and I have both helped law enforcement over the years, and still do.

I have always had a great deal of admiration & respect for law enforcement, but I don’t envy them.  I feel sorry on some level because just like in all walks of life there are good ones, and unfortunately some bad ones.  And when the bad ones make it into a supervisory position or actually run the department then it gets really bad for the good cops.  Good cops get involved because they truly care. They are optimistic and they have passion. Once they get in a department that may not really be looking to protect and serve, it seems like they are beat down. They can’t walk down the street without noticing the fear and distrust in people’s eyes.  The only way I can see the trust and faith towards law enforcement come back to people is to demand full transparency.  Support officers that come forward with the truth instead of allowing them to be fired.  Give the good officers support from the state and make accountability a priority.  For me, seeing a few bad officers, or officials ruin the credibility and trust of the majority of law enforcement, is just not right.  It should not be like this.  This country needs law enforcement to regain the trust of the people, and in my opinion the best way to do that is to make sure there is accountability.  Officers that break the law (just like anyone) should be accountable for their crimes.  This will not only help them to regain the trust of the citizens of the U.S. but it will also help honest and caring law enforcement agents. They will no longer need to fear the loss of their own jobs if they come forward about another officer that broke the law.  It would be the taking down of the big blue wall.  It would be a win-win for everyone. Just a thought, but one can hope don’t you think?

 “For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other.” ~ Millard Fuller

A little brightness of the world - captured by Morgan Jennifer

A little brightness of the world – captured by Morgan Jennifer



THIS IS HUGE! Obstruction of Justice & Official Misconduct…More news coming soon!

ChangeCriminal investigation of Weld County Sheriff’s Office employees starting over Ashley Fallis case.  Article by Justin Joeseph of Fox News

Weld County DA Michael Rourke confirmed Wednesday night his office would ask for an impartial and independent criminal investigation into the Weld County Sheriff’s Office and its four deputies who are accused of failing to cooperate with the Evans Police Department during the investigation of Ashley Fallis’ death in 2012.


After only 3 days Ashley Fallis was determined to be a suicide, but she was really murdered.  Her parents fought for the truth to come out and after a grand jury convened for only 3 days her murderer was extradited back to Colorado and is going to stand trial.  Now the officers that tried to cover-up the murder are on the hot seat.  Cross your fingers that indictments are made.

See complete coverage of the Ashley Fallis case here.

Part 3 – Misconceptions? NO – Just Misdirection & Lies…

How could the sheriff’s never see the stalker?

Morgan’s stalking started with a clear pattern, the stalker would come, terrorize, and then leave, all unseen. We were never fast enough out the door to catch more than a glimpse, because he was outside hunting Morgan and then watching our response – provoking, then observing and measuring – predatory stalkers do this, it’s well documented. It was almost the same pattern almost every time and it became maddening, exhausting, and extremely upsetting for us all. There was no warning for Morgan that it was coming, then it would just happen.

The Sheriff’s also had a very similar pattern…Deputy responding to stalking incident

The typical Garfield County Sheriff response to a call about the stalker tapping or banging on her windows again.

This night it was a call to the sheriffs about how relentless the stalker was and the call was  made almost an hour earlier, before this was caught on video camera. The deputy parked out front and sat in his truck for a few minutes, very common, then he came over to shine the flashlight under Morgan’s window. They all knew exactly which window because they had been there and seen it so many times before. This time he did not circle the house, he just walked to the corner and then came back to her window. He seemed to see something on the ground and kicked at it with his foot, but he never knelt down the the ground for a closer look, he did not take any pictures, and while Colorado law is very clear that the sheriff’s must:

respond as soon as reasonably possible to a report of stalking and to cooperate with the alleged victim in investigating the report.  Colo. Rev. Stat. § 18-3-602(7)

The deputy, or anyone else for that matter, never followed up with Morgan to get all the details, and they never did anything else to investigate her stalking, this was not just common it was every single time. The deputy then went out to sit in his truck for a few minutes before leaving. There was no report by the sheriffs of what actually happened, and obviously absolutely no, “cooperation with the victim in investigating the report.” Well over  a year after Morgan’s murder when we finally saw the sheriff’s reports for the first time, there was a reference to this incident that called it a, “trespass,” and that was it.  It is no wonder that Morgan at times believed the sheriff’s were doing nothing to catch or stop her stalker. Morgan was killed two nights after this incident.

Now… does anyone really think there was any chance this deputy is going to see the stalker? The stalker comes, terrorizes, then he observes from the darkness before leaving.  Steve always swore he could feel him out there in the darkness. Then, much later, long after the stalking incident was over, one or sometimes two deputies came, shined a light, talked, maybe walked around the house, then left. It was not even close to two ships passing in the night, it was two ships in opposite directions avoiding each other. This pattern of response had zero chance of ever seeing, much less catching the stalker. There needs to be education and training in order to help future victims of stalking.

If you are being stalked, you must know this – Most violent crime begins with some form of staking. If there is no investigation, they will never catch, or otherwise confront, the stalker, and until the stalker is confronted there is little chance the stalker will be stopped.

What is wrong with this picture?Lamoine filming death sceneThe man in the middle is a detective on the morning Morgan’s death scene was being investigated. He is taking video of the exterior of the house. He’s the one front and center, standing 50 feet away, the two men behind him are deputies. To the left are Morgan’s bedroom windows, the same windows that the deputy was looking under with his flashlight 2 days earlier.

The problem is where he stands right now is the closest he will come to Morgan’s windows. I will say it again, THAT IS AS CLOSE AS THE INVESTIGATOR WILL GET TO THIS ENTIRE SIDE OF THE HOUSE WHEN TAKING VIDEO ON THE DAY HER BODY WAS DISCOVERED! Even the deputies who responded to a stalking incident would walk right up to the windows and wave their flashlights at the ground. It’s how they saw footprints in the dirt, scuff marks, they touched her windows and wondered aloud how the stalker would make the banging noise that startled Morgan every time. In front of that is right where Detective Glassmire knelt to the ground 4 days earlier and tossed rocks he picked up from the ground and threw them against that window, saying, “there is your stalker!” Right before he told me Morgan’s stalking was expected to escalate.

But four days later, after she was discovered dead, the investigator at her death scene was satisfied to take one quick flash of video from all the way back where he stands.  Possible murder investigation or just going through the motions instead of investigating? Incompetence, or cover-up, call it whatever you want, but it was not an investigation. The back doors where we believe the stalker entered were not filmed either, nor were they fingerprinted, and the drapes were never touched from the inside, yet the sheriff’s can claim to be certain there was no sign of forced entry, when in reality that is just another false statement.

The night of Morgan’s murder everything went wrong…it was the perfect storm.

▪ It was one of the only two nights that week that Morgan wasn’t able to get a friend to sleep over on the couch.  Our bedroom was on the back of the house, and her room was on the front – very far apart. She was scared to sleep alone and could no longer handle sleeping on the floor of my closet for protection as she did for the first month of her stalking. She was very much looking forward to being gone babysitting for the families of military veterans over the weekend.

▪ The sheriffs had increased their patrols and since their large trucks would set off our front door motion detector alarm and wake us up, Steve turned it off that night after Morgan returned home at 9:03 pm so we could all get some sleep. All 3 of us were way beyond exhausted.

▪ We always left our dog loose in the house to watch over things while we slept, except on the nights when Morgan had friends sleep over.  That night we put her up in our bathroom, because earlier in the evening she had positioned herself by the front door to watch out the window, and we thought she would keep us and Morgan awake all night.

▪ We made all these mistakes -plus so many more that night.  We had no idea what was about to happen.  When you have a stalker you think that you have gone through all the motions before you go to sleep at night, but you never remember all of them, and as soon as there is a crack to squeeze through stalkers always manage to find that crack… it makes me physically ill to think about all the mistakes we made, especially since that very night my “intuition” was screaming at me, I was so worried, and yet I did not listen to myself.  So now I always remind everyone to LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION!

▪ The night before Morgan was murdered she asked her father to buy her a knife, which he did.  She had it in bed with her when we found her body.  This is how scared she really was.

And really:

  • Morgan did not take the car without permission…this is such a ridiculous statement, and the sheriffs knew they misstated (or lied) about that. Morgan had an old Rover, which she loved, but it also had over 250,000 miles on it and Steve did not trust for Morgan to be driving it while she was being stalked – we were frightened it would break down on the road and leave her vulnerable. So Morgan and I shared my car, she drove it 75% of the time and I drove it ~ 25% of the time. She never needed “permission” to drive it, we just coordinated or drove together.  The last day before she was murdered she told me she would be gone between 2 – 4 pm approximately, at which time she would return so we could run errands together, one of our favorite mom/daughter things that we did.  At around 4:15 or so I texted her cell phone to see where she was.  I was worried (because she had a STALKER and I couldn’t reach her, not because the car was gone!)  Any parent would have been just as concerned as I was.  Steve came home and sent her a text message around 6 pm and she answered him.  She apologized by text for missing my earlier calls and the sheriff’s saw those texts. So why would they even say that Morgan took the car without permission? It’s incorrect and they know it. So basically she was out of pocket for 2 hours, I was worried, she did speak with us and apologized, she told us she was safe, and where she was, we told her that we would let her know when we get home so she could come home, that was our stalking protocol…she did not want to come home to an empty house because she was SCARED of her stalker.  I hope that clears that up.
  • Morgan was not out partying with friends that night – she got home at 9:03 pm and did not leave again.12.1 Morgan home copyThis is a picture of Morgan arriving home after trying to sleep at a friend’s Aunt’s house on their couch, and when that didn’t work out she went to ask another friend if he would sleep over our house, but that didn’t pan out either so she came home alone.  She wasn’t trying to stay away from home because of her parents – that is one of the stupidest thing so far that I have heard…she had a predatory stalker and she was afraid to sleep alone and she had every reason to be afraid. The Colorado statutes spell out the terror of stalking, and Morgan was living it. Everyone failed her, and the sheriff’s would rather blame the victim then man up and admit they made a mistake. How brave they are.  If people can’t understand why a victim of stalking would be afraid then I suggest they read the Colorado Legislative Decree on stalking, they understood it and they summed it up well. Morgan had every reason to be afraid that night, the stalker’s pattern had changed again – and then she was murdered.
  • The backpack that was reported found in the car with alcohol in it was not Morgan’s and the alcohol was not hers. WE have the video of her ex-byfriend putting it in the front of the car. His driver’s license was in it, that’s how the sheriffs were able to investigate and know who’s backpack it was and give it back to him. SO – why would they associate the backpack with Morgan? It was my car and his backpack, they figured it out and returned it to him. Just another “blame the victim” rather than man-up??? Again, how very brave of them or was there another reason to try to mislead people with their reports?
  • The pipe found in her room was not hers, but it did belong to her friend, the friend that had just slept over the night before her murder, and it was also given back to him.  These are all provable FACTS. And just in case there is still a question, just as I, or any of Morgan’s friends would have expected, Morgan had no alcohol or illegal drugs on her toxicology reports. False reporting is not investigating, so why all the false reporting?  More lies in order to muddy the waters and keep people from knowing the truth – she was a victim of stalking and she was murdered by her stalker(s).  Remember justice delayed is justice denied.


Part 2 – Misconceptions? NO – Just Misdirection & Lies…

Patrolling for the stalker

This is a snapshot from the video over one of Morgan’s windows showing one of the patrols the night of December 1st and morning of December 2nd.

This is a snapshot from the video over one of Morgan’s windows showing one of the patrols the night of December 1st and morning of December 2nd when Morgan was murdered.

For the last two months Morgan met with the detectives weekly to go over developments in the investigation of her stalker. I’ve never seen the records for all those meetings because every time I ask Garfield County sheriffs I am told a new commander would like to review her case before the sheriff can release the records…I know, it’s been over 3 years now so what is up with that?  I would call this a classic run-around.

The last week of Morgan’s life the detective believed the stalking would escalate and he was going to increase the patrols and he did.  However there are no records of any of these patrols.  Early on in her stalking there were records, but for the last two months – there are none.

Of course there were patrols, above you can see a picture taken from the video of one of those patrols. In the picture a floodlight is being pointed at the roof over Morgan’s window.  We were never told they were suspicious about her stalker being on our roof.  You can see the wall above her window is lit up by the light. Now look at this picture.

gutter.crack copy

The gutter over Morgan’s window

This is where the flood light from the deputy was aimed. Did the deputy see something up there?  Is that why he was aiming his flood light up on the roof over her window? We’ll never know because there are no records. But the gutter right over her window was bent so many times it’s torn in two!  The stalker was up there holding on as he leaned over to bang on her window – that’s why he wasn’t caught on video, he was up on the roof!

Now you would think the detective investigating the stalking would come to look at the gutter torn in two right over Morgan’s window, but no, he would not, because as we were told by the sheriff detective, “Even if Keenan’s DNA was found up there it would not prove anything.” And yes, there is no mention of that in the sheriff’s reports either.

The lesson from all this is that police or sheriff’s reports are not always complete and they are not always accurate. I kept records myself and even now, years later I will find a picture, or a text, or a post-it with facts that are not in my original timeline. New facts turn up all the time in murder cases, and that worries the guilty people out there, so much so that they will never stop trying to twist the truth to what they so desperately wish for the facts to be. And that is how they got away with it, but they haven’t…not forever.

Now I will throw out a couple of things (not all) I have heard, along with the answer to those strange assumptions:

▪ Yes, our camera’s were always pointed at Morgan’s bedroom windows – they were always captured on video surveillance 24/7 once we installed the cameras around our house.  In addition to our cameras the Garfield County Sheriffs also had one wildlife camera mounted on one of Morgan’s bedroom windows, and another camera pointed at that camera.  And yes, our camera did capture something the night of Morgan’s murder.  But the cameras don’t alert you, or wake you when they capture something, you have to review the cameras after the fact in order to see if they caught something.

▪ Yes, Morgan really was being stalked for 4 months.  The Garfield County Sheriffs department opened a felony stalking case, and a detective was assigned to her case, he talked to her once a week.  We called and reported over 60 incidents to the sheriffs, and no, they did not write down the details of those incidents on their reports – that is why I now tell victims of stalking to not only call and report every incident, but to ask for all the individual police reports immediately following the incident to make sure they put the details in those reports…this is imperative!  In Morgan’s case I did not know to ask for those reports…I thought just because we gave the sheriffs such verbal & written detailed reports and pictures and videos that they would write it correctly in their reports – wrong!!!  They just wrote things like the date, and – suspicious event, or trespass, no details at all.

▪ No we did not have life insurance on Morgan.  This makes me sick that people would accuse us of this, but they have…our children are supposed to outlive us, we supported Morgan, Morgan was a college student, why in the world would we have taken out life insurance on her?

▪ We did not know that Morgan’s stalker was terrorizing her from the top of our roof until AFTER Morgan was murdered.  I never said I thought the stalker was accessing our roof in his bare feet in the freezing cold in the winter – that is really crazy, but trust me, some people have even said that.

▪ After our cameras were installed Morgan’s stalker took to our roof.  And that is why we didn’t catch him on camera standing on the ground outside of Morgan’s windows.  Whatever we did as a countermeasure he was sure to change up the way he was doing things.  Our efforts to catch him never stopped him.  We did not know he was on our roof until after Morgan was murdered.  That is WHY he evaded detection when we ran outside to catch him.  That is WHY it didn’t show up on the cameras.  We know now that he leaned over the gutter and swung something off a string to bang on Morgan’s window without being detected.  Very easy to do and yet the sheriffs had no clue how he could have been making the noise.  The head of a stalking task force in Canada wrote in to me and said after reading an earlier post about the stalker being on our roof she now has all her officers check roofs.  In Colorado Springs, CO last year a young victims’ stalker was finally captured when the police looked on her roof, he fled but was captured.  This all makes me feel good that awareness is bringing about progress in the fight against stalkers.  I only wish that had been the outcome in Morgan’s case.

▪ No, we never left any of our windows or doors in our house unlocked during her stalking, and we always double checked to make sure our cars were locked – we only left windows open in the same room we were in for air before going to bed while we were home, and we always made sure they were closed, and locked before we went to bed.  Would you honestly think that any victims of stalking would leave something in their house unlocked intentionally?  I even suggest to victims of stalking that they should have a two inch deadbolt on the inside of all their doors, the doors that lead to the outside of their house, along with bars in their sliding glass doors or sliding windows.  I also suggest keeping the door between your garage & the inside of your home locked, even when you are not home…some stalkers have been able to access the garage and go in through an unlocked door between the garage & the house.

▪ No sign of breaking and entering – this is one of the most ludicrous statements made by the sheriffs.  How many times have you heard that same statement?  I have many, many times – well they do get in, and they do steal, sexually assault, and or murder without any sign of “forced entry.” In order to have forced entry you would need a window broken or and door lock shattered, very rarely does that happen.   After Morgan’s murder a person I had never met before came over to our house to show me exactly how (within a minute) he could unlock a front door and enter without any sign of breaking and entering.  We now know there were multiple ways the stalker could have gotten in undetected BUT the sheriffs did not want to hear about it.  The fact that the stalker had attempted many times (and we all heard it) to punch in the numbers on our front door code should have given the sheriffs a clue that they should be looking for finger prints, etc. but to no avail.  You can also refer back to my earlier post “No sign of forced entry?  No intruder?  Really?”

▪ No sign of a struggle – the sheriff would certainly wish that was the case, but it wasn’t!  There were many, many signs of a struggle.  Morgan fought back.  3 nails broken, flattened nose, blood on her forehead and lips, hair tangled, abrasions on her hands, wrists, arm and breast.  Pants unzipped and unbuttoned.  Folded, stacked laundry tossed all over the floor, panic button ripped off the mount on her nightstand and thrown across the room, her cell phone found under her bathroom door, and much more.  You tell me, does this sound like a struggle to you?

More to come tomorrow, but in the meantime if there is anything that you have heard on the internet that bothered you, and that you would like to know the true answer to please send me a comment and I will try my best to answer your question.

I always try to stay off all the hate sites because it does not contribute anything to my higher purpose, but other people have sent me copies of some of the things being said, so I know some of the lies, but not all.  Don’t worry, your questions will not upset me – it’s better to know the questions and answer them then to never have them asked.  In fact I believe if law enforcement would continue to ask the families of missing persons and homicide lots of questions, instead of assuming they know the answer, many more cases would get solved.  Some families probably don’t even know they know some little piece of critical information that ties all the pieces together until they are asked.  So ask away 🙂

Colorado Cares!  This I truly believe after all the many people I have spoken.  Colorado wants to be a leader in the fight against crime.  Yes, they are up against some tough restrictions, as in home rule…it ties their hands when it comes to rouge law enforcement, but there are other ways to get to the truth and demand accountability.  The world is changing right now – we all see it in the news and Colorado is right there with everyone else.