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Sarah Afshar’s Exclusive Interview with Morgan’s brother Ryan


Ryan.Morgan.1999Morgan’s older sister and brother both adored her.  She was their baby sister.  She was 13 years younger than her sister, and 10 years younger than her brother, and she would have been 23 years old this past August 16th.  Her brother Ryan wanted to be able to speak out about what happened to his sister, he wanted to share his inner most feelings about the pain in his heart that he has had ever since Morgan was taken from this world.  There are people “others” on the Internet that want to attack victims and co-victims, and Morgan’s brother has also been attacked.  Up until now he has not come out and said anything, and these “others” have spent a lot of time making up whatever they want as if it came out of his mouth.

It’s very, very sad that people do this kind of thing.  I recently heard that an old friend of mine lost her boyfriend to a heart attack, and even she was attacked on the Internet by people saying very cruel things to her.  She was a person that lost a loved one to natural causes.  Yet they said things like, “He was never your boyfriend” along with really nasty lies…why?  Why do some people have the need to attack others that are grieving for absolutely no reason?  Have they lost their humanity or are they just a product of a very sad reality of their own?  Just like in the most recent tragedy of the loss of Robin Williams.  It has been reported all over the news that “others” attacked his daughter so viciously on social media that she took down all of her sights.  How could people be this cruel?  And the next question I have is why would good logical people ever begin to believe the lies and filth these people try to float?  Why would they even want to read any of the things these people write about?  And my last question on that subject is if any of the “others” really were knowledgable and were ever coming from truth then why are they always anonymous?  Why do they always use fake names, and fake accounts?

I have had people tell me that the “others” on the Internet have said stuff about Steve and I – they said we took out a life insurance policy on Morgan so we don’t want people to know she killed herself.  We never had a life insurance policy taken out on Morgan, or any of our children – why would we?  Our children are supposed to outlive us as parents.  If the mere thought of someone thinking this wasn’t so sick it would almost be laughable, but it’s not, it’s disgusting.  What kind of people think that way?  I wish the others would get a clue – Morgan never committed suicide – Morgan was murdered and there is still a murderer out there. There is ample proof that she was murder in a horrific way and If you knew your daughter had been murdered, if you had seen and heard the evidence that proves she was murdered would you just sit back and let her murder be swept under the rug?  Would you just allow false allegations to be tossed around without trying to bring the truth to light? I don’t think so.  Yes, it’s painful, but it is a reality and something we have to do, and there is no getting around that fact.

The loss of his sister has been extremely hard on Ryan.  He was so filled with anger for the first 2 years he couldn’t talk about it, but now he wants justice and has faith that Steve and I will be able to keep pushing forward until Morgan’s case gets opened, and those responsible for her murder are arrested.  He always gives me a little nudge over the phone at least once a week, “keep going Mom, what are you waiting for, hurry up.”

Morgan wrote this to her brother Ryan:

January 06, 2009
To the best brother a girl could ask for, when people tell me that the world is a cruel and horrible place all I can do is smile. I smile because I know them to be wrong. I know that the world is a beautiful place worth fighting for. I know this because of you. When I think of you I feel my heart, not the one that beats, rather the one that feels. Seventeen years here on earth, I have seen bad people and good people, but you Ryan, I know to be the best. For reasons I can ‘t quite explain, I see you more clearly than other people. I see your struggles and your triumphs, but mostly I see your heart. I am truly blessed to have a person like you in my life, a person who makes hope look so tangible, so real. ~Morgan

Please click on this link to read Ryan’s interview.  Thank you Sarah Afshar for giving Ryan a chance to use his voice. http://www.sarahafshar.com/2014/08/morgan-ingram-exclusive-interview-with.html



Morgan’s friend and soulmate speaks out…


As you all know our youngest daughter Morgan was stalked for 4 months while in college and living at home with her dad and I.  We lived through the stalking with her, so I know it was horrific. I was frightened the whole time for Morgan’s safety, as her stalker kept escalating no matter what deterrents we produced. The Garfield County Sheriffs had a suspect, and told me they were 100% sure this person was her stalker.  Morgan had identified him multiple times, our cameras caught pictures, they had interviewed him, and were planning on picking up his work hours to overlay them on my timeline of the stalking incidents, but she was murdered 4 days before that was to happen.

The morning I found our youngest daughter’s body I knew deep in my soul that she had been murdered.  My mind didn’t want to believe it, but the way her body looked, the position it was in, and the condition of her room, there was no denying to me that something had gone on involving a struggle and foul play.  Garfield County Detective Robert Glassmire told us that very morning that her death had “no connection” with her felony stalking case, and immediately “red flags” went up for me.  This was just 3 days after he told me to my face that he believed the stalking was going to “escalate.”  He could not have known at that time if her death had nothing to do with her stalking, I had been so trusting of the sheriff’s department (I have always respected law enforcement), and didn’t want to believe they weren’t on our side.  I was in shock at the time, but I “felt” something was terribly wrong, and now almost 3 years later with all the evidence and facts that we have accumulated (and tried to share with the sheriffs) the only question I have remaining is why has Morgan’s manner of death has never been changed to reflect the truth, and why is there no investigation into her murder?

Over the months, and years of pursuing the truth about our daughter’s death I now know for a fact that she was murdered, and she did not die a fast, or easy death – she was frightened, and tortured.  Morgan was gentle, loving and kind, she did not deserve to die like this. Families should be treated with dignity and respect, which we were not. Families need to know the truth, and not have their loved ones forgotten under a veil of threats and lies – this is outright re-victimization of the family.  Other victims of stalking need to see that law enforcement will take them seriously so they don’t end up dead like Morgan and then swept under the rug.

I live with the pain of the loss of my youngest daughter every day, and night. The pain is indescribable, and made worse by the fact that my husband and I have to relive her stalking, and murder every single day that we work on getting her case opened all by ourselves.  It is something no family should have to endure, but we had no choice because someone had to do an investigation, someone had to find the answers, and assemble the evidence, and law enforcement refused to do so.  When you love someone so deeply you can not just step aside and let their memory disappear into a morass of lies and untruths.

As my husband said, “The truth will always be vigorously disputed by some, the criminals and their accomplices. The erectors and maintainers of the great big blue wall behind which such truth now hides.  Her bravery and suffering must be respected at some point, her honor restored.  To date I have watched as lies pile upon lies and egos rule the day.  It is no wonder that murders go on within Colorado where such obvious lies can go on unabated, and it so deeply saddens my heart to have watched this happen.”

What I really want people to know besides my own feelings is that Morgan had many family members, as well as friends that loved her deeply and have been profoundly affected by her murder and non-investigation by the sheriffs.  All of these people have suffered and are still suffering and are co-victims in my opinion – they deserve answers.  Now that I have gotten that off my chest I would like to give you this link so you can read the interview that Joe Valo did with Rainer Jundt about Morgan.  Rainer is included in the ever growing list of co-victims – read for yourself just one person’s reality of how Morgan’s passing has affected him.   http://josephvalo.us/2014/07/exclusive-interview-with-rainer-junt-by.html?spref=tw

October 20 – 24, 2011 – Days 80 – 84 of Morgan’s Stalking – Morgan goes on a babysitting trip and I just want to be sure, this is considered felony stalking – Isn’t it?

On October 20 at 10:17 pm Elliott, our neighbor across the street, sends me a text, “walking dogs now.”  He told me earlier that he wanted to be sure we did not catch him on camera, and think he was the stalker, and then call it in.  Now Steve is surprised by something about the cameras.  If he changes where they point, and aims them closer to the house, there is not much difference.  But when he aims them far away from the house they seem very capable of capturing decent images far beyond their stated 20 meters of “vision.”

Steve wants me never to mention to anyone what exactly what is seen, or not seen on the video system.  He thinks whoever the stalker is, is innocently asking everyone, and good gossip is in high demand right now.  I agree, and am very careful to be intentionally vague about what exactly is being seen, and recorded by the cameras.

I do wish the detectives would take this stalking case more seriously.  Whenever I call now that we have detectives assigned to the case it seems like if we have a video of the incident that just happened then any kind of follow up can wait.  That was not the idea, we thought the cameras might reinforce some intelligence that had been gathered by the Garfield Sheriffs department, not become a replacement for officers on the ground.  We had lots of video of strange things happening at night around this “quiet” neighborhood. And there was plenty more to come.

Wylah ready to go with Mr. squeakers

On the 21st Morgan was packing in the morning, we were babysitting her puppy, and after school she picked up her friends, and left to work at a military retreat.  Armed forces returning from oversees were availing themselves to rebuilding opportunities while Morgan was a part of the group that helped the process by making sure their children were happily entertained.  Morgan was very proud to be doing this.  She was gaining a new respect for the pressure put on families of service men, and women and she was quick to shares stories with me, after a weekend like this.

I was also hoping she would leave behind her own problems with her stalker back home, and this weekend could be a good weekend for her.

On the 23rd Detectives Glassmire and Alstatt came over for a meeting.  They checked their wildlife cameras, and found nothing – I told them that as usual, when Morgan was away, there was not much activity.  We gave Detective Glassmire a thumb drive with the latest videos on it, and Steve set up a drop box on the Internet so he could constantly update video as it happened.

Glassmire was hoping for some way that we could capture a video with a face clear enough for a positive ID (which to me sounded a little crazy as Morgan already believed Keenan as her stalker), while Steve was hopeful, but uncertain that we could manage this feat.  The stalker had to go along for this to happen.  Give up his caution for a day of two and walk right up to one of the cameras, and we didn’t think that would happen.

We all spent a lot of time going over the video of person in the driveway.  When Steve held up a photo of Keenan and his car everyone agreed the car was as close of a match as you get, but this is where we differed…Detective Glassmire was certain it was Keenan in the driveway, as was Morgan and I.  But Steve thought maybe it was not, maybe he was someone close, but not Keenan. I think Steve was thinking it was a friend of Keenan’s, driving Keenan’s car, trying to divert the attention away from Keenan.  Steve did believe, as did the rest of us, that the car was Keenan’s car.  We did the research, and that was the only car with that exact grill and emblem.  Detective Glassmire was going to have a specialist in the department look at the video, and see what he could do with it.  We were happy with that, and after going over the latest gossip of the neighborhood the detectives left.

Later in the night, on Sunday, Morgan came home from her weekend, tired and happy…

Today is October 13, 2012 – That night, last year, was such a perfect example of why this year is so frustrating for Steve and I.  After her weekend with the children, they all wrote a little something to Morgan. Of how happy she had made them, of how they loved coloring with her, or how she was such a good big sister, and of how they hoped to meet her again someday. They were all beautifully misspelled in crayon, on pieces of torn paper, and Morgan could vividly explain to us every little girl who had written the notes.  How the writer thought or felt, of some very special quality she had found so amazing.  All the little notes are in a zip lock bag now, and they remind Steve, and I of just who Morgan was, how she really was.  There are so many reminders she has left.  They will never be the same as having Morgan, but they help us never waver from those who would like us to forget this travesty of justice.  We want #Justice4Morgan!

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Morgan in the rear view mirror, looking for a picture