Real Facts…Not Fake, Sensationalized Statements At The Expense of Accuracy

Here are the facts: Morgan was NOT on antidepressants and NEVER was…

When misinformed people, as well as Sheriffs and Coroners, jump to the WRONG conclusion and refuse to do their own research, or conduct an investigation so they can listen to the victim’s doctors, you end up with an outcome which is totally WRONG.  Morgan was not depressed, Morgan had never been suicidal, Morgan was a victim of a stalker!

Here are the FACTS: Morgan never was on antidepressants, and she did not have a prescription for them.  Morgan was diagnosed with a condition called hyperalgesia, brought on by chronic long-term exposure to low-levels of carbon monoxide.  This condition caused Morgan chronic pain when she was younger, and a low-dose prescription of Amitriptyline (Elival) was prescribed for her originally by Children’s Hospital in Denver.  Morgan had stopped taking it approximately 2 years before her death, as she had developed an extremely healthy, holistic lifestyle to control and rid herself of her chronic pain.  Morgan was a strong and independent young woman and it is completely disingenuous, as well as being a LIE, when people say she was on an antidepressant – it is absolutely NOT true.

FACT: Amitriptyline is often used in lower doses when used to treat chronic pain, and higher doses are used to treat depression.  In low doses, this medicine relieves pain. In higher doses, it has antidepressant effects.  Years ago Morgan had been prescribed a low dose – first 10 mg then the final dosage was 25 mg once a day…a low dose of this medication is prescribed for the relief of chronic pain. This medicine is reserved for long-term (chronic) pain syndromes. It may also help relieve sleeping problems and fatigue caused by chronic pain.

Morgan had an old EXPIRED bottle of Amitriptyline in her room at the time of her death.  The sheriffs gave that bottle to the Deputy Coroner, and from that time on the FACTS did not matter – the forensic pathologist ignored the fact that the bottle was expired and almost full, he ignored the fact that my husband and I told him she was not taking it, he ignored the fact that her doctors and all her medical records showed she was not taking it, he ignored the fact that the pharmacy records showed it had not been filled in almost 2 years, and he ignored the most important part of this…the scientific fact that the toxicology results prove she was NOT taking the drug, that this was a one-time massive dose that killed her. Dr. Robert Kurtzman, the forensic pathologist that conducted Morgan’s autopsy, called it INSIGNIFICANT!  This was an amount which could not be ingested, it had to be injected into her in order to have that amount in her blood.  The forensic FACT is, if Morgan had ingested the medication, she would have been dead before the levels could have reached 1,000 ng in her blood, but Morgan’s toxicology shows she had 7,900 ngs + it’s derivative in her blood – which means she had over 10,000 ng that went directly into her blood!!!  And the idiot Kurtzman said it was insignificant – actually writing on a piece of paper his calculation for PMR (postmortem redistribution) of the drug to make us think the amount really wasn’t that big a deal, but it certainly was the cause of Morgan’s death.  When confronted with the facts he also told us, “The parents are the last to know if their kids are taking a medication.”  Seriously, he said that…none of the FACTS above mattered to him, not even the scientific fact that he was completely wrong in his calculation, because PMR had not even started, due to the timing of when the blood was drawn.  Oh, and I guess Vallario must also have a problem with his vision because we have the crime scene photos, which CLEARLY show, what many believe is an injection mark, with a possible bite mark over it, on the inside of Morgan’s arm…what is Vallario’s excuse for that?

Morgan’s dad and I are NOT doctors, or scientists, we only know these facts because we have been blessed to have so many knowledgable experts review Morgan’s toxicology results and give us the facts.  These experts have given us documentation showing the facts in black and white, but Garfield County, along with some uniformed trolls on the Internet, prefer to spread their lies, contrary of scientific facts and medical certainty…I really wish people would do their own research, instead of blindly believing people that have no medical degree and have absolutely no knowledge of what they are talking about.  Only FACTS will hold up in a court of law when the time comes for #Justice4Morgan.

So the bottom line is…using wild speculation, instead of facts:

Dr. Robert Kurtzman listed Morgan’s Manner of Death as Natural Causes for the first 9 months after her murder, stating the Amitriptyline in her blood was INSIGNIFICANT, so NO INVESTIGATION into her murder was ever done by the sheriff.  Kurtzman wrote that Morgan was taking Amitriptyline for a condition she never had, Acute Intermittent Porphyria – ANOTHER LIE…Not only is Amitriptyline NOT a medication for AIP (which I found out by actually doing our own due diligence and contacting medical experts on AIP), Morgan’s doctors told him he was wrong, but his lies went on and on, creating an environment that insured Morgan’s murder would never be investigated.  Why?  Is he this incompetent, or arrogant, is that is the reason he wouldn’t listen to Morgan’s family, doctors or forensic medical experts?  Or is there something worse hidden behind his obvious mistakes?

Then after threats to myself by Dr. Robert Kurtzman, to stop asking questions about his findings, Kurtzman changed Morgan’s Manner of Death to Suicide – which in turn gave Sheriff Lou Vallario the opportunity to tell a reporter in September of 2011 that he supports the Coroner’s finding of Suicide and will never investigate our daughter’s death…yes, Vallario really said that, so again NO INVESTIGATION.  What does he really mean when he says his officers follow the evidence where it leads?  Don’t the crime scene photos count as leads?  His officers were at the scene of the crime.  The photos show 3 torn nails, with abrasions on the top and bottom of that hand…they show a wound on her temple with blood, and blood on her teeth, a fat lip, her hair all matted up, her pants unzipped and unbuttoned, they show her bottom bed sheet missing off her bed, they show an obvious injection mark, with a BITE mark over it on the inside of her arm, they show her lividity, which doesn’t match the position her body was found in…her body had been “staged” in a different position to look as though she had died in her sleep, blanket pulled up to her shoulder – her body was obviously moved some time after lying dead in a different position. And oh, wait a minute, almost forgot his own officer used a UV light over her body and wrote in his report that she had spot show up on her chest under the light – they were never tested, but you probably know what they were.  The crime scene photos also show Morgan leaving a message with her hands – she was signing two letters as though trying to tell us who murdered her.  So Vallario – how is it again that your officers follow the evidence where it leads?  Your officers would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to miss that trail of leads – or they would have had to go along to get along because they were just following orders…and whose orders would those be?  You wrote on your newly formed Facebook page,”Law enforcement officers are supposed to protect people,” but that isn’t what you do Lou – you cover for the criminal and blame it on the District Attorney.  Give your officers the tools, education and correct protocol that other sheriffs use in order to protect the citizens – actions speak volumes, not empty words.

Morgan was murdered during an ACTIVE INVESTIGATION INTO HER FELONY STALKING and there was NEVER an investigation…and that needs to change.  Those are the FACTS, and no one can re-write history.

There needs to be an investigation into our daughter, Morgan’s murder – do the right thing Sheriff Vallario!  You say, “Just the Facts,” well here are the FACTS, and you have known them all along – but facts don’t seem to matter to you in reality, do they Lou?

If you are a citizen of Garfield County Colorado please know that Sheriff Vallario was up for re-election last year, and ran unopposed…and again he is the Sheriff.  Let the newspapers know how you feel about the way he has treated the citizens of Garfield County during his terms as sheriff.  Let them know that you care about your family and want a sheriff that will protect and serve, and not just hide real crime under the rug.

Let Vallario know that you want transparency and accountability in the sheriff’s office, even if that means starting an independent task force to look into crimes that citizens believe are being overlooked.  Use your voice – it is your most powerful tool.


Stalked & Murdered In Four Short Months…

Tessi is now on the other side with Morgan. Still watching and waiting for justice.

I have been contacted by numerous other stalking victims, who lived in the immediate vicinity of our home in Carbondale, CO.  They report very similar incidents that were perpetrated upon them.  They were being watched by a stranger, their stalking included scratching, tapping and banging on their windows, and once a trashcan got knocked over by a person hiding in the shadows. In two of these cases the victims gave detailed descriptions, to the sheriffs, of the person that ran from their home.  In one of these cases there just happened to be a tracking dog in the near vicinity and it tracked the suspect until it lost his sent down County Road 100.  In each one of these cases, I have been told, there was no investigation, no report, and there was no follow-up by the Garfield County sheriff’s department. There was no protocol that ever caught the stalker in Morgan’s case either.  I do realize that in most cases of stalking the suspect is never caught “red handed,” but we were told, by the first two sheriff’s patrol officers that the earlier incidents in our surrounding area always stopped when the snow started to fall.  They assumed it could be a seasonal/summer stalker, and as soon as the snow came he would stop…that’s honestly what we were told by the sheriff’s patrol deputies who responded to calls at our house – just wait it out. That was their solution, so just look at our family’s case…Morgan, Steve & I were stalked for 4 months, it kept escalating, it only snowed once during those 4 months (very unusual in that area), then Morgan was murdered.  Basically, what the sheriff’s department did was to treat the stalking as a nonevent, and then Morgan ended up murdered, and look at what the sheriff is doing now – we have been told that he now claims it was never even a stalking…this is outrageous!

Steve and I were there every single day of the stalking, we can both tell you how vicious, unrelenting and terrifying the entire ordeal was.  There absolutely was a stalking.  I have heard that Sheriff Lou Vallario goes on to say now that it was the coroner who determined that Morgan committed suicide, and the decision and investigation had nothing to do with his department, but what he doesn’t say, and what absolutely is the fact is that the deputy coroner that came to our home, Thomas Walton, had no death scene training and completely relied on what the sheriffs told him that morning.  All the facts that he reports came from Garfield County Sheriff Detective Robert Glassmire (Glassmire, who is now the coroner), and he told us he is not allowed to change anything without Detective Robert Glassmire’s approval.  So as you can see, Sheriff Lou Vallario, is a politician, and as a politician he knows the politically correct way to say things, in order to “twist” the facts – not the truth about what really happened, not being transparent by any stretch of the imagination –  not the truth, only a politically “twisted” statement – only sound bites.  And anyone who just blindly believes what a politician tells them, instead of researching the actual truth/facts of the situation, is just a “surface scratcher” who, I guess, is perfectly happy to wear their “rose-colored glasses” until the same tragedy touches their own families, and if stalkers and murderers are allowed to roam free the chances of another “victim” like Morgan in Garfield County increases.

It is true that the coroner is the one in Colorado who is responsible for determining the cause and manner of death.  But please know, unlike what Sheriff Vallario says, the Garfield County Sheriffs are up to their eyeballs in what the pathologist and the coroner did in Morgan’s case…even  producing their own set of facts to about her death to the exclusion of all real facts. Never allowing for testing – as well as destroying and covering up evidence.

The last show about Morgan’s stalking and murder was filmed by Crime Watch Daily.  At the end of that show they showed an official statement by Sheriff Lou Vallario that said, “We reached out to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department for an interview. They responded in part: “The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office will not engage in further conversations regarding the Morgan Ingram case. That case is closed, pending any new credible evidence being brought forward. There was no credible evidence of ‘stalking’ and the case was ruled a suicide by the Garfield County Coroner’s Office, not the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, per Colorado state law. Our hearts go out to the Ingrams and we are sorry for their loss. — Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario.”

We have sent Vallario a letter asking hm if that is really his official statement, because as you all know, there really was a stalking and Steve and I were also victims of that same stalking – it really did happen.  As usual he NEVER replied to our letter. Steve & I are also listed on all the police reports as victims of that stalking, as well as on the correspondence by his own detective.  Why would he say such a blatant lie?  What is he covering up?  Is it only because Morgan ended up dead and after 9 months of being listed as “Natural Causes,” I then get threatened by the pathologist (and the sheriffs were told of that threat when it happened), then the pathologist changed Morgan’s manner of death to suicide after 9 months?  Does Vallario feel he has to say there never was a stalking, so there is no ramifications, if it was suicide, which it was not, since she died during that active investigation into her stalking, there should have been a full blown investigation into a possible homicide, but there was not!

I think Vallario should be more concerned with the fact that all the scientific facts and medical certainty point to murder, as well as all the other strong evidence in the case.  And the lies will be exposed and justice will happen…what will Vallario say then?  That he trusted the coroner and it wasn’t his fault?  I don’t think that will work so well considering all the many times he has been contacted about new evidence in the case, which he refused to ever even consider…he really does know what happened to Morgan, so my question is WHY has Vallario refused to investigate her murder?

Morgan did nothing wrong and she did not deserve to be tortured and murdered.  Our family did nothing wrong and we did not deserve to have our lives forever changed because of the horrific acts of strangers.  Morgan deserves justice, the people involved in her murder and subsequent cover up deserve to be exposed and charged, and we will not stop pushing for that justice until it happens!  #Justice4Morgan in 2018 – it has been over 6 years and this travesty of justice should not continue any longer!

Unsolved homicide…Garfield County Colorado’s dirty little secret…

Make no mistake, Morgan’s death is an unsolved homicide.  Our family wants one thing, and one thing only…justice for Morgan!

Every year introduces at least 5,000 more unsolved murders – and these statistics don’t even take into account the many murders, like Morgan’s, being disguised as accidental or suicidal deaths, these suspicious deaths that are “staged” to look like something other than murder.

Another interesting fact, that I had no knowledge of previously, is that even though cities and counties are suppose to report their crime statistics to the F.B.I. they don’t always do it (I have been told it is an unenforceable law) – in many cases they can just decide it isn’t a crime, and then they don’t report it…Garfield County records show that in the 10-year-span leading up to, and including Morgan’s murder, they had NO murders, many suicides and accidental deaths, and of course, natural causes, but no murders.

Amazing, especially after finding out that Garfield County contains the Piceance Basin which has some of the highest oil and gas activity in the state.

So how can states like North Dakota have such a spike in crime that comes with the fracking and yet Garfield County, CO has nothing? Reminds me of… “Curiouser and curiouser!”  Alice was so surprised by the strange circumstances she found herself in that she (and Carroll) made up a word, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The expression is still used to mean that something is getting increasingly confounding

Just another “interesting” fact – sometimes you just have to keep these facts in the back of your mind until sometime later on when some more pieces of the puzzle come into focus.  I am sure there are people somewhere that benefit from counties looking safer than they really are…

From Police Magazine “When purposely committed, the impetus for such statistical “errors” may be a strategic feint, an attempt to create an illusion of vulnerability, or strength, depending on one’s agenda. Within law enforcement agencies, that feint can be the illusion of success, particularly in metropolitan areas where a desire to attract the dollars of citizens, visitors, tourists, and businesses trumps concerns over the welfare of that patronage.”



When A Suspect Lies…

This was the supplemental report that went along with the recording shown on the Crime Watch Daily 4-part series

This interview was done on March 25, 2012 – over 3 months after Morgan’s murder.  They were still investigating the “stalking” at that time, not her suspicious death, because the pathologist listed her Manner of Death as Natural Causes, so there was NO investigation by the sheriffs.

Keenan Vanginkel was still the SUSPECT because he was involved in Morgan’s stalking – he had NEVER been cleared, and yet he still insists to this day, that he was CLEARED as a suspect in the stalking, right in the beginning of the investigation, before the murder…obviously that is another lie.  Morgan had identified him numerous times to the sheriffs and he is in the police reports as the “SUSPECT.”

When the Garfield County Sheriffs closed the stalking case in May of 2012 we were told if a suspect lies to them there is nothing they can do…seriously, we were told that by Detective Glassmire!  Can you imagine what the crime statistics in this country would look like if every law enforcement officer/detective believed that?  If that were the case there would be no need for jails, as most criminals do not admit to their crimes – it is the duty of law enforcement to investigate and prove that the suspect did the crime, not drop the case because the suspect won’t admit their guilt.  In this case we had more than enough evidence for the sheriffs to build a solid case, but the detective said they were told to close the case by their superior…I wonder who the “superior” was he was referring to and what was the reason that “superior” needed to have this case closed.  That same detective pounded on his chest and said, “It doesn’t matter what Detective Alstatt and I believe in here – we have to do what we are told.”

If you haven’t already – please click on the blog link below, “Do parents cover for their children – even when they murder?  Keenan, as well as both his parents, and stepfather, and others have gone on to LIE about where he was the night of December 2, 2011…why?  His story keeps changing. At first he told others that he was out of state – but now we have his work hours from the police report, so we know that was a lie.  Then he has said he was at work when she died – another lie.  Morgan’s body shows she was murdered BEFORE he got to work at 2:00 am in the morning on the 2nd.  He says he has proof he worked that night because the City Market cameras show he was at work…another twist on the truth.  I am sure the cameras show him at work after 2:00 am, but not before…so again, there goes his alibi.  Ask yourself – why would an innocent person have to change their story over and over again, and have others lie for him as well?


Do parents cover for their children – even when they murder?

And now, I’d like to tell you the FACTS about how Brooke’s parents tried to cover for their daughter, who was also involved in Morgan’s stalking, and I believe she had a part in Morgan’s murder as well.  There are a lot of FACTS that go along with this, so I will make it a separate blog…stay tuned, I will try to get that blog out as soon as possible.

Chicago Cop’s Death Was A Staged Crime Scene…

FBI report: Chicago cop’s shooting death staged to appear as a suicide

The five-page report contradicts Cook County officials’ ruling that Sgt. Donald Markham had shot himself in September 2015.

Jan 12, 2018

A homicide, or “death at the hands of another,” is exactly what the evidence appears to point to, not only in the case about the Chicago cop, but also in the death of our daughter, Morgan Ingram.  The lividity on her body was “fixed” (showing she had died in a completely different position then we found her in) and it is consistent with her body having been moved after death (postmortem), and “posed” in a completely different position than the position she died in.  Only up to the first six hours of death can lividity be altered by moving the body. After the six hour mark lividity is fixed as blood vessels begin to break down within the body. Rigor mortis and lividity are some of the key factors that are used when Estimating the Time of Death. It wasn’t that we put her on the floor, as per the 911 operator, in order to perform CPR – that is the most ludicrous assumption some uninformed people over the Internet have made.  It was a staged crime scene plain and simple and just this one FACT should have been all the sheriffs needed to investigate, but they didn’t – why?

Her hands were frozen in rigor with her last message to the world –  announcing who her murderer was – what more did the sheriffs want?  Did they want her attacker’s name written in blood?