November 22, 2011 – Day 113 of Morgan’s Stalking…

It was so wonderful today to wake up and know it had been quiet last night.

Today is Tuesday and Morgan leaves for 24 hours with her friend, and their family to go to Denver.  Steve and I talked about flocking windows – I thought his idea was a little crazy, but since the stores now have Christmas decorations and things on display, Steve sees the cans of white window flocking, and comes up with this idea.  He tells me if he flocks Morgan’s window on the outside, then when something hits the windows it will leave not only a mark, but if we check the mark we will be able to see where the object is coming from, and what direction it is bouncing off the window from.  I don’t know why, but I thought it was a desperate and crazy idea when he mentioned it.  He really believes it will work and tells me that he is going to buy some cans of window flocking on his way home tonight.

Our next door neighbor (they were 2nd homeowners, and usually never there) called to ask Steve if he could let some people into their house.  I guess they had friends that were just passing through and wanted to stay there overnight.  Steve had the key to their house in case they needed him to check on anything for them.  Since we had all gotten a good nights sleep last night I was able to get a lot of work done today.  I had Thursday (Thanksgiving) through Sunday off from work so I wanted to get caught up on my work and today, and tomorrow were the last days to do just that.

Tonight was quiet also, and Steve and I were able to sleep well… the fact that Morgan was out of town helped so much, It was like a weight being lifted from my shoulders feeling Morgan was safe and not being terrorized.

Steve felt the difference too, he was finding more and more positives in the idea of just moving.  And he felt it would be good for me as well.  We were going to talk to Morgan about it when she came home tomorrow from her little trip.

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16 thoughts on “November 22, 2011 – Day 113 of Morgan’s Stalking…

  1. My heart is heavy knowing that you were considering a move and didn’t have time to follow through. An incredibly difficult decision and yet in retrospect it would have been so much easier than what you are dealing with. I’m so sorry for your loss. Stay strong.


    • You are right – it’s another thing I regret, but if the stalker had followed us it would have been horrible too so I just don’t know what would have happened.

    • We never knew it was going to be predictable, or for that matter, in our hearts we wanted it to end…no more stalking, so I guess what I am saying is to us we never wanted it to be predictable.

  2. Toni, I know I’m jumping the gun a little here and please don’t answer if the questions will come out later. Did you ever talk to Morgan about moving? If so, I’m sure she would have told a friend or two. Who did she tell? Could this be a reason for her Killer to act when they did, speed it up because if they thought you guys were moving but didn’t know when he might have moved faster then he wanted to.

    You know how you tell one thing to someone and how that story changes from person to person? Perhaps it went from “We might be moving” to “We are moving Soon” and the later is what the killer believed.

    • I honestly have no idea if she told anyone about the possible move, but she could have, and the thought of that having anything to do with it is pretty frightening.

  3. I found this blog around 13 hours ago and have now read the story so far. That’s what it reads like, a story. And at 3am I was lying there hoping desperately that this story would have a happy ending, despite knowing that it doesn’t. That this is reality, the life of people who seem lovely and a credit to the world … I have so much sorrow for you. I hope you find justice. I hope Morgan’s sad story will continue to help other victims of stalking. I hope you find peace.

  4. Still devoted to Morgan’s Blog….
    Know that there are many of us who are hanging on to every word you type and every emotion that flows through. Justice will be served

    • Thanks for the support – and you know the closer this gets to the end the more resistance we are getting, but we expected it, so with all the support we get from everyone the stronger we are…take care!

      • I can’t stop thinking about and worrying about your family. Please stay healthy for this fight. I can;t believe that you are still experiencing so much negative energy. . My theory is if the others weren’t involved what are they so worried about. I don’t spit my words out eloquently but I just want you to know that this mother is just in awe of you and Steve and how you have shared you lives with us. Now that you are approaching December, whats next. What can we do to help in your fight?

        With Love and Light

        • D – thank you for sharing your love and light. How we are moving forward into December will probably get finalized this week. There is a lot going on again that I can’t discuss, but it is all very positive – so smile and keep those positive thoughts coming and I will let you know soon.

  5. Toni, you continue to amaze me. Morgan was and continues to be a source of energy, light…and life. Such irony, I guess. You and Steve are keeping her spirit alive, and she fills your heart. Just like it should be!
    I read daily, but haven’t commented in some time…it’s hard to keep myself from being angry at the people who choose to doubt you and your intentions. I continue to pray for you and yours, and hope that with your petition, and OUR votes we can help make some change!
    Sending your positive thoughts, love and hope!

  6. I watched the Dr Phil show and this was the first time I have heard about your story. I felt disappointed in the way the show was presented so I look up your blog and started reading it yesterday and finished today. It is a very compelling story and I hope you find justice for your daughter.

  7. I too, just saw the Dr. Phil repeat of your show. I too, am VERY disappointed in its handling. I wish the part about what ? had said on her FB page the night before & the night after the murder, had been brought up much earlier in the show. And ?’s defensive response (usually an indicator of guilt) was so guilty sounding – to deflect the stalking charge to you. Crazy. I pray you have resolution on this case, you deserve the case to be reopened and analyzed more thoroughly. I only wish you had what you really want and deserve, your daughter back.

  8. I think the window flocking idea was genius…..I hope it helped out…now onto read more…

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