Familial DNA helped solve a gruesome cold case…just like in the recent Golden State killer/night stalker case

We have all seen crime shows on TV – the ones that use DNA to solve some of the most difficult murder cases.  It’s pretty amazing.  Investigators that use their gut instincts and won’t give up, using great investigative skills, in combination with DNA, this all adds up to be an amazing combination.  The following link shows what it took to solve a case from 2002. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/01/23/the-daring-dna-hunt-that-cracked-france-s-gruesome-cold-case.html?via=desktop&source=twitter

I love reading stories like this – stories that show families that never gave up.  Stories that give us hope that justice will someday happen.  I would like to praise the investigators that stuck with this case.

I hope familial DNA will start being used in many unsolved cases – cases where the murderer does not have their DNA in CODIS. It could be a HUGE breakthrough in solving so many cases, and could help to stop serial murderers as well.

In a more recent case,

Another big step forward in solving murders In this country would be the implementation of a national database of cold cases.  It’s hard to believe, but it’s true – we have no national database of cold cases in this country.  There is no way to link crimes in different states to the same MO/murderer.  if the killer is arrested for another crime in a state like Colorado, where all felons must be tested for DNA, a match will be made, but very few states have this requirement.  For example .if DNA was found in a murder investigation in one state, unless the murderer’s DNA is in CODIS .  If they have never been arrested their DNA would not be in CODIS. And her is the problem…law enforcement is not required to report murder cases – so to think that a skilled and persistent detective could solve a murder if the murderer kept moving around while still

We need to get in front of more crimes happening to innocent victims and familial DNA and implementing a national database of murders (that law enforcement is required to report murders to) would be a huge step forward.

A match was made from the DNA profile from the Bennett and Smith cases. It has been determined that it was the same murderer.

The Bennett family murders in Colorado (no sign of forced entry)


Jan. 10, 1984, six days earlier then the Bennett murders, Patricia Louise Smith was raped and murdered (no sign of forced entry) 

Serial killer bludgeons Lakewood woman with hammer


Roy and Patricia Bowden murders (no signs of forced entry)

Couple gunned down in own home

Authorities also said there’s no signs of forcible entry at the home – this is the same reason the Garfield County Sheriffs used to say that Morgan’s stalker(s) could not have been in our house…what a bunch of BS – there are so many murders, rapes & kidnappings that have no visible signs of forced entry, does that mean a crime didn’t happen?  Nope – it does not!  In Morgan’s case her stalker(s) tried multiple times to punch in our front door code to gain access to our house.  Our house was empty between 6 pm – 8 pm the night Morgan was murdered.  Our dogs were locked up in the laundry room and I believe her stalker(s) came into our house and hid in Morgan’s closet until everyone went to sleep…then he attacked her, while she was asleep.  The act of a total COWARD!!!





Breaking News! Why do people assume the wrong thing, and run with it?


Today I just need to get this out. I don’t know what the heck is going on in this valley, but it’s just not right! There seems to be a handful of people who always come up with the wrong conclusion to something they know nothing about or someone that don’t even know, and then spread it around as if it were the gospel truth. What is up with this? I have lived in this valley since the 70’s and I have never seen this happen as much as it is now.

Example: Jeff Walker an Aspenite has been missing for 20 days as of yesterday. I did not know him, but from everything I have heard about him he was very much-loved, just like Morgan. He skied Aspen Highlands almost on a daily basis. He went on the Exhibition chairlift at 12:04 p.m. on Thursday, March 7. By Saturday his friends were really concerned, as they had not seen him since Thursday, so they contacted the authorities. That Sunday, and Monday dozens of personnel, dogs and even a helicopter were unsuccessful in their search for Jeff. The authorities decided to stop looking for a while and Jeff’s friends and family were not about to give up. They kept looking and then his family contacted Jennifer Shaffer – remember Jennifer? She is the Psychic Medium Investigator that has not only helped police, fireman, and therapists just to name a few, but has also been involved with Morgan’s case. She has always been 100% right on everything she sees, and she helps solve crimes, and helps in the location of missing loved ones.

Yesterday Jennifer was on the phone for hours in the afternoon with the search party looking for Jeff’s body. She had told his family he was dead and buried under 3 feet of snow, and that our Tuesday’s melt off helped part of his body to become exposed, and she was guiding them to where he was. She said his body would be found yesterday and it was. A snowboarder – not part of the search party, found the body and reported it yesterday afternoon. Jeff’s body was found in the same back bowl area that Jennifer had the search team looking as well…it was very steep with deep snow so Mountain Rescue could not get his body out until today.

The point I am trying to make with this blog is that there was a rumor circulating Aspen while Jeff was missing – it said that Jeff had just run off…this is the craziest accusation that anyone could make in this situation, but that’s what the rumor mill was stating. This really infuriates me because of how this affects his family and friends. I feel like if you really don’t know about a situation, don’t make up lies – because that’s what they are – lies! No benefit to them, just hurt for people who are already hurt as much as they can be. Just like some people have done with Morgan’s case.

Jennifer very gently told Jeff’s family that he was dead, and that his body would be found yesterday, and it was – people want to know the TRUTH not LIES. There are a few more bodies around this valley that have not been found yet, and yes there are plenty of lies spread about those missing people too – like they just ran off, but they didn’t, and it should not have to be that until their bodies are found they are fair game for rumors. And then what happens to all these people spreading the lies when the TRUTH appears? Probably nothing, but the damage the lies do in the meantime is immeasurable.

So I guess I am at the end of my rant now.

I hope the best for Jeff’s family and friends because I know this is hard, very hard. I hope the community comes together to give them the support they will need. And I hope that people in this valley that heard the lies can turn around to the person that was spreading the lies and tell them they don’t appreciate lies being spread. Truth and only the truth should be spoken, and if you don’t know the facts keep quiet or do the research, ask questions, don’t try to act like you know someone when you don’t, and don’t act like you have some inside information – which you don’t. This world is hard enough on all of us who have lost a loved one, and we don’t need naysayers with nothing better to do that to bump us off course.

Oh what a tangled web they weave…are stalkers/murderers getting help?


The Dr. Phil episode of Morgan’s Stalking aired this week in Australia.  No Forensic Psychologists wrote in to us this time, so those who did share their thoughts can’t testify in court about their opinion, but they can certainly have one. And once again everyone thought that B.H. either was – not being truthful, had something to hide, was involved, or some combination of all three.

Steve was always amazed that we went on the show and really presented no evidence at all.  Yet the overwhelming conclusion of viewers not related to K. J. VanG. Who wrote into the blog or submitted a tip over the tip line was that – that girl on the show, B.H. was guilty of something, it was obvious to all.

A real trial with witnesses and evidence is of course a bit more complex, but I’d have to say I too was surprised that just the demeanor of B.H. on stage was enough for most everyone to make their decision.  I wonder what will happen when they watch her being cross-examined before a judge and then they have to decide.  Steve and I have to think actual confrontation on the false statements will tip the scales quite a bit more for Morgan.

This very possibility of “looking bad”I would think drove the decision of K. J. VanG.’s lawyer to not let him appear on the show.  Wasn’t that great by the way?  The 20 second clip of their statement that they regretted not being on the show.  Well wait, wouldn’t the truth for not being on the show be that you feared the potential criminal exposure of your client(s).  Wouldn’t that be the truth?  And if you haven’t done anything wrong, why do you fear potential criminal exposure, still have not figured that part out.  Really, how does that happen?

Back in the states the favorite statement B.H. made was “where’s the proof”, wow did that set everyone off.  She was completely slammed in making, repeatedly, I guess, what was a clear indicator of guilt.  I guess if you had thought you committed a crime and it was a perfect crime, no proof, no chance of ever being caught, a statement like that would make sense.

But then maybe there is no such thing as the perfect crime.  I don’t think the detectives were fooled, they were told to stand down by superiors and they obeyed.  Victims we were long before Morgan’s death, but after she was killed the word victim took on a horrible new meaning.  Our Sheriff Lou Vallario conceded that we were the real victims, and I really hope he meant Morgan too, because she was the biggest victim of us all. Horrific stalking, a horrible death, life snatched from her at age 20, and then to be labeled a suicide, when everything she believed in, and everything she stood for was quite the opposite of someone who would commit suicide. Evidently an entire story is all right there in the lab results.  There just has not been anyone in Garfield County willing or able to read it yet.

Meanwhile, I calmly as I can wait and agree with a group of doctors from many related specialties who say my daughter’s death was anything but natural causes, and certainly not a suicide.  They say it and I just could not agree more. The most revealing thing about this, and I say it with all the sarcasm I can muster, is that the doctors who have these opinions actually have reasons, they explain why in detail as to what they based their opinion on.  And then they are in agreement with one another’s opinions – all agree that is, except for Dr. Kurtzman, some have tried to talk with him about his opinions, he just won’t answer, and now if you are not a forensic pathologist he won’t talk to you at all, because, well lets just leave it at that.  It’s really quite sad, the corner he paints his profession into.  Aren’t forensic pathologists supposed to figure out the cause of death, and then if it is suspicious at all then put the manner down as undetermined until it can be investigated?

Things are not as complex as he is making them, they seem very simple taken one at a time, once they are really explained, for instance the amount of Amitriptyline in Morgan’s blood was a huge, overkill, lethal amount, but the Amitriptyline in her gastric fluid is not even enough to be lethal, and in Dr Kurtzman’s opinion, when he changed her manner of death to suicide he stated that the Amitriptyline in her gastric fluid was the lethal amount that killed her – this is not what killed Morgan.

Dr. Kurtzman (8 + months after Morgan was murdered) changed her manner of death from natural causes to suicide based on a new test with Morgan’s gastric fluid.  He stated the Amitriptyline in her blood was insignificant on the first PER, but then changed her to suicide after the gastric fluid was tested, but get this, the Amitriptyline that was in her gastric fluid wasn’t enough to kill her.  Morgan supposedly killed herself by intentionally taking 18 – 25mg. pills. First, we now know you can never tell how many pills someone took.  Nobody can calculate that number.  So why do we have a guess as to how many pills she took?  What was the reason?  Then is gets better, 18 – 25mg pills is 450 mg., simple math 18 X 25 = 450.  And it is not a lethal dose, yes you read that right, 450 mg. is not a lethal dose.  Once again I welcome you to find a qualified expert who will testify that 450 mg. of Amitriptyline is a lethal dose.  You’ll have better luck trying to find a qualified expert that believes, and will testify that you can’t take 18 pills and not regurgitate at least part of them back up.  Yes, that is just another issue in Morgan’s death.  So he says she took 18 pills when no one can say how many pills anyone took, did not regurgitate any of them back up, as is most common with Amitriptyline, and she had the full 450 mg., which is not a lethal dose, and that is how she supposedly committed suicide, according to Dr Kurtzman.

Ever hear of the body of evidence?  Morgan’s body was cremated, but guess what?  They have all the samples that were taken at autopsy and tested, and we have the results of those tests.  Doesn’t matter if the test results were read incorrectly at the time – there are experts that can and have made sense out of them, and they are part of Morgan’s body and they are evidence, and they do tell a story…a story of murder.

Colorado is working on helping victims…

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