As our family welcomes this new year, our intentions are focused on getting justice for our youngest daughter, Morgan. December 2021 will be the 10th anniversary of her horrific murder…it is so very unimaginable to even try to wrap my mind around that date in 2021.

We believe the things we have been waiting for to happen, in Morgan’s case, will happen in 2021 – so as we enter the new year, we believe, with all our hearts, that Morgan, and our family, will find justice.

There are many wonderful warriors in this world, those who are not willing to stand by and ignore injustice in this world – these warriors are not always out in the limelight, but work hard, behind the scenes, to right many wrongs…these are our heroes and our family thanks them for all their help!


Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing. Believe in yourself. And believe that there is a loving Source – a Sower of Dreams – just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.” Sarah Ban Breathnach


We Are All Fighting For A Better Tomorrow…These Are Life-Changing Times

I am so moved by all the peaceful protestors in 2020 who were out and about, using their voices, in the fight for  better tomorrow. I believe we must all work together to bring about meaningful changes in this world.

At the same time, I am furious about all the self-righteous “buccaneers” were  looting, burning, and using violence for their own “personal” agendas and pocketbooks. A better tomorrow is never achieved through violence. When violence is used innocent people are hurt in the process, it is just blatantly wrong! So many people were already suffering because of the pandemic and these “criminals” helped destroy whatever they had left.

We are all heartbroken from all the pain around us, and there is a lot of it, in many different walks of life. We have a responsibility to enforce the core values that everyone should be treated equally, and I mean everyone. We know this has not been the case, and it is time for all of us to stand up and work diligently to make this change happen. This begins with each and every one of us. Instead of having conversations focused on property damage, let’s ask ourselves why we were in this situation in 2020 – being faced with inequality, racism, hatred and injustice.
As human beings, we must be committed to learning from these acts and implementing change throughout our communities. We must commit to continue to advocate the need for change, we should lead the way. Don’t underestimate yourself, as individuals, our voices are very powerful. This power gives us both the responsibility and ability to make a substantial impact on creating lasting social and societal change. We have the power and influence to truly move this world to a better place – using our voice to teach our children, speak with relatives, co-workers, friends, write articles…our influence can be endless – your voice matters.
There is always something to be learned from difficult situations, My whole life I have called them “challenges” instead of problems. If we elevate our awareness from all the chaos we have lived through in 2020, we can see a path to a solution…we need to come up with solutions that work, instead of just demanding change. We must fight for meaningful actions to be taken to correct individual “challenges” not just complain and talk about sweeping changes that won’t help the true situation. We need a lasting impact from what we have seen, felt and experienced.
That is why, in the new year 2021, I ask all of you to please use your voices…they are where your power lies. If you see an injustice, speak up. If you know there is a lie being perpetrated, speak up. If you know someone is being hurt, speak up. Throughout our lives we are given choices, make the choice to do the right thing. I am constantly told that life is not fair, so I should give up my fight for justice…that is never going to happen. Life is unfair, but that doesn’t mean we should stop fighting to make it right. Morgan, just like so many other victims of crime, has not had justice. Morgan’s case was never investigated and it was “swept under the rug.” The fight for justice will continue with every breath I take, and I hope you will all feel the same way, when and if you see injustice in your own life.
May 2021 be a year to turn around this crazy world, and we all start to love one another again. Peace be with all of you.

9 Years Ago Today…

Our dragonfly candle is burning today for Morgan (our little dragonfly baby). It has now been exactly 9 years since I woke up, on that cold Friday morning, December 2, 2011, and found Morgan’s body…there are no words I can ever use to describe what that felt like. The pain was indescribable, and still is.

This morning, Steve said to me, while choking back his tears, “They murdered our baby, then lied about it!” What can I say to him? There is nothing I can do to change what was done to her, or how officials circled the wagons, and lied in order to change the truth, to cover up a murder. It is all so very wrong, but I know life is not always fair and never has been.

So, in all these past 9 years, Steve and I have pushed forward, trying everything we could think of to have Morgan’s case investigated (her murder was NEVER investigated). We are not giving up – we are gearing up for another big push. Every year we receive more and more information and evidence, as to what happened to her, and who was involved in her murder, and the subsequent cover-up of that murder.

Today & tonight, our family will grieve over the loss of our special and much loved Morgan. I know she will be wrapping her arms around us while we cry – I only wish we could see her again, hug her again, and kiss her once more.

My heart is breaking, but I still believe in “Lady Justice” and will continue to fight, till my dying breath, to see justice served for Morgan. I am determined to see the scales of justice balanced, for Morgan, as well as all victims of stalking and murder. This determination is the biggest reason I have not curled up into a ball of grief, sadness, and suffering. Determination, against all odds, keeps me focused, and hopeful. Never give up on hope, with hope, anything is possible.

Call me a dreamer, but I still believe in miracles, truth, honesty, fairness and love, and most of all I truly believe, if you never give up the fight for justice, you can move mountains. So, wish us luck, in the next 12 months we intend to move mountains…