November 17, 2011 – Day 108 of Morgan’s Stalking – What really happened out there?

 Morgan has rocks against her windows again.  It is early in the morning, she is not sure when, but does not want to wake up.  She wants to sleep.  Last night she thinks she drank something bad, and she felt funny at first.  Tired and very uncertain, both at the same time.  She did not like it at all and could not wait to leave where she was.  She found help leaving and getting to somewhere that she felt safe.  She had memories, but did not share them at first.  She found solace in a couch and a friend to watch over her while she recovered. Read again on the previous post – the suspect, Keenan did not work that evening.

Not knowing what had happened or who did it, she was very optimistic to be guessing at recovery times.  Morgan was so used to bouncing back from anything that she thought this would be no different.  She called last night to tell me what had happened and that she was going to be fine.  She just wanted to sleep it off and then come home.  She promised to call if anything changed.  I trusted the person that was with her very much.  I knew he would keep a close eye on Morgan and call me in an instant if anything did really seem amiss.  For the moment she was just out of it.

A little while later I had a change of heart and had her friend bring her home so I could watch over her too.  To think that her stalker or his accomplices could have slipped something into her water was not out of the realm of possibility, and I decided not to take a chance.  Morgan always had her own water bottle with her, but didn’t always watch it when she was with those she thought were friends.

In the morning Morgan did not look well. She was aware enough to know that 2 or 3 rocks had hit her windows in the early am – Morgan didn’t know the exact time because she didn’t want to wake us up – she said we would call the sheriff’s and then she would be up all night again.

I didn’t tell her that her father and I had had essentially the same talk a couple of nights before.  I told her it was important that we report every incident and that some day it will be very important.

Morgan looked at me and said, simply, “Important to who?”  We had reported so much to the sheriffs over the past months and they never changed their protocol – they were never going to change and in turn they would never catch her stalker.

I told her in the afternoon when our time slots were with Monica to get our haircuts and I asked her is she wanted to go first or after me?  She wanted to be there the whole time, because she thought I needed fashion help, and so we went together.  Studio 2 in Carbondale is quiet and relaxing.  Monica talked with us, and then when Morgan stepped into the side room for some tea  – Monica came almost running and bent over to whisper to me – Morgan looks like the life is getting sucked out of her by this f*****!

Monica knew about Morgan’s stalker and was a better judge than I, as she saw Morgan far less frequently than I.  I didn’t know how to answer and I looked at Morgan in a new light when she returned.  Se did look undisputedly like all of the pressure was wearing on her.  She certainly was not herself.  I took a picture as we left and she was so happy, so glad that we had spent the afternoon together.  She was talking  about becoming a yoga instructor to supplement her income while going to college (her classes were to start in January).   She explained how she was going to make Steve and I go to her classes.  How good it was going to be for us…

Today is October 31, 2012 – Halloween is in full swing.  Someone passes out candy and we sit in front of an inviting fire.  Friends we haven’t seen in so many months are stopping by to say hi.  I will easily admit that I tear up when I look at the picture I took of Morgan on our beauty salon day.  It was too much for her.  Being stalked is too much for anyone.  She was such a brave girl, and Steve always say now that it is not fair she had to be such a brave girl.  And he is right!  It is not fair that those who had jobs did not do them, not at all.  A stalker came to our house at night at least five times a week. The sheriffs knew who it was – knew where he worked, but could not manage to follow him or stake out a time and a place in order to have fast intervention.  They knew the stalking was escalating – what did they think the outcome would be?   Much easier now to say he never existed.  I already did a blog on that once before, don’t think I should have to again.

There is a thought that has been with me today – caught in the act.  Our stalker was never really caught in the act.  Never positively caught in the act by the sheriff’s deputies.  Does that mean my daughter Morgan or Steve & I never had a stalker?  Hardly.  Let’s talk serial killers for a moment.

The Green River Killer had 39 to 78 murders to his credit.  Served in the armed forces, was married once.  As a young child, Ridgway was tested with an I.Q. of 82.  Ever caught in the act?  No, it was DNA that caught him.

Our local murderer, Ted Bundy, did 30 murders in four years.  Ever caught in the act?  No, it was evidence found in his car that finally convicted him.

Richard Ramiriez, the night stalker, I was in LA at that time and people were really scared.  “A living nightmare, a boogey man who invaded bedrooms and tore innocent people from their dreams.”  Cases too numerous to count.  But was he ever caught in the act?  No, it was a description of his car as he fled the scene that aided in his capture.

I could go on all night with this.  Rarely are they caught in the act.  Yet Morgan, described his car with him in it – but the car was never stopped.  A neighbor described evidence in his car – but it was never searched for that evidence.  Was his DNA found in her room – no, maybe because they never looked.  Of course under the crime scene lights they saw “suspicious spots on Morgan’s chest – never seen or checked by the pathologist.  The first responders saw defensive wounds on her right hand, top and bottom – never seen or checked by the pathologist.  And all the while Steve & I thought they were doing their job – we trusted them.

A professional nail artist pointed out massive damage to her nails, never seen or checked by the pathologist.  DNA collected from Morgan’s body recovered from a room where it was obvious to all except the Garfield County sheriffs that a struggle had taken place – No, ZERO.

Secondary testing to verify the very lethal DATE RAPE COCKTAIL found in her stomach – Nope, ZERO.  Collection of “granular substance” identified in her stomach after ten months and credited with the verification of the finding of suicide – No, ZERO.  Testing of the mystery substance – No, ZERO.

Budget for the contracted forensic pathologist to do a first class job – over a half million a year.

I think they were not looking for evidence, and I would like to know why.

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42 thoughts on “November 17, 2011 – Day 108 of Morgan’s Stalking – What really happened out there?

  1. You guys are going through hell. The longer I read this blog, and the life that Morgan had to live on a daily basis, and that you had to watch your daughter go through, just boggles the mind. it makes me wonder who K was to any of them. Makes me wonder if he is related to someone in that department. I have so many speculations as to who did this and who else was involved. As far as I have read, it seems like there are 3 people who need to be brought to justice for her death. And none of them live in your household.

    I was stalked. Not just once either. It is the worst feeling in the world. It wears on you and drains the life out of you. Luckily, I moved one day and it just stopped. I was lucky. I wish it had been that way for Morgan. She was such a beautiful girl.

    I have signed your petition and I wish for this case to be reopened. Justice needs to be found for Morgan. Her life was made way too short.

    You are in my prayers all the time. I pray for justice for Morgan.

    • Thank you Sherri – I know you know what it’s like and I just pray somehow all of us with our stories can make a difference for others so this doesn’t continue to happen to others.

  2. My gut just wrenches….as I know yours & Steve’s does as well. Tonight I can’t help but think of Morgan. I was in Colorado last week an it snowed. As it did, I thought of her then as well. And I thought, “how funny that new fallen snow makes me think of a girl I never knew”.

    I feel so sad for your loss and for all that Morgan lost before her passing. But I also feel such hope…I do not know WHEN justice will come. But I do know that it WILL come…just as sure as the snow. My faith and support is with you always!

  3. How in the world is there not ONE person in your local law enforcement or government that is willing to take another look at Morgan’s case? It is so obvious to the rest of the world!!! They are so hiding behind their mistakes, not owning up to their failures… it is dispicable! Shame on your Sheriff, shame on the so-called coroner, and shame on your Govenor for not getting involved.

    • People always say… “Why complain??? No one would listen anyway.” My response is always… if you do it loudly and correctly they will 😉 Keep it up. A Blow to the Determined Ignorance of the Powers that be is a victory for all the people they are paid to serve.

      • Don’t worry Stephen we will keep the story out there, we will be louder than ever before and we will do everything in our power to break through the ignorance of power and make changes. Thanks for your support.

  4. Signed your petition, I do so hope and pray that voices from Australia will count towards your goal. Love and Light to you and your family Toni. You are a brave and wonderful Mom!

  5. Toni, as I read the posts, I really liked Heathers comment of things that remind her of a girl she never knew, I find a few of my friends that are also following your blog and I discussing it as if it were one of our kids, you have such a wonderful way of expressing your love of your family it makes me feel as if I am living it right there with you. Your heartbreak is unimaginable, I also think your words and spirit are helping so many other people who may be in a similar situation, I only hope that their LE will do a better job. I pray for resolution and peace for you and Steve. Being a “small” area I really do wonder who was related to who as far as suspects and LE, with all of the complete fails it can’t all be accidental on the sheriffs behalf, I really believe that the stalker was hiding, and watching from the roof even during the sheriffs visits I am not going to call it investigation because I don’t think they did much of that, they are supposed to be trained professionals and don’t seem to know a damn thing about how to out smart some little stoners terrorizing your family. Did they ever consider having an officer spend the night in your home, or using the veil of darkness to their advantage in a stake out? As you have pointed out it sounds as if there were empty homes that they could have used as a vantage point of observation. Maybe I am like so many of the other arm chair dedectives out there just wishing we could go back in time and change the outcome and catch these creeps, there have so many things brought up in posts of ideas and theories I think we could of caught them. Peace and love.

    • They did talk about having an officer drive her car home and sleep in her room once but it never happened and here I won’t say it was there fault or ours all I will say is it was discussed but for some reason it never seemed to work out. Just like they spoke of bring the dog out to follow the trail and that never happened, but in that case we said bring them anytime and they still never showed with the dog. Mistakes that others can use hopefully in the future to actually catch someone in the act.

    • I would have to agree, I keep thinking that the stalker was up on the roof many times, whenever ya’ll would run outside, or LE was called. That is so upsetting to think about now, that he was probably right there, loving every minute of it, it’s so sickening! ! I cannot believe that they never brought dogs out either, that is ridiculous!
      I am so so sorry Toni. sending lots of love! xx

      • Thank you Julie – I can’t believe we didn’t realize it ourselves into it was too late, but out of the bad sometimes comes the good and a law enforcement officer in another country contacted me and said she is now having all her officers always check the roof and because of just that one thing I think someone will be saved.

  6. The other night I woke up from a nightmare, that someone was looking into our room from our window, a stalker. I woke up terrified with my heart racing. Then I realized it was just a dream, thank God. And then I immediately thought of you and Morgan and the fact that what terrified me for a second, was to you a constant and repetitive reality. It broke my heart. I really really hope this person or group of people get brought to justice and get the punishment they deserve.

    • That happened to me also 5 nights ago, I had for the first time in my life sleep paralysis. The terror I felt was off the chart and all I could think of was “This must be how the Ingram’s all felt” Mine was a talk dark hair guy walking in my room, putting his hand over my mouth” that is when I woke up. Still felt real, couldn’t talk, tried to call out to my husband, nothing, couldn’t move a muscle. This lasted 10 minutes. I so now have a small taste of what the Ingram’s went through. *shivers*

      • Was it a nightmare or were you having a vision? What an awful feeling…and for us at the end of the four months we were so exhausted but I have now spoken with so many stalking victims that have been through it for so many years I can’t believe and what a toll it has taken on them…it’s just not fair and just not right. Thanks for your support TG

  7. C – thank for relating…it’s really hard to even come close to all the emotions you have when you know someone is watching you and your child is or might be in danger.

    • I get upset when I even PERCEIVE that someone could be watching my little ones…! I cannot imagine what it would be like to KNOW that someone is watching your daughter with malicious thoughts of her in mind… The Ingrams are in my thoughts & prayers everyday… We almost put our children in a school that a little girl was stalked, abducted & murdered from… because we talked about it being a safer neighborhood. Luckily *(I think…), our kids are attending their home schools this year… I know our family lives hours from Toni’s old neighborhood, but it just goes to show that this kind of activity is prevalent is various cities across many counties… There definitely needs to be a more effective required standard operating procedure… I personally want a new rule that requires deputies to check their batteries BEFORE they leave the office in EVERY tool they carry to do their job for the day… To me, it is common sense. I think most people would, too… So, that really makes their dead batteries seem lees than accidental to me. A great way to not have to pin crimes on anybody you know’s kid… I’ll be SO glad to hear it when the responsible parties are brought to justice. love & light!

      • Thank Lisa Marie – our children are our most precious resource in this world, and we need to make changes to insure their safety, and law enforcement needs to share information with the public when things like this are happening, for the publics safety and to have access to more eyes and ears helping to solve things before they escalate and someone is hurt or killed.

        One mother in our area said after reading the blog she was at her 10 year olds baseball game and there was a strange man watching the kids all by himself off in the distance. Normally she would not have thought something was off, but now she asked all the parents if they knew who he was and they said no, so she sent her husband over to question the man to see what he was doing – the man took off – that is what I call watching out for others and protecting our children. If everyone did that I believe this world would be a safer place – if that person had a legitimate reason for being there I don’t believe he would be insulted when asked.

        • Myself & my Mommy-friends all make sure we know who is around our children & their classmates or even just the kids playing with them at a park or something… We all try to be the adults who will talk to other adults at parks. I have a dog that is a great conversation starter… When I walk her I always end up talking with different neighbors & I always ask about what kinds of people they have seen in the area. Some one has to keep an eye on things, or the creeps who think no one is watching will keep trying to get away with their criminal behavior…

  8. Toni,
    I started reading your blog a little over a month ago. I started at the beginning and stayed up all night until I caught up and I check in everyday to keep up. My heart goes out to you, Steve and your family. I am so sorry that you have to relieve this everyday just to get your message out in order to try and get help with reopening Morgan’s case. LE should want to do everything within their power to take people like those in question off the streets, instead of pretending it never happened. And I say “people” because I do believe that “he” had help from friends. I also believe the reason why ?’s mom was always giving information to E’s wife is because she knew her daughter was involved and was trying to take the focus off of ? and K. Which totally blows my mind. I have two sons, 15 and 11. My husband and I are raising our boys to be kind, respectful, southern gentlemen. We know that we can not control what our kids do when the become adults no matter how we raise them. But our boys also know that if they ever break the law and mom and dad find out about it we will be the first to turn them in. That may sound harsh to some people, I’m sorry, that is the way we were both raised. Of course, we would try to talk to them and get them to turn themselves in, but if not….. I think that is what is wrong with young people today and why they are so bold in doing what they do. They know thay can get away with it. Someone is going to be there to protect them, get them out of it, cover it up, etc…I love my boys more than anything and would do anything for them. Anything but enabling them in negative ways. Anyway, sorry for rambling. I wanted you to know that you have support down here in La. and that I signed the petition today.

    Sending Peace & Love Your Way,

    • You are the kind of parent that I would wish all parents would be like, because kids don’t grow up to be bullies or stalkers, or rapists, or murderers without having someone in their life that should have known something was wrong and should have done something about it instead of always trying to cover and protect them – they need to teach them to be good people.

  9. I just want to send you my best wishes from here in Scotland. I’ve signed your petition and I hope you find the answers you’re looking for. It beggars belief that you should have to fight like this after everything you’ve been through. Much, much love. xxx

    • Thank you so much! You are the first person that has said they are in Scotland…I know this is a world wide problem but I hope where you are law enforcement takes it more seriously.

  10. When Morgan came home and said she was not feeling well, that she thought she had drank something, did she go on to say what she thought it could have been or how she got hold of something that would make her feel so bad?

    With the stalking that was going on, did it make u wonder if something was being put in her water by her friends and that it should be investigated?

    Could it be that the friends that she spent time with slipped her the fatal dose the night before her death, do u know if they were questioned and if there was any hint of this? Perhaps was in her water bottle and she didn’t drink it till she went in her room. Was the water bottle tested?

    Just thinking about all that was going on makes me wonder if the answer lies with her friends, the ones she spent so much time with in the evenings.

    Really just thinking, not accusing them. I hope that u soon can get enough signatures on your petition, when that amount is reached and is sent to the proper authorities, do they have to reopen the investigation?
    Or what is the next step?

    My thoughts and prayers are with you in your quest to find the answers to your beautiful daughter’s death.

    • Betsy – all excellent questions and I promise I will answer them – I will get back to them as soon as I can. Take care.

      • Certainly, take all the time u need, just things I have been thinking about. I read everything that you write and all the replies so when ever u can, I understand. You have such a busy life! Bless you and your family!
        Thanks, Betsy

  11. I had some of those same questions Betsy. Seems like this might have been an attempt in some way. Where was she that someone had access to her drink? How many people were around? etc. It just seems very off. Did she have a drink at a local coffee house where it could have been tampered with? Did she trust someone that she shouldn’t have thinking they were a friend when they were not?

    • Renee I believe Morgan was way to trusting of people, but because of what I now know to be true (even though it was hard for us to perceive at first) it was not slipped to her before she came home – it was after she was already home and asleep in bed when it happened.

      • No I mean this night when she was out with friends. The night your talking about in this post.

  12. The thought that someone could have slipped something into her drink on this night stands out to me, especially considering how she died a few weeks later. Could the same thing have happened the night she died, only they tried a different “cocktail”? Might explain why there were no signs of someone breaking in.

    Again, it’s shocking to me that these kind of questions come up for us in the general public, and yet LE never thought to investigate it. Isn’t that their job?! It’s shocking, disturbing, tragic, and heartbreaking all at once.
    I hope you get some answers, sooner rather than later.

    • Kelly the only reason I do not believe it was slipped to her before she came home was because Steve said good night to her approximately 45 minutes after she came home, and she showed no signs of slurred speech or any problem whatsoever, and we believe she was probably dead within 20 minutes after it all entered her body.

  13. I don’t Believe the fatal dose was from the water bottle ,if it was Morgan would ,right away ,would notice something’s wrong ,and run to get help from Toni and Steve near by. it most likely came from an injection ,and this is where ,Morgan Fought ,and incurred the Broken nails ,etc. That individual was hiding in the closet or behind the bedroom door . i suggest , Getting samples of the rug or carpet on the floor ,traces of DNA and other evidence ,left by shoes,may direct a link to the known suspect. All blessings and support for You ,Never give up.

    • You should be in law enforcement – honestly you come up with very plausible ideas…thank you! No worries, we will never give up. 🙂

  14. Betsy — I’m Betsy, too! And I had the same thought as you did. I would be surprised Toni hasn’t tracked back to discuss this with the kids who were with Morgan that night. It certainly seems like more than a coincidence.

    • Betsy, I am sure that Toni has looked into all of this, just what u, me, and others thinking about what could have happened. I am sure, that u like me, think about Morgan and family every day and wish we could do more to help you Toni.

  15. This one I believe was a dream however I did have a vision a few weeks ago that I question myself about. Wont be the first time or last that I’ve had precog, remote viewing type thing. I have no idea how to control it and I don’t. If it happens it happens. Love you Toni and Steve. My heart just want the best for each and every member of your family. That will never change.

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