November 16, 2011 – Day 107 of Morgan’s Stalking: Why not give It one more try?

At 4:00 am the motion alarm in the rear corner of the house goes off and two minutes later Morgan is startled by a rock on her window.  The puppy is frightened too, and has an accident in her room.

Steve was getting up already, and almost dressed when Morgan texted that she heard tapping on her window.  I ask Steve if I should call dispatch.  At first he says no.  Lately they have been showing up way after we make a call in and then we are up with them for at least an hour, so I really can’t blame him, we are exhausted.

In the beginning they had some good suggestions and good observations, but after the footprints and the few plans they executed there had not been anything in the way of a new idea to catch him.

Steve suddenly changes his mind to yes.  He grabs the thermal scope and goes out the back door.  “Just once let me see where he is going”, Steve says, “And give the Detectives something to chase, that’s what they need.  Never going to catch him on foot, me or them,”  Steve finishes as he walks out the door.

The alarm in the other corner goes off As Steve heads the opposite direction for the first alarm and crosses over the berm.  But ten minutes later Morgan texts again that the noise is now coming nonstop.  I call Steve and he says naturally I go the opposite way to circle in on him and he goes bananas.  He feels like he is just right there watching him.

He wants me to go into Morgan’s room and stay with her.  Steve says he wants him to run for the window, but he is not going to be there.  He wanted me to throw open the drapes when I was in her room.  We need a visual.

I hang up and go in with Morgan and turn off all the lights.  I tell her Steve is standing back over the berm watching her window. And we waited for just a minute and there was a big tap, loud then another.  I jumped at the first one and texted Steve with the second.  There was a pause, he did not see anything. He asked if I was sure.  Yes, I told him sure!!!  There wasn’t another noise for a while and I texted him that.  He said he wasn’t sure whether to come in or wait.

So we waited.  It was cold and quiet and dark outside now.  I cleaned Wylah’s accident on the floor.  There was no more noises and I told Steve to come back in.  He did and put his stuff away.  Then there was a knock on the front door and I had forgotten all about the Deputy coming.  Steve said he would take him on a walk.  That they had to figure something out and Steve went out to show them exactly what had happened this morning.  He walked them down to where he stood and tried to wait him out.  He told them he thought is was not projectiles before, but now he does again because he was watching the window from less than 75 yards and saw nothing as we herd the noises inside the room.

They patrolled the area together and didn’t see anything.  He didn’t talk about it when he came in, but called me later and said we are just going through the motions with the Deputies. He felt like the detectives could question, and trip him up somehow.  That was our best chance.

That evening Morgan went to the Penny Hot springs with some of her friends.  She didn’t stay long, but they had a great relaxing time talking together.  When Morgan went out she was always surrounded by friends as much as possible.

Today it is October 30, 2012 – Almost Halloween in our new neighborhood.  Steve and I have decided it will be too rough to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters by ourselves, so we have alternate plans for tomorrow.  There is so much deeply researched information that has been shared recently.  I want to thank you all again for all of your effort.  And I am not just saying this to be polite.  If we had been able to harness all of the positive thoughts and concerns I am sure there would have been a different outcome.  Not nearly as bleak as what we have ended up with.

I never thought of a “help me with my stalker” blog while it was going on, but it was just what we needed.  If you remember back to the Memorial weekend trip to Steamboat Springs to meet family we all talked about how to stop this guy.  And we ended up with the wildlife camera – which was one of the closer moments we had to catching him.  Wildlife cams have also proven successful for a few others around the country.  But what I really want to say is that the collective thoughts of concerns need to have a larger voice.  There has to be a way to tap into that better than we do now.  I know some law enforcement probably won’t greet it with open arms.  But it certainly can’t be ignored.  It was the trying to ignore similar crimes in our area that led to Morgan’s stalking.  Quite sure of that.  Also, quite sure that until we are more worried about stopping the crime than covering it up it will happen again.  Someone did stalk Morgan, and had part in her killing.  What’s to stop them next time?

Please read above, Keenan thought maybe “Brooke” (her name was again redacted) did it, but that did not make much sense to him…seriously?  She was the other “suspect” in Morgan’s case – this was a gang stalking, there were more than 2 people involved, and they were all part of a “gang” – the Appletree gang in Newcastle.  Haven’t heard me mention this before, because I thought I should leave that part out.  I have had many people email me about that connection, as well as being told directly to my face by people that know their families.  This was not a game – this was serious stalking and danger!  And why do criminals always know how to use the law to their advantage?  And why do they always get away with directing the blame to others?

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21 thoughts on “November 16, 2011 – Day 107 of Morgan’s Stalking: Why not give It one more try?

  1. To be a part of the ‘something bigger’ that Toni references please take a moment to sign the petition to have this case re-opened, The link is on the home page of the blog–and share the link as widely as you can.

    Toni–thank you for sharing Morgan’s story with us, your strength is incredible. ♥

    • Thanks so much for reminding everyone – I think we only need under 200 more signatures to reach 1,500 and then we will be sending it off to the Governor!

  2. At the risk of sounding paranoid, I just saw a commercial for a CBS Denver 4 New segment about how medications such as oxycontin, roxanol, and fentanyl (among others) are going missing from coroners’ offices. Made the hair on my arms stand on end when I thought about how the coroner has acted throughout Morgan’s case.

  3. That just made my hair stand on end too – that is horrible! How does this kind of stuff happen?

  4. Toni…obviously u and Steve might have thought at first that Morgan died from natural causes, but when u were told by competent Dr’s and coroners, that she had high doses of date rape drugs in her system, obviously anyone with half a brain would realize that this was murder. And a well planned one!

    • Definitely planned, but remember what they always say – the truth will come out eventually if you just keep looking in the right places

  5. Is it possible someone (K?) was on the roof of ?..’sdad/K/?’s house? Or the vacant house to the east of ?..’sdad/K/?.. It seems there may have been a direct line of sight between the roof of those houses to the side of your house with Morgan’s window. If he was firing something at the window, this would be the streaks you saw, as well as why Steve saw nothing from the berm since he was already home while it was happening! Were you ever able to find bb’s or things under her window? (I remember once you thought maybe it was ice.) Or is the working hypothesis still that he was on the roof during this time and tapping from above? It also seems quite plausible that at times there could have been someone at your house and someone relaying info from one or the other of the roofs of those houses, or that the attacks were initiated from the roof of those houses.

    I am so sorry for this terrible tragedy. I sincerely hope you find justice for Morgan and the answers you are looking for.

    • looking at the map again, I guess the vacant house was south of ?’s dad/K/?. but I’m sure you get the point 🙂

    • Our roof and probably other roofs (that I am not positive about) did play a huge part in this. I received a wonderful uplifting email the other day from a law officer in Canada that said in their 28 years of doing this they never thought to look on the roof and now they will. That made me feel like another hiding place has been taken away from some more stalkers. Yippee!

  6. When Morgan died we didn’t know what to think – we were in shock. We were way too trusting of things we were being told by the Sheriff and the Forensic Pathologist at the time, even though that little pull of intuition kept telling us something was wrong – then when we finally started asking questions, and started getting answers from amazing and respected doctors, specialists, and a Forensic Pathologist then we knew we were getting taken for a ride – and it was definitely shocking that people in trust could lie to you like this.

  7. Ugh…within ~100 signatures on the petition….please all share widely, Toni and Steve need us on this!!! Let’s go team Morgan!!!! Link is on the home page…..

    Toni–Have you considered a candlelight vigil at the Co state capital…..your story needs to be told…..

    • Michele you are so sweet – no I never considered that but it sounds like an awesome idea. I am talking to people and getting ideas put together and that one will be right up there as a great way to bring attention to this. Thanks!

  8. Toni, Did you ever consider the possibility that the stalker was using a weapon such as a BB gun to cause the loud noises on the window? Maybe that’s why there was no one in sight but you still heard the noises.

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