November 6, 2011 – Day 97 of Morgan’s stalking – wasn’t that a long day?

Morgan holding Wylah and typing on her computer

At 5:55 am Morgan texts me and says, “Will you let Wylah out? I’m still traumatized.”

We had already arranged that I would let Wylah out at 6:00 am every morning, which was working fine so far, but it seemed that her clock was just running a little fast. I was already on the way to let her out, and didn’t get the message until later, after I had already let her out. Morgan thanked me from under her covers when I came in, and I told her she was very welcome.

Detective Glassmire was coming over at 11:00 am and before he arrived I wanted to ask Elliott one question, based on developments from the Facebook conversation over the last few days between Keenan and Morgan’s friend.  I waited until a little after eight before asking him if he had any information on Wiley, as I knew very little and he was being accused by Keenan of being the stalker.

Around 11:00 am I received a text from our detective that he was running late on a call between Glenwood and Carbondale and shouldn’t be any later than 12:00 pm. It seemed at the time that our officers were spread so thin at our end of the valley.  I told Steve they were running late.

They had a little “routine” with Rob and Steve, where Steve would pull out our ladder, from our garage, when the detectives came so they could use it to check the cameras, usually he just had it close by, but this time it was already pulled out and set up right at the tree where their camera was.  We were both very excited to see their “face shot” of the walkabout, waiting another hour was going to be excruciating.

Detectives Rob and Megan have pressing matters when they arrive. We talk about interviews that are ongoing and plans for the resolution of this case.  It is all promising and we believe they are trying their best, Rob discussed information about cars first, so we talk about cars.

Rob tells us that one of their officers saw a green car by Thunder River– right where Morgan has reported seeing Keenan multiple times when she is coming home from school. Our Detective Glassmire said he has revised his numbers when he looked up the exact model and color car that I have given him and their are 6 of them between Grand Junction, Vail and Aspen, so it might not be Keenan. I asked what the problem is, because Morgan said she actually saw Keenan driving when she saw the car that was following her.  Steve adds that he has seen Keenan’s car in the Catherine Store parking lot, with another girl driving it, and it has a unique emblem on the back and it is doubtful any of the other 5 would share that same emblem too.  He is quite certain also that it was Keenan’s car.  Rob is uneasy, and for a few moments there is a tension between us that has never been there before.  Morgan repeats that she saw Keenan in the car when she saw the little green car.  Rob says he will check into it.  What is suddenly going on?

I just want to see his cameras, and I suggest we look at the camera to cut the tension, and at long last we go out into the yard.  Normally it is just Rob and Steve, but now we are all there as Rob checks the sheriff’s wildlife camera that is in the direct path of where the prints in the snow were seen. Steve is talking about all the cameras he has bought and returned, because it took so long for that first picture, when Rob curses, which is very uncharacteristic for him.  As we all stand and stare we learn that the batteries are dead, there are no pictures, nothing!  How can that be?

Morgan goes back into the house without a word, I don’t think Rob notices, but I am pretty sure Megan does not miss this. I am angry beyond belief, and pull Steve back toward the house to talk with him, as they take the ladder and go to check the other camera.  The other camera that they have pointed at the camera with the dead batteries – surely that camera must have caught something.  Steve tells me he knows why I am so upset, but he does not.  There is no excuse for this.  A felony stalking case and the one time someone does not just pass by, but intentionally marches right in front of their camera, and the batteries are dead.  I’m losing track at the moment, but I think this is battery problem three, at least. I want to start screaming, but I do not.  This is our daughter’s life we are talking about here – will someone please take responsibility for this stuff!

Then we learn that the batteries in the other camera are also dead, but it has some images, just none that can be used, just someone’s back. It is a bad meeting all the way around and we say goodbye.  Steve tells me we are obviously on our own here.  I say great, now what? Pray for snow, lots of snow? Let Mother Nature stop him, because nobody else seems capable?

Right after the detectives leave, Morgan walks up and tells us to get Keenan’s phone number for her.  She wants to call him and confront him.  She knows that he lives only three houses down the street and we can’t go near him, but she has to do something.  I was about to say no when Steve agrees and tells her he will ask Rob, in fact he will suggest that they are on hand to record the call.  Morgan is alright with this and I am surprised.

Morgan receives a text message from Nate in Australia in response to her message yesterday, “fifteen minutes and I’ll be free. Just let me know.”

At 6:15 pm I send Morgan a text myself, “Dad and I are leaving to go to Aspen to drop off food for Dave (Steve’s friend Dave is laid up, so we want to bring him some food), so we are wondering what your plans are, do you want to go with us or go to a friend’s house and wait till we text you that we are home?” Since Steve’s friend is laid up and not answering his phone we have cooked up some of his favorites to cheer him up and we were leaving.  Morgan answers, “Just let me know when you’re home.” And I tell her, “OK.”

Leesa calls and their heater is on the fritz and she wonders if she can spend the night because she would rather not spend the night in a cold house.  I welcome the chance to see my grandchildren, and offer to pick her up.  We make arrangements and then as soon as I hang up Elliott sends me a text message, “He (Wiley) wasn’t here when this (the stalking) started. Don’t know his last name.” I wrote back to Elliott, “I know Wylie wasn’t living here when the stalking started, but Keenan told one of Morgan’s friends that Wylie moved in when this first started and people should be looking at Wylie. Could you get Keenan’s cell # I think Morgan should call him and say she hopes it’s not him doing this, but if he has any information on how it could be someone else then please share that with me.  What do you think?”

As we are putting the ladder away and Steve is wondering how the sheriff’s department would respond to a crate of batteries at their Christmas party, I tell him I am just looking forward to a quiet night with my favorite, and only grandchildren.

We pick Leesa and the kids up just after dark, and head home.  On the way Leesa thinks she sees someone she knows in a group of 3 or 4 walking up Equestrian way in our subdivision, just before the turn to our house. She wants Steve to stop the truck and he does.

Leesa leans out and starts talking to the small group.  One of them is familiar to me, but it is hard to be sure in the dark.  One answers with her name and Leesa asks her if they have heard anything about the stalker, and a most interesting conversation ensues.  It turns out that three of them know all about it, but after being told to shut up, by one particular girl (Brooke Harris) who seems to think she is in charge, all of a sudden they know nothing.  It also turns out that this girl (Brooke) tells us that she has knowledge of a “Video that exonerates her boyfriend Keenan” and says this is also well known. Nobody in the group tells her to shut up, and she goes on to explain that she has heard all kinds of weird stories about cameras all over the neighborhood, and does not know exactly what to make of it all.

At the end of the conversation we drive away in silence, until Steve says, “Now how did she know that? I didn’t think we had told anyone yet?” But of course she knew – she was the one doing the alibi walk I truly believe.

Today is October 23, 2012 – It is so easy to look back and see something different from what presented itself at that time. That is the last time I heard from Elliott until the morning of December, 2 2011 when Morgan was already no longer with us in this world.  Rob never mentioned any of our encounters with the green car again.  And the neighbors walking up Equestrian Way?  We only shared with Rob and Megan the odd conversation that took place.  And now that I read through the sheriff’s reports, I still have not found any mention of it in the official reports.  Strange, isn’t it all?  You would think this would be an important fact to be written in to the police reports.

And as I go over the final edit we have 12 signatures to go before we reach 1,000 on the petition to Governor Hickenlooper to open Morgan’s investigation.  Thank all of you out there – I just honestly don’t know what I would do without you.

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October 26, 2011 – Day 86 of Morgan’s Stalking

I miss you rocks on a camping trip

In case the good news slipped under the radar, on the 56th day of the stalking, Morgan’s case was confirmed to be a felony stalking case.  It was 56 days, and it was finally a felony stalking case.  Fifty-six days!  I have read the Colorado Revised Statutes twice, and I don’t see any time restriction, law enforcement does not even have to wait one day.  The US Department of Justice says, “Stalking is a pattern of repeated and unwanted attention, harassment, contact, or any other course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear.

Morgan felt fear from day two.  Steve and I felt fear as well – fear for our daughter’s safety, fear of the unknown.  All of our lives were turned upside down…this had been 56 days of REPEATED harassment, unwanted surveillance, tresspass, and attacks.  The stress we were all under was unbelievable.  I have posted – just when does stalking become stalking?  Today to answer this question, again, it is a pattern of repeated and unwanted attention, harassment, contact, or any other course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear.  I would also further like to point out – this is why I believe anti-stalking laws have to become stricter.  It’s one thing to have anti-stalking laws on the books, but it’s another to have those laws enforced, because if locally they are not taken seriously, stalking can become lethal.

At 11:59 pm a rock hit Morgan’s window, and startled her from bed.  Earlier today Steve went outside with a new BB gun, and using plastic bullets to try to approximate the noise Morgan had been hearing on her windows up till tonight.  This was much louder and more upsetting for Morgan.

I sent the detective an email about the incident, which had been caught on the video cameras in the driveway.  He said he is interested to see it next time he is at our house.  I didn’t tell him about the rock incident, as it had to wait until he got back anyway.

Today is October 15, 2012 – And yesterday’s blog was such a perfect example of what I mean about protocol, and laws changing in stalking that I could not pass it up.  Yesterday on the blog, I posted a film clip of a stalker in the driveway.  A strange man doing something nefarious, and I say this because who else would be out in our driveway at 11:30 pm at night crouched behind my car in the driving rain?  And how often would evidence like this be available in a stalking case?

Our sheriff, Lou Vallario has gone on TV and said they were out at our house over 50 times and never saw any sign of a stalker.  His detectives saw this video clip on my computer (and it was very clearly a picture of a male popping up from behind the LR3 into a standing position and running across the driveway to the bushes for cover as our new neighbor Matt drives up the street), and if that is not a sign of a stalker then just what is?  The stalkers don’t come to the front door, and politely request a sign in sheet saying they were there, not our stalker anyway.  Our stalker actually did whatever it took to not be caught in the act – is this a shock to anyone?  In this particular clip we caught him because a neighbor happened to drive up the street while he was hiding behind my car.  If he comes toward the house between the truck and the car then the alarm goes off, the stalker knows this.  He had one way to go – no other way, and he took it.

Lucky for the stalker, Matt did not see him.  Or would that have mattered?  Say Matt saw him and told the detectives he had seen a man leaving our driveway, and hiding in our bushes, would they have arrested someone?  NO!  Would they have gone and questioned someone?  NO!  Based on past reactions to far greater evidence, there would have been no response at all.  Just like there was on October 19th when Morgan was followed home in her car.  Morgan was frightened and frustrated.  She was beginning to lose all faith in the sheriff department’s ability to protect her, or catch her stalker at this time.  And looking back wasn’t she 100% right?  They never caught her stalker, and they were not able to protect her.  They managed a very pathetic murder scene investigation, which they instantly saw as absolutely unrelated to her ongoing stalking.  100 pages of gross incompetence reports later and what crime, there was no crime here, no stalking, no murder…who really believes that?

Interestingly enough the volunteered votes to convict so far on the blog, if those chiming in were on a jury, and had to find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the prime suspect Keenan, is, so far, 100% guilty – based only on the blog to date.  And trust me you have not seen the really damning stuff yet.  100% guilt and the sheriffs department has closed the stalking investigation, and the pathologist carried through on his threat, and changed Morgan’s death from natural causes to a suicide, after nine months with no new evidence.  Steve and I were dismayed when the sheriffs indicated that they were 100% certain Keenan was the stalker, because we were far more convinced that Keenan was acting as part of a gang and there were others involved.  We believed there were at least one other, and maybe two other participants at the time.  Now we believe there were at least four participants in total and perhaps as many as five.  And the sheriffs department has dropped the case, felony stalking one day – next day, no stalking, and what changed?  NOTHING!  We believed in the system and what happened – so far there has been no justice for Morgan – people responsible are still out on the streets to go do this again to someone else’s daughter and until changes are made this will just repeat itself over and over again.

Oh, Morgan died, was killed, or committed suicide, that has changed.  But does any of that mean she was not stalked? I think not, not at all.  Steve and I spent over four hours this weekend listening to interpretations of the crime that could lead to a correct manner of death as suicide.  Steve and I said nothing, just listened, and not one person thought this was even a POTENTIAL suicide.  Not one.  And what if it were a suicide?  What if the fear of her stalker drove her to that, how come nobody even wants to mention that as a possibility.  Steve and I are 100% certain it was not a suicide for many reasons that will be shared with you over the next few weeks.  Then you too can decide for yourself.  Just remember, anyone who still votes for suicide will have to answer the question if it could have been caused by her stalker.  And we have not even raised the reason for her death that medical minds thought was most likely, before we found the massive dose of amitriptyline, and before we later found the components of a date rape cocktail.  So answer me this, because I’m her mom, and I don’t get a vote:

  • 100% felony stalking case (plus)
  • Substantial reality of fright from her stalking being a small component in her untimely death (plus)
  • 100% massive dose of Amitriptyline listed as insignificant (plus)
  • 100% evidence of a date rape cocktail of 6 drugs in her system (plus)
  • Ample evidence of a struggle in her room (plus)
  • The PJ’s she wore to bed completely gone from her room (plus)
  • All of her valuable jewelry missing from her room (plus)
  • A suspicious substance (bodily fluids), in minute spots on her chest & neck under black light (plus)
    • Shown in pictures the sheriffs took under the UV light at the crime scene
  • A suspicious substance (bodily fluids), in minute spots over what looks like an injection mark with a human BITE mark over it on the inside of her arm
    • Shown in pictures the sheriffs took under the UV light at the crime scene
  • Wounds on the top and bottom of her right hand (plus)
  • Three nails torn off her right hand (equals)
  • Body found in a completely different position then the position determined that she died in – body moved postmortem!

What if your daughter was murdered and no one cared? What would you do?  Could this possibly get any more pathetic? Of course it can, it is Garfield County isn’t it?

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