November 7, 2011 – Day 98 of Morgan’s stalking – a very dark day for all of us…

Wylah looking at the front door

Today started out OK – last night was quiet.  The grandchildren slept over and Dave, Steve’s friend, still never answered his phone.  Steve decided to drive into Aspen extra early, and go straight to Dave’s house.  He wanted to check up on him, and deliver the food, since we were unable to last night.  We felt terrible, because we knew Dave never wanted to accept help, but he had just returned from the hospital, and couldn’t really do much of anything for himself.  We were still in disbelief in regards to everything that was happening with the stalker, the sheriff’s dead batteries, and just about everything else.   Morgan was losing hope in the sheriff’s department, and so were we.  We were trying to come up with ideas – then everything turned black.

Steve got to town, and went straight to his friend Dave’s place.  He knocked and knocked…yelled Dave’s name – nothing.  He called their other friend to tell him what was happening – his other friend told him where the key was hidden, and said he was on his way.  Steve opened the door, went inside and found Dave on the couch – he was not moving (Dave had already been dead for quite awhile, but Steve had no way of knowing), Steve called 911 and started CPR.  By the time his other friend arrived, and the EMT’s had gotten there to take over, it seemed like a lifetime to Steve.  He was devastated.  He called me to tell me what had happened, and was so shaken up he couldn’t drive his truck home for hours.  This was our first dark, dark day – we never realized that the darkness would be returning again on December 2nd.

I didn’t read my emails until later in the day – there were 2 emails from Detective Glassmire.  They were both from yesterday, after they left our house.  He said when they stopped at Starbucks in Rifle they saw a Green Ford Fiesta with a female driver.  They jotted down the license (don’t ask me why since it was in Rifle, not Glenwood or Carbondale, and it had a female driver), and it wasn’t registered to Keenan so what was the point?  He mentions they are all doing this to follow up on any sightings of a vehicle they think might be Keenan’s and to let us know this could be the vehicle witnesses have seen near Thunder River Market.  Are you kidding me?  Morgan said whenever she saw his car at the Thunder River intersection she saw Keenan in it, and now I feel like this email is trying to make it sound like it’s not him that she is seeing in the car.  The next email he sends me says an off duty deputy saw one at the Rifle Walmart registered to a couple somewhere else, and mentions these cars are a little more popular than we thought.  I am now thinking, OK – this is a little ridiculous at this point, do you know how far away Rifle is from the Thunder River Intersection?  Am I supposed to feel like they are actually watching out for this car and Keenan, or just trying to make excuses?  At this point I still trust them, but it’s starting to wear a little thin.

Morgan gets a text message from her sister that says, “I wish you could come here soooooo bad!!!  I need help with my shows & I miss you!!”  (She really just wants to get Morgan out of Colorado) Morgan answers, “I miss you!  I just can’t ditch out on Wylah and ballet. :(”  Her sister texts back, “When is ballet over?  Maybe Mom can watch the dog…I need my Morgana!” Morgan writes back, “In December.  I can’t leave Wylah though.  I’d be so sad.”  Her sister writes back, “:( you could Skype with her.”  Morgan says, “Haha I don’t think that would do it unfortunately.” Her sister says, “Fine!”  Morgan says, “I love you!!!”  And her sister says, “I love you!!!”  When I read these texts now I remember Morgan’s older sister calling me on the phone later, and chastising me for not forcing Morgan to go stay with her to get her away from the stalker.  She was starting to panic, she had a really bad feeling (she was very intuitive and always had been), and she was getting upset with me, because she wasn’t getting anywhere trying to convince Morgan to leave.  I explained to her that Morgan was 20 years old, she was a Leo, and very stubborn, and I couldn’t make her do anything.  I explained that I wanted her to leave too – I pleaded with her to go back to visit her Godparents in Hawaii for a while (that was pretty far away), and I would take care of her puppy, but she wouldn’t do it  – she didn’t want the stalker to force her to leave and she was also concerned that if she left, and he followed her then what would she do?

At 8:46 pm Morgan sent me a text to say, “On my way.”  I watched for her to drive up so I could meet her in the driveway as usual.  Morgan spent some time watching TV and knitting.  She was making homemade Christmas presents as usual…here is a picture of the gloves she was making at the time (she looks so worn out, but still her happy self).  She almost finished the present before she was killed.

Morgan’s last knitting project just before she was killed

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  1. I think that perhaps the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department are simply small time and suck at detecting. What happened to Morgan and her family is absurd. Lou, stand up and do right by this family. You work for us.

  2. Hi Mrs. Ingram. I do know how far Rifle is from the Thunder River intersection. Quite far as a matter of fact. Why would they inform you of two cars in Rifle? This is absurd. They can find two cars in Rifle, but they can’t find one car closer to your area?!? Don’t mean to sound flip, but maybe they should have popped into Walmart in Rifle and picked up some batteries for their cameras.

    I feel your heartache and your determination. Keep information flowing. Keep fighting for justice for your daughter. Your supporters are there fighting with you.

    • Thanks Ruth for your support – it is very surreal for me to read back on the emails from last year – I keep asking myself what was up with this?

      • Is it possible that the police are in on the stalking or at least trying to cover it up? Where I live (a small town) cops are always trying to cover stuff up for their friends.

          • If I remember correctly back to the beginning of the stalking when the first officers came out they were the ones to initially suggest it was probably someone in the neighborhood. As it turns out all evidence points to that and after a positive ID from Morgan about who was driving the car they pretend like they didn’t hear it and are checking out cars in Rifle which is at least a good 30 minutes away. It’s got coverup written all over it.

  3. I agree with the comment above, only wanted to add to it that not only do they seem to suck horribly, any detective with a brain and all the boatloads of leads that the Ingram’s themselves compiled, through hard work and dedication, out of love for their baby girl that left us all too soon, would have figured this out. I would honestly have more faith in Mayberry, with Sheriff Andy Griffith in the lead. Hell, Barney Fife (spelling?) could have figured it out, and he had the IQ of a donkey. They had a lot of info to go on, but if there is a so called “Bigger” and more “Higher Profile” case it seems as though us common folk, the ones that actually pay their salaries, don’t get any help, but at least they have a new Tank that can catch all those crazy criminals that you guys have in Garfield County. The saddest part is they messed up when they had the chance to save Morgan’s life, and even though they know they dropped the ball, anyone with half a heart or pride would take that as an insult, that the were outsmarted by a pathetic, younger, yet well trained stalker. I think now they are flat embarrassed, they should feel pathetic, and worthless. It’s because of their laziness, the various times that law enforcement always think they are right, despite blatant evidence in front of them telling them maybe they aren’t even in the same ball park. If anyone is reading this in Garfield County you all should walk into the Sheriff’s department, as many as you can gather, and coordinate and all request they re-open the case, and do their jobs, or it will be a cold day in hell before they get re-elected or promoted. A beautiful, sweet little girl was taken far too soon, and they could seem to care less. What goes around comes around, and if the person responsible for this is reading this by chance, know this.. always look over your shoulder.. all the time… many of us are not cops, we don’t have protocols. We have pride and respect for the the family you devastated.. Does your need for power make you try and overcompensate for something.. maybe some personal issues that make you feel small.

    If you are found, I advise you to tell the police to take you into custody, because this is a dangerous world ya never know what might happen. Look what happened to Morgan, Karma is a bitch. Sorry for that last part Steve and Toni, but I just want this person and or person’s to feel the same torture Morgan felt 10 times’s worse. You messed with the wrong family.. that I can promise you.. Morgan may have been a sweet non confrontational person, but a few of us that are close to the family are more than happy to give you what you deserve, and the worst part for you buddy is you never know when, and where we might be..we will get justice one way or another. I hope I get to meet you real soon little man.. I say that because only a little pathetic, insecure loser that probably has intimacy issues has to take his own insecurities out on a innocent girl. Sleep tight buddy! love you Steve and Toni.. Sorry for the rant, I know if I’m this frustrated I can only imagine how you guys must feel. You guys know me, and how I am. You don’t mess with me, my family, my lady, or any of my close friends or extended family, and not face consequences. Well you hit one of those subjects, and it just so happens to be a family that I care about almost like a second family, So you want someone to stalk, I’ll give you my address just a state away and you a come take your best shot. Let me know if you are up to the task kid. If you could do it on or before Christmas it would be such a great, great treat. OK I’ll end it at that out of respect for Steve and Toni, but you have been warned little man!


    • Remember Jon we don’t condone violence, I know you are upset too, but we believe (just like Morgan did) that the best way to make changes in this world is through truth, and love for others. Justice for Morgan, and changes in the laws can be made if all the good people in the world stand up for what is right. Thanks, and we know you always have our backs – just remember – keep that testosterone on the ice where you guys shine. You hockey defensemen are really something to be reckoned with when you get going.

  4. I just don’t understand any of LE’s actions. Or, I should say inactions. WHY would they be checking cars in Rifle??? This is beyond anything else you have told us about them. All of the other screw ups could be chalked up to a lack of experience and being a small town LE force. This is the first action that I think SCREAMS that they weren’t working to help you, they were working to help the stalker. I’m just so angry for you, I can’t articulate it. I wonder how they sleep at night, I hope their actions haunt them to their graves. As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • At the time all this was happening I was upset, but didn’t really see as clearly as I do now.

    • Those LE Looking for nothing in Rifle ,were given orders to do that ,who Gave those commands ? and why did they follow them? Does K’s Family have members on this Police force? Same as NP, you are in my thoughts and prayers too.

      • I’m wondering if the officers that did take note of the other cars in Rifle did so because they wanted to do anything they could to help and that’s the only thing they were able to note while doing their job that was limited to the Rifle area. Just because they are Garfield county officers, doesn’t mean they can just go all over the county because they want to.

        • The Garfield County Sheriff’s are actually based in Rifle so this is the perfect example of why the the correct protocol for stalkers needs to be implemented – here is an example of the officers trying to do something to help, and this was the best tool they had on this day to stop Morgan’s stalker. More important than finding K driving down the road in his car – what was their plan? Were they going to pull him over or follow him home to see where he lived? I asked Detective Rob if they ever knew where K lived once he moved out of our neighborhood in October and Detective Rob answered no – they never knew and were never at his house. K was never interviewed or contacted at his house.

          • He’s not hard to find. (Just throwing that out there, please don’t go seeking him out, that’s not for us to do) but why did they not even try to figure that out? Wonder if they did know where he lived, but it was easier to contact him at his job? Either way, you’d think they’d contact him everywhere he could have lived. I know this is going to sound bad, but just humor it, maybe they didn’t do as much as we know they could have because they didn’t believe you? Again, just a question, not meaning to make it sound like you’re not telling the truth, just curious as to why they didn’t do what they should have. It takes an amazing person to do what you are doing and I really hope that this case is reopened and the officers are also questioned as to why they did/didn’t do certain things.

          • They could have just been watching and noting his behavior. That could have held a key as to why he was where he was at that time and why Morgan saw him where she did all those times. They wouldn’t need to confront him every time. Just observing him gives answers.

    • As you have said Toni, I don’t feel like reopening the case and letting this county’s LE mess anything else up is a solution. I truly hope that you find another outlet, national or otherwise to get this reopened and investigated by true professionals. That being said though the LE made a ton of mistakes, and missed opportunities, but I really don’t see the problem with checking out vehicles in Rifle like a lot of comments are saying. Carbondale is less than half an hour away. Of course, they should be checking in the Carbondale area first, but I’d also expect them to check a huge radius of the area as well (like all of Garfield, Pitkin, Eagle counties etc.). I mean they would be saying the same thing if they only checked nearby vehicles, and nothing further away, and then the stalker’s car was further away. I just think the fact that they checked cars in Rifle isn’t the issue at all. It’s that they didn’t do more to catch K exactly where Morgan told them to.

      • It’s turning it into a wild goose chase checking cars in random places when Morgan positively IDed the driver of the car who has already been confirmed to own that same type of car and already has mounds of evidence against him and lived in the same neighborhood for a time.

  5. I think its appropriate to mention very recent cases in the news where the mothers of terrible criminals have been the ones to turn them in to police. Whilst Im sure it was an agonising decision on the part of these mothers, they know their sons had committed crimes and deserved to be punished for them. I have to commend these mothers for the tough love they had to show for their sons, when so many in their shoes would defend their sons to the death despite knowing of their guilt. Takes a hell of a person to do what is right under such terrible circumstances.

    Just saying…..

    • Wouldn’t that be nice if that happened but sometimes I think these mothers only give them up after they have already been arrested – they have some psychological issue themselves that keeps them from doing the right thing, even though they know the truth.

    • And mothers/fathers of the girls that were involved. Apparently there was word on the street (regarding the convo Leesa had with those girls and then they were hushed by ?). If these parents set these kids down and scare the crap out of em, one of them will spill. Was HH related to E? I wonder this because it might having meaning as to why he moved. Someone spilled to him that was close to him. But I also go back to my original thought in that he was the stalker (he just looks creepy and changes jobs a lot) and shifting blame/suspicion to K. E might have known they were messing around with you guys and used it as an opportunity. That just completely creeped me out knowing he lived near you at a different time. And what does LE stand for exactly? I think I know just want to verify.

  6. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend just before Morgan’s passing.
    After reading yesterday’s blog and subsequent comments I am feeling more than ever that EF is a part of the “gang”. Perhaps he was the master puppeteer?
    I have found a lot of his behavior very suspect. After reading one of your responses about having lived near him prior to moving into the Aspen Equestrian Estates in a totally different town (I think) and his family moving twice in Aspen Equestrian Estates I think it rather off. Did you happen to ever ask why they moved to the second house right across from you?
    I keep hoping that I’ll wake up one morning very soon and hear your story being discussed on the national news. I want justice for Morgan and the rest of your family and friends so bad.

    • Yes – actually understandable that they moved in to the house across the street, because it was a two story instead of a one story.

  7. Toni & steve you inspire me daily, to be able to get up, relive this; still deal with comments that are not needed, you are truly amazing.

    I do believe the stalkers are reading this; here’s a msg for them.. This story has reached Australia & many other countries, not just USA, I’m letting you know it’s big, morgan will get justice, you will all suffer, so don’t think you’ve got off scott free, just because the case is closed, well it can get reopened!! I hope you all get caught, I hope you all suffer & rot in hell where you belong. You are nasty pathetic people who took an innocent loveable beautiful girl away from this world, all what because you were jealous, is that it? I sure as hell feel sorry for ?’s kid, what a great model she has of a mother..note the sarcasm, ? I know u read this, put ur child up for adoption & give her the life she deserves cos she sure wont get it from you.

    These pathetic people are either going under as anon and saying the horrible stuff, fishing to see it they’re gonna be caught soon or it’s their pathetic families who raised them.. Either way they’re all low lives. E is really fishy also.. It’d be soo easy to find you E, you think no one can find you, I laugh at you.

    Justice for morgan will happen whether its sooner or later it WILL happen..

    Lots of love to you Toni & Steve, & family xoxoxo

  8. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. 🙁

    Something has been on my mind for a while, and I’m just going to throw it out there. Have you considered the possibility that the stalker (or stalkers) and the killer might not be the same person?

      • I realize it seems like a heck of a coincidence, but maybe the stalking and harassment were done by a group, more as a form of bullying and intimidation than an actual plan to murder someone. But maybe someone else was obsessed with Morgan as well, and when all of this started going on, they saw a perfect opportunity to get closer to her, or attack her…again, I realize this is far-fetched, but I guess every possibility should be considered.

  9. Any chance E and ?’s mom had an affair or something and K caught wind of it and enlisted E as an info source?

    • As blackmail… Just thought I should clarify. Or maybe that’s the info Morgan knew and they didn’t want her to say anything?

        • At this point in time everything is a possibility – I get tips and info everyday and it strengthens certain ideas.

  10. Toni, I’m still here quietly reading your posts each day. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry Steve was the one to find his friend dead that day. What a horrible trauma for Steve to go through. I can’t imagine. I am a knitter too, and Morgan’s gloves look fantastic – she was clearly very good at knitting. No surprise, considering her other artistic talents. Still sending you love from Denver, following your story each day and hoping Morgan will get justice someday. (And trying to suppress my frustration and anger with Garco law enforcement) At the very least, you are raising awareness of stalking and sharing Morgan’s light with the world, which are two very worthwhile accomplishments indeed.

  11. Fellow readers of this blog, I just made a donation to help get justice for Morgan..I am aware that times are economically tough, but the Ingram’s really need our help to get these monsters behind bars (where they belong forever). Please donate any amount possible. With all the “hits” this blog gets, if everyone were to donate only $1, then the Ingram’s would have the funds they need to fight aggressively for justice for precious Morgan.

    • Luc that was so kind of you to do and so wonderful to say. Steve and I greatly appreciate all your help. We are still in a dark time right now but I feel the light is coming…we will stay strong.

    • Thanks, Luc, great idea!!! I always thought,( without really thinking about it) that to donate it needs to be a significant amount, I think that is an awesome reminder of what $1 could do from us all… I’m in! Once I get home from school I will do that! Thanks, and your so right we all can do at least $1!

  12. What happens in the dark, comes out in the light. Just stay strong and keep remembering that!

  13. What happens in the dark, comes out in the light. Just stay strong and keep remembering that!

  14. Thank you – I will.

    I know the truth will come out eventually – I know this because I believe in goodness triumphing over evil, and I know that Steve and I will NEVER give up and we have time on our side.

  15. When I was twenty I was stalked in Garfield County as well. It was almost 25 years ago, but it seems not much has changed. I vividly remember the frustration of LE not being able to do anything until my stalker harmed me. As a matter of fact, a retired sheriff advised me that the best thing I could do was to have a group of my biggest and strongest male friends take the guy out into the woods and beat the hell out of him.

    I was granted a permanent restraining order. It eventually ended up in court and the stalker served a mere 30 days. It wasn’t long, but it was enough for me to get back on my feet and formulate a plan.

    My point in telling you this is that my parents were living out of state at the time, and they repeatedly begged and pleaded with me to come home. As a 20 year old, I would hear nothing of it. I would have considered myself a total failure running away in fear. I understand completely where Morgan was coming from in not wanting to leave. Toni and Steve, don’t ever second guess yourselves for not making her relocate.

    I sincerely hope that your family gets some closure in this case so that you can live your lives in peace, cherishing the memories and joy that Morgan brought to your lives.

  16. Thank you for telling us your story and I am so happy you are OK – there has to be a change made…they can’t keep doing this to stalking victims in this county!

    I pray we get closure as well, and I hope we get to keep remembering all the lessons Morgan tried to teach us during her 20 years.

  17. If the police do not believe this is a stalking case now then what do they consider it?! I’m also just not believing that this is a suicide. Obviously Morgan would have seen the death of her fathers dear friend devastated him,and to what less than a month later decide to take her own life?! I just don’t believe it. Also, the fact that she had so many opportunities to go and stay with others for a short period of time to get away from this stalker but declined because she didn’t want to leave her dog behind. What sense does it make that she would want to take her own life and be indefinatley without her beloved little dog.

    • You are absolutely correct. We were told the very morning of her death that there was no sign of suicide, but also that they didn’t think her stalker had killed her…why was that? And they knew she was being stalked they had a case open with a case number as a felony stalking case and a detective had been assigned to her case for the last month and a half. Only 2 days before her murder the detective warned us that he believed her stalker was going to escalate (he did reveal why he thought that but years later we found out why) and that he was going to assign extra patrols of our house. Only 2 days before she was killed! So what does that tell you? And we have physical evidence that she was murdered as well as video evidence from our cameras. Garfield County did not want this to be a homicide and they have made an outrageous effort to keep her case from being investigated. They tell everyone it has been investigated but that is a lie…it has not and if it was it would be obviously immediately that she was murdered. So we continue on with our quest for justice. Our family does believe it will happen…we are just not sure exactly when because this is very multilayered and a lot of people are afraid of the truth coming out. They have done whatever they could over the past 4 years to keep this from happening but I promise you an investigation will happen and there will be arrests made. Thank you so much for writing in to me. I appreciate it very much!

  18. Hi Toni.

    I am so sorry to hear what happened to your and Steve’s friend, Dave. Was his death a natural death? I am sorry if this is a sad subject, but I was wondering if his death could be related to what was happening to Morgan, and eventually her own death.

    • It was a natural death – he had just come home from the hospital and was not doing well…it was very hard on Steve to find him like that. Steve did CPR until the first responders got there but it was too late. It had nothing to do with Morgan’s death.

  19. I am just now hearing of this case & reading this blog. I did some digging on the phone number and also came up with John Fagan. The thing that I find interesting is that he has ties to Texas & Colorado & supposedly at this time the suspect was in Texas.

    • When the detective did the pretext call to that number he said he was just responding to a picture his daughter had sent to him and that was good enough for the detective BUT no one but Morgan was on that text message…

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