October 27, 2011 – Day 87 of Morgan’s Stalking

Wylah on a leash out in the grass

Morgan had settled into a routine with her puppy, in order to avoid accidents, she got up whenever the puppy first whined in the morning, and took her out in the backyard to go potty.  This was working well, and Wylah was sleeping in a little later all the time, and Morgan was really happy about that.

This particular morning Wylah decided that at 5:45 am she has to go out.  The sun has not even begun to get up at this time, and it was still very dark out.  Morgan has an uneasy feeling as she opens the door to let her puppy out, and she stops (intuition kicking in), putting Wylah on a 15 foot leash, that is on the floor right by the door.  Then she stays right in the doorway, letting her out the back sliding glass door, so Wylah can have her run of the grass, and reach her favorite spot.

As Morgan crouches, and watches her puppy frolic she becomes aware of something – it’s on her left side toward Rhonda’s house.  She looks and sees a person, a male, dressed in all black, standing just outside the 3 foot high fence between our BBQ and a post holding up the roof.  He was not there when she came to the door, he has just appeared.  He is standing still and watching her.  He does not say a word.  She reels the leash in, dragging her puppy as fast as she can, and sliding the door closed with her knee at the same time.  There is a trail of urine across the patio, and into the house from the puppy.  She closes, and locks the door, and runs to our bedroom doorway and drops to the floor. She is so badly shaken and scared.

She sat there, in our doorway, because from there she could see most of the house and all four doors.  He was gone now.  She could look over at the conga drums, by the door, and see a pepper spray can and a mag light sitting there.  There was also another pepper spray on the kitchen bar top, and one up by the front door.  She sat there for an hour with her puppy on her lap, and watched out the windows for something moving.

Steve woke up, and immediately wondered what was wrong.  Morgan told him what had happened, and burst out crying, I woke up hearing her explaining to her dad.  Steve can see how upset and frightened she still is, and holds her.  Wylah whines and paws at them.  I am furious and looking for somewhere to aim my furry.

I call the sheriffs department, can’t remember if it was Detective Glassmire or dispatch that I spoke to.  I don’t remember anyone coming, but sometimes the memories are sharp and written down in black and white, and others, they are more of a blur, like this morning was.

We had a motion detector for exactly that area, and the night before Steve had taken it inside to repaint it a camouflage color. What the hell? How did the stalker know the detector was gone? Steve thought when painted the detectors would be harder to see, at least they wouldn’t be bright white, and not so obvious that way.  But is that all this took?  We take the detector down for one night and there he is the next morning in the area the detector would have alerted us to.  Does he watch this closely, or was it a coincidence?

Steve and I avoided the spot he was standing, because we had some delusional fantasy the officers with crime scene kits might show up, and thoroughly investigate the area.  Nobody came, nobody was coming.  Steve and I got on hands and knees and searched ourselves – any little speck of something.  Of course I have been since told that if I had found anything I would have destroyed the chain of custody.  Why would I be surprised, nobody will ever look, but if I do and find something, it’s worthless as evidence.  That is what I mean when I say the laws favor the stalkers.  So, as I understand it now we could have shot him if he were two steps closer, and up on the porch, but if I pick up his cigarette butt, no good.  I am telling you all of this to try to help others out there – before this happened to our family we had no idea of how to handle this type of a situation.

Steve waits a while and asks Morgan if she knew who it was.  She is not certain, she thinks it is Keenan, but she also does not want to try and picture him, so Steve tells her not to, that it is over now, and she made an unbelievably good choice by following her intuition and letting Wylah out on a leash, and staying inside the house.

This afternoon I saw my therapist again, and again, she was really helpful – she tries to help me figure out how we can help this situation by catching Morgan’s stalker – she throws out new ideas that are really helpful.  As expected, nobody is coming over because Morgan is not 100% sure that it was Keenan that she saw, and if she were to just compose a letter and send it to the detective we were told that will be fine.

melancholy day

I tell Morgan about writing a letter and I could see the disappointment in her face.  I try to cheer her up, but it is too late.  That she feels like she is getting the brush-off is all too obvious.  We had a melancholy day together, and Morgan did a lot of knitting on the couch, with all the window curtains and blinds closed.  Our house is no longer bright and cheery – it’s now all about blocking out the prying eyes of a stalker.

Morgan went to see her friend later on to just get out of the house.  I was extra worried about her, but trying to remain calm.

I text Morgan to see when she is coming home, it’s now right before 10 pm, she is driving my car as usual and has her puppy with her.  She leaves Carbondale to head home on the “back” road, it is a two lane, county road, hill on one side, and a small drop off on the other.  It’s – County Road 100, Carbondale, Colorado – if you want to see it on Google maps.

As soon as she passes the first pull-off area, a car pulls in behind her, she thinks right away it is Keenan’s car, so she slows way down, so he will go around her, but he does not, he stays right behind her, no matter how much she slows down.

When she is going really slow another car catches up to both of them, and in the back window she can see the car’s headlights illuminate the car behind her, and she can see that in the car following her there is one person, a male, driving the car.  Once again she thinks it is Keenan, and she can see the car is green like his, but she is not 100% sure that it is him.

She speeds up, and no matter how slow or fast she goes, he is right behind her.  She turns left into our subdivision, and turns around to see the driver, it is Keenan, and for the first time she can say she is 100% sure.  Morgan races home, and she can tell that Keenan has continued on County Road 100.  She pulls up in the driveway.  She is extremely upset! Steve goes out into the street to be sure he didn’t change course to follow her home, but no one was there.

I called the sheriff’s dispatch and tell them what had just happened, and how Morgan was frightened and forgot to call until right before she got home, so as soon as I knew she was safe, I called them.  They explain to me that it is too late now, there is nothing they can do.  She needs to call 911 next time, while actually being followed, or if she sees someone that shouldn’t be there.

Morgan is extremely upset, and is crying.  She wants to know why it’s always up to her to do everything, while they do nothing.  I don’t have an answer for her.  Detective Glassmire sent me an email last night that I read at lunch.  He said how he knows how frustrating this is, but they are getting close to making an arrest.  And that was before what happened today – happened.

We all decide Morgan will no longer let her puppy out if it is dark out – she will wake us up to do it.  Morgan is getting really stressed over all of this happening – can’t sleep at night, and is always exhausted.  Morgan doesn’t want to be home, but she does not want to be forced from her home by this guy.  Steve again suggests that perhaps she should just go to her Godfather’s home in Hawaii.  Morgan says she can’t, she just can’t, school is not over yet, but will be soon.  We are really at a loss over what to do now.

Today is October 16, 2012 – When I reviewed the emails and notes and text messages, I had a thought.  This was a busy day of terrorizing from Morgan’s stalker, and no response from the sheriff’s, not one visit in person.  But the strange thing is our detective is laid up for a few days and if a stalker knew this and wanted to raise cain, today would have been the day. But that’s too far fetched isn’t it?  That would mean he knew, had some inside line.  I’m not saying the sheriffs were in on this, just that maybe intel was making it to the wrong ears without their knowledge…just a thought.

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    • We never were able to see it – the detective supposedly received it after Morgan was already dead, and he has not shared that with us. It’s important to note that the place of business uses finger prints to sign in and sign out but managers do not have to and I have been told by other employees that you can come and go on breaks with out signing in and out, and Keenan has a dad that is a manager at that store as well as a stepmother and stepbrother that all work there too so in my opinion someone needs to go find out and investigate to get to the truth.

  1. I am so sorry for your family and your daughter. I can only imagine spending your last few months in this world be terrorized before they eventually take your life. I hope that the people who did this to her are feeling the same terror everyday of being caught. The only thing that gets more shocking as this story goes is the way that the detective handled the case. As a mother I can only imagine your frustration and how this must just seem like a never ending bad dream. I do believe though that there will be a greater punishment for all of these people even if not in this life. I just found your blog the other day and I will continue to read and do as much as I can to help. Even if its just spreading the word

      • Of course nobody knows what he was wearing all the times he was on the roof watching your family as you ran around the house frantically searching for him. Since he was there almost nightly and you only captured him on video a few times, he may have been standing on the berm, or watching from the roof, wearing all black the majority of the time because most of the time he remained unseen when you KNEW he was there; how many times might he have been there when you had NO IDEA that he was even there. This just makes me so sad, so sorry, and so sick.

  2. Words cannot express how terribly sorry I am for your loss. It pains me to think of what you all went through. I hope you are able to find some peace in knowing that so many people are supporting you in your efforts to find justice for Morgan. While reading this, I wondered if it was possible the stalker (s) was also going on Rhonda’s roof (given his position of being next to a post holding up the roof)? Just thinking out loud and trying to help in any way.

    Much love,

    • Yes we did think of that and I think Rhonda was freaked out thinking that was a possibility too. I pray that given a situation like this people will look on their roof unlike us.

  3. This may be far-fetched, but any chance he had a dog whistle? He may have used it to wake up Wylah and then dressed in black knowing/hoping she would come outside with her dog.

  4. I have been following your story and I am so sorry for your loss. Lossing a child is a pain like no other and one that does not go away. I lost my son at 21 eight years ago and it still feels like today. I went on the internet and found E just by putting in his name. There is one in Grand Junction and also 3 images you could see if any of them are him. Not hard to find someone on the internet or social security records for employment if the cops wanted to find them. Did you ever think maybe he was the mastermind behind these kids and he
    moved by the police that maybe he was in witness protection or informant.

    • Toni, has anyone ever complained of getting an “invalid security token” message, when trying to post? I’ve been trying to post something for two hours, I’m using copy and paste, since I was having problems typing it directly into the reply box.

      • Have not heard of that problem, so no. There is a bandwidth problem of more people than the server can handle and while that gets worked out I guess odd things might happen, sorry.

    • I am so sorry for the loss of your son – other people have told me that the years don’t take away the pain.

      Doubtful that they would have put E in any kind of protection as they closed Morgan’s case so there would be nothing to testify for – so would have thought the Sheriff’s could have found him if they were really looking, huh?

  5. I wonder if there was any way he gained access to the house via roof vent, removing the cover of a grill type vent to enter the attic. Just thinking out loud. I know one place I will never move to or visit thanks to the police dept.

    • It’s so strange that you ask that question because that keeps nagging at Steve – for some reason he keeps wondering about that, but we don’t know.

  6. Thinking of you and your family during this horrible and horrific nightmare. Just find peace in the fact that these animals will be found out soon. They are probably all so scared of being caught, someone will open their mouth about what happened. And the DA needs to be held accountable as well, he dropped the ball so many times along the entire timeline of Morgans stalking. If this case was handled differently by the officials then Morgan would still be here! Why in the heck are they not still pursuing Morgans stalking case? It happened but since she was mysteriously found dead they just forget all about it? What a damn joke! The truth prevails, What a bunch of clowns running the garfield county DA’s office. So DISTURBING on so MANY levels. K, ? and Hannah I know you are reading this and you think that you all got away with stalking and then murdering Morgan but everyone knows you did it! We just need to figure out a way we can get the DA to actually do his job so we can put you behind bars where you belong.

  7. Hollie – Just throwing this out there, maybe the stalker, like so many people, believed that if he wore white it would show up as black on the video. Which it actually doesnt, black or dark MIGHT show up light depending on the refractablilty of the particular material, the setup of the individual camera, many factors can play a part in the reasons that colors aren\’t true to actuality.

    One more thought, I guess that somewhere deep inside me I want to believe that LE didnt jump immediatly because no one was 100% sure that it was Keenan. Like a, give him enough rope, kind of thing, but what the F stopped them once she was sure?? LE had more than enough evidence for probable cause, with all that you and Steve had collected, coupled with Morgan\’s eye witness statement. This should have ended this very day! From this day forward, LE failed to do their job and committed gross negligence and should be held accountable right allong with the perp.

    This horrid type of scenario plays out in communities all over the country, where one person\’s (usually the perp) right to live \”freely,\” trumps the rights of other\’s (the victims) right to live without fear. The old, \”well he hasn\’t committed a crime, YET mantality. And often LE has their hands tied to help, until the perp actually physically hurts someone!!! I remember feeling that one would have to be harmed or even killed in order for LE to step in, and if they had done anything before that they would be violating the perps rights! Sickening as it is, its nothing new and this is why the protocols involving stalking and how stalking is dealt with from the first signs of a stalking and the laws MUST change. BUT once Morgan was 100% sure that Keenan was the stalker, there is no excuse, they should have implemented a PPO on Morgans behalf, or something, anything, the nothing that was done is unexcusable, unacceptable and the ramifications of their apathy, irreversible. My heart continues to break for your unimaginable loss but I know Morgan is guiding you. All my love.

    • This is a very odd comment. Not what it says, at all, but it appears to have come from Toni, though it states “. . with all that you and Steve had collected . . .” and “My heart continues to break for your unimaginable loss … ” …. as though this is from someone else, but they are logged on with Toni’s ID handle.

      Can Toni clarify this? Had someone hacked the blog and signed in as her? Computer glitch? Anyone else notice this?

      • Yes, and I believe it was discussed… I wrote the comment, and emailed it to Toni, because for some reason I was recieving an error, I didn’t hack anything, I’m pretty sure, it was posted for me…. Since my last paragraph about not being able to post it, was omitted. Hopefully this answers your question 🙂

        • Thanks Hollie! I was concerned because I recall reading something about issues with potential hacking and I just had a bit of confusion 🙂

  8. I know this may sound like an odd question, but do you have any photos of Morgan’s knitting? I am a knitter myself and I love to see other knitters’ work! 🙂

  9. Did the male dressed in black have his face covered as well? By this, I mean was he also wearing a black mask or did he just have black clothing on? Thanks

  10. So While reading this post I can’t help but wonder if her “friends” were involved as well. How would he have known when to follow her? That she was leaving at this time. Would go this particular route. Were her friends privy to her goings and comings, Would she tell them which way she would go home so someone knew? Just a thought. G-d Bless you and your family and I hope LE will soon become involved. Interesting to learn also that E may be over here in GJ. His name crossed my mind in the Jessica Ridgeway case. Sending you lots of Love and Light and positive energy.

  11. This post makes me wonder if the stalker was reading your emails to the Detective. Earlier you said that Morgan’s email was hacked which made me think that he had accessed the house/her computer at some point. If he accessed hers, he may have accessed yours as well to get information. Since Morgan was the object of the stalking, maybe he only sent out emails from her account to mess with her. What types of emails were sent out when her account was hacked if you don’t mind me asking?

  12. wow, I went on to his moms FB page; what an enabler. She seems very immature…apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess. I hope you don’t read her posts, and if you do, know that you have a community supporting you.

  13. Tradução de textos
    Texto de origem
    Moro no Brazil, tomei conhecimento desse caso assistindo ao Investigação Discovery aqui do Brasil. Peço descuppas pelo meu inglês não ser perfeito, estou usando o tradutor. Essa historia me deixou tão triste que não dormi por muitas noites, sofrendo por Morgan e sua família. Já li o blog umas 8 vezes e sempre me arrepio cim tudo isso. Essa parte em que Morgan foi levar Wylah para a grama, para mim, é a parte mais assutadora porque eu fico me imaginando acordar ás 5h da manhã, sonolenta, tudo escuro, e alguém parado próximo à minha casa, me encarando, quanto terror!! Queria poder ajudar, queria poder fazer chegar a uma das irmãs Kardashians (porque sei que elas assistem Investigação Discovery), elas tem muita visibilidade e parecem gostar de ajudar. Não entendo como algo assim não teve uma repercussão nacional, parece um filme de terror, com um triste final. Minhas orações sempre estão com vocês: Toni e Steve
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    I live in Brazil, I heard about this case watching the Investigation Discovery here in Brazil. I ask for dismay because my English is not perfect, I am using the translator. This story made me so sad that I didn’t sleep for many nights, suffering for Morgan and his family. I’ve read the blog about 8 times and I always shiver with it all. This part where Morgan went to take Wylah to the grass, for me, is the most scary part because I keep imagining myself waking up at 5 am, sleepy, everything is dark, and someone standing next to my house, staring at me, how much terror! ! I wanted to be able to help, I wanted to be able to reach out to one of the Kardashian sisters (because I know they watch Investigation Discovery), they have a lot of visibility and seem to enjoy helping. I don’t understand how something like this didn’t have a national repercussion, it looks like a horror movie, with a sad ending. My prayers are always with you: Toni and Steve
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