November 6, 2011 – Day 97 of Morgan’s stalking – wasn’t that a long day?

Morgan holding Wylah and typing on her computer

At 5:55 am Morgan texts me and says, “Will you let Wylah out? I’m still traumatized.”

We had already arranged that I would let Wylah out at 6:00 am every morning, which was working fine so far, but it seemed that her clock was just running a little fast. I was already on the way to let her out, and didn’t get the message until later, after I had already let her out. Morgan thanked me from under her covers when I came in, and I told her she was very welcome.

Detective Glassmire was coming over at 11:00 am and before he arrived I wanted to ask Elliott one question, based on developments from the Facebook conversation over the last few days between Keenan and Morgan’s friend.  I waited until a little after eight before asking him if he had any information on Wiley, as I knew very little and he was being accused by Keenan of being the stalker.

Around 11:00 am I received a text from our detective that he was running late on a call between Glenwood and Carbondale and shouldn’t be any later than 12:00 pm. It seemed at the time that our officers were spread so thin at our end of the valley.  I told Steve they were running late.

They had a little “routine” with Rob and Steve, where Steve would pull out our ladder, from our garage, when the detectives came so they could use it to check the cameras, usually he just had it close by, but this time it was already pulled out and set up right at the tree where their camera was.  We were both very excited to see their “face shot” of the walkabout, waiting another hour was going to be excruciating.

Detectives Rob and Megan have pressing matters when they arrive. We talk about interviews that are ongoing and plans for the resolution of this case.  It is all promising and we believe they are trying their best, Rob discussed information about cars first, so we talk about cars.

Rob tells us that one of their officers saw a green car by Thunder River– right where Morgan has reported seeing Keenan multiple times when she is coming home from school. Our Detective Glassmire said he has revised his numbers when he looked up the exact model and color car that I have given him and their are 6 of them between Grand Junction, Vail and Aspen, so it might not be Keenan. I asked what the problem is, because Morgan said she actually saw Keenan driving when she saw the car that was following her.  Steve adds that he has seen Keenan’s car in the Catherine Store parking lot, with another girl driving it, and it has a unique emblem on the back and it is doubtful any of the other 5 would share that same emblem too.  He is quite certain also that it was Keenan’s car.  Rob is uneasy, and for a few moments there is a tension between us that has never been there before.  Morgan repeats that she saw Keenan in the car when she saw the little green car.  Rob says he will check into it.  What is suddenly going on?

I just want to see his cameras, and I suggest we look at the camera to cut the tension, and at long last we go out into the yard.  Normally it is just Rob and Steve, but now we are all there as Rob checks the sheriff’s wildlife camera that is in the direct path of where the prints in the snow were seen. Steve is talking about all the cameras he has bought and returned, because it took so long for that first picture, when Rob curses, which is very uncharacteristic for him.  As we all stand and stare we learn that the batteries are dead, there are no pictures, nothing!  How can that be?

Morgan goes back into the house without a word, I don’t think Rob notices, but I am pretty sure Megan does not miss this. I am angry beyond belief, and pull Steve back toward the house to talk with him, as they take the ladder and go to check the other camera.  The other camera that they have pointed at the camera with the dead batteries – surely that camera must have caught something.  Steve tells me he knows why I am so upset, but he does not.  There is no excuse for this.  A felony stalking case and the one time someone does not just pass by, but intentionally marches right in front of their camera, and the batteries are dead.  I’m losing track at the moment, but I think this is battery problem three, at least. I want to start screaming, but I do not.  This is our daughter’s life we are talking about here – will someone please take responsibility for this stuff!

Then we learn that the batteries in the other camera are also dead, but it has some images, just none that can be used, just someone’s back. It is a bad meeting all the way around and we say goodbye.  Steve tells me we are obviously on our own here.  I say great, now what? Pray for snow, lots of snow? Let Mother Nature stop him, because nobody else seems capable?

Right after the detectives leave, Morgan walks up and tells us to get Keenan’s phone number for her.  She wants to call him and confront him.  She knows that he lives only three houses down the street and we can’t go near him, but she has to do something.  I was about to say no when Steve agrees and tells her he will ask Rob, in fact he will suggest that they are on hand to record the call.  Morgan is alright with this and I am surprised.

Morgan receives a text message from Nate in Australia in response to her message yesterday, “fifteen minutes and I’ll be free. Just let me know.”

At 6:15 pm I send Morgan a text myself, “Dad and I are leaving to go to Aspen to drop off food for Dave (Steve’s friend Dave is laid up, so we want to bring him some food), so we are wondering what your plans are, do you want to go with us or go to a friend’s house and wait till we text you that we are home?” Since Steve’s friend is laid up and not answering his phone we have cooked up some of his favorites to cheer him up and we were leaving.  Morgan answers, “Just let me know when you’re home.” And I tell her, “OK.”

Leesa calls and their heater is on the fritz and she wonders if she can spend the night because she would rather not spend the night in a cold house.  I welcome the chance to see my grandchildren, and offer to pick her up.  We make arrangements and then as soon as I hang up Elliott sends me a text message, “He (Wiley) wasn’t here when this (the stalking) started. Don’t know his last name.” I wrote back to Elliott, “I know Wylie wasn’t living here when the stalking started, but Keenan told one of Morgan’s friends that Wylie moved in when this first started and people should be looking at Wylie. Could you get Keenan’s cell # I think Morgan should call him and say she hopes it’s not him doing this, but if he has any information on how it could be someone else then please share that with me.  What do you think?”

As we are putting the ladder away and Steve is wondering how the sheriff’s department would respond to a crate of batteries at their Christmas party, I tell him I am just looking forward to a quiet night with my favorite, and only grandchildren.

We pick Leesa and the kids up just after dark, and head home.  On the way Leesa thinks she sees someone she knows in a group of 3 or 4 walking up Equestrian way in our subdivision, just before the turn to our house. She wants Steve to stop the truck and he does.

Leesa leans out and starts talking to the small group.  One of them is familiar to me, but it is hard to be sure in the dark.  One answers with her name and Leesa asks her if they have heard anything about the stalker, and a most interesting conversation ensues.  It turns out that three of them know all about it, but after being told to shut up, by one particular girl (Brooke Harris) who seems to think she is in charge, all of a sudden they know nothing.  It also turns out that this girl (Brooke) tells us that she has knowledge of a “Video that exonerates her boyfriend Keenan” and says this is also well known. Nobody in the group tells her to shut up, and she goes on to explain that she has heard all kinds of weird stories about cameras all over the neighborhood, and does not know exactly what to make of it all.

At the end of the conversation we drive away in silence, until Steve says, “Now how did she know that? I didn’t think we had told anyone yet?” But of course she knew – she was the one doing the alibi walk I truly believe.

Today is October 23, 2012 – It is so easy to look back and see something different from what presented itself at that time. That is the last time I heard from Elliott until the morning of December, 2 2011 when Morgan was already no longer with us in this world.  Rob never mentioned any of our encounters with the green car again.  And the neighbors walking up Equestrian Way?  We only shared with Rob and Megan the odd conversation that took place.  And now that I read through the sheriff’s reports, I still have not found any mention of it in the official reports.  Strange, isn’t it all?  You would think this would be an important fact to be written in to the police reports.

And as I go over the final edit we have 12 signatures to go before we reach 1,000 on the petition to Governor Hickenlooper to open Morgan’s investigation.  Thank all of you out there – I just honestly don’t know what I would do without you.

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92 thoughts on “November 6, 2011 – Day 97 of Morgan’s stalking – wasn’t that a long day?

  1. Wait, are these cameras that you bought or were they owned by local law enforcement? I am confused because I know you had so many!

    • We owned most of the cameras, but the Sheriff’s hung 2 of their own – only two wildlife cameras and that was it.

  2. There are just no words. Did they use old batteries? How does this happen and how incompetent. I hope they were ashamed. What hope did you guys have when these idiots were running this investigation??

    Just wanted to mention that because of your experiences I have decided to put up security cameras around my house. There have been so many cases lately of abductions and attempted abductions, that if nothing else, a set of ‘eyes’ in my neighbourhood might make a difference someday. There is nothing more effective in locating a criminal than a photo. I only wish law enforcement took Morgan’s case seriously instead of….whatever they call what they did.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you – good pictures of a person that should not be there is the way to go. I have had people write in to me and 4 out of 5 stalkers that were following them were apprehended because of cameras and the other one was just great, quick police response while she was still in her car.

      • Seriously…I don’t understand the battery thing. I work for LE and provide them with tons of batteries….WHY are they so awful? Praying for you!

  3. I found this in the police report- is this the conversation you were referring to?

    On Sunday November 13, 2011, Detective Alstatt and I went to the Ingrams to follow up with them about the case.

    Morgan did attempt to I then spoke with Toni Ingram who provided me with a 14 page detailed timeline of the events that led to this investigation. In this detailed timeline, one entry described that Toni and Steve saw some people walking in the neighborhood. They talked to the girls and it turned out to be B**** H**** and some of her friends. B**** tells the Ingrams that she knew her boyfriend was a suspect, but now there is evidence that shows that it is
    not him.

    • Sounds like Detective Rob wrote that about the incident – but obviously it was not just in the timeline we all spoke to him about it in person in great detail.

      Just realized when she said her boyfriend – he had moved out a long time before this incident and they were supposedly not boyfriend/girlfriend so that is interesting.

      And no mention of the dead batteries in any report that i read so far.

  4. I was in the car and I knew who they were, because it had been talked about enough….funny how we could talk to a small audience last year about what was happening, and they didn’t care , but with social media, we are questioned for saying the same things….but more people can listen….I remember being very stressed that night….those kids were smug….and you guy’s appeased me and stopped the truck….don’t forget, you pulled away because I wouldn’t shut up 🙂 Love you guy’s …thinking a lot of you today….and heart heavy re: reading that….I remember sort of thinking that was a small victory to get some of them to talk…but then of course the end result wasn’t what we had ever imagined… you.

  5. Toni, I live in that area and know that if Morgan saw K, it was because she was turning right at Thunder River Market and K was coming/going from his dads house (he would be turning letf to get there). So if she kept seeing him there, its because his family lives by that intersection. I just wanted to ease your mind about that issue. I know this is hard for you to relive all of this and hope you find your answers.

    • She was actually coming down the hill from Colorado Mountain College at the same time every day from her classes and she would see him at that exact time at the intersection – she was turning left to go towards Aspen and he was turning left from the other side of 82 going towards Glenwood and when she told the Sheriff’s that she thought it was suspicious they never told her what you just said they said there are quite a few of those cars running around and she was probably mistaken. I didn’t think she was mistaken – she knew what she saw. Why didn’t they ever ask him if he lived there and why didn’t they ask him why he was at that intersection at the same time she was after the same class got out at the same time. I am no investigator but it sure seems to me like Morgan would still be alive today if someone took charge and asked the right questions and got to the bottom of it before it was too late.

      • I really wish someone would have asked him about it. Im sure she was positive it was him. I, too, am curious how many times she saw him there.

        • She told the detectives but it’s hard for me to remember that now – I wasn’t keeping track of that although I should have. I remember her telling me at least 4 or 5 times and then one day she was so angry she wanted to go on that side of the highway to try to find out where he was coming from – after reading everything I have been reading about stalking this is a typical reaction when the police aren’t helping you try to take matters into your own hands but it is not the right thing to do.

          • I am sorry for your loss but am a bit confused. You seem to have a very good memory about other incidents and/or wrote down what happened, but you didn’t keep track of the number of times Morgan said she saw K at that intersection? I would think this is information you would have automatically documented. It must weigh heavily on your mind and heart that you don’t have this fact in writing.

            • I do have some documented, but the reason I said I don’t have all is because sometimes I was driving in the car when Morgan told me, and I couldn’t write it down at that moment, and when I got home something else happened, and I didn’t stop to write it – believe it or not I think I have a lot of detail that I did write down, but not everything, and yes, I wish I had, but I was also holding down a 40 hour per week job, upset about what was going on, and still keeping a written daily record of almost everything that was happening, so I am not going to beat myself up over that – but I will tell you unless I did write it down, I do not say positively about a number of times or anything. I am trying to only get the absolute truth out in this blog and sometimes, like in this case, if I had written down every single time it would sound even worse for K, but I can’t say how many times, because I didn’t write down every single time…sorry.

          • Frankly, at this point in the story I don’t care if Morgan saw him there twice or a hundred times. She would have felt angered, intruded upon, and ready to solve this so SHE WOULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT SHE SAW!!! LE simply chalked it up to a “damsel in distress” who would have been so confused she could have seen anything or even nothing…and THAT along with many other ridiculous actions on LE’s part is what somehow makes the victim (sweet Morgan) feel as though they are perceived as the perp or even worse, a waste of time. The fact that LE never acted upon this info again as with other crucial info is a DISGRACE and should be considered a SHAME to the entire County. I fear for those in your community as there appears to be a blue wall of silence, heaven forbid someone else has to stand and watch their own child be pronounced deceased in their own home due this same horrific, inhumane, act of violence coupled with the cavalier lack of interest from LE. I can only imagine how defeated and alone in this horror your family must have felt.

            I feel there are so so so many more people than you would even imagine who have just a tiny piece of info that could break this case they JUST PLEASE NEED TO COME FORWARD if they have any ounce of value for their own loved ones they have got to see that their silence is deadly.

            Toni and Steve, I admire the strength and love you instilled in Morgan and I am completely awestruck by the strength and love you are sharing with so many strangers in continuing to fight for the rights of your sweet angel. Please know that through you Morgan is making a difference to so many and I for one will never forget her.

  6. I’m so confused about this E character…. Was he playing the devil’s advocate, was he just our for gossip, or is he suspect? He’s been a bit off to me from the beginning and after reading tonight’s blog, I have to enquire….

      • So many things he did just seem so fishy. Now that you say he moved away, I am even more suspect of him! I get that he was not a prime suspect and/or involved at all. However, I think he’s someone that needs to be questioned no matter where he lives these days! In my opinion, he is the epitome of the old adage ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. It seems that he POSSIBLY was aware of more than he was leading on!

        • I tried emailing him (didn’t bounce back it went through) and sending him a text but to no avail he won’t answer anymore so I think he is trying to be off the radar so to speak

      • Of course he did!!!!! No one THAT suspicious is going to stick around. I hate this for you. This is all so horribly sad. I wish that we all had the foresight to see errors cause I would bet that you’d never tell E an effin thing AT ALL! I feel like he is definitely involved, and now that Morgan was taking a stand, he wanted to make sure she didn’t. Why else would he remain silent for over a month??

          • He has a facebook page. Have you tried contacting him through that? Someone on this blog left the link early on.

    • Yes and they agreed it was a female and was purposefully marching to get caught on the cameras

  7. Hi! A mistakingly posted on your photo… I have read your blog from the beginning, as have most of your readers. It’s a heart wrenching story and my deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family.
    After all of the posts, I have to inquire about the E character…. Was he playing the devil’s advocate, a pure gossip, or someone of suspect behavior?

  8. I don’t know if we will ever know – I wish someone could find him. I have tried but to no avail.

    • For everyone’s safety, you should be letting the police contact E. There’s no reason why you should be attempting to contact him. He didn’t seem to do anything but exacerbate the situation at hand last time and help to spread false rumors. Bad news! The police know where to find him if and when they need to. It’s their job.

      • Don’t be silly, anon. The police have closed the investigation. They’re not going to do anything unless Toni and Steve come up with more information. Also, if you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll see they haven’t been doing their job from the start. Yes, they should be safe, but E/K are clearly fishy.

        Toni, if you do hire a private investigator, please don’t post it on this blog. It would defeat your own purpose.

        • As I stated, the police will know where to find him IF and WHEN they need to. As in IF the case is reopened.
          The Ingrams should not be taking the law into their own hands. They are clearly not qualified to do so. I have read the entire blog from beginging to end, thus far, as well as all the police reports from the begining to the end and there are a lot of details that don’t line up.
          If Toni thinks these people had something to do with the death of her daughter, why would she try to talk to them on her own…shouldn’t she worry about her own safety? The safety of her family? Or at least be concerned that any conversation she has with them, if not properly documented, would all be heresay and worthless in the case?

          • That is true but they will never do it because they closed the investigation. They didn’t even call the woman from Aspen that had gotten the voice message from ? the morning Morgan was found dead. He told her that the police thought he was the stalker, but now they know it’s his daughter’s boyfriend (now remember this is December 2nd he is saying this) and he needs to stay home to see what is going on because there is crime scene tape all around their house, and I have to stay here to protect my daughter. Now if that doesn’t seem like something to follow up on what is? I guess Morgan’s life just didn’t count for anything – that’s why we have 0 murders in Garfield County. Well guess what Garfield County you can keep trying to hide what is going on here all you want but there are families here that want their home to be safe again and not to be the happy hunting ground for criminals that will not get arrested. We will take this county back and make it safe again no matter what!

          • If and when is not good enough, Anon. She was worried about her daughter, and look what happened. Look also at what’s being done about it. It’s clear she needs to take the investigation into her own pocketbook and hire an investigator to do a job. This is entirely different than taking the LAW into her own hands, which you mentioned. When citizens take the law into their own hands, they engage in illegal, vigilante actions. Obviously, hiring an investigator is NOT the same thing. No one’s making threats or…terrorizing innocent people here. We’re talking about hiring a licensed professional to pick up where the trained authorities you reference left off. If they had done their jobs thoroughly, Morgan would be alive. No one has anything to fear except the guilty.

      • The Garfield County Sheriff’s do not want to do anything – their case is closed and even when it was open they only interviewed very few people, with no follow up. Right now they are sitting back after the Forensic Pathologist told them for 8 months that Morgan died of natural causes (not true), so they didn’t look into anything, and then when the FP changed her manner of death to suicide (again not true) they still sit back and do nothing – do not open an investigation. Why do I read about people getting stalked/bullied/harassed and then they kill themselves and there is an investigation and people are charged? In this case she was actually murdered and her body was staged on her bed in clothes she was not wearing when she came home that night, on the wrong side of the bed, facing the wrong direction that she never sleeps, her panic button ripped off her night stand + much more and all this after being horrifically stalked, we have more evidence than the Drew Peterson case and the head Sheriff Lou Vallario says after responding to the Ingram’s house over 50 times there was not evidence of a stalker and the Ingram’s are just traumatized over the death of their daughter. Are you serious Lou???? We are traumatized because you didn’t do your job and our daughter is now dead and we want to make sure changes are made so this doesn’t keep happening.

        Fix this – don’t act like you did nothing wrong and you will continue to do things that don’t work on in to the future!

        • Toni~
          I’m curious….you have mentioned the Drew Peterson case a few times, is there any connection in regards to the sheriff or other investigators or are you just using this as an example?

        • Dear Toni, I’m so concerned when I read your specific answers to people who seem to be getting details for some suspicious reasons. I don’t trust some of the people on here who feel free to question your record keeping, documentation and other factors. Giving them such details, it seems to me, may help them defend the guilty party, should he/she/they ever get arrested and tried for this murder. Please don’t feel compelled to answer ANYONE’s questions on any online site. You owe no one any answer for anything! Protect yourself and your case! Tell you story, since it needs to be told. But don’t allow doubters and oddly cruel people come on here and pester you with ridiculous comments like a few have done on this thread. Ignore these idiots.
          Again, I’m so sorry for your terrible loss. You did far more than most parents would do under the same circumstances. I pray Justice for Morgan will one day be more than a slogan!

  9. Think back to the time before Morgan’s stalking began – From the time you all first met E up until the stalking, was E ever really involved in your day to day life before? Were you and your husband friendly with him and his wife? Or was it more of a, we introduced ourselves when we first met and say hello when we see each other but that’s it, kinda thing? Do you see what I’m getting at here? Did his interest on you and your family seem to heighten when the stalkings began?

    • Yes that is exactly correct, but there is even more to it then that. We used to live in Willits and E and his family and in-laws all lived together right across the street from us. Morgan was 13 – 14 years old then. We never really said much except hello once in a while and then one night Morgan was doing her homework downstairs in our office and we were upstairs in bed reading. Morgan came running upstairs, very upset and said she heard something and turned around while sitting at the desk, and someone was trying to get in, the knob was turned back and forth even though it was locked so she ran upstairs. She never very happy with that place after that although that was the only time she ever observed anything weird and we had great neighbors on either side of us. Anyway, because of that incident and the fact that their was too much noise we decided to move and that is when we moved to Aspen Equestrian Estates. We never told E or anyone in that neighborhood where we moved. Fade in – fade out, the summer before the stalking started E and his family moved into our neighborhood and except for the very rare wave we never really spoke, then the week before the stalking started E’s family moved from the rental house down the street from us to the 2 story rental house right across the street from us. His house had the best view of someone getting in or out of cars in our driveway – none of this makes him the suspect but it is a little curious and the Sheriff’s should have interviewed him over and over to find out if he at least had information he was not sharing.

      • Oh wow, I never knew that bit of information in regards to E. I always thought of him as a nosey neighbor, trying to insert himself into the situation for entertainments sake. The only thing he may have been guilty of was talking a little too much, maybe fueling the fire unintentionally.

        But I am absolutely speechless after reading this new info, and it completely changes my direction of thought, did you ever mention this to the police during the stalking??

        I ask myself…was he a part of the stalking? Was he the main stalker? Maybe the hoodlums in the neighborhood knew of the stalking and they were just messing around with her, still wrong of course, but like a “copy- cat”. Maybe there was someone even more dangerous out there?

        You seem quite convinced of the stalkers identity, and I know there is so much we don’t know, and that you can’t post. I’m just very bothered by this new info. Alarm bells in my head went off like mad……

        • And another thing… know damn well he reads this blog. Someone that was so involved is STILL involved. It blows me away that he wanted to be so involved at the beginning and when tragedy strikes he is gone and won’t even respond to your attempt to contact him. So why not come out of hiding and clear his name? Why not stand by your side as he “seemed” to have done throughout the entire stalking??? SO much does NOT make sense.

          • In the interim, had E run into Morgan, that you are aware of, before he turned up at the Equestrian Estates? I mean, in the months before? Granted he could have observed her somewhere.

      • A little curious? I am bold enough to say much more than a little. Very incredibly curious. What do you mean by, “there was too much noise”? Also, how long was was it after you left Willits and moved into Aspen Equestrian Estates that E also moved into that neighborhood? My thoughts are that it isn’t a very far stretch to think that it was E doing everything from the very beginning. E could have fixated on your daughter when you all lived in Willits when she was 13-14. E could have been the one that was trying to open the door in the office in the house in Willits that evening that Morgan came running scared to you all. He could have been angry that he wasn’t able to get in that night and then you all moved away furthering his anger even more. He then proceeded to track you all down, found you, and moved in down the street. He then used the time living down the street to gather all the info he needed to set it all up observing everyone in the neighboor hood and picking out someone as a good suspect to place the blame on, K. Once he got all the information he needed and he had his plan in place, he moved in across the street, giving him the best possible intel a predator could have on thier victim. You say the stalker knew when Morgan arrived home within a 10-15 minute time frame, well who better to know than someone that has a theater style view of your house. You said you texted E before to ask him to take a look at your house from his second story window because he could see the entire front layout of your house. Then a week after he moves in across the street the stalker makes himself first known? And how long after the stalking started did E start involving himself with you all, asking questions and offering help? This could have been his way of trying to make himself appear innocent to you all and the police. This could have been his way to get closer to your dogs to get himself acclimated with them so they wouldn’t lift an ear when he came into your house. Then he could have stirred up the neighborhood with rumors getting K and ? all riled up and angry because hell, they aren’t doing it, therefore making them act out and making their behavior suspicious. There are just too many coincidences that revolve around E that I wanted to make sure that you have a serious, serious eye on him as a suspect. He could really be innocent in this whole thing and is simply only guilty of ‘not wanting to be the snitch’ because he knows too much. Or…. he could be the one you’ve been looking for the whole time. Don’t try to rationalize that “it couldn’t possibly be E, he has a wife and daughters, he couldn’t do something like this.” John Wayne Gacy was married with one son and one daugther, and he was one of the most famous serial killers of all time.

        Don’t invest all your time and focus into once person, you could miss the killer standing right next to you.

        I personally wouldn’t suggest posting this comment, if at least not all of it. If E really is inocent and K is the guilty one, you sure as hell wouldn’t want to give K any kind of help in trying to pin the blame on someone else by serving up a great theory on a silver platter.

        • Just want to say one thing – the whole time I have been writing this blog I have not accused anyone of anything…only stated exactly what happened last year. Morgan did believe it was K, but I am not focusing in on one person, and never have, just to reiterate the Sheriff’s detectives reached a point when they were 100% certain it was K Steve and I didn’t agree with that position because at that point we felt like it was a group or gang stalking or group bullying situation and we wanted all of the conspirators, not just one to be identified – our whole family has always wanted a real investigation into the felony stalking, and murder of our daughter. If that were ever to happen I know the person or persons involved will be found…I am not an investigator all I can do is throw out the facts, and listen to what people have to say, and wait until all the facts come in so I appreciate your very insightful opinion about E. Thanks for trying to help.

          • I apologize if I may have led you or anyone else to believe that I was saying you had accused anyone. No where in this blog have I read that you have accused anyone. My previous post was pure theory of my own ideas, thoughts, and feelings based upon what info has been presented to me here. I just wanted to throw it out there for the table. I learned a hard lesson at a young age. ANYTHING can happen at any moment – the possibilities, both good and bad, are endless. Appearances aren’t always what they seem.

  10. I just want to tell you that i read this entire blog yesterday-i am so sorry that this has happened to you and i hope that justice is served for Morgan. You are strong and thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Lydia thanks for your support – I think lately I am getting stronger and stronger and will be able to see this through!

    • That would be really nice, because E I do believe you have something of interest to tell me about..?

      • I found it very curious that EF has a page on IMDB. It has a substantial bio page given he appears as a “thanks” for a documentary. Many people appear on IMDB with acting credits and no bio yet this guy has his life history written there. I find this incredibly strange.

        • Yeah… that wasn’t there a month or so ago when I was scoping him out. This plus his lurking throughout this story, his connection with a film about child prostitution combined with his creepy face makes me very uncomfortable.

  11. It occurs to me that we have no idea what E was saying back to K and ?’s mom and ?. None. It’s possible he was equally winding THEM up about Morgan, telling them things she “said” or “did” that he’d manufactured. I once knew a guy who loved to wind people up and then watch them combus all over the neighborhood. He called it practical joking, but the resuts of his behavior caused fights and many illegal actions. I asked him if he felt remorse about one guy almost getting fired, and he laughed. He didn’t think I was serious! E strikes me as that kind of guy, and if he is, he has a history of doing this. Maybe you should just read this comment and not post it. I am in total favor of you hiring an investigator to chase him and his history down, toni. He can’t be allowed to get away with what he did to Morgan, whether he was the trigger man or the actual killer. They MUST all answer for what they did to your beautiful daughter. 🙁 x

  12. E is on Facebook, with a company that he owns… I’m positive you could look up the contact information and find out where he is/how to find him…

    • Apparently his personal FB page is no longer available. received an error when trying to locate the direct link.

  13. EF is easily found. He has a digital footprint. Don’t contact him yourself, Toni. You need a professional investigator to do it for any hope of any info you glean to ever be admissible.

  14. Holy crap. That makes him seem even more suspicious to me. Yeah… something was not right about him. He has the answer.

  15. Thank you for telling us your story Toni- although it may not matter now, it seems almost as if your case (in addition to felony stalking) is a case of bullying. This reminds me of the group bullying cases that have been in the media recently. I wonder if using this terminology would help at all when you are contacting national media outlets…?

    • I have thought of that because so many people have spoken to me about it and yes I think it’s a good idea. Thanks!

    • I did see that video a while ago and I have no idea what significance it would have – it shows the corner of the street that you enter to get to our old house but it doesn’t show our old house…still wondering.

  16. Toni, is Morgans Facebook page back up yet? I mean the one called ” Morgan’s Stalking”….I just finished reading the entire blog (read every chance I got since I found it on Sunday!) and I just tried to find it on fb, but couldn’t…..oh, how I wish ?, K, H, and company would get arrested…..just looking at ?’s pics on fb makes me sick….and the fact that she has a little girl now! Wow…..I wonder if, in 20 years, how she would feel if someone did the things to her daughter that they did to yours??? I have looked at K’s moms page too…ugh…..”pity party supporters???? “. I don’t know who hh is yet. You and your husband, Steve, are unbelievably strong! Keep fighting, Toni!! They will get what’s coming to them!

    • How have you been able to find them on fb? I am very interested to find out what they are like.and I’ve read many comments that allude to their fb profiles but don’t know how to find them.

      • Well, most of them are private so you can’t see much. ?’s FB has disappeared in the past day.

        • So funny! I wonder why she feels she should hide? HAHA. Guilt always shows itself, doesn’t it?

    • It’s too bad that K’s mom can’t get a clue and give a grieving family who lost their child a break. Notice her son and his tribe of drug dealing hooligans don’t have their own “pity party” except amongst other waste of space deadbeats who probably had a part in what was happening to Morgan.

  17. Things are definitely starting to seem fishy with E. It’s weird how he was your neighbor when the door knob incident occurred and even more weird that he’s your neighbor again when there’s a stalker. My finger wants to point in his direction. He was overly curious and then all of a sudden moves out? I know you’re reading this E and just know that if you are involved, you won’t be able to hide behind your family for much longer. You’re either the culprit or you’re not, but at least we all know that your hands are dirty.

  18. Thank you, Toni. It just seemed odd how it panned across the houses. Are either of the houses significant (i.e., EF’s or ?/K’s?) or does it show a possible path to your old house? It almost seems like a message to someone (“go this way”).

  19. A couple of other thoughts re EF. He was very active on Twitter in 2011, EXCEPT for the period 11/17-11/26 and again from 11/30-12/15. Another thought – he used the App “Foursquare” — did Morgan use this to check in at places? Was the password to her phone easy to hack (i.e., something like her birthday or puppy’s name)? Any evidence of him contacting or trying to contact Morgan via twitter, e-mail, text, etc.?

  20. After reading your further information on EF regarding the moves, what a coincidence! Hummm….maybe too much of a coincidence. It gives me goose bumps…something just isn’t right with the whole E, K, ? thing…and most likely involvement of other friends & family on an awful quest against Morgan.

    I think back up to the prior reply from ‘Mary’ and it aggitated me. That reply/comment was not called for. Please don’t feel like you have to say you are sorry Toni when people comment like that. Sorry for what…..?

    You had a stalker and you were trying to solve the problem at the time you were taking notes.
    In hindsight you had no idea at that time your dear daughter would be dead just a month or so later. What could be worse in this world than loosing a child?

    So Dear Mary ~ Toni at that time had no idea it would be a murder investigation on her daughter. Nor did she imagine at that time she would be fighting for a year later for answers and justice. I am actually very impressed with the amounts of information and details.

    Like Toni said in the opening, they didn’t do everything correct, and they would have done things different. That is another reason they are doing if it happens in others lives, we will know different. And I respect and thank them for this.

    Please have some empathy. Do you have a daughter or child Mary? Put yourself in the Ingram’s shoes. Don’t place guilt in their hurting hearts for not taking better notes, my goodness.

    Please support her and not say things like “it must have weighed heavily in your head and heart” (for not taking better notes).

    Sorry to step in here, this just really bothered me.

    I hope this case gets some media attention. I believe it will be the help needed to get some answers and hopefully some closure for you and your family …and Morgan.


  21. So ? lived with her dad (k moved in ), her mother lived on the same street, E was friendly with her, so you were surrounded by all these people that might have wanted to cover up for certain people, also there were a few empty houses? I think maybe E knew something and decided to move, I think I read he had a family and maybe something spooked him?

  22. Toni we all need to come together and find legal counsel and that will work pro-bono for this cause.

  23. Toni please dont feel as though u need to answer to comments like Mary’s @ 10:34 Am
    I can’t imagine how she sat there and wrote bs like that. She must have mental issues. You have done more than imaginable in the situation you were/are in.
    I cant believe how much daily notes u have. The fact that u woke up in the middle of the night to write down stuff, after hearing rocks at the window and then try to go back to sleep to hold down a 40 hour a week job with no sleep, only tells us that u are absolutely one of a kind. Just know that the amount of support u have is above and beyond the morons who try to bring u down.

    • That is a really unfair and mean thing to say. Mental issues? Mary asked a legitimate question. If you think that was some kind of attack, then you must not spend much time on the internet. I don’t like that so many people who come here and ask questions, trying to get a more clear picture of what happened, get attacked and called names. Can’t we all play nice?

      • @88Keys..I do agree that the “mental issues” comment wasn’t appropriate. But at the time I read Mary’s comment, i felt that her last sentence to Toni was just wrong and cruel, because we all should be here to support the Ingrams and not remind them of what they did or didn’t do correctly.

    • It’s OK Luc – I didn’t feel attacked. I feel like most questions asked on this blog are legitimate, and could possibly lead to something – and there are others that are just fishing – I do see that too. Thanks for trying to stick up for me but in this case there is no need I didn’t take her comment in a negative way. I know we made mistakes, we are human and had never been in that kind of situation before so there were bound to be mistakes. Even on the part of LE. The difference is I want people to hear about my mistakes so if they are ever in a similar situation they will know what to do, whereas the LE doesn’t seem to want to admit to any mistakes and fix them so in the future they can save someone.

  24. Your suddenly oh-so-helpful neighbor, E?

    Oh yeah, the classic gang-stalker posing as a friend. We call them friend-enemies.
    He fed you the BS about who said what, and who saw what, one too many times…
    Note he also tried to establish the alibi.

    The girls who mention talking to? Also part of the group.

    Payment for belonging to GSing groups?

    Free rent plus a small salary, often sweetened with a car, and for ‘career’ GSers, it can be a very nice car, indeed.

    Money laundering. Works wonders when the drug cartels can no longer launder their money in major US banks (they got caught by USDOJ, right around the time of this saga, by the way).

    Steve was right, there are more than one of them, many more.

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