New Event To Celebrate Morgan…see below

color-my-worldPlease share this online event to honor Morgan. December 2nd will be the 5th anniversary of her death. Click on the link below, please click on “going” and feel free to write a message in the comment section. We are very honored that Dennis Crowley organized this online event for Morgan in order to celebrate her life, and spread awareness of the seriousness of stalking.  Thank you so much Dennis!

Dennis wrote:

Hello Everyone!

This coming Friday, December 2, 2016 marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Morgan Jennifer Ingram. Despite overwhelming and mounting evidence pointing to felony stalking and homicide, law enforcement quickly dismissed the death and closed the case leaving the killer(s) to walk free. Undaunted by a system that failed an innocent life, the family of Morgan Jennifer Ingram continues to fight for Justice and to keep the memory of Morgan alive.

Thankfully, due to the efforts of Morgan’s mother, Toni Ingram, the public has been made more aware of the realities of stalking and her crusade has no doubt helped save countless lives here in America and around the world. Through this event it is my hope and prayer that this crusade will be further advanced and that a sacred human life will be honored.

Please feel free to share any and all of the content on this event page. Many of the things here were created by myself as a unique way to introduce Morgan to the world. All the photos were lovingly entrusted to me by Morgan’s family to make the posters, etc. and I ask that you respect that trust. Further information can be found about Morgan on facebook and the web at the following links below.

Thank you all for participating in this event and for helping me to honor this precious young lady and to Keep Hope Alive for justice!

Dennis Crowley
President/Founder – Wheels of Hope for the Missing

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Facebook –

Tamper with a deceased human body – now a felony in Colorado

tampering with a corpse

This is a picture of everyone gathered during the signing of a new bill in Colorado.  Why is this a big step for Colorado?  Because it actually makes it a class 3 felony to tamper with a deceased human body.  For our family this is extremely important because we know our daughter Morgan’s body was moved after she was murdered and it was a staged crime scene.  I want those involved in Morgan’s murder and cover up to know we are coming for them, and in the meantime other families like ours are fighting for justice for their loved ones too in Colorado…their lives mattered and they were violently taken from this world.  Their murderers have tried to get away with murder, as murderers usually attempt to do, but the truth will come out, the penalties will get stronger, and the voice of the victims will be heard!


The bill creates the crime of tampering with a deceased human body by making it a crime for a person to:

  • Tamper with human remains with the intent to impair or alter its appearance or availability for an official proceeding; or
  • Observe human remains with reason to believe that a crime has been committed and intentionally fail to notify law enforcement.

Tampering with a deceased human body is:

  • A class 3 felony if the remains relate to a class 1 or class 2 felony;
  • A class 4 felony if the remains relate to a class 3 or class 4 felony;
  • A class 5 felony if the remains relate to a class 5 or class 6 felony; or
  • A class 1 misdemeanor if the remains relate to any class of misdemeanor.

These women Elaine Hall, Jeanne Hanson-Coburn, Jessica Hanson and Laura Saxton are all very strong moms that through their own pain were still able to fight hard for this bill and I send them my heartfelt thanks.  You are warriors, all of you, and so much stronger than the cowards that stole your children from this world.

“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.” Justice for Morgan


Sunshine on my shoulder Morgan

“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!” ~ John Denver

Dennis Crowley from Wheels of Hope for the Missing wrote: Colorado was a big part of my life in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I found myself there on motorcycle trips several times a year celebrating the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and, of course, the music of John Denver.

I was even there in Aspen on several occasions soaking up the beauty and reveling in the sunshine on my own shoulders long before that came to be an experience I would also come to share with Morgan.

She enjoyed, valued, and appreciated the beauty of life and did not deserve what happened to her. What she deserves is justice!

Justice for Morgan! 
For more information check out Morgan’s Stalking on facebook and her website @

Check out The Essential John Denver on YouTube @…

Freeze Frame – Justice for Morgan

Freeze Frame Morgan


Justice for Morgan!

Among all her many talents, Morgan was a very gifted photographer. Many of the photos of her were actually taken by her. So, what more fitting way is there to celebrate her talent than to capture her in this image “on film!” 

Be sure and click on the link here to watch the J. Giles Band recording of their hit song “Freeze Frame!” This dedication to Morgan wouldn’t be complete without it!

Justice for Morgan!
For more information check out Morgan’s Stalking on facebook and her website @

Thank you to Wheels of Hope for the Missing for putting this together for Morgan – I just love it!

There is a hole in the world…

Morgan hole in the world

“There is a hole in the world.”  Poster designed by Dennis Crowley from Wheels of Hope for the Missing.  Thank you Dennis.

Morgan’s stalking and murder, which has been horribly covered up has created a huge dark hole in so many lives.  Family, friends, community, other citizens of the state of Colorado, as well as people all over the world have a hole in their heart, as well as a hole in lives because of the outrageous treatment Morgan’s stalking and murder has received!  If a victim of stalking can be murdered, just days before she was to officially give her statement about her stalker(s), essentially silencing a witness, then what does that say for other victims of stalking?  How can this be swept under the rug for 4 years?

Justice for Morgan!
For more information check out Morgan’s Stalking on facebook and her website @

There is a hole in the world tonight…don’t let there be a hole in the world tomorrow.