Freeze Frame – Justice for Morgan

Freeze Frame Morgan


Justice for Morgan!

Among all her many talents, Morgan was a very gifted photographer. Many of the photos of her were actually taken by her. So, what more fitting way is there to celebrate her talent than to capture her in this image “on film!” 

Be sure and click on the link here to watch the J. Giles Band recording of their hit song “Freeze Frame!” This dedication to Morgan wouldn’t be complete without it!

Justice for Morgan!
For more information check out Morgan’s Stalking on facebook and her website @

Thank you to Wheels of Hope for the Missing for putting this together for Morgan – I just love it!

There is a hole in the world…

Morgan hole in the world

“There is a hole in the world.”  Poster designed by Dennis Crowley from Wheels of Hope for the Missing.  Thank you Dennis.

Morgan’s stalking and murder, which has been horribly covered up has created a huge dark hole in so many lives.  Family, friends, community, other citizens of the state of Colorado, as well as people all over the world have a hole in their heart, as well as a hole in lives because of the outrageous treatment Morgan’s stalking and murder has received!  If a victim of stalking can be murdered, just days before she was to officially give her statement about her stalker(s), essentially silencing a witness, then what does that say for other victims of stalking?  How can this be swept under the rug for 4 years?

Justice for Morgan!
For more information check out Morgan’s Stalking on facebook and her website @

There is a hole in the world tonight…don’t let there be a hole in the world tomorrow.

Today is a Morgie kind of a day…

Morgie kind of day

Just a little aside: Morgan took this picture of herself on one very early morning, while standing out on the back patio.  It was right after an overnight snow in Colorado…she loved waking up to snow, and didn’t care how cold it was outside – this was her perfect kind of day.  Our pet name for Morgan was Morgie, and the Morgster, her really close friends called her Mo.  We all miss her infectious smile and little “squeal” when she was happy and surprised about something.  Morgan’s happiness and love are still surrounding us all and we won’t let her down…justice for Morgan!