Candles lit in memory of Morgan…

I decided to share with you all some of the pictures of candles that have been lit in memory of Morgan – here are a few.  I will keep posting them as they are all so precious and filled with love.  With each burning candle my heart fills with gratitude towards people I have never met, but now feel very connected to…how could I not – these people are good people – people that care – people that know how precious life is…this is why I am grateful.

Dear Toni and Steve,
I have been following your blog since I saw you both on Dr. Phil.  My heart breaks for you over the loss of Morgan and the suspicious events surrounding her murder.  I am praying that her case is reopened and that you find justice for your baby girl.  
I too, have lost a child, my son, at age 6, in 2011.  Noah died suddenly in his sleep, and his autopsy report read “Natural Causes” as well for his cause of death.  There were no suspicious events around his death, but it still is painful not to know the actual reason we lost him.  Losing a child is the worst thing in the world.  A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of his smiling face and all the joy he gave to those around him
My candle is lit for Morgan today, in her precious, joyous memory.  Know that you and your family are in my prayers.  I think what you are doing with this blog is very brave, as I am sure that it is difficult to write each day on your part.  I know that it will help some young girl in the future, and I’m sure that Morgan is so proud, and smiling down on you today.  Many hugs…..candle for Morganlantern  candlea candleb candlec

Hi Toni,
I am one of the girls in New Orleans who worked with Katie.
I’ve been following your blog and everyday I am touched by how wonderful a person Morgan was and also how strong and courageous you and Steve continue to be. 
I lit a candle in a jar with some rose petals for Morgan on Sunday. I drew a heart on it while I said a prayer for her, her family and friends and then put it on my front porch so that the light and love could be shared. 
Much love to you Toni and Steve! 
There are a bunch of us down here in New Orleans that are pulling for you guys to get justice, create positive change and find peace. 

From Seattle. Morgan will not be forgotten.candle seattle

Thinking of the Ingrams! Xo. candlekate

A candle lit for your lovely daughter, may she rest in eternCandle for Morgan Broomfieldal peace.  From the Floyds in Broomfield, Colorado.






For Morgan! photo candle for Morgan

Here’s the picture of the candle we lit for Morgan last night.  I put my mother and baby willow tree statue next to it, as it reminded me of your strength and never ending love for your little girl.

Thinking of you all and sending love and light…

~Kristin Kristincandle

Candles for Morgan <3 Ashley candle

Sending this with love, light & aloha.

Tia candle

Life’s Purpose – a powerful force that allows you to “feel” your new path

Sometimes in tragedy we find our life’s purpose – the eye sheds a tear to find its focus.

rockspurposeThis quote by Robert Brault a free lance writer, really struck a cord in me.  Every single morning when I awake I feel a purpose…it’s hard to explain, but it is a good feeling, a feeling like I am here at this moment in time for a reason, and I know I can do what it is that I am suppose to do while I am still on this earth.
Of course there are times that I sit down and wonder, with pain in my heart, and tears in my eyes, “Why did my family have to go through all this tragedy? Why did our 20 year old daughter, a person that never hurt anyone in her life, never even stole a package of gum, why did she have to suffer?”  I don’t have an answer for any of those questions, but I do know that so far I have survived this horrific pain, and now every day I feel a very powerful sense of purpose in my life.  I have faith in myself that this purpose was given to me for a reason and I will charge forward with alI my strength to participate in the making of some very important changes in this world.