Thank you all for your support!

I know so many of you are still out there reading this blog.  Yesterday alone there were over 7,000 views – it amazes me.  Your private messages to me, through this website, as well as the comments to the website, show me the depth of your strong feelings, and concern for our quest for justice for Morgan.

Many of you do not write in, you just keep on coming back to the blog in the hope that you will read about an arrest being made. Every once in a while, some of you write in, only to say that you want to let me know you are quietly waiting for justice for Morgan to be announced.

The gratitude I feel for you all can never fully be expressed.  Your support has meant the world to myself and our family.  This journey has been long, and it has been very difficult, but the support from all of you – Team Morgan – is like the wind beneath my wings, holding me up at times when I thought I would fall.

Love & Light, and many, many thanks to you all!


How can you help a victim of stalking?

There are many ways you can help a victim of stalking:



You CAN make a difference in someone’s life.  You can help STOP a stalker.

Security Drones…this would have been a huge help during Morgan’s stalking

During the 4 months of our daughter Morgan’s horrifying stalking, which ended in her death, the idea of motion detector lights that would launch a drone with a camera would have been, in my opinion, the best way to catch her stalkers.  By the time our lights and or alarms would go off and we ran out the door all we saw was darkness.  Even when I saw this person run up to our front door to try the key lock we couldn’t catch him.  He saw me through the window in the door, turned and ran through the front planter setting off the motion alarm and by the time Steve & I ran out the front door he was gone into the night.  Not a difficult thing to do as he could have hidden in a bush or ran around back and over the berm.

Steve saw this ad and thought it would be a good thing to share with others that are thinking along the lines of security for their homes.  Technology can be seen as the good the bad and the ugly, but with all the new advances that are coming online I feel like we should all share some of the good ideas out there.  I know nothing about this company, and I have not yet used this product, but if and when I do I will let you know my opinion.  In the meantime let me know what you think.

Wishing you all peace, answers and justice!

Light + flight

For great home security, you need to know when something’s happening before it’s at your door.

The Sunflower Home Awareness System™ combines outdoor sensors with an aerial camera for a complete view of what’s going on around your home.

Sunflower Smart Lights™ learn your property’s routines, deterring unwanted visitors with light and sound. When there’s unusual activity, the Smart Lights work with the Sunflower Flying Camera™ to identify what’s happening.


Get a clear view

When a Smart Light detects something strange, send the Flying Camera to the point of interest and get live video on your device.


Insightful alerts

Different events require different responses. Use the app to tell Sunflower when to alert you and when to handle things on its own.

Plant your Sunflower

Sunflower is easy to install—just stick the Smart Lights in your yard. Use Sunflower on its own, or connect it with other smart home devices.


Light of the party

Sunflower Smart Lights are also beautiful garden lights. Add ambiance and welcome your guests with designer lighting themes.

Sunflower Smart Light

  1. Solar panel for charging
  2. 360° motion sensors detect movement
  3. Warm light for ambiance, brighter light for security
  4. Mic and speaker sense and deter unwanted visitors
  5. Vibration sensors identify footsteps



Flying Camera

  1. Differential GPS for precise navigation around your property
  2. Advanced autopilot for autonomous flight—no pilot skills necessary
  3. Gimbaled high-res camera with infrared light for night vision
  4. Downward-facing camera for stabilization

Join the beta program today to get early access to the Sunflower Home Awareness System.


Join the Beta Program

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Today is Colorado Missing Person’s Day!!!

Colorado Missing Person’s Day,
Thursday, February 4, at the State Capitol.

All families of the missing in attendance will be recognized by the House and Senate. Please encourage anyone you know who has a missing family member to attend. There is strength in numbers. We need to make an impact on lawmakers. The public is welcome to attend as well. Come show your support for the missing and their families at this very important event.

missing persons

Tomorrow, 2/4/2016, Colorado has declared as Missing Person’s Day

Feb. 4 DenverDenver Colorado’s General Assembly will recognize February 4th as “Missing Person’s Day,” through passage of a joint resolution. and then @ 11:45 am, on the East steps of the capitol, there will be a prayer vigil, followed by a balloon launch honoring and remembering the over 300 still listed as missing in Colorado.

Kelsie collage

February 4, 2016, will mark three years that Kelsie Schelling has been missing. This day will be declared Missing Persons Day in Colorado. The State of Colorado is taking a big first step in honoring and remembering the missing in their state. Hopefully this is the first of many steps. Please keep those in attendance, and all families and friends of the missing in your prayers. Thank you.

If you live in Colorado and know anyone that has a missing family member or friend from Colorado please plan on attending this event.  There will be many other families there as well as people that will listen.