Beware the psychopath…

Doesn’t this sound familiar?  Sure sounds like the ones that stalked and murdered Morgan!

“Since psychopaths wallow in seediness, cruelty and perversion, they enjoy not only lying, but also waving their lies under the noses of the people they dupe.”

“When he/she gets away a lie, he/she feels a cheap thrill. When caught in a lie, he/she feels no shame. He/she simply covers it up with another lie or, when that’s not an option, blames you for his/her wrongdoing or accuses you of behaving in the same manner. ”

“Psychopaths lie pathologically to others about pretty much everything: their past, their present and their future. Whatever lies you discover about the psychopath in your life are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg.”

“Needless to say, in reality, engaging in deception and manipulation are not a sign of excess of intelligence. They’re a symptom of lack of character.”

“Once you see through his lack of character, his/her reactions also become transparent.” Claudia Moscovici, psychopathyawareness…/why-do-psycho…/

Ultimate Obsession…

In a story that you may have heard about in the news – an American woman named Ashley Olsen was murdered in Italy.  The first time I heard about this was last night.  I received the information from another victim.  The victim I have been in contact with is an American citizen (like Ashley), but she was attacked in the United States, also in her own home.  But like Ashley she was attacked by a person that was not a US citizen, a person from another country that has still been allowed to reside in this country.  These stories are similar in many ways.  Without getting into it I would just like to say I believe both of these women were targeted.

The first article I pulled up about the Ashley Olsen case was this article by Fox6Now,

Italian media: Ashley Olsen, American artist killed in Italy may have been strangled with cord or rope 

In this article they mention that authorities are also looking into pictures on Olsen’s Instagram feed in which she said, “I have a stalker.” From this article it sounds like this was a very violent death.

Then this morning there were all kinds of news feeds that there has been an arrest – here is an article by CNN:

Man arrested in connection with death of American woman in Italy: Prosecutor


A photograph released by Italian police of suspect Cheikh Tidiane Diaw.

Police believe that Olsen and Diaw, an illegal immigrant from Senegal, met at the city’s Montecarla nightclub and left to go back to Olsen’s place together, where they had consensual sex.  This is where I would like to interject…the victim Ashley Olsen is dead and can not speak about what really happened to her, so is there a possibility that (like in the case above that happened in the US) she did allow this person to come home with her, but did not want to have sex, and that is why she was attacked and murdered?  Was she targeted?  It is really upsetting to me when I hear that a suspect claims to have had consensual sex with a victim because authorities have found his DNA.  Sometimes that may be true, and other times it isn’t even close to the truth…that is what an investigation is for.  Not just a surface scratching of the information kind of investigation, but a real in-depth investigation, because when it comes to murder the victim deserves just that.

Here is another story about a female stalker that just got 50 years in prison, and here I ask the question, “Is 50 years really enough?”  There are many cases of extremely lethal, obsessed stalkers.

Woman Who Stalked, Killed Ex-Boyfriend Gets 50 Years to Life in Prison.  The ultimate obsession and yes, just as in Morgan’s case obsessed stalkers can and sometimes do commit murder.

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