Thank you all for your support!

I know so many of you are still out there reading this blog.  Yesterday alone there were over 7,000 views – it amazes me.  Your private messages to me, through this website, as well as the comments to the website, show me the depth of your strong feelings, and concern for our quest for justice for Morgan.

Many of you do not write in, you just keep on coming back to the blog in the hope that you will read about an arrest being made. Every once in a while, some of you write in, only to say that you want to let me know you are quietly waiting for justice for Morgan to be announced.

The gratitude I feel for you all can never fully be expressed.  Your support has meant the world to myself and our family.  This journey has been long, and it has been very difficult, but the support from all of you – Team Morgan – is like the wind beneath my wings, holding me up at times when I thought I would fall.

Love & Light, and many, many thanks to you all!


2 thoughts on “Thank you all for your support!

  1. I love the dr Phil show and just watched the episode of your story and I’m disappointed that dr Phil didn’t have more support for you I surely hope they reopen the case for you

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