A Spirit’s Birthday Wish To Her Mother Today

A beautiful birthday wish for me today from beyond the veil – I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I feel blessed!
A Spirit’s Birthday Wish To Her Mother Today from Jennifer ShafferI was running on the beach here in Ocean City, NJ this morning when I saw these beautiful three red roses and had to stop. I sat down in the warm sand next to them and put them in an upright position. Then as I sat there contemplating why they were there, I received an alert from “Facebook” via text that it was Toni’s birthday today.Toni is the mother of Morgan who passed away at the age of 20. She should still be with us right now in physical form even though she is in spirit.In the midst of heart ache thinking about Toni, her husband Steve and their daughter Morgan, I actually smiled because it couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time finding those 3 roses.

I wrote happy birthday to Toni and then Morgans name “popped” in my head and then my name Jennifer. My name happens to be Morgan’s middle name.

I then asked Morgan who I felt was giving me “spirit hugs” as I was covered in chills, if I could sign her name and of course I was given a yes.

Everything transpired in seconds but the thank you from Morgan and Toni are still happening, hours later. What a gift of love coming over from the other side.

I am humbled and honored to be doing this work. I am also grateful to work with such a beautiful spirit who is helping us solve her very own case.

Jennifer Shaffer's photo.
Jennifer Shaffer's photo.
Information about Jennifer can be found at http://www.jennifershaffer.com  She is a friend, she is family, and most of all she is someone that unselfishly gives of herself to help others.  We love Jennifer!

Yesterday – it’s been 2 years & 6 months since we found Morgan’s body

Yesterday…  I could not for the life of me figure out why my whole body was vibrating.  I was in such an emotional state of frustration and could not shake it.  This morning when I woke up and looked at the calendar I realized that as of yesterday it has now been 2 years and 6 months since we found Morgan’s body – I can not believe it has been this long and an investigation into her death has never happened…I am outraged!



I can not understand why Garfield County does not care about violence against women.  In March 2013 President Obama signed the revitalized Violence Against Women Act  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/07/obama-violence-against-women-act_n_2830158.html 

Under the leadership of then-Senator Joe Biden, Congress recognized the severity of violence against women and our need for a national strategy with the enactment of the Violence Against Women Act in 1994. This landmark federal legislation’s comprehensive approach to violence against women combined tough new provisions to hold offenders accountable with programs to provide services for the victims of such violence.  Read the Act at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/vawa_factsheet.pdf

In the Act it is proudly points out that all states have passed laws making stalking a crime.  In the state of Colorado (the state that Morgan was born in, the state that she grew up in, and the state that she was killed in) the following stalking law is in place:

Colorado’s legislative declaration states:

C.R.S. 18-3-601. [Formerly 18-9-111 (4) (a)] Legislative declaration. (2010)
(1)  The general assembly hereby finds and declares that:

 (a)  Stalking is a serious problem in this state and nationwide;

(b)  Although stalking often involves persons who have had an intimate relationship with one another, it can also involve persons who have little or no past relationship;

(c)  A stalker will often maintain strong, unshakable, and irrational emotional feelings for his or her victim, and may likewise believe that the victim either returns these feelings of affection or will do so if the stalker is persistent enough. Further, the stalker often maintains this belief, despite a trivial or nonexistent basis for it and despite rejection, lack of reciprocation, efforts to restrict or avoid the stalker, and other facts that conflict with this belief.

(d)  A stalker may also develop jealousy and animosity for persons who are in relationships with the victim, including family members, employers and co-workers, and friends, perceiving them as obstacles or as threats to the stalker’s own “relationship” with the victim;

(e)  Because stalking involves highly inappropriate intensity, persistence, and possessiveness, it entails great unpredictability and creates great stress and fear for the victim;

(f)  Stalking involves severe intrusions on the victim’s personal privacy and autonomy, with an immediate and long-lasting impact on quality of life as well as risks to security and safety of the victim and persons close to the victim, even in the absence of express threats of physical harm.

(2)  The general assembly hereby recognizes the seriousness posed by stalking and adopts the provisions of this part 6 with the goal of encouraging and authorizing effective intervention before stalking can escalate into behavior that has even more serious consequences.

And then:

C.R.S. 18-3-602.  Stalking – penalty – definitions – Vonnie’s Law. (2012)

(1) A person commits stalking if directly, or indirectly, through another person, the person knowingly:

(a) Makes a credible threat to another person and, in connection with the threat, repeatedly follows, approaches, contacts, or places under surveillance that person, a member of that person’s immediate family, or someone with whom that person has or has had a continuing relationship; or


(b) Makes a credible threat to another person and, in connection with the threat, repeatedly makes any form of communication with that person, a member of that person’s immediate family, or someone with whom that person has or has had a continuing relationship, regardless of whether a conversation ensues; or


(c) Repeatedly follows, approaches, contacts, places under surveillance, or makes any form of communication with another person, a member of that person’s immediate family, or someone with whom that person has or has had a continuing relationship in a manner that would cause a reasonable person to suffer serious emotional distress and does cause that person, a member of that person’s immediate family, or someone with whom that person has or has had a continuing relationship to suffer serious emotional distress. For purposes of this paragraph (c), a victim need not show that he or she received professional treatment or counseling to show that he or she suffered serious emotional distress.

(2) For the purposes of this part 6:

(a) Conduct “in connection with” a credible threat means acts that further, advance, promote, or have a continuity of purpose, and may occur before, during, or after the credible threat.


(b) “Credible threat” means a threat, physical action, or repeated conduct that would cause a reasonable person to be in fear for the person’s safety or the safety of his or her immediate family or of someone with whom the person has or has had a continuing relationship. The threat need not be directly expressed if the totality of the conduct would cause a reasonable person such fear.


(c) “Immediate family” includes the person’s spouse and the person’s parent, grandparent, sibling, or child.


(d) “Repeated” or “repeatedly” means on more than one occasion.

(3) A person who commits stalking:

(a) Commits a class 5 felony for a first offense except as otherwise provided in subsection (5) of this section; or


(b) Commits a class 4 felony for a second or subsequent offense, if the offense occurs within seven years after the date of a prior offense for which the person was convicted.

(4) Stalking is an extraordinary risk crime that is subject to the modified presumptive sentencing range specified in section 18-1.3-401 (10).

(5) If, at the time of the offense, there was a temporary or permanent protection order, injunction, or condition of bond, probation, or parole or any other court order in effect against the person, prohibiting the behavior described in this section, the person commits a class 4 felony.

(6) Nothing in this section shall be construed to alter or diminish the inherent authority of the court to enforce its orders through civil or criminal contempt proceedings; however, before a criminal contempt proceeding is heard before the court, notice of the proceedings shall be provided to the district attorney for the judicial district of the court where the proceedings are to be heard and the district attorney for the judicial district in which the alleged act of criminal contempt occurred. The district attorney for either district shall be allowed to appear and argue for the imposition of contempt sanctions.

(7) A peace officer shall have a duty to respond as soon as reasonably possible to a report of stalking and to cooperate with the alleged victim in investigating the report.


(a) When a person is arrested for an alleged violation of this section, the fixing of bail for the crime of stalking shall be done in accordance with section 16-4-103 (2) (d), C.R.S., and a protection order shall issue in accordance with section 18-1-1001(5).

(b) This subsection (8) shall be known and may be cited as “Vonnie’s law.”

(9) When a violation under this section is committed in connection with a violation of a court order, including but not limited to any protection order or any order that sets forth the conditions of a bond, any sentences imposed pursuant to this section and pursuant to section 18-6-803.5, or any sentence imposed in a contempt proceeding for violation of the court order shall be served consecutively and not concurrently.

So where was the effective intervention before Morgan’s death?  Only 3 days before we found her dead body the felony stalking detective (Detective Robert Glassmire) who was assigned to her case told me that he felt like the stalker was going to escalate – his words not mine.  So where was the intervention?  How did he know the stalker was going to escalate?  And why did he tell us the morning we found her body that her death had nothing to do with the stalker?  This is before her body was taken away for an autopsy.  He said her death was a “mystery” at that time.  A mystery?  If it was a “mystery” then why not do an actual investigation, collect evidence, interview our next door neighbor that had information and waited for a call that never came, a Pitkin County Sheriff’s wife that had information, all Morgan’s close friends, her teachers, fellow students, employer, as well as us, her mom and dad.  Why didn’t they ask the really important questions?  More correctly, why didn’t they ask any questions at all.  Why was was Morgan, an innocent women being stalked, completely ignored, while her stalker was given a free pass?

Also, where are all the Sheriff’s reports for ALL the incidents of stalking that Morgan, as well as Steve and I told them about?  The detective met with Morgan once a week to get all updates and this was in addition to the daily calls we were making to dispatch.  In Morgan’s case were they really responding, and investigating the reports?  If that ever happened where are the reports?  I’ll tell you there are not any.  It felt like it was more like the felony stalking detective was trying to convince us that the car with the suspect in it that Morgan reported to him wasn’t really the suspect or his car, and the truck that Steve and I saw surveilling our house over 3 times, and we wrote down the license plate number and gave it to the detective, along with an exact description of the vehicle, he told us it had not really been there, plus more and more incidents that the Sheriff’s office refused to investigate and went as far as to make up excuses for.  Is this what they call investigating a report or cooperating with the witness?

To treat a stalking victim/murder victim in this manner is not only disgusting, but needs to end…2 years and 6 months later this is now only the start.  Morgan will get justice and Steve and I will never give up!

The Morgan Ingram Memorial Theatre Scholarship – 2 more students have been selected…congratulations!

On January 6th I received a manila envelope in the mail and opened it. It was from the  Colorado Mountain College Foundation…I started to read the first letter, and I cried, and cried like a little baby. They were tears of happiness and gratitude. It was a letter to inform me about the 2 students that have been selected as the recipients of the Morgan Ingram Memorial Theatre Scholarship for CMC Theatre Degree students for this current academic year.

They were thanking Steve and I for being instrumental in providing financial assistance to these students as they pursue their academic and career goals. All I could think of was how happy and grateful I was that the Memorial Theatre Scholarship that we set up in Morgan’s name is still helping students to achieve their goals.  Morgan would be so very happy. Her heart was bigger than life, she was an amazing person who touched everyone she came in contact with. She truly enjoyed her involvement at Colorado Mountain College and constantly emphasized her appreciation of education by encouraging others to continue their education, and pursue their own passions.So I want to congratulate Bella Barnum and Shelby Lathrop for being the selected recipients of the scholarship for the current academic year. I know Morgan is so very proud of you both – you will both go far I know.Bella thank you for letting me know that the beauty of Morgan’s smile greets you every morning (Morgan’s picture is in the case) in the New Theatre space and inspires you to do your best. That is so beautiful, and it fills my heart to hear.

And Shelby you have many dreams, but I can tell that you will work hard to achieve them…working hard you will realize those dreams, and I am so happy for you!

I hope that the Morgan Ingram Memorial Theatre Scholarship for CMC Theatre Degree Students keeps receiving support from around the world in Morgan’s name and many others can be assisted as they pursue their dreams.

If you are interesting in donating to this scholarship (and thank you so much to those who have already donated to the scholarship fund) please contact Carol J. Efting she is the Scholarship and Records Coordinator, Colorado Mountain College Foundation, P.O. Box 1763, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602, Phone 970-947-8378, Fax 970-047-8385 www.cmcfoundation.org and please let her know you would like your tax-deductible contribution to be directed towards the Morgan Ingram Memorial Theatre Scholarship for CMC Theatre Degree students. Thank you all so much – I know Morgan blesses you for it.

Colorado Mountain College Foundation | Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Creating Better Futures

A young mother that was raped and is in need of our collective help!


I always become enraged at the lack of professionalism, and inhumanity some law enforcement agencies (not all, but some) seem to have.  I wanted to share this recent/ongoing story with you all in the hopes that:

  • #1 it will illuminate the problem that is rampant around this country.
  • #2 show you that there are resources out there that want to help.
  • #3 see if any of you out there can help by making a call to the DA’s office or writing to the New Mexico Legislators or media about this ongoing horrible failure of the justice system – yes, they are failing this woman and her family

If any of you can think of a good way to inform a district attorney that 4 hours in jail and a $5,000 fine just doesn’t cut it when a victim’s whole life was torn apart and has been now been turned upside down, with she and her whole family left to live in a state of fear.  This is not acceptable!  This is not accountability, and this is not humanity!  Someone help this young woman – be her hero, wake up the justice system to do the right thing and not help to distort this woman’s life.  A victim should not get refused a restraining order when she wants one – she should not have to live in fear!

This started when I received a private Facebook from a distraught mother in November,   she said, “My daughter was raped in August it takes 8 months here for a rape kit to be processed. even though he said he probably did it he was not arrested, she could not get a restraining order.  And he is now stalking her and showing up at her older sisters work too!  He stalked her and monitored her through my Facebook and now shows up everywhere we go and she is terrified. This breaks my heart that she continues to be his victim and how this will all end.”

Well my heart went out to this mother, and of course her daughter who was now not only the victim of a rape, but also the victim of what sounds like a throw-back system that treats a rape victim like a nothing. I told her I am horrified that this has happened to your daughter! Please let me know what state you are in so I can try to research the specific laws that pertain to your situation and then I can give you links to sites to go to that will show you what you can do in your daughter’s situation…there is no way that this should be happening to your poor daughter. This person/predator should be stopped – they should issue her, as well as your whole family a restraining order so if you see him you can report him and have him arrested. This is just absolutely insane and sometimes it takes a printout of the actual law to waive in front of your detective or the District Attorney in order to get them to do their job. Please let me know how I can help – it’s the worse feeling in the world to be a parent and not be able to save your child. Hugs Toni

I then heard back from her and she said they live in Clovis, NM.  I told her I got it, “I will get back to you as soon as I have done some research for you. Hang in there…you now have to be a warrior.”  She then wrote back to me, “Thank you she has a 3-year-old daughter and is afraid to go anywhere alone or with her thank you.”

I wrote, “I don’t know if you have spoken with the 9th District Attorney’s office that represents Clovis, NM but if not I suggest you following this link and scroll down to the 9th Judicial DA’s Office and this link will show you the 3 names and numbers for the Victim’s Advocates. Please contact them and tell them your daughter’s story – do not take no for an answer – tell them your whole family has been victimized and you need help NOW! The link ishttp://www.nmsoh.org/nmva.pdf

I also told her for excellent information on stalking, including stalking behavior logs, safety plan guidelines, and a complete handbook for victims, contact the National Center for Victims of Crime Stalking Resource Center online at www.ncvc.org, call 1-800-FYI-CALL (M-F 8:30 AM – 8:30 PM EST), or e-mail [email protected]

  • http://www.victimsofcrime.org/our-programs/stalking-resource-center

    You can even call them and tell them what has happened in your situation and they can give you help and referrals.

    Welcome to the National Center for Victims of Crime
    VictimsofCrime.org. Please take a few moments to browse the site and familiarize yourself with some of our new features; let us know what you think. Before you leave, take a moment to add the site to your favorites list — we hope you will return often!

    I also told her that I would send her links to the pertinent laws from her state as well very soon  & to please stay safe.  She said, “Thank you.”  I said, “You are very welcome – I will do whatever I can to help you…as a mom I know the most important thing you want to do is to protect your children from harm. I really believe that the most important thing is the education of law enforcement...some are really up on the correct procedures and laws of their state and others are not.  They are not always knowledgable about how they should handle different crimes, and others (in my opinion) want crimes to solve themselves, and forget that they took an oath to serve and protect. I did research on the laws connected to stalking and harassment in New Mexico and they are definitely NOT what they should be. This is something else that needs to be addressed – all states are different, but the victims are still victims.

    She said, “What really got me is that she was questioned more than he was on the rape and he never said he did not rape her he said he was in her bedroom and does not remember. The detective was told the exam showed violence and bruising and scratches etc and did not arrest him said it came down to his word vs her word and the report on the rape kit seriously… I do not get how the victim has no rights or protection and can continue to be victimized it makes my heart just hurt for her that she lives in fear and she did the right thing she reported it.”

    I said, “It is so very wrong what has happened and is still happening to her. Please make an appointment and bring her with you to speak with the DA and tell him or her all of this and say it just like you just said it to me…victims should ALWAYS be treated with dignity and respect and you should ALWAYS be able to get a protection order through your District Attorney’s office. Please keep me in the loop and let me know what happens – also the National Center for Victims of Crime can walk you through all your options and national rights as a victim when you call them. I am so very sorry this is happening to your daughter as well as your family. Stay strong – I know you can help her with this…you sound like a very strong mom and she is very lucky to have you.” Then she said, “I will tell her, she did not know where to go to ask for help besides the detective thank you.”

    I said, “You are very welcome – I wish I could do more. Please let me know how it goes and if you need anymore help and I will talk to some other people for some more suggestions.”

    She said, “Thank you she did try to talk to the DA the secretary told her that he should have been arrested they did not need the rape kit for an arrest she was told to go back and talk to the detective and he is on vacation. So nothing can be done till after the holidays as the DA does not even have a record of the rape and case it is all with the sheriff and detective he has nothing saying there was a crime.”

    I said, “Unbelievable! At this point maybe she should email the detective and cc the DA on the same email so everything is in writing. Just an idea – documentation is so important so the detective can’t continue to drag his or her feet. So sorry again that your daughter is having to do this – I hope you can all still enjoy the holidays together. Hugs!

    She said, “The DNA kit came back with my daughters attackers DNA the sherriff told them he would be presenting it to the DA for a “possible” arrest warrent yesterday. Today he still has not done this and the arrest is not been made what step do they do what can they do to get this man arrested?” She then said, “They just arrested him finally and told my daughter please keep someone with you because his wife is still a threat and he may bond out, but he is being booked into the jail as of today.”

    Then she wrote, “well the rapist was only in on 4 hrs and is out on bond, the police have not even contacted my daughter to tell them they charged and arrested him, he works with a family friend who told us he was arrested and this is just beyond wrong. My daughter is going to the DA tomorrow morning to find out what is going on why only 4 hours and for a restraining order.”

    She wrote, “They refused an order of protection, the sheriff said that the bail has conditions that he not contact her she has repeatedly asked for one and been denied. She talks finally to the victims advocate and DA on Monday and I will ask her. As her husband is a vet and she his spouse they are going for counseling and help to the VA on Monday as they will have to face him in court we believe on Friday as knowone has told them anything they are totally upset and traumatized by this.”

    I then responded, “I am so upset for your daughter…how can they justify only 4 hours, a $5,000 bond and they never even called your daughter to tell her! In the state of New Mexico I read that aggravated criminal sexual penetration or criminal sexual penetration that involves force or coercion resulting in great bodily harm or great mental anguish to the victim is a felony in the first degree. Penalties include a fine of up to $15,000, up to 18 years in prison, or both. I wonder if you would like me to put out a blog, twitter and FB request for people to share to get others to call your DA and show their support for your daughter and demand justice?  I am so sick of LE in some areas treating these things like minor offenses when they are life threatening and dangerous to more victims down the line if they get away with it. Did they make a plea bargain, or is there going to be a trial? Will he need to be registered as a sex offender? Did they offer and then give your daughter a court ordered protection order? Have they suggested that your daughter move and go into an address confidentiality program? She then said, “They refused a order of protection the sheriff said that the bail has conditions that he not contact her she has repeatedly asked for one and been denied. She talks finally to the victims advocate and DA on Monday and I will ask her. As her husband is a vet and she his spouse they are going for counseling and help to the VA on Monday as they will have to face him in court we believe on Friday as no one has told them anything they are totally upset and traumatized by this.”

    She then wrote, “I will be talking to her tonight she lives on the other side of town now and she is never alone she and her husband are living in fear that now he has nothing to loose and may retaliate.” I wrote, “Please have her call or go in person again to the DA’s office – they will have a person in charge of Assistance in Filing Compensation Claims, Criminal Justice Support Advocacy, Emergency Financial Assistance, Emergency Legal Advocacy, Follow-up Contact, Information And Referral , Personal Advocacy, Telephone Contacts – she needs a court advocate to help her with this and to give her suggestions on how to protect herself and her family. Please let me know if there is anything I can do and I honestly mean it when I say that I will contact many, many people to call the DA’s office and demand justice. Take care and hang in there! Love and light to your whole family.”

    She said, “Thank you we did not know where to ask for help till you told us the DA thank you.”  I said, “You are so very welcome – I wish I could do more for you. Is it OK if forward the link to the arrest you sent me to ask people to ask for justice and not let this be “swept” under the rug? I know you must feel numb and may not want to do anything yet and that is ok – I just thought I would ask in case it might be a way I can help you and your daughter. Sending as much positive vibrations your way as I can. Someone along my journey reminded me to be fierce – and every time I feel weak I remember her words and I try to visualize myself being a lion. Silly I know, but it helps. She wrote, “Yes, please do we are feeling we are not going to get any justice I told my daughter she is stronger than she thinks how many women has he done this to and they did not go through the process of reporting it? Because I bet he has and you do not want him hurting someone else. Thank you.”

    I replied back to her, “Your daughter is incredible strong! And I want to see her get justice. I will do what I can on my end and see how many others i can get to help as well. Hang in there. Hugs!

    She said, “Thank you, she met with the DA and victims advocate they said the case was handled all wrong and that they now have counseling in Clovis our town and she was going to make some calls but over 6 months of emotional and financial pain she had to get her own counseling and trade in her vehicle throw out he mattress and couch as they were part of her rape they told her she can civilly sue him later she told me again something I can pursue on my own later I am so tired and sick of it all being me fighting and no one helping so hopefully Friday she sees some justice, but them telling her to file a complaint on the sheriff and detective etc. makes us wonder.”  She then said, “Friday he gets sentenced and she does not have to be there they said they are only going for 3rd degree she asked for higher. No they said they only issue them against family members in NM and his probation includes no weapons no alcohol she told them he is driving a unregistered uninsured truck I have reported it repeatedly and you do not stop or enforce that doubt you will enforce the weapons and alcohol.  My daughter called me tonight crying her eyes out she was driving alone around town just crying seems he drove past her work just as she got out and now knows what she drives he got off work early to do it told them he had a doctors appointment. So now she took a leave from work as she does not feel safe there either since he did this – it pushed her over the edge she broke down and said when does this end when can I feel safe? So we talked to her and I told her many women commit suicide do not be one of those women be the women that says okay I cried I had my moment and he is not winning.  She asked when do I get support for this when will he be stopped I told her it will get worse before it gets better but you have so much, a husband that loves you, and a daughter, he tried to take everything away from you and you stood strong remember that when no one believed you you said I was raped and the DNA proved you were you are the victim, but you survived continue to do so because you have support and love, and we are here for you. That he left work to drive by her work is beyond belief she has basically quit her job to be safe. This is so unfair to hear her gut wrenching sobs and say it could of been my 3 year old if he had gone into her room instead of mine haunts me breaks my heart.”












The Second Anniversary of Morgan’s Murder

Never Giving Up Morgan

Never Giving Up Morgan

That morning two years ago began as any other, and then it grew to change so many lives forever.  She would wish that we always remember her in happiness. For all that she shared with us in her short time.  And for the love that she brought to this world.

Morgan did not want to leave, that choice was forced upon her by others that will answer for what they did, but that is for another day or days.  However long it takes to see justice for Morgan that challenge will be met.  Never a choice Steve and I ever imagined we would face someday, but we have, and our commitment to what we know is right is now stronger and more complete that ever before.

Days before her death we all shared what would be Morgan’s last Thanksgiving dinner with us, enjoying her happiness and love as if it would simply always be, just as it always had.  That it could all end so abruptly was unimaginable that afternoon.

Morgan’s stalker and her stalking were not mentioned.  Instead we talked of the future, her certification to teach yoga that would begin in a month, then her pursuit of a law degree after that, and her ultimate desire to help others.  It was the dream of life, as it should have been.  It was a wonderful afternoon. . .

We Love You So Much Morgan

We Love You So Much Morgan

Today it is about managing the pain.  We know Morgan wants us to be happy, to enjoy all of the many blessings we have and to carry on her love for the world, and we shall.  We are stronger now, more able to say the phrase, “we are so blessed to have Morgan in our lives for the twenty years that we did, and thankful to be able to carry her memory forward as it should be.”  There is so much work yet to do on that endeavor that Morgan so justly deserves.

As Steve and I began down the path we now embrace so fully, we felt alone, and looking back now, how quickly it was that we discovered we were not alone at all.  It’s as if Morgan herself was out asking others for their assistance in unraveling the mysteries of her death.  There should not have been so many facets to decipher, but there were.  Oh so many – yet slowly but surely the shrouds are falling off and the truth emerging.  If ever there was a case that so completely proves that the truth never changes, Morgan’s case will indeed prove that simple statement.

The truths revealed so far have really been very simple, albeit very shocking and horrific as Steve and I were first allowed to see them, but without a doubt, simple truths.  In the end all will be obvious, a giant compilation of simple truths.  And make no mistake it will not be a compilation made by Steve and I.  It comes from the expertise of so many, all across the country, all taking the time to share what they know with us as the simple curators of what Morgan’s case has become.  Every new little truth gives us pause, and it hurts, but it is what we need because it will one day spell justice for our dear departed daughter.  That one things means so very much to Steve and I, and to so many more that are now sharing in this quest of ours.

It has been so amazing and encouraging to see how every great mind picks out another piece from the same crime scene.  Another fact that was right there the morning her murdered body was found.  Another little truth that has waited, unchanged, until it was discovered to be a part of the crimes against Morgan.  That her civil rights were completely obliterated is without question and we again take a moment to thank all of those who are helping to expose these facts.  Our path seems like it has been long and painful and we will be up for wherever it takes us and however long it takes, with enough patience to see and assemble all of the facts surrounding her murder we shall ensnare the murderers and their accomplices with nothing more than the simple truths that all existed on the morning we found her.

A year ago I tried to document her investigation, but it was so difficult and tedious.  I have now come to realize it was because there was no investigation, just another simple truth.  What other simple truths do we know?  That is not for today, on the anniversary of her death we will remember Morgan, and all that she was.  And all that she had taken from her will not change, and it will still be there tomorrow.  Today we miss her greatly, and that is all we can bear for one day.  These 3 beautiful pictures were taken by someone very close to Morgan, on this very morning as the sun was coming up – Morgan used to get up before sunrise to watch the ever-changing start of the new day…she loved it so much, as she loved life, so these pictures are like an extension of Morgan herself.  Thank you so much to the beautiful soul that took them and sent them to us today.  Much love to everyone and know that we will NEVER GIVE UP!

We Miss You So Much and We Feel Your Love Stronger and Stronger

We Miss You So Much and We Feel Your Love Stronger and Stronger