Happy Summer Solstice

The flower photo above is one that Morgan took in her last year of life…I will always honor Morgan by cherishing life as she did. Morgan loved life. Morgan saw beauty in the world at every turn.

Today, as we celebrate the first day of summer, I am reminded that on this longest day of the year, I have so much to be grateful for. I am grateful that Morgan, in her short 20 years, opened my eyes to so many things. She was wise beyond her years and I feel like she taught me more than I ever taught her. I miss her every moment of every day, but still feel her love and wisdom with me in every breath I take…for that I am grateful.

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November 27, 2018 – every day now gets harder and harder to bear…

This is a picture of Morgan with me when she was in Elementary school – she is cuddling her doll Charlie. I bought Charlie for Morgan on her 2nd birthday and she loved him. She didn’t want a girl doll – she picked out a boy doll and named him.  Just the other day I was going through some old bins and I found Charlie. I held him to my heart and cried and cried. He looked brand new, Morgan had always taken such good care of him.  I wished with all my heart that Morgan was still here to pass Charlie down to her own daughter someday…every day leading up to this Sunday has been torture for me. Sunday will be the 7th anniversary of Morgan’s murder and we still do not have justice for her yet. Please remember Morgan in your prayers and light a candle on Sunday so your prayers for justice will be answered in 2019 – I still believe in the power of prayer.  Thank you!