November 29, 2018 – remembering all the fun trips with Morgan…

The pain is almost to much to bear…this Sunday it will have been 7 years since Morgan was brutally taken from us.  No one has the right to take another’s life…no one! Morgan didn’t want to go – she loved her life and she loved her family, her friends and her pets. She had her whole life mapped out – she was excited about her life, and then it was taken from her. She was so scared – the night before her murder she asked for a knife from her dad – he bought it for her and it was found next to her body in her bed the morning we found her. Before she came home that night she asked a friend’s Aunt if she could sleep over – she was afraid to sleep at home alone in her room, but unfortunately it didn’t work out with her friend’s Aunt. So then she drove, on her way home, to ask another male friend if he could sleep over, but again, that didn’t work out either…she came home that night exhausted, stressed and scared and in hindsight she was right…the “gut” feeling she had that she was in mortal danger was absolutely correct and her life was taken from her. What a coward to attack an innocent victim while they sleep – do you think they would have much of a chance of defending themselves? And yet she did fight back. You can witness that from the crime scene photos. Three nails on her right hand are torn, along with abrasions on the top and bottom of that hand…abrasion on her wrist and chest…blood on her head and mouth with a smashed nose and fat lip. Clean folded clothes tossed all over the floor of her room and the vacuum knocked over, amount much more evidence of a struggle, attack, theft and murder.

We will never give up fighting for justice for Morgan. Her family and friends are now her voice and we will not be silenced…there are too many of us – they can’t silence all of us.

Please keep Morgan in your heart and pray for justice in 2019.