Evil Never Rests…

Victims of stalking become hyper-vigilant…they never know when or where their stalker will strike.  They know evil never rests – exhaustion from lack of sleep becomes the norm.  Wikipedia says, “Hypervigilance is an enhanced state of sensory sensitivity accompanied by an exaggerated intensity of behaviors whose purpose is to detect threats. Hyper-vigilance is also accompanied by a state of increased anxiety which can cause exhaustion.”

Morgan, Steve and I were all victims of stalking in Colorado – it was a gang stalking – it involved more than one person.  Morgan was killed during the active investigation into that felony stalking case.  Colorado understands how dangerous and pervasive stalking is – here is the Colorado Legislative declaration:

C.R.S. 18-3-601. [Formerly 18-9-111 (4) (a)] Legislative declaration. (2010)
(1)  The general assembly hereby finds and declares that:

 (a)  Stalking is a serious problem in this state and nationwide;

(b)  Although stalking often involves persons who have had an intimate relationship with one another, it can also involve persons who have little or no past relationship;

(c)  A stalker will often maintain strong, unshakable, and irrational emotional feelings for his or her victim, and may likewise believe that the victim either returns these feelings of affection or will do so if the stalker is persistent enough. Further, the stalker often maintains this belief, despite a trivial or nonexistent basis for it and despite rejection, lack of reciprocation, efforts to restrict or avoid the stalker, and other facts that conflict with this belief.

(d)  A stalker may also develop jealousy and animosity for persons who are in relationships with the victim, including family members, employers and co-workers, and friends, perceiving them as obstacles or as threats to the stalker’s own “relationship” with the victim;

(e)  Because stalking involves highly inappropriate intensity, persistence, and possessiveness, it entails great unpredictability and creates great stress and fear for the victim;

(f)  Stalking involves severe intrusions on the victim’s personal privacy and autonomy, with an immediate and long-lasting impact on quality of life as well as risks to security and safety of the victim and persons close to the victim, even in the absence of express threats of physical harm.

(2)  The general assembly hereby recognizes the seriousness posed by stalking and adopts the provisions of this part 6 with the goal of encouraging and authorizing effective intervention before stalking can escalate into behavior that has even more serious consequences.

Notice, Colorado encourages and authorizes effective intervention before stalking can escalate, as it did in our case.  From the very beginning of the stalking, until 4 months later when Morgan was murdered, the stalker(s) were continually ratcheting it up.  They “got off” watching the sheriffs show up with their flashlights to look on the ground – it caused the stalker(s) to set off more alarms, more motion lights, more impacts against the windows.  Morgan was murdered just 2 nights after Det. Glassmire told us he believed the stalking was going to “escalate” and he would be assigning more directed patrols of our home.  Our daughter ended up dead 2 nights later, and Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario has the nerve to go on camera, almost 9 months after her death, and say his officers were out at our house over 50 times, and never saw a stalker?  Seriously – does he think a “stalker(s)” will just sit on the front lawn and wait until the sheriffs get there?  Wow, does that happen often?  I think not. This is why so many victims of stalking no longer trust law enforcement.  This needs to change.  There needs to be more education, and the implementation of an more effective protocol.

And why, out of 4 months of calling law enforcement out to our home, almost twice as many times as the sheriff claims, keeping our own timeline like suggested, giving law enforcement photos, videos, statements, witnesses, etc. the sheriffs only produced ~ 6 investigating officer’s reports (which is what they are supposed to do EVERY time) – where are all the other reports of these stalking incidents?  And the felony stalking detective Rob Glassmire (the now current coroner of Garfield County) met with Morgan almost every week, he was called and emailed, and texted every time something happened, he was given details of events and where are all his reports?  When you take out the copies of what Morgan and I gave him and the “suspects” work hours there isn’t much left in his reports. Where are the details about what happened during all those horrific incidents?  Were those reports ever written?  Were those reports deleted intentionally out of the police reports many months after Morgan was murdered?

Here is the sheriff’s list of incident reports – or should I say the only ones they list.  Of the almost non-stop stalking incidents for 4 months straight, this is just a small fraction of the incidents that were called in, and responded to – how can that be?  We have all the dates and times dispatch was called.  We have the cards of the responding deputies.  We have video of the sheriffs looking around our home with flashlights and walking up and down our driveway.  if you read what they write, it’s crazy – during an active felony stalking case they list the events as Trespassing, Suspicious Events, Directed Patrols, Harassments and Follow Ups.  This is how the Garfield County Sheriff deals with felony stalking.  This has to change, or many more innocent people will die because of their stalkers, due to the lack of an untrained sheriff, and the absence of an effective stalking protocol.

Evil never rests, and to ignore evil and pretend it didn’t happen just allows it to keep damaging innocent families…this needs to stop now!

Keep those tips coming in – please share this poster

And please note the image on the video depicts a left handed suspect – please call in any and all tips…You can stay anonymous.

Justice for Morgan!


A Tree for Morgan…Remember Me Loving You

Version 2

Because of the love & kindness of the Rodden family Morgan has her own tree in Carbondale, CO.  It overlooks a wonderful dog park where her puppy Wylah used to play.  This tree was chosen and planted by this wonderful family as a beautiful reminder of Morgan and I know Morgan would be very grateful.

As it grows and produces more shade to all those who stand under it, along with their fur babies, I hope they take a moment and read the plaque that is attached to the tree.  It says, “Remember Me Loving You.”  Morgan Ingram 8.16.1991 – 12.2.2011.  This is a saying that Morgan loved.  Morgan never missed an opportunity to express her feelings – she was very open and honest with everyone.  A day never went by without her verbalizing her love.  You never know when it will be too late to tell someone you love exactly how you feel, but I know that is not something Morgan would have ever needed to worry about – she always said I love you early and often.

I felt it was time to finally post this picture of the Morgan tree.  I am so very grateful to have such loving, caring people in our lives.  Some of which I had never even met until after Morgan’s murder.  Sometimes I feel people like these should be called earth angels. They appear to us when we feel we can no longer go on.  They lift us up with their light and joy and they give us a glimpse of happiness one more time, if only for a moment.  Because of people like this you know you must go on, because with every new day the sun still rises and the leaves on the trees glisten with the fresh morning dew.  Nothing stops.  My whole world will never be the same without Morgan, but the world still goes on.  And every day is a new day in which you can make a difference in this world.  A day that I can honor my child with my love and through my actions.

This coming Sunday, August 16th will be Morgan’s birthday…she would have been 24 years old.  At the beginning of August 2011 her life had changed forever – she had a stalker.  She had no idea at that time who it was, and she was so very frightened.  Because of her stalker(s) that birthday, 4 years ago this coming Sunday, ended up being Morgan’s very last birthday on this earth – she just turned 20.  We talked about where she wanted to spend her next birthday – the big 21.  She said Las Vegas wasn’t really her thing and she was thinking that maybe we could all take a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico to celebrate.  She loved the art galleries and the people there.  I told her she had a whole year to think about it and whatever she decided would be great.  How could I have ever known we would never have a chance to see her turn 21?

Every day this week as I count down to this coming Sunday I get a little sadder, a little weepier, and my heart aches.  Yet at the same time I feel Morgan’s spirit very, very close.  When I feel Morgan close by it always brings a smile to my face…I love her so much!  This Sunday we will burn a candle for Morgan, our family will cry and laugh and remember all the wonderful moments we were grateful for.  Because of Morgan I promise to never ever take a single day for granted.

Keep the ones you love close, tell them you love them early and often.  Make lots of memories with them and always make them your number one priority in life…because they are.

If you get a chance this coming Sunday, August 16th please burn a candle for Morgan and pray that her investigation is opened and justice is served.   Pray that state officials in Colorado care enough to do the right thing for Morgan, as well as all the other victims of stalking, murder and missing persons.   Your actions, thoughts and prayers really do matter.  Much love to you all.