Thought for the day: LOVE IS EVERYWHERE…From Morgan on May 15, 2011

Morgan was always about love. She always said, “I love you,” whenever she had a chance…and it was often. The Facebook post above was in the Spring of 2011, when Morgan was 19. It was only 2 & 1/2 months before her “active stalking” started. She did not know that at that time her whole world would soon change, and she had no idea that the vandalism on her car, that had taken place only 3 months earlier, that past February, was just the beginning of her stalking. 

She drew little hearts everywhere, even on the back of her jeans, in flour, while baking 🙂

Morgan knew and saw love always and for that I am happy. She did not delude herself, she knew there was ugliness in the world but, she believed love would win in the end…and so do I.

I will always love you Morgan!