Tragic and predictable outcome…

This 19-year-old was murdered by her stalker and afterwards the police were contacted by 13 other victims who had previously made reports about this same stalker – these reports related to a three-year period before the murder, apart from one which related to contacts over 10 years…there were warning signs that were ignored.




Here are some good articles to read in order to understand what a victim of stalking has to deal with and yes, “In addition to the physical dangers, stalking takes a severe psychological toll on its victims.”



Stalking could lead to an escalation of violence and potentially death

Stalking is serious!

Stalking was present in 94% of the 358 cases of criminal homicides this study looked at:

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which runs the National Stalking Helpline, warned that failure to take action on stalking could lead to an escalation in violence and potentially death. It called on courts to recognise stalking as a broader problem and pattern of behaviour.

Where there is deep grief, there “is” great love…my thought of the day

When I saw this on Facebook I knew I had to share it with all of you. When you love someone so much, and they are no longer on this planet with you, of course you will grieve – and when the one you loved and lost is your child the pain is unmeasurable, and so it is with the grief – the grief felt when you lose your child is indescribable.

Grief is expressed differently by all of us, just as humans, we are all different…but that doesn’t mean the pain is any less. A sudden loss by a traumatic event is a life-shattering event – one that you may never recover from. I wish people would try to understand that there is no “getting over it.”  There is no closure. Parents need to be able to speak about their child, cry over the loss of their child and have loving, caring friends and relatives that will listen and not judge, so those parents can push forward into a new phase of life, a life  without their child…and that life can never be the same as it was for them before their loss – how could it be?

Being able to share the life of their child, all the memories and thoughts they have will give parents a way to lighten the pain…it doesn’t increase the pain, as some think, it actually helps with the grief process. Their child mattered. Their child is still loved. Just imagine trying to hold in all those thoughts and memories and never shed a tear? All those bottled up emotions can just eat away at your soul – so please, if you know anyone who has lost a child, please don’t try to change the subject and act cheery, thinking it will help – quite the contrary, the best thing you can do is sit and listen to the parents, just be there for them, they will feel your healing love, and it will be the best gift you can give them.