A Lag In Reporting A Stalker…

Wow! This article says stalking victims can sometimes be targeted at least 100 times before raising the alarm, a police expert says.

In our case, after approximately one week of targeted incidents of stalking we finally call the sheriffs, and they told us we shouldn’t have waited so long – as a victim of stalking, one who has never been stalked before, you tend to ignore the incidents, writing them off as something else, never wanting to believe someone has targeted you. You try to think of an innocent explanation for everything that is happening…until you can no longer do so.

Wiltshire’s deputy chief constable Paul Mills, said “[But] if left unchecked, the key to this type of behavior is fixation and that can grow very, very quickly and as a result the risk can rise.

“In the worst cases, in cases known as femicide, where females are killed by men, there is a high incidence of stalking and prior to ultimately sadly losing their lives.”


Stalking is the most UNDERREPORTED crime. The Stalking Resource Center at the National Center for Victims of Crime and the U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women produced this video to enhance the ability of law enforcement first responders to recognize and effectively respond to stalking. The video is designed so that it can either be shown in its entirety (approximately 18 minutes) or as individual chapters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2BHO8eXvxA

Law enforcement is putting victims at risk by not investigating or recording complaints correctly

This article is about the statistics in England and Whales, but also pertains to what is going on in the US, as well as other countries. 

There needs to be more education and proactive protocols in law enforcement’s toolbox, when it comes to dealing with stalkers, for a safer, more positive outcome for the victim. 


If You See Something…Say Something!

It’s all up to you. When you see something, say something. My Nana used to always say, “What’s right is right.” And we all know when something doesn’t look right, so speak up!

We are all given choices in life, and it really is all up to you…yes, you can be the one to make a difference in this world. Don’t ever think for one moment that you are just one person, and one person can not ever change things…that is not true. Some of the biggest positive changes in this world started out because of one person with conviction, honesty, and a drive to stand up to evil, spoke up and refused to be silenced.

US Homeland Security says, “If you see something, say something.” This not only pertains to our homeland security threats, but also to any criminal activity. We need co-workers, neighbors, and friends to speak up when they see or hear anything that can help stop criminal stalking activity.