Stranger Stalker – What does that mean?


Morgan’s stalker has over, and over again been called a stranger stalker.  I know all too well how he did his best to conceal his identity but not his presence, especially at our home.  When stalking on the streets he had a different approach, but at the house, to let Morgan know he was right there was almost a particular turn-on for him.  The Deputies who first saw the wildlife camera photo of him, leaning against Steve’s truck, and watching them drive away, spooked and angered them.  The said they had never seen anything like it.

Stranger stalkers are thought to have a greater affect on their victims because the stalker is unknown to them, hence the stalking takes on a much more frightening feeling.  Because the stalker is unknown to the victim, the victim has no idea who to be on the lookout for, who to be careful of or around, and who to speak to, and who to avoid.  Although the level of danger connected with stranger stalkers may not in actuality be higher, the stress level most certainly is without doubt.  Most experts will tell you that stranger stalking can be one of the most terrifying of all stalking situations, as even the experts themselves don’t know how to deal with it.

In a twist that is especially telling in Morgan’s case a stranger stalker very often suffers from erotomania; a mental disorder that causes the stalker to believe another person is in love with him or her.  Due to this disorder, a stranger stalker may fantasize either that they have had an intimate relationship with their victim, or that their victim truly loves them and wants to have an intimate relationship with them.  “Erotomania is directed at both men and women, but more men act on the delusion,” according to an expert on the subject.

This helps explain why Morgan’s stalker was almost exclusively at one of the windows of a bathroom she was using.  From the beginning until it ended with her death there was always an undeniable voyeur, or peeping tom aspect in Keenan’s approaches to her.

Occasionally, victims of stranger stalking may eventually find out who their stalkers are.  Morgan had no idea for a month or so, and then after finding out from a neighbor that Keenan had moved into the neighborhood the pieces started falling together.  In fact it was the neighbors that we were not supposed to tell anything about the stalking to (that is what the Sheriff’s said in the beginning, because they felt the stalker was in our neighborhood, and didn’t want to tip him off) that were the most helpful with clues about things they had seen, not the Sheriffs.  The Detectives were very careful, and took their time to arrive at the decision that Keenan was the prime suspect, which is good thing I think.

The large number of other stalking incidents in the area over many years all matching his description with a very similar MO had me calling him a serial stalker.  Just recently I have found out that this is not that uncommon at all.

Experts feel that over half of the stalkers in America have been involved in prior stalking incidents.  Even psychiatrists cannot accurately predict when the stalking behavior will end or happen the next time, but they know that about two-thirds of those showing obsessive stalking behavior have had prior episodes.  Law enforcement largely agrees with this theory, as research into the case files for Detectives shows that if a complete background investigation is made into a stalkers past, there are often other cases of prior stalkings.

Morgan’s stalker was a stranger stalker, and most likely a serial stalker as well.  That there were people in the neighborhood willing to cover for him undoubtedly made the task more difficult for the Sheriffs.  It seems that everyone who was interviewed or questioned, for example with Brooke or Christina Harris, the Sheriffs noted that they detected deception in their answers.  A really frustrating part for me is to see a complete lack of follow up on that deception.

As I search for answers for others I know that this is something that has to be more effectively addressed in the future.  There are very few reasons for deception in a person’s answers to a Sheriff or Detective asking about a particular individual who is the prime suspect in a stalking.  Following up on that deception thoroughly has to be part of the investigation, otherwise it does not seem that there really is much of an investigation going on – don’t you think?

Working in one degree of separation…

MorganarmsupA play was written by John Guare, based on a theory by Frigyes Karinthy that there are six degrees of separation, an idea that everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world.  Strange as it sounds at first, on average, it really holds up, so that a chain of “friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

In other words you meet someone, and they know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, and six people later, viola, that person knows you!  And why is this important you ask?  Well once you get this idea there is another one to ponder.

We live in a small, very contained valley, so small that Steve has a theory that we live with one degree of separation.  Maybe he’s right, and at times it sure seems like everyone you meet knows at least one friend of yours.   And this cuts so many ways in Morgan’s Stalking.

For example:

  1. James Harris confesses to a client (the same morning we find Morgan’s body) that he knows who the stalker is, and that person he confessed to turns out to be friends with a very good friend of mine.  But then the detectives never investigate, never question this witness.
  2. The detectives interview Keenan’s boss at work (since Keenan was the prime suspect), Keenan gets a glowing review, hard working clean nosed young man, our detectives get the idea at that time that maybe he is not the stalker, and they are wrong about him.  Except the detective does not know that the manager is Keenan’s Uncle, by marriage.  Nor does he know that at least three other relatives of Keenan work at the same store.  The truth was being hidden to confuse this poor detective?  Certainly possible.  As we all know it was just weeks later that Keenan was arrested on a warrant for theft by receiving, I am told Keenan is the one who walked into the cash for gold store, and fenced the goods, and I believe it.  During the stop his car was taken to the station, and a stash of drugs prepackaged for sale were found inside – so much for the clean nosed young man, wouldn’t you say?
  3. James Harris claims to have not known there was a stalker when questioned on the Dr. Phil show, and said he wishes we would have told him so he could have taken appropriate measures. This was on a TV show where he came with the intention of defending himself with the truth, one might assume.  And over the past weekend another connection just jumped out.  During Morgan’s stalking the President of the HOA (not James) wanted to do something to stop this situation, and decided one of our next door neighbors had let his yard get quite overgrown (a good place for the stalker to hide) and his plan was to organize a work party of board members to trim it all down.  Hopefully give the stalker fewer places to hide, as the stalker was doing so successfully up till then.  Don’t we all remember the stalker wandering out and leaning on Steve’s truck to watch the Sheriffs drive away?  Guess who was a part of that work party to reduce hiding places for the stalker?  You guessed it, James Harris spent a good part of his weekend trimming, and raking and cleaning our neighbor’s yard, because of the stalker we had in our neighborhood – but I guess he must have forgotten all about that.  Then, just months later James claims, with a straight face, and actually feigning surprise, that he knew nothing about a stalker.  This just gets deeper and deeper, doesn’t it?  This latest memory lapse that he had is in addition to all his conversations with the Detectives and the Deputies that came to his house, or that he approached in the street during the 4 months of stalking to ask about the stalker, and James also chooses to completely forget he was interviewed, as well as his daughter Brooke, a face-to-face interview he was at! – a fact he must have forgotten all about as well.  Part of this amazing changing memory was posted on April 4, 2013 – “Definition of Accuse.” Click on it if you want to read it again.
  4. In the months following Morgan’s death many individuals independently came up to me and shared something they had heard Brooke Harris say before Morgan died that troubled them.  At different times, and worded slightly different, they all reported hearing her say either, “That bitch is going to get it someday”, or just, “That bitch is going to get it.”.  Of course when confronted on stage in TV land she denied ever saying that, and not stopping there she claimed to be a friend of Morgan’s and why would she ever say that?  She exclaimed.  Just a last tidbit on this, when Keenan was asked if he knew about the “keying” of Morgan’s car, the word ‘Bitch’ scraped into the driver’s door, right down to the metal, Keenan said he did not know about it, but told the detective he either thought “Brooke could have done it,” or “that’s her style, so it is very possible that she did it.”  I wasn’t there during his interview with the Detective so I am not sure of the exact wording, but basically that is what I was told that he said to the Detective.
  5. Everyone wanted me to talk to the ranch next door, and I mean everyone, one by one, they told me about things at the ranch.  So thanks I guess to the one degree of separation theory he’s a few more disclosures.  The ranch had most, but probably not all, of the seven drugs found in Morgan’s system, and responsible for her death.  Keenan’s sister worked her community service at the ranch.  Brooke’s mother worked at the ranch.  Brooke visited the ranch for reasons unknown to me.  Keenan was at the ranch at times.  Elliott’s two daughters took riding lessons at the ranch, under the watchful eye of Elliott.  At this point all that needs to happen is for James to stop by to pick up one of his daughters or drop something off for his ex and do you realize that every player from the neighborhood in this mystery was at the ranch in the room where the drugs are stored at one time or another?  And yes, this connection has also never been investigated by the Sheriff’s department.
  6. Oh, and as to the seven drugs – as I have not mentioned that in a while, because that part of the investigation is pretty much closed from where I sit.  Let me, however, say this; Morgan’s labs confirm the existence of seven drugs of importance, some of these seven drugs can be a synthesis of others, but they can also exist, and can be administered independently, that is a very important detail.  As it has been explained to me, EVERY one of those seven drugs has to be analyzed, and evaluated both independently, and then together to approach the true story of what happen to Morgan that night.  Focusing on one or two, and dismissing the rest is a sure path to introducing erroneous conclusions.  So you can rest assured that the conclusion arrived at by the contracted pathologist is indeed erroneous, of that I have been assured.

Quite fascinating, these varying degrees of separation, especially when you attempt to harness them in order to solve a crime.  When the truth never changes, and you have a statute of limitations of forever when it comes to murder, only your tenacity to stay the course becomes the limiting factor in a search for justice.  For whom the bell tolls, or the clock ticks in this case, we shall see in the end.  Human nature is hard to overcome for most, impossible for others.

In Morgan’s memory Steve and I want to help others, it is the most satisfying task for us now.  Research has led us to believe that there are laws to prevent such tragedies as Morgan and our family suffered, they have already been written, and are part of our State law.  Now we just need to find out what happened to that memo.  I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile look for these laws to be posted in their entirety at the State of Colorado to help stalking victims understand the laws at their disposal to protect them…we were not given any of this information during Morgan’s stalking, and I dearly wish we had been given it.  It breaks my heart to continually hear from victims that are not being protected due to lack of enforcement of laws that are already in place to protect them.  When I travel to Denver I want to be sure to address this very question with as many people in office as I can.