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Once on the website you will see the tabs that read, Home, Story, Blog, Links, Press, MJ, Donate – there are also other links below on the from page that say, Her Life, Her Stalking, Her Murder, The Investigation, Wanted Poster – Website Mission, Changing Laws, Tip Line and Disclaimer. If you haven’t already, please click on all of these and read about this case.

Like Eckhart Tolle said, “Awareness is most certainly the greatest agent for change,” and that is exactly what I am trying to accomplish…change. We need to change the ‘playing field’ for victims, as well as co-victims (the families and friends left behind after a horrific murder). Right now that field favors the perpetrator, not the victim, as sad and unbelievable as that sounds. In so many cases families, such as ours, are not given the evidence that law enforcement has, for many years, and not without heavy intervention, even when there is no active investigation at the time. The families have every right to have that evidence and conduct their own investigation, if law enforcement does not. One father is still fighting for justice for his daughter and in the meantime he has raised awareness and changed the law in his state – the new law is called “Molly’s Law” and every state should have a “Molly’s Law.” This is the type of change to the ‘playing field’ that I am trying to facilitate.

Listen here to the Lynda Cheldelin Fell on ‘Moments of Hope’ and the ‘Grief Diaries’ on a Facebook live interview with Larry Young talking about his daughter Molly. As Lynda says, “This is a shocking true story about one father’s pursuit of police transparency and justice.”